Don’t forget the sex!

Don’t forget the sex!

Don’t forget the sex! 1354 437 Galia Brener

I’m sure you’re probably thinking to yourself now, what is this lady talking about? Of course I never forget the sex! Sometimes it’s all one thinks about during the day. Funny that while single, we fantasize about it night and day, but when in a relationship – especially a long-term one, the sex can often be neglected. Sex is not only a carnal urge, but also creates closeness and intimacy between two people. The feeling of having someone you love deep inside of you bonds in a way that is different to anything else in a relationship. Making love is a vitamin that keeps your relationship healthy. If the sex vanishes, then the relationship will eventually die as well.

My friend Jilli was dating her ex for almost two years. When they first met the attraction was instantaneous! She told me that they bonded like crazy glue on the first night. They went to a bar, and while telling him a story, she was gently caressing his arm, and he purred like a lion while she did it. It was a subconscious action, and she didn’t even realize that she was touching him. Mid-sentence they looked at each other and both laughed at how natural this felt. Needless to say, it was love at first sight.

They started dating and had very special times together. They became best friends, and opened up their hearts and souls, supported and helped each other. However as much as there was love and kindness, they also had fights and argument that hurt very deeply. These situations could have been avoided if more patience and self-control was practiced, and less attention was paid to personal egos. But they were both temperamental and very proud. The more they fought, the less love they made. It got to a point where Jilli would make moves on him, but he would reject her in bed. This happened over and over again. Jilli tried to bring back the sex in their relationship, but he simply didn’t want to have her. He rejected her many times, and this made her feel ugly and unloved. She started losing weight, until almost nothing was left of her. She felt so distant from him, from his soul. He was pushing her away, telling her that he simply didn’t feel sexual. She was never able to figure out what was inside of his head, and why he didn’t want to make love to her anymore. Towards the end, the sex became so rare, that she was grateful every time he would touch or kiss her. They eventually broke up, and he took a big piece of her heart with him. The love was a very special one for her – it was a big love, a true one. She believes he is her soul mate, even though they are not together anymore. I know that she secretly still thinks about him everyday, she told me this last night.

Gentlemen, if you don’t want your woman’s eyes to wander to that handsome young man standing at the bar beside her, then keep up with your attention and compliments to her. Make her feel like she’s the one and only woman for you. Initiate sex and keep her feeling beautiful and wanted! Ladies, if you want to keep your man around and not wandering, keep yourself interesting sexually for him. Don’t let yourself go, and keep your figure and health as wonderful as when you first met him. I know that after some years, people get used to each other and the passion is not so intense, but this must be worked on. Sex is very important in a relationship, especially since men connect physically! No matter how tired or busy you are, make time for sex at least once a week with your partner. I would suggest trying new spontaneous things, like role-playing: “Doctor it hurts right here, please make it go away…” – you get the point. What always works is to make love in new places – even different places around your own home – on the kitchen floor, in the basement, in the closet. etc. Ladies buy yourself some latex panties and surprise your man with them. He will go nuts! Latex feels amazing against your naked wet body. Get some new sex toys, and try them out together, introducing a new and exciting edge to your love life.

From personal experience, I can share with you that it is important to keep up a good and healthy sex life in a relationship, especially a long-term one. If you noticed that it has been over two weeks since you made love, take your partner and surprise them with something wild and exciting. I can just warn you that if your partner doesn’t get sex at home for a while, s/he might be inclined to look for it somewhere else. Relationships take work, and are not always a piece of cake, so at least keep your love life spicy and alive! Take the time for your partner, and make them feel sexy and desired. Never get lazy when it comes to sex, because remember, there are enough women or men right around the corner that can give your partner what you don’t. Besides, it’s not just for them, having a healthy sex life is beneficial for you. Sex is proven to make you feel healthy, happy and look younger! So after work tonight, take your sweetheart for a nice ride ;-)

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