Men love high heels

Men love high heels 1354 437 Galia Brener
This article is feminist-friendly and unfriendly. From the one side, I will describe how heels can win the attention of a man, but on the other side, I will also describe that heels change the way a woman walks and behaves – which does a lot to increase her self confidence. Of course this in return creates strength and love for herself. Who would have thought that high heels could do so much?

As you know, I am always researching for you ladies, and have asked my male friends this same question. Do men like high heels? Yes! Most of the men screamed the answer out right away. Men love it when a woman wears high heels. The best answer I had from a male friend was that he feels privileged and honored when his woman takes the time to make herself look sexy for him, and also wears high heels when they go out. He says it shows that she tries to make an effort for her man to stay sensual and attractive, and not let herself go. This is a very important aspect for men – that their women take good care of themselves and not get sloppy and take that for granted. After all girls, we also don’t want a man who only sits on the couch, drinks beer and grows a huge belly, right? High heels were definitely the first thing the men mentioned to me that they absolutely love when a woman wears. And I don’t mean those 5 cm comfy office pumps. I’m referring to the proper heels that give your back that elegant arch, and make you walk like a cat.

I speak for myself, and my girlfriends when I say that wearing high heels when going out gives you a completely different charisma and radiance. First it affects how you walk, how you position your body and move your hips. I feel much sexier when I go out in heels. They make my legs look longer and thinner, and like it or not, this automatically increases the self-confidence. When I wear my favorite heels, even with an old pair of jeans, I feel like a leopard moving seductively across the dance floor or restaurant. It makes me feel more feminine and powerful. This gives a woman the feeling of assurance, strength and the ability to conquer the world or any man around her. Sure I don’t mean that you must wear heels all day long, that’s quite unhealthy, but for those special occasions when going out, why not give it a try and see if you notice a difference in your body language and assertiveness? I know women that as soon as they have their power heels on, they transform from the sweet girl next door to a seductive femme fatale! That’s how much of a difference having those centimeters underneath your feet can make. Perhaps it’s about feeling taller, more elegant and powerful. I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely a brilliant mind trick.

Anna’s boyfriend broke up with her a few months ago. She was heartbroken and didn’t know how to overcome the pain. So what did we, her good friends do? We got her a makeover, and she changed everything. Her hair length and color, we bought her a few new outfits, some nice accessories, and I got her a new pair of nice shoes. These were her first 10cm heels. She has never felt the need to wear these silly things before. She didn’t see the point of suffering and having painful feet just to look sexy. But this one night I forced her to wear them. We went out, and who was the first man that saw her and dropped his jaw on the floor? Her ex. Standing 2 meters away from us at the bar, he couldn’t believe it was his “Ordinary-plain-Anna” as he once called her! What a horrible thing to say. Thankfully she looked absolutely stunning that evening. He looked down at her feet and couldn’t get his eyes off her legs. He would have never guessed that the “plain” Anna is such a drop-dead gorgeous woman. He took her for granted, and a simple pair of high heels showed him how seductive she can be. He is not the nicest person I know, but I will admit that both let themselves go in the relationship. Ladies, please make an effort for yourself and your partner to look your best, like when you first met. There is nothing wrong with a bit of makeup, heels and sports.

Last but not least, and especially in longer relationships, the magic of heels cannot be dismissed – particularly with sex! I’m always saying how important it is to keep the sex in the relationship alive, fresh and interesting. What men really like are high heels in bed. Ladies, buy a pair of sexy high heels that you only wear at home, and not outside. This way they always stay clean, and you can wear them in bed. Make it a part of your sex toy collection, and call them your special “Bed shoes”. I guarantee you that if you surprise your man with lingerie and high heels on in bed, he will grab you and make love to you right there and then! Such a small thing can ignite the fire again. Men want their women to make them feel special. A little effort can go a long way. Every woman has a seductive wild cat hidden inside of her. Mine comes out to play when my high heels are on. It activates my vamp posture and I go into “seduction mode”. If you can’t walk well in the heels at the beginning, don’t worry; it’s all about practice. Get them a few days before and wear them around the house to get used to the feeling. Next time you have a horrible pair of ballerinas in your hand at the shoe store, why not replace them with a beautiful pair of high heels? Make a little experiment and see what happens.

Been to a sex store lately?

Been to a sex store lately? 1354 437 Galia Brener

Dear ladies, this one is for you. Love is a very nice thing to have, but even true love, and especially love making with the same partner can get monotonous over the years. This doesn’t mean that you are a bad partner, or not good in bed. Not at all! It’s just the normal human psychological workings to get used to and bored of the routine, and the “usual”. Even the boyfriend of a supermodel will eventually start getting used to having her around, and the special spark will eventually wear down. That is the normal process of a long-term relationship. However, we are women and quite clever ones, with many tricks up our sleeves. Here is how you can spice up your love life and keep things interesting.

Women connect emotionally, but men connect physically. Never underestimate the power of seduction and experimentation! My friend Ambrosia was dating an oligarch for two years, when she started noticing a decline in their sex life. Let me mention that Ambrosia is 180 cm tall, has long shiny blonde hair, full sensual lips, and a body more perfect than any supermodel I know! She is drop-dead gorgeous, and intelligent as well. She came to visit me in Frankfurt last year, and started crying on my couch. “Gali, he comes home in the evening, we watch TV and he goes straight to bed. When we do have sex, it’s the usual position for a few minutes only, and then he falls asleep. I’m scared that he’s bored of me, doesn’t love me anymore, and will cheat with someone else soon! Help me!!” Wow. I did not expect to hear this from the most beautiful girl in the world with her perfect oligarch boyfriend. I asked her some important questions, and concluded that the love is still there. He was very much in love with her, but it was a simple case of needing more fire in the bedroom. We set out on a mission of “Get-your-hot-sex-back”, and I took Ambrosia to the best store in Frankfurt called Inside Her.

Ambrosia was quite shy to enter the store, so I just pushed her in and said to get over herself. The first stop in the store was the vibrators. We picked out a nice We Vibe 4, which works simultaneously on the g-spot and clit. And yes girls, you can get it in pink as well. But most importantly, her oligarch can control it with a distance remote control, so I told her to wear it the next time they go out for dinner together. Talk about a truffle pasta with a happy ending! Next we went to the bondage area. We picked out a nice set of black silk ribbons to tie the hands together, and a matching mask to cover her eyes. This is a game of trust, where her man will tie her up, and slowly explore her body with his hands, tongue and the new vibrator. She looked at me like she just fell off the moon, but I convinced her to buy it anyways. Last stop was something for him, and we chose a vibrating ring. This is a perfect little sex accessory, because both partners get pleasure at the same time, and it keeps him hard for a longer time. As I noticed that Ambrosia was getting a bit overwhelmed and slightly out of breath, we paid and bid the beautiful owner Sandra farewell. After a fun weekend in my little big Frankfurt city, I sent her back home to Zurich on a mission!

After two days, she called me with a chirpy happy voice. This was the voice of a sexually satisfied woman! She said that he was very surprised at the “goodies” that she brought back home with her. They tried everything out immediately, and it wasn’t scary or strange at all. They did it with love, care and passion for each other. She said that they were both very happy afterwards, and it really spiked up their sex life x 100! She said he woke up happy and vigorous the next day, brought her breakfast to bed, made love to her again, and left for work. They worked on strengthening their intimacy, and created a stronger sexual connection. It’s been over a year, and their sex life and bond is stronger than ever. Of course a good relationship is not only dependent on the amazing sex, but believe me, the wild passion definitely helps a lot! Keep your man in your bed, and give him something hot that he won’t need to find with someone else. Men are curious creatures, so keep him and yourself happy and satisfied.

A racy sex life, especially over the years in a long relationship, must be worked on. This doesn’t mean that you have to do dirty perverted crap that you don’t feel comfortable with, hell no! Experiment as far as you feel comfortable with. Maybe you won’t buy an anal plug on your first visit to a sex store, but rather a cool LELO Liv 2 vibrator for the both of you to use. You can always surprise your man by blind folding him, and using the vibrator on different parts of his body. If you are feeling extra courageous and frisky, try using your finger or tongue on and in places you have never used it before. Yes, he might freak out at first, but then he will quickly get over his macho resistance and really like this new experience. Believe me, he will never forget you or the things you do with him, I guarantee you this! There is nothing to be ashamed of. You are simply engaging in some experimentation with the man you love. So come on girls, grab your wallets and best friend, and make your way to your friendly neighborhood sex store. Or better yet, take your man with you, and pick out some fun toys together. It will be an experience that you both will never forget! So go ahead and be naughty… I dare you!

Don’t forget the sex!

Don’t forget the sex! 1354 437 Galia Brener

I’m sure you’re probably thinking to yourself now, what is this lady talking about? Of course I never forget the sex! Sometimes it’s all one thinks about during the day. Funny that while single, we fantasize about it night and day, but when in a relationship – especially a long-term one, the sex can often be neglected. Sex is not only a carnal urge, but also creates closeness and intimacy between two people. The feeling of having someone you love deep inside of you bonds in a way that is different to anything else in a relationship. Making love is a vitamin that keeps your relationship healthy. If the sex vanishes, then the relationship will eventually die as well.

My friend Jilli was dating her ex for almost two years. When they first met the attraction was instantaneous! She told me that they bonded like crazy glue on the first night. They went to a bar, and while telling him a story, she was gently caressing his arm, and he purred like a lion while she did it. It was a subconscious action, and she didn’t even realize that she was touching him. Mid-sentence they looked at each other and both laughed at how natural this felt. Needless to say, it was love at first sight.

They started dating and had very special times together. They became best friends, and opened up their hearts and souls, supported and helped each other. However as much as there was love and kindness, they also had fights and argument that hurt very deeply. These situations could have been avoided if more patience and self-control was practiced, and less attention was paid to personal egos. But they were both temperamental and very proud. The more they fought, the less love they made. It got to a point where Jilli would make moves on him, but he would reject her in bed. This happened over and over again. Jilli tried to bring back the sex in their relationship, but he simply didn’t want to have her. He rejected her many times, and this made her feel ugly and unloved. She started losing weight, until almost nothing was left of her. She felt so distant from him, from his soul. He was pushing her away, telling her that he simply didn’t feel sexual. She was never able to figure out what was inside of his head, and why he didn’t want to make love to her anymore. Towards the end, the sex became so rare, that she was grateful every time he would touch or kiss her. They eventually broke up, and he took a big piece of her heart with him. The love was a very special one for her – it was a big love, a true one. She believes he is her soul mate, even though they are not together anymore. I know that she secretly still thinks about him everyday, she told me this last night.

Gentlemen, if you don’t want your woman’s eyes to wander to that handsome young man standing at the bar beside her, then keep up with your attention and compliments to her. Make her feel like she’s the one and only woman for you. Initiate sex and keep her feeling beautiful and wanted! Ladies, if you want to keep your man around and not wandering, keep yourself interesting sexually for him. Don’t let yourself go, and keep your figure and health as wonderful as when you first met him. I know that after some years, people get used to each other and the passion is not so intense, but this must be worked on. Sex is very important in a relationship, especially since men connect physically! No matter how tired or busy you are, make time for sex at least once a week with your partner. I would suggest trying new spontaneous things, like role-playing: “Doctor it hurts right here, please make it go away…” – you get the point. What always works is to make love in new places – even different places around your own home – on the kitchen floor, in the basement, in the closet. etc. Ladies buy yourself some latex panties and surprise your man with them. He will go nuts! Latex feels amazing against your naked wet body. Get some new sex toys, and try them out together, introducing a new and exciting edge to your love life.

From personal experience, I can share with you that it is important to keep up a good and healthy sex life in a relationship, especially a long-term one. If you noticed that it has been over two weeks since you made love, take your partner and surprise them with something wild and exciting. I can just warn you that if your partner doesn’t get sex at home for a while, s/he might be inclined to look for it somewhere else. Relationships take work, and are not always a piece of cake, so at least keep your love life spicy and alive! Take the time for your partner, and make them feel sexy and desired. Never get lazy when it comes to sex, because remember, there are enough women or men right around the corner that can give your partner what you don’t. Besides, it’s not just for them, having a healthy sex life is beneficial for you. Sex is proven to make you feel healthy, happy and look younger! So after work tonight, take your sweetheart for a nice ride ;-)

Sex out of the bed for 1 month!

Sex out of the bed for 1 month! 1354 437 Galia Brener

You come home from work, probably tired as hell, eat something in front of the TV and have a nice glass of red to ease the stress of the day. You try to seduce your man, but he just smiles back and puts on a game. Knowing better than to ever bother a man while watching his “Holy ESPN” channel, you get up and change for bed. If you’re lucky, he comes into bed before you fall asleep. If you’re double lucky, he rips off your nightie and plays with your clit, instead of the remote control. But back to reality, it usually ends up being a 5-minute session in the same position, on the same bed, with the same rhythm and snoring sounds after. So what can you do to make sure that Mr. Sex doesn’t die? Try the “Bed-Ban” rule (Yes I made it up, but it works). Sex out of the bed for one month! It will bring back the “juiciness” into your love life.

The human brain is an asshole. Everything sexual that become a routine = boring. It’s time to shake that bastard up a bit. Give him – the brain of course – something to think about for weeks to come! And don’t be afraid to show your man that he doesn’t know “everything” about you, and that you have many more exciting tricks up your sleeve. Mystery in a relationship is worth gold! I came up with a list of 8 kinky places that made me hot just by thinking about it.

1. Haunted House: These places are great because they are extremely dark inside, and no one would ever know. If your lady moans, the others walking around will think that those are zombie sounds which are part of the attraction. Be careful because there are usually vampires and monsters running around there, so if you feel a third hand around your penis, it might not be your woman.

2. Bank vault: Take your sweetheart and go store some cash in your safety-deposit-box. The inside area does not have cameras, so you are safe to spread your bills on the table, or rather spread your woman’s legs and take her right there and then! What happens in the vault stays a locked secret in the vault.

3. Motorcycle: What’s sexier than a loud Harley with a Jekill & Hyde exhaust system, your man looking incredibly hot, and you sitting on top of him with your naked bum touching the cold metal of the bike?! Give him an exciting ride that he will never forget, and engrave yourself into his memory every time he sees his beloved motorcycle.

4. Elevator & Stairwell: These two are risky, yet very exciting locations to have sex with your love. Your heart will race a mile and hour because you will not know when the door will open. The rules are that you have to be fast! Wear a skirt with nothing underneath for that extra rush.

5. Airport parking garage: The airport has a certain excitement about it. There is no better way to say, “Have a good business trip darling” than with the hottest sex he has ever had at 7am in the morning! Drive your handsome man to the airport, and as he’s about to get out, lock the car doors and climb on top of him. The steamier the windows become, the better! Bon voyage baby – and believe me, he will think a lot about you during his trip, and will count the minutes to come back home to his seductive vamp!

6. Roof of a building: If you have access to your roof, go up there with a bottle of Champagne, a blanket, and a trench coat with nothing underneath. If you don’t have a roof, sneak onto someone else’s! Or even better, go to a roof part with your man, and disappear around the corner while people are drinking and dancing.

7. On a piano: You can’t play the piano? Well you don’t have to. Sit on it with your legs spread apart, and let your guy play with you. I bet it will be the most beautiful sound that ever came out of that instrument. Turn around, and press your breasts against the lacquer finish, while your partner takes you deeply from behind. Make music your way!

8. On a swing outside in the rain: Feel like a kid again! Hopefully you didn’t have sex as a kid on a swing, but this time you are allowed to be bad and dirty. Best time is after midnight, when the city is asleep, and the only spies are the fresh drops on rain on your flushed faces. Wrap yourself around your man, and feel how good it is to have him inside of you. Breathe in deeply, and feel the intense connection magnified by the water running down your back.

You can also get wild inside of your home. Try the kitchen floor, while riding him beside the fridge with the door open for the nipple-hardening cooling effect. Do the laundry, while he’s taking you during the fastest spinning cycle – you will feel him deep inside, and the vibrations shiver through your entire body. You must get clean after being dirty, so take that hot man into the shower with you. You can either lean against the wall with him taking you from behind, or get him to sit on the shower floor and slide yourself down onto him, with the water drizzling over your bodies. Don’t forget to get that “thing you need” out of the basement and have your man take you hard against the carton boxes. With creativity and the desire to spice up your relationship, you can sex your way to bliss and bring back the naughty butterfly feeling again! Just remember the rules of the experiment: sex outside of the bed for 1 month!

Sexy Sex ♥

Sexy Sex ♥ 1354 437 Galia Brener

It’s a cold winter, and the mind automatically wanders off to long nights of hot passionate lovemaking. You close your eyes and fantasize about a room with a big fireplace in the middle, surrounded by warm sheepskin rugs, and hypnotic ambient music. You and your partner spend hours telling each other intimate secrets, kissing, playing with his thick dark hair, while he is holding you around the waist, you are arching your back, revealing your breasts to him, wrapping your legs around his hard body, and longing for his lips to caress you in the most intimate spots.

Sex is passion. Sex makes the heart beat faster. Lovemaking awakens your body and makes you feel sensations that you never knew existed. If you tie a silk scarf over your eyes and let your partner touch your skin slowly, you will be surprised at how your senses will awaken. A slow sensual touch with the fingers or lips on the lower back, neck, inside of the upper arm, behind the knees and wrists can take you on a wild rollercoaster ride! Taking the time to discover his/her body, and finding each other’s erogenous zones can be a wonderful way to increase your intimacy. You can interchange between slower sensual, and faster wild rhythmic sex. Each time, discovering new and exciting ways of lovemaking.

Sex works magic for the body, mind and soul. Not only do you have a chance to experience the mind blowing, shivering intense feeling of a climax, you also increase your wellbeing and beauty! While having hot passionate sex, the female body produces double the estrogen levels, which makes the skin smoother and hair shinier! The body lets go of stress after a hard day of work, and the relaxations starts. Talk about “sex-with-benefits!” Sex also releases endorphins, which make your body and mind feel the blissful effects of euphoria. You feel like the queen that you are! Lifting weights at the gym is so boring, therefore lovemaking is a fabulous way to stay fit. Burn 200 or more calories each time… depending on how experimental and wild you both are.

Sex is a wonderful way to increase the intimacy with your partner. Reaching orgasms together increases the levels of the hormone oxytocin, which is the “love hormone” that helps people bond and build trust. Keep in mind that men bond physically, while women bond emotionally. Therefore ladies, keep your relationship healthy and strong, by making time for hot lovemaking with your man. When the men are happy physically, they will make you happy emotionally! Don’t forget to put on that heart-racing new babydoll you ordered from Victoria Secret, and a spray of your favorite seductive perfume, on all the right places.

A colleague of mine, let’s call her Ambrosia, was telling me about her wild love and “sexcapades” with a well-known German restauranteur. They met at the Käfer’s tent at the Oktoberfest in Munich. He was younger than her, and had a body like Hercules. When they locked eyes for the first time, it felt like the roof was on fire. He ordered Champagne, but all she wanted was a cold beer, preferably in a large hard Masskrug. After a few rendezvous with Hercules, Ambrosia could not stand the wild pulsation between her lovely legs anymore. She wanted him immediately! She took him to her cozy altbau flat in Frankfurt, and threw him onto her bed. She ripped his shirt open, kissed his strong chest, while running her fingernails down his muscular back. She felt him getting harder with each touch. Hercules tilted her head back, and kissed her long soft neck, with the strength of his full lips. He stroked her perky breasts, while undressing her. This drove Ambrosia wild, so she sat on him, and showed Hercules what lovemaking really was. He was fascinated by her seduction and brave moves on him. They had breathtaking sex all over the flat, restaurants and other mysterious places, including his childhood bedroom. He was simply enchanted by her loveliness, intelligence, warm and open heart, creativity and passion. Her favorite thing to do was caress his “Masskrug” during the night while he was sleeping. This made him wake up to her sensual touch, and they would make love in the mesmerizing dark hours. Ambrosia and Hercules’s passion for each other could be felt whenever they walked into any room, anywhere and anytime. When they were together, people would stare at them with open mouths. Their love, energy, temper, loyalty, passion and adoration for each other were irreplaceable.

Sex and passion make you feel sexy. In order to enjoy, you need to relax, let go of your thoughts, worries, stress, and lose yourself in the act of seduction and lovemaking. Do not worry what you look like or what face you make while having a mind-blowing orgasm! Enjoy the ride and free your mind and body. Lovemaking is therapeutic, and often brings two hearts closer together. Great sex also helps to increase one’s self-esteem. If the sex is loving, and you feel connected to your partner, this will make you feel like the beauty that you truly are. Go ahead and have some sexy sex. You deserve it!

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