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GirlsAskGuys Interview with Galia Brener

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Thank you dear for this lovely interview! It was lovely talking to you Ben Dutka! Read the full interview here:

There is nothing wrong with being single.

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Being single does not automatically mean being lonely! Take this time to find out what YOU want and what YOU need and love. You have goals to pursue and adventures to embark on, so use this time for yourself and enjoy your life. The right one will come at the right time.

WhatsApp killed the relationship

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Can technology kill love? WhatsApp, email, sms, social media networks... they can destroy relationships and love, if not used properly with care. It's time to stop and go back to the roots - by having personal interaction again.

Are you a slave to your EGO?

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How much longer do you want to be a slave to your EGO? Why do you let this miserable being take control over yourself and destroy your life and relationships? The time has come to be brave, fight against our Ego, and become stronger and better people.

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