Men love high heels

Men love high heels 1354 437 Galia Brener
This article is feminist-friendly and unfriendly. From the one side, I will describe how heels can win the attention of a man, but on the other side, I will also describe that heels change the way a woman walks and behaves – which does a lot to increase her self confidence. Of course this in return creates strength and love for herself. Who would have thought that high heels could do so much?

As you know, I am always researching for you ladies, and have asked my male friends this same question. Do men like high heels? Yes! Most of the men screamed the answer out right away. Men love it when a woman wears high heels. The best answer I had from a male friend was that he feels privileged and honored when his woman takes the time to make herself look sexy for him, and also wears high heels when they go out. He says it shows that she tries to make an effort for her man to stay sensual and attractive, and not let herself go. This is a very important aspect for men – that their women take good care of themselves and not get sloppy and take that for granted. After all girls, we also don’t want a man who only sits on the couch, drinks beer and grows a huge belly, right? High heels were definitely the first thing the men mentioned to me that they absolutely love when a woman wears. And I don’t mean those 5 cm comfy office pumps. I’m referring to the proper heels that give your back that elegant arch, and make you walk like a cat.

I speak for myself, and my girlfriends when I say that wearing high heels when going out gives you a completely different charisma and radiance. First it affects how you walk, how you position your body and move your hips. I feel much sexier when I go out in heels. They make my legs look longer and thinner, and like it or not, this automatically increases the self-confidence. When I wear my favorite heels, even with an old pair of jeans, I feel like a leopard moving seductively across the dance floor or restaurant. It makes me feel more feminine and powerful. This gives a woman the feeling of assurance, strength and the ability to conquer the world or any man around her. Sure I don’t mean that you must wear heels all day long, that’s quite unhealthy, but for those special occasions when going out, why not give it a try and see if you notice a difference in your body language and assertiveness? I know women that as soon as they have their power heels on, they transform from the sweet girl next door to a seductive femme fatale! That’s how much of a difference having those centimeters underneath your feet can make. Perhaps it’s about feeling taller, more elegant and powerful. I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely a brilliant mind trick.

Anna’s boyfriend broke up with her a few months ago. She was heartbroken and didn’t know how to overcome the pain. So what did we, her good friends do? We got her a makeover, and she changed everything. Her hair length and color, we bought her a few new outfits, some nice accessories, and I got her a new pair of nice shoes. These were her first 10cm heels. She has never felt the need to wear these silly things before. She didn’t see the point of suffering and having painful feet just to look sexy. But this one night I forced her to wear them. We went out, and who was the first man that saw her and dropped his jaw on the floor? Her ex. Standing 2 meters away from us at the bar, he couldn’t believe it was his “Ordinary-plain-Anna” as he once called her! What a horrible thing to say. Thankfully she looked absolutely stunning that evening. He looked down at her feet and couldn’t get his eyes off her legs. He would have never guessed that the “plain” Anna is such a drop-dead gorgeous woman. He took her for granted, and a simple pair of high heels showed him how seductive she can be. He is not the nicest person I know, but I will admit that both let themselves go in the relationship. Ladies, please make an effort for yourself and your partner to look your best, like when you first met. There is nothing wrong with a bit of makeup, heels and sports.

Last but not least, and especially in longer relationships, the magic of heels cannot be dismissed – particularly with sex! I’m always saying how important it is to keep the sex in the relationship alive, fresh and interesting. What men really like are high heels in bed. Ladies, buy a pair of sexy high heels that you only wear at home, and not outside. This way they always stay clean, and you can wear them in bed. Make it a part of your sex toy collection, and call them your special “Bed shoes”. I guarantee you that if you surprise your man with lingerie and high heels on in bed, he will grab you and make love to you right there and then! Such a small thing can ignite the fire again. Men want their women to make them feel special. A little effort can go a long way. Every woman has a seductive wild cat hidden inside of her. Mine comes out to play when my high heels are on. It activates my vamp posture and I go into “seduction mode”. If you can’t walk well in the heels at the beginning, don’t worry; it’s all about practice. Get them a few days before and wear them around the house to get used to the feeling. Next time you have a horrible pair of ballerinas in your hand at the shoe store, why not replace them with a beautiful pair of high heels? Make a little experiment and see what happens.

Are you his sex toy or his next girlfriend?

Are you his sex toy or his next girlfriend? 1354 437 Galia Brener
I have received many letters from women asking me how to tell if a guy has long-term intentions for them, or if he’s simply looking for a sex fling? This can be quite tricky because some people are willing to go to any measure, including selling white lies about a happy future together, just to get the girl in bed. I have asked many of my male friends about this, and almost all told me that when they first meet a girl, they can tell within the first hour of talking to her if she will be just a fling, or a future girlfriend. Luckily there are a few hints at the beginning, which let you know and feel if he only wants you for sex, or to be his girlfriend.

My friend Sandy had to learn this the hard way. Half a year ago she met a guy at a bar, and they hit it off quite well. They talked for a while, and ended the evening by kissing, but Sandy went home alone. She didn’t want to rush things and jump into bed with him because she liked him, and didn’t want it to be just about sex. He wasn’t happy that she didn’t want to sleep with him, but she didn’t notice that in her tipsy state. This was on a Wednesday evening, and she was sure that he would call or write on the weekend, but he didn’t. The next week on Tuesday he wrote her, asking to meet on Wednesday. I said that he’s not serious about her, otherwise he would have at least written a short message on the weekend asking how she’s doing. Sandy tried to brush it off by saying he’s probably busy.

They met on Wednesday and had dinner, went for drinks and then she took him home. She told him that she doesn’t want a fling but rather a relationship, and he said, “Sure, that’s what I want to.” They finally had sex, and it was “ok”, but nothing earth-shattering or mind blowing. Still, Sandy was lusting for him, and his smell played havoc with her brain. He was smart enough, but not the most intelligent man for deep conversations, so the dates were not the best ones she had. However, he “teased” her of a future together, also mentioning holidays and places he wanted to visit with her. His extremely attractive “outer shell” hooked her as well. The next morning he left, and this time she didn’t hear from him for almost an entire week. This was horrible for her because they had sex for the first time together. She wrote him a sweet sms, and it took him days to answer! I told her that this is just sex for him, and he’s not serious about her. She refused to listen to me. This fling lasted for 3 months of them seeing each other once a week, never on the weekends, and not getting closer emotionally at all. Sandy became sad and tired of his ways, and told him that this was not going anywhere. And guess what? He didn’t even try to keep her. He just let her go and she never heard from him again. She later found out that he had many other girls, with whom he was doing the same thing at the same time.

Here are two lists to show you the difference of what he really wants from you:

If he wants you only for sex or a fling:

1. He will text you only when he needs to fill his time once or twice a week, or is feeling hot and horny and needs a release. He keeps the communication to a minimum, only enough to keep you hooked and get sex from you.

2. When you meet him, you feel that your time together is very limited.

3. After a date you never know if that’s the last time you see him. He doesn’t make short-term or long-term plans with you.

4. Even if you say no, he still pushes too much to have sex with you when you’re making out.

5. He doesn’t take you along to places and evenings with his friends and family. You don’t get integrated into his life.

6. If you have problems, he doesn’t offer to help, and doesn’t really seem interested in your issues. He might even change the topic of conversation, or react inadequately to something that bothers you. If you’re sick, he tells you to get better and meet after you’re healthy again.

7. He does everything only for his convenience, and goes only where he wants. If he doesn’t like a place or event you mention, he won’t go there, even if he knows that it would make you happy.

8. He speaks mostly about himself, his life, his hobbies and his passions. He doesn’t ask you much about you and your life. He doesn’t care to ask about your friends and family.

9. When going out together, his eyes will be darting all over the place, looking at other women.

If he wants you to be his girlfriend:

1. He will write and call to see how you are doing – usually everyday, or every second day – because he cares and wants to stay in contact with you. He writes longer sentences, because he wants to keep a strong and constant communication with you.

2. He makes enough time to see you and be with you, because he wants to have you by his side.

3. Even during the date, he’s already mentioning the next time you meet, what you could do together, what you can see or experience together. He’s thinking long-term with you.

4. When you’re making out and you say no to sex, he’s a gentleman and doesn’t push you for more. He respects your wishes because he wants to keep you by his side.

5. He takes you to meet his friends, and also to meet his family. He’s proud to have you with him.

6. He listens carefully if you tell him about a problem you’re having, and offers his help right away. If you’re sick, he will bring you chicken soup. He’s there for you and cares about you.

7. Even if he hates the opera, street fests, or a certain party, restaurant or bar, he will go there with you because he knows that you like it, and it will make you happy.

8. He’s interested in your life, and asks many questions about you, your passions and goals in life. He’s interested about your family and friends, and wants to integrate himself into your life.

9. He will have eyes only for you, and you wont see him constantly looking at other women.

Ladies, I know how hard it is to admit to ourselves that the guy we like is not serious about us, but if you’re not honest with yourself, you will get hurt like my friend Sandy did. Open your eyes and hearts, and see what he really wants from. The best is to ask him what his intentions are for you. Straightforward communication is always important. If he’s lying, like in Sandy’s case, then you have to figure it out for yourself. We are women, and have a strong intuition. Let’s be honest, we feel and know right away what the man truly wants from us. But we lie to ourselves thinking that we can make him see our inner beauty and fall in love with us, and this is how we get hurt. So next time please keep your antennae up to see what he really wants from you. If you’re looking for a boyfriend, then make sure to follow my second list, and see if he behaves accordingly! Don’t allow yourself to be used sexually and emotionally, because you deserve better than that. You deserve real love.

Gali, the Tinder police.

Gali, the Tinder police. 1354 437 Galia Brener

Dear cheaters, I’m sorry to have to do this, but you had enough of selfish dirty “fun” on the side. It’s time to bring the darkness out to face the light. Actually I’m not sorry at all for doing this. For those that know me well, know that I’m a warrior of love, and absolutely despise cheating. I think it’s the most cowardly thing to do when in a relationship. It’s egotistical, weak and extremely unkind! The act of cheating shows that a person has zero respect and compassion towards their partner and themselves. Thank you Tinder, for showing us who these people are.

During my few months on Tinder, I was astonished to see how many men are on there that are married or have wonderful girlfriends, which I know! I have discovered many men, from advertising agencies owners, to hotel, club and restaurant owners, to “kind” doctors, teachers and other “humanitarians” – all cheaters, without a soul or care about the pain they cause their partners. And it’s not only the men. There are exactly as many women cheaters on Tinder, trying to pull a few nasty orgasms on the side, while their husbands are away on business trips, working hard to bring home some money and give them a good life! What the hell is happening to this world? Are there no more morals, values and loyalty out there? I’ve always been old-fashioned, but have I missed the moment where fidelity became a thing of the past? Is it not cool anymore to be faithful to one partner, or has the world become so narcissistic that we need to have sex with 5 people at the same time, including our partner, just to prove to ourselves that we are still hot and wanted? I don’t get it, and I don’t even want to know, because I think it’s horrible and cruel. Ladies and gentlemen, we are moving further into the future, but it’s really time to bring back some solid old values. If you can’t be faithful, then don’t be in a relationship. Basta.

Another person I discovered on Tinder last week was the boyfriend of a very good friend of mine, Michelle. She’s a kind, wonderful, beautiful, intelligent and funny woman. Any guy should be happy and proud to have her by his side – except her asshole man, who I caught surfing Tinder shamelessly, looking to sleep around. I was there when Michelle met her guy some years ago, at a beautiful gala in Frankfurt. They laid eyes on each other, and she thought that he’s “The One”. They planned a wonderful future together, and she was waiting for the ring and proposal any day now. Last month they bought a flat in Westend together. It’s a flat to die for, but unfortunately those walls will not be hearing Michelle’s laughter. Instead of being the Wonderful-“One”-till-death-do-you-part, he turned out to be “The One” who bitterly hurt and humiliated her. Why buy a 1.7-Million Euro flat in Frankfurt for your happy life together, and then cheat on Tinder? The crazy thing is that two women sent me an email yesterday, saying that they have been “dating” this same greasy coward at the same time! What a mess!

This is how you can find out if your “loving” partner is cheating on you on Tinder (for both men and women). If you truly trust your partner, then don’t do it. If you feel something is fishy, then try it. I must warn you, be careful what you look for, because those who seek often find. The truth is not always nice.

1. Create a fake account on Facebook
2. Upload some beautiful photos (not of you of course) – make sure they look real and are not model/campaign photos.
3. Download Tinder, and create a profile.
4. Swipe, swipe, swipe, until you either find your partner or not. It’s a game of Russian roulette. You might be one of the lucky ones that have a good love on your side, who still has morals and is faithful.
5. If you do find your partner, click the match heart.
6. If s/he doesn’t click the match heart back, at least you now know that they are on Tinder.
7. If you get a “match” with your partner, then make a date with them, and give them a surprise from hell – where they are from.
8. This is a rough test, but it’s better to find out sooner than later. Always know that you deserve the best, and should have someone in your life that truly loves you, and wants to be only with you!

Even if these people are not meeting anyone on Tinder for sex, and are just “testing the waters”, this is actually the beginning of the end. If you think there’s something better out there for you, don’t waste your partner’s time and drag them along, while you’re “window shopping” for someone else! This is cruel and shameful. Let me remind the cheaters once again that Lady Karma is out there, and likes to get her revengeful claws deep into the flesh, digging out the heart and guts, full of dirty blood and tears. Cruelty will not go unpunished. If one causes pain to others, then it will come back to them – but much worse. So be aware. Karma doesn’t miss anyone. Sometimes it takes days or years, but she always manages to get her job done! So, liar liar pants on fire – get your ass off of Tinder, build up some courage, and do the decent human thing – talk to your partner and straighten things out! Either you are faithful or breakup, but don’t destroy a good person just because of your disgusting selfish need for cheap fast sex.

Been to a sex store lately?

Been to a sex store lately? 1354 437 Galia Brener

Dear ladies, this one is for you. Love is a very nice thing to have, but even true love, and especially love making with the same partner can get monotonous over the years. This doesn’t mean that you are a bad partner, or not good in bed. Not at all! It’s just the normal human psychological workings to get used to and bored of the routine, and the “usual”. Even the boyfriend of a supermodel will eventually start getting used to having her around, and the special spark will eventually wear down. That is the normal process of a long-term relationship. However, we are women and quite clever ones, with many tricks up our sleeves. Here is how you can spice up your love life and keep things interesting.

Women connect emotionally, but men connect physically. Never underestimate the power of seduction and experimentation! My friend Ambrosia was dating an oligarch for two years, when she started noticing a decline in their sex life. Let me mention that Ambrosia is 180 cm tall, has long shiny blonde hair, full sensual lips, and a body more perfect than any supermodel I know! She is drop-dead gorgeous, and intelligent as well. She came to visit me in Frankfurt last year, and started crying on my couch. “Gali, he comes home in the evening, we watch TV and he goes straight to bed. When we do have sex, it’s the usual position for a few minutes only, and then he falls asleep. I’m scared that he’s bored of me, doesn’t love me anymore, and will cheat with someone else soon! Help me!!” Wow. I did not expect to hear this from the most beautiful girl in the world with her perfect oligarch boyfriend. I asked her some important questions, and concluded that the love is still there. He was very much in love with her, but it was a simple case of needing more fire in the bedroom. We set out on a mission of “Get-your-hot-sex-back”, and I took Ambrosia to the best store in Frankfurt called Inside Her.

Ambrosia was quite shy to enter the store, so I just pushed her in and said to get over herself. The first stop in the store was the vibrators. We picked out a nice We Vibe 4, which works simultaneously on the g-spot and clit. And yes girls, you can get it in pink as well. But most importantly, her oligarch can control it with a distance remote control, so I told her to wear it the next time they go out for dinner together. Talk about a truffle pasta with a happy ending! Next we went to the bondage area. We picked out a nice set of black silk ribbons to tie the hands together, and a matching mask to cover her eyes. This is a game of trust, where her man will tie her up, and slowly explore her body with his hands, tongue and the new vibrator. She looked at me like she just fell off the moon, but I convinced her to buy it anyways. Last stop was something for him, and we chose a vibrating ring. This is a perfect little sex accessory, because both partners get pleasure at the same time, and it keeps him hard for a longer time. As I noticed that Ambrosia was getting a bit overwhelmed and slightly out of breath, we paid and bid the beautiful owner Sandra farewell. After a fun weekend in my little big Frankfurt city, I sent her back home to Zurich on a mission!

After two days, she called me with a chirpy happy voice. This was the voice of a sexually satisfied woman! She said that he was very surprised at the “goodies” that she brought back home with her. They tried everything out immediately, and it wasn’t scary or strange at all. They did it with love, care and passion for each other. She said that they were both very happy afterwards, and it really spiked up their sex life x 100! She said he woke up happy and vigorous the next day, brought her breakfast to bed, made love to her again, and left for work. They worked on strengthening their intimacy, and created a stronger sexual connection. It’s been over a year, and their sex life and bond is stronger than ever. Of course a good relationship is not only dependent on the amazing sex, but believe me, the wild passion definitely helps a lot! Keep your man in your bed, and give him something hot that he won’t need to find with someone else. Men are curious creatures, so keep him and yourself happy and satisfied.

A racy sex life, especially over the years in a long relationship, must be worked on. This doesn’t mean that you have to do dirty perverted crap that you don’t feel comfortable with, hell no! Experiment as far as you feel comfortable with. Maybe you won’t buy an anal plug on your first visit to a sex store, but rather a cool LELO Liv 2 vibrator for the both of you to use. You can always surprise your man by blind folding him, and using the vibrator on different parts of his body. If you are feeling extra courageous and frisky, try using your finger or tongue on and in places you have never used it before. Yes, he might freak out at first, but then he will quickly get over his macho resistance and really like this new experience. Believe me, he will never forget you or the things you do with him, I guarantee you this! There is nothing to be ashamed of. You are simply engaging in some experimentation with the man you love. So come on girls, grab your wallets and best friend, and make your way to your friendly neighborhood sex store. Or better yet, take your man with you, and pick out some fun toys together. It will be an experience that you both will never forget! So go ahead and be naughty… I dare you!

Know your worth!

Know your worth! 514 193 Galia Brener

Everyone wants true love, even though many are too proud or embarrassed to admit it. They think that saying they need love might sound desperate, but it doesn’t. Love is the magic ingredient that makes life so much better, shinier and brighter. The only problem these days is that since sex is so easy to get, love has become harder to find! Some girls make themselves easily available for men to take and use as they wish. Then these men believe that this is possible with all girls, and so the vicious circle begins! The question is ladies, how much are you willing to sacrifice of yourself to get love and attention from a man? Even if he treats you badly, and you know you deserve better?

My friend Claudia learned this the hard way. Some months ago she met an extremely attractive man whom she quickly fell for. They only saw each other once a week, but she wanted to spend more time with him. As his nickname suggests, he played it very cool and had no time for her. He would take a day or two to answer her text messages, and almost never called her. He would wait last minute to make plans with her, and kept her waiting on hold quite often. However, when they did meet, it was quite nice. He would usually come to her place after their date, and they would have intense passionate sex. Strangely though, as cold and distant as he was, he would take her in his arms and cuddle after sex, and they would sleep the entire night in each other’s arms. Sometimes they also watched a movie and cuddled all evening. The next day he would leave, and as usual Claudia wouldn’t hear from him for a week. Some of his actions showed that he “might” want more, but deep down Claudia knew that he was just playing her, yet she continued to be in denial.

One evening they went to a party, and everyone was having a great time. Claudia had a glass of Prosecco too much, and felt the liquid courage to talk to Mr. Cold about how she felt. She told him straight up that she didn’t want to have a fling, affair or anything meaningless with him. She was on the market for true love, and nothing less than that! Mr. Cold was quite drunk himself and said he didn’t know what he wants, but really liked spending time with her! And so this “thing” whatever it was that they were having, continued. A few months passed and the situation was not getting better. He barely gave her once a week of his time, and he always disappeared on the weekends. It became worse. He would call during late hours and ring her doorbell at 4am, waking her and the entire building up! He would stand underneath her windows at night, convincing her that he must come upstairs, or begging her to come down for “just” a kiss.

It was obvious that he wanted her body, but not her heart. Claudia felt disgustingly used, like a whore who he came to fuck at night and leave in the morning. Every time he left her place she would hate herself a bit more. Mr. Cold was excruciatingly good looking, like Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray. She loved to look at him underneath her, while she was riding him in bed. But his beauty was not enough for such a sacrifice of her honor! She wanted to have a family, and give herself to a man who actually made the effort to commit to a real future with her. I was so angry, and told her to throw this “Cold-Garbage” away, and get some self-respect! Never ever allow a man to use you like this!

A warning to you good women out there: unfortunately Mr. Cold is a common type these days. These kind of men are simply out there to use good women, get what they want in bed, and run away. Do not compromise yourself for such a man, because you will get hurt! If you want something real and long-term, keep that as a target in your life. Men like Mr. Cold will only set you back, and make you feel worthless and used. You are not a doormat or a hotel for a quick layover! The most important thing to realize is that it is impossible to change someone like Mr. Cold, and make him think that he wants a relationship. Even if you manage to “trap” him into this, he will end up cheating and/or leaving. It’s not worth it. If you want something more meaningful than just cheap-sex, make sure you know your worth and not side-track yourself with a parasite like Mr. Cold. Save your love and kindness for a man who will actually appreciate and deserve it. If a man wants you for something serious, then he will show this to you! A good man will not waste your time for months without a commitment. Men are not stupid, and know exactly what they want, and whom they want it with – so know your worth and don’t sell yourself for less!

Tinder-licious or a waste of time?

Tinder-licious or a waste of time? 514 193 Galia Brener

Tinder Tinder on the wall, who’s the greatest one of all? No one bloody knows because the app is so full of people and fast that it’s like speed dating on crystal meth! If you think a 2-minute dating interview is quick, then welcome to Tinder – dating at the speed of light. Click, “Nope”, click “Nope”, a fast “Heart” in between and 25 “Nopes” again – all in a matter of 30 seconds! However, do we really want to date faster than a Big Mac is made? Or would we like to go back to the roots and date the old-fashioned way – where people actually took the time and cared to truly get to know each other in a sincere way!

It was a warm spring evening a few weeks ago, and we were drinking Champagne underneath the starry sky in a beautiful castle garden. The wedding invitation came from my friend Cindy, who was the stunning bride, marrying a handsome tall blonde gentleman from Hamburg. A warm wind was gently blowing, the band was mesmerizing us with their music, and the food was an exotic celebration in itself. We saw Cindy rushing towards us, and the beautiful glow on her face was competing with the bright sun. “Gali Gali, I am so happy, it’s the best day of my life! I’m actually marrying my prince charming, so the fairytale does exist! I can’t believe we met on Tinder, can you imagine?!” At the mention of Tinder, I looked up at her with a huge smile on my face, “Ah ha! Gotcha! Cindy you told me that you were introduced to each other through friends.” I had to laugh because the look on her face reminded me of a naughty little girl. “Gali, you always catch me when I least expect it! Yes we met on Tinder but don’t tell anyone please, it’s embarrassing.” I assured her that it’s not embarrassing whatsoever. Who cares how they met as long as they are blessed with true love, that’s what matters. Last week I’ve heard another Tinder success story, so I had to try it out for this article, but let me tell you, it was not all cookies and cream.

My first day I was on Tinder, I saw three boyfriends of girls that I know in Frankfurt. I was shocked beyond belief. I thought maybe the accounts were old, but it said they were online a few hours ago! The second day I spotted two husbands of women that I know as well! Unbelievable, because I thought these couples were extremely happy and hopelessly in love… surprise surprise. I wonder if these women know that their men are flirting and cheating on Tinder? Girls if you want to find out, sign up and see if your guy is there – but be careful what you look for, you might just happen to find it! Hopefully after this article the guys will be scared to get caught, leave Tinder, and stop cheating all together – my romantic wishful thinking of course.

I have come across many men that are there just for fun, and would like a quick affair. What helps is to ask right up front, “What are you looking for on Tinder?” Sometimes after a match was made, some men did not write the initial message. They expect the women to make the first contact. Really guys? No, thank you. I know we live in an age of emancipation, but I’m a bit old-fashioned, and like when the man writes me first. They are hunters so let them hunt! The “Tinder-Attention-Span” is very short – you write for half a day, and if you don’t keep up the conversation, things get forgotten and the connection dies out quickly. Why? Because there are thousands of other people “available” online who are willing to do what you’re not. It’s like children in a candy shop – so many options, why just choose one? Another story is that a woman ordered two men from Tinder to meet her at the same bar, at the same time, but the two guys happened to be close friends! They both showed up, said hello, laughed and walked away – the joke was on her.

I must say that I did chat with a few very nice, warm, intelligent, kind and funny men. I had interesting and deep conversations about life, relationships, adventures, career, goals and dreams. These were the ones that told me right away that they are looking for something real, and not just a quick affair. I was really impressed. However I must admit that I did not meet anyone – even though many wanted to. I’m wary of safety and don’t like to meet strangers. The conclusion of my experiment is that many people are there for fun and “games”. I had to laugh because when you get a match on Tinder, they give you an option to “Send a Message” or “Keep Playing” – so yes, for some it’s just a game to see how many people like them, and how many panties they can take off in one week. For those that are patient enough to keep searching through the profiles, try it for a few weeks and see what happens – you never know – you might be the lucky one to find a real diamond in the rough. My personal opinion is that Tinder is not an option to find true love, because it seems to be quite superficial – click, click, next, next. Nonetheless, it is very entertaining because it’s like ordering sushi online in a restaurant you don’t know, where some of the photos look delicious. When the delivery arrives, you never know if you receive delicious food, or something that looks good on the outside, but tastes horrible when you bite it. Better ask for their Facebook profile, because some photos look much different than the few they post on Tinder. If you’re bored or curious, try it out, but I wouldn’t recommend you to hope to find your true love there. Like Tinder itself says on their app – it’s a “game” – so you are either a player… or the coach! ;-)

Don’t forget the sex!

Don’t forget the sex! 1354 437 Galia Brener

I’m sure you’re probably thinking to yourself now, what is this lady talking about? Of course I never forget the sex! Sometimes it’s all one thinks about during the day. Funny that while single, we fantasize about it night and day, but when in a relationship – especially a long-term one, the sex can often be neglected. Sex is not only a carnal urge, but also creates closeness and intimacy between two people. The feeling of having someone you love deep inside of you bonds in a way that is different to anything else in a relationship. Making love is a vitamin that keeps your relationship healthy. If the sex vanishes, then the relationship will eventually die as well.

My friend Jilli was dating her ex for almost two years. When they first met the attraction was instantaneous! She told me that they bonded like crazy glue on the first night. They went to a bar, and while telling him a story, she was gently caressing his arm, and he purred like a lion while she did it. It was a subconscious action, and she didn’t even realize that she was touching him. Mid-sentence they looked at each other and both laughed at how natural this felt. Needless to say, it was love at first sight.

They started dating and had very special times together. They became best friends, and opened up their hearts and souls, supported and helped each other. However as much as there was love and kindness, they also had fights and argument that hurt very deeply. These situations could have been avoided if more patience and self-control was practiced, and less attention was paid to personal egos. But they were both temperamental and very proud. The more they fought, the less love they made. It got to a point where Jilli would make moves on him, but he would reject her in bed. This happened over and over again. Jilli tried to bring back the sex in their relationship, but he simply didn’t want to have her. He rejected her many times, and this made her feel ugly and unloved. She started losing weight, until almost nothing was left of her. She felt so distant from him, from his soul. He was pushing her away, telling her that he simply didn’t feel sexual. She was never able to figure out what was inside of his head, and why he didn’t want to make love to her anymore. Towards the end, the sex became so rare, that she was grateful every time he would touch or kiss her. They eventually broke up, and he took a big piece of her heart with him. The love was a very special one for her – it was a big love, a true one. She believes he is her soul mate, even though they are not together anymore. I know that she secretly still thinks about him everyday, she told me this last night.

Gentlemen, if you don’t want your woman’s eyes to wander to that handsome young man standing at the bar beside her, then keep up with your attention and compliments to her. Make her feel like she’s the one and only woman for you. Initiate sex and keep her feeling beautiful and wanted! Ladies, if you want to keep your man around and not wandering, keep yourself interesting sexually for him. Don’t let yourself go, and keep your figure and health as wonderful as when you first met him. I know that after some years, people get used to each other and the passion is not so intense, but this must be worked on. Sex is very important in a relationship, especially since men connect physically! No matter how tired or busy you are, make time for sex at least once a week with your partner. I would suggest trying new spontaneous things, like role-playing: “Doctor it hurts right here, please make it go away…” – you get the point. What always works is to make love in new places – even different places around your own home – on the kitchen floor, in the basement, in the closet. etc. Ladies buy yourself some latex panties and surprise your man with them. He will go nuts! Latex feels amazing against your naked wet body. Get some new sex toys, and try them out together, introducing a new and exciting edge to your love life.

From personal experience, I can share with you that it is important to keep up a good and healthy sex life in a relationship, especially a long-term one. If you noticed that it has been over two weeks since you made love, take your partner and surprise them with something wild and exciting. I can just warn you that if your partner doesn’t get sex at home for a while, s/he might be inclined to look for it somewhere else. Relationships take work, and are not always a piece of cake, so at least keep your love life spicy and alive! Take the time for your partner, and make them feel sexy and desired. Never get lazy when it comes to sex, because remember, there are enough women or men right around the corner that can give your partner what you don’t. Besides, it’s not just for them, having a healthy sex life is beneficial for you. Sex is proven to make you feel healthy, happy and look younger! So after work tonight, take your sweetheart for a nice ride ;-)

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