Dominicana Moda 2015 Fashion Week – Day 2

Dominicana Moda 2015 Fashion Week – Day 2 1200 400 Galia Brener

After having a delicious and carb-free breakfast, I put on my bright red dress, favorites bbi Ibiza espadrilles, lucky Chanel bag and made my way to meet the team at reception. On my way out, I noted how beautiful and elegant the swimming pool area looks at the Occidental Hotel, so I made a note to myself to spend a bit of time there before the fashion shows tomorrow. A little swimming and wellness time is necessary for the mind, body, soul and creativity. Taking care of my health is important especially during long international trips and events.


We jumped into our tour car and set off to see the beautiful Santo Domingo. Our guide told us that the population here is 3 million people and it’s quite a cosmopolitan city. The driver indulged us with a nice drive along the open sea. Not only was it mesmerizing, but it was also like vitamin C to my brain and eyes. Right across the water was a promenade lined with 5-star hotels hosting casinos and merengue bars.


We stopped at Santo Domingo’s old town, build around 1502. We were shown the beautiful Alcazar – which was Columbus’s family palace. We also saw the Plaza De Espana, Calle Las Damas, restaurant boulevard, various cathedrals and churches. A group of school children walked by, smiled and waved at us. Our guide told us that the best thing about his country are the people! They are warm, friendly and caring. He said that they live by a very important rule: when they leave the house, they leave their problems at home. When going out, life is fabulous, fun and easy. This way they live longer and have more peace at heart. I really like this philosophy of life and will try to do the same. After visiting tradition Dominican fashion stores and the biggest cigar humidor I have ever seen, it was time to eat something delicious at the Travesias by Chef Tita – and then get ready for the press conference with Jean Paul Gaultier. But what does one wear to meet the master of fashion himself?!


We arrived at the hotel 5 minutes before the press conference, so you can imagine how stressful it was. I just had enough time to run upstairs, change into my jungle silk Lavant dress, throw on my gold/brown Jimmy Choos and fasten my vintage Moschino key belt around my waist. There was no time to wash my face or even apply makeup. Oh well, I’d have to meet the master au naturel. I rushed to the hotel ballroom and took the place directly in front of the stage. As soon as I heard people screaming and talking loud with excitement, I knew that he had arrived! Jean Paul Gaultier made an extremely good and down-to-Earth impression on me. He was honest and answered all of the questions in a funny and sincere way. It was amazing to see my fashion idol live in person directly in front of me!


I asked him what he finds special about this event and he said the beautiful Dominican people and the amazing vibe. Everyone is so happy here. He said that the vibrant colors here are very inspirational to him. He also spoke of his charity work with the hospitals and helping fight racism. We chatted a bit and made a few cute photos. Then my absolute highlife of the day happened. I asked Mr. Gaultier to autograph my phone cover and he said, “With pleasure, but I have a better idea Galia!” Then in the middle of the stage with all of the people swarming around us, he took the time and drew a nice sketch for me directly on my phone cover! I was so overwhelmed by his gesture and patience. He saw in my eyes that it made me so happy, and to top it off, he gave me a hug and said, “Enchanté Galia!”, I felt like a star-struck teenager. Jens Prewo was interviewing Mr. Gaultier for RTL Exklusiv – a popular German celebrity TV show – and after that he interviewed me as well about my opinion of the event, JPG and the entire atmosphere. I haven’t been this excited in years!


Again we had a few minutes to run upstairs and change – new show, new outfit! Next up was the long-awaited Camila show. I have heard a lot of good things about her. And true to everything that I’ve been told, the collection was very feminine, with lots of silk and flowing long designs. The main inspiration was the Samurai-like kimono cut. I was highly impressed by Camila’s ability to make this look incredibly soft and feminine, yet at the same time, strong and expressive! It felt like being in the middle of a girl-only martial arts movie-dream, with the actresses walking down the runway, exposing their inner femme fatale strength to the world. Next up was the Jusef Sánchez show. This was unique because the show started with a DJ scratching live directly on the runway – so you can imagine the sheet energy and vibe in the Garden Tent! Sánchez’s creations were rock-chic-inspired with bright color pieces mixed up with my favorite black and white look. We saw long designs made of feather-light silk material, flowing so lightly that would make any ocean wave green with envy! My absolute favorite thing was his mix of a pant leg, short leg and half skirt all in one piece of clothing! I know, sounds crazy, but look at the photos below. This is definitely something I would wear to the Ibiza openings next spring 2016 – especially the white outfit! It’s unlike anything that I have seen before and definitely not something anyone would forget seeing you in. I wouldn’t wear it to the Vienna Opera Ball, but definitely on a special occasion where I would want to make a stylish, unique and unforgettable impression… dare to be bold!


The clock struck midnight and like magic, my biological rhythm was reminding me that I have a very intimate date with my pillow upstairs. Today was probably one of the coolest days of my life. So many unforgettable and happy emotions! Now it was time disappear into the night and reappear again tomorrow – fresh and ready for the next adventurous day on our Dominican escapade!


Santo Domingo old city


































Jean Paul Gaultier









Fashion shows







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Dominicana Moda 2015 Fashion Week – Day 1

Dominicana Moda 2015 Fashion Week – Day 1 1200 400 Galia Brener

Finally the day had arrived and it was time to make our way to the airport. I was that my very good friend Jens Prewo was coming to this fashion week as well. He’s a celebrity and lifestyle reporter for RTL, which is a popular TV channel in Germany. At the airport, we meet up with the glamorous Petra Cruz, who is the European Director of the Dominican Republic Tourism Board, along with the other bloggers.


Due to my crazy work schedule the weeks before, I have accumulated enough fatigue to knock me out for most of the flight to Santo Domingo. Of course only to wake up punctually in between for meals and drinks. How does my body and subconscious mind always know when food will be served? The flight seemed to be quite short, considering that we flew across the Atlantic Ocean. The landing was one of the smoothest that I’ve had so far on a long-distance flight!


As we stepped out of the airport, the hot air punched me in the face like a heavyweight-boxing champion. It was a fabulous high-on-heat feeling, which makes you giddy with joy, knowing that you got to chase summer for one last week this year! The 30 degrees wrapped me in their warm and comforting arms, cuddling me with the soothing sensation on my face and in my lungs. I’m a person that enjoys both summer and winter very much, however at this very second, I was overjoyed to have the summer sticking to my skin. I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply, felt a little shudder running through my entire body and stepped into the VIP shuttle that was taking us to our chic hotel.


As we arrived, we couldn’t help by notice how many people were running around the lobby, excited to be part of the posh Dominicana Moda. I checked in and went up for a quick make up fix and a change into my favorite gold Alaïa skirt. I met the rest of my group at the restaurant and we had a quick dinner before the first show.


The people were lining up and gathering around from all directions in front of the infamous Garden Tent – or otherwise known as the “Salón de Desfiles – Oscar de la Renta”. The women were dressed in tight, short dresses and high heels. I was pleased to see how incredible feminine they all looked. The difference to the European fashion and women was very obvious. The commotion was slowly starting and some women were pushing everyone from behind, desperately wanting to get in. I stayed cool, holding tightly onto my front row ticket. Finally the doors opened and everyone was excited to see the Azar Y Alvarez show! I didn’t know what to expect. I purposely did not search the designers online ahead of time, so that I can be pleasantly surprised or shocked with what I see on the runway! The house beat started to vibrate the entire tent and the first model came out.


I was blown away by the sheer color and vibrancy of the collection! The man sitting beside me told me that these colors and fabrics were the style of the traditional Dominican Republic clothing. It reminded me of my favorite hippie store in Ibiza that sells bags and dresses in such similar fabrics. Now I know where it comes from! I fell in love with a lavish white outfit that was made up of a long white maxi skirt and cropped top to match. I could definitely see myself wearing it. This white sensation made me think of a happy-hippie-bride, running away with her Fiancé to a place where they can be alone and make love.


The colors came pouring out from the backstage and some pieces were quite extravagant, receiving applause from the guests. It was a very large collection and a perfect way to start off the Dominicana Moda fashion week for me. Loud and colorful! The show ended and I realized that I have been awake for exactly 24 hours now. It was time to go back to my room with a large bed in the middle, made to fit a queen. I closed my eyes and smiled… looking forward to our next day in this hot paradise.
























Belstaff Pop Up Store Opening in Frankfurt

Belstaff Pop Up Store Opening in Frankfurt 1200 400 Galia Brener

Finally! One of my very favorite brands has made its way to our little city with a big attitude. What I love most about the Belstaff brand is that not only does it have history that goes back to 1924, but its timeless classic jacket can be worn in the next 100 years as well! I cannot imagine going on a Harley wearing anything else than my favorite black leather Belstaff jacket. I got mine many years ago, and it looks better and better with age. That’s the thing about timeless classics; they are always there to remind you that some things can never be replaced!


As I walked down the glamorous Goethestrasse, I was dazzled by the lights shining in my eyes. For the first time in a long while, I decided to wear my prescription Ray Bans to contradict my bright red Paris-inspired outfit. I was happy to see my two friends Jens and Olli waiting for me at the front of the store. Life is always better with smiling friend that are happy to see you. I hugged them both, and suddenly my attention was ripped away! The entire front of the store was lined with amazing bikes! Everything from BMW to Triumph and Harley Davidson. Goethestrasse has been graced by our handsome biker men, who came to admire the new Belstaff collection. Knowing my intense addiction to choppers, I couldn’t take my eyes off the machines. One was better than the other! After drooling over the bikes for a good 20 minutes, it was time to enter the cool pop up store.


The first sight that my eyes landed upon were two beautiful ladies that offered the guests a tray full of goodies – including Balvenie Whisky single barrel, Old Perth blended malt, Craft Beer, fine chocolates and other delights! I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the guests were in attendance wearing their own Belstaff jackets, proud to show that they have good fashion sense. As we moved further into the store, I was warmly greeted by Daniel Tobias Etzel of WAOH, who is the man of Frankfurt when it comes to fashion and lifestyle events and opening parties. Once again, he did a fantastic job at organizing this Belstaff opening event and made sure that the brand got the real welcome that is deserves in Frankfurt! I’m pleased to say that we are the second city in Germany who is privileged to have this iconic British brand. Continuing with our tour of the store, I saw a huge glowing sign saying “Outlaws” with David Beckham’s handsome face starring back at me. He is Belstaff’s proud testimonial of 2 years, with his own capsule collection.


Daniel introduced me to Julia, the pretty store supervisor, and her right-hand man in charge, Harald. I couldn’t get the thoughts of the bikes outside out of my mind, and knew that they have to be on the feature photo. Harald picked out two attractive men for me and dressed us all up in his favorite Belstaff jackets. He assigned a bike to each of us, and the mini photo shooting on the Goethestrasse began! Stefan Höning, the professional photographer was about to take the photos, but as soon as I got my bum on the bike, the alarm went off and the siren blared throughout the entire street. It was exactly like in an embarrassing scene of a movie, all heads turned, everyone started laughing, people came outside to see what the chaos was all about and red-faced Gali was sitting on the bike and wishing that the earth would open up and swallow me together with the bike and the fabulous Belstaff jacket that I was wearing. But of course the only way to react was to laugh with everybody else. Then the tall, dark-haired owner of the bike came outside, gave me a flirty wink and the embarrassment rapidly washed away.


After an hour the people gathered at the front to listen to the magical voice of Sam King, who filled the entire store with a melody that had everyone mesmerized. I was highly impressed by his performance! That’s definitely a man with soul, rhythm and spirit. The people were enjoying themselves tremendously, the whiskey was flowing and the jackets were selling like hot cakes. I don’t know what Belstaff does to their jackets, but I noticed that any man who puts one on turns into a handsome-strong-warrior-biker-man! There is no better way to describe it, but their leather jackets make all men look hot. Or maybe I just have a thing for biker guys. I stood in front of the women’s leather jackets and tried each one on. Slowly, one by one – like a sugar addict locked inside of a Patisserie and cannot escape!


Another wonderful night was coming to an end. I enjoyed myself very much because it was a very warm and intimate opening event. Everyone seemed to know each other. One could see that the people were having a wonderful time and were savoring their evening. Slowly I had to step away from the bikes, say goodbye to my friends and make my way back home to my cozy little city flat, take off my 13 cm heels and get some beauty sleep.


If you’re also curious to see the collection for yourself, the Belstaff Pop Up Store shall be with us on the Goethestr. 3, until March 2016.


Have fun shopping,


Your Gali


Feature photo by: Stefan Höning



My Jacket: Belstaff Sidney Moto – black leather – 1.695,00 €

































Dior opening in Frankfurt – June 2015

Dior opening in Frankfurt – June 2015 1200 400 Galia Brener

Finally the time has come when the house of Christian Dior has decided to grace our little cosmopolitan city with its presence. I would like to welcome Dior to the beautiful new location on the Goethestrasse 13 in Frankfurt. Finally there is another beautiful French couture designer to enrich our little fashion street!


I met with the glamorous Emanuela Canto, who is now the director of Dior in Frankfurt. Emanuela greeted me with a warm smile and an endearing hug. I could see the excitement and happiness in her eyes – a true symbol of a person that follows their dreams and gets the job done right.


The interior was stunning! The new Dior store is any woman’s dream-come-true. When you enter inside, it’s like being transported to Paris in the 20s. The style is very feminine and glamorous. To me, it appeared as if we entered a private Boudoir, filled with beautiful delicate clothing and accessories. It almost had a subtle voyeuristic and sensual quality to it as well. Emanuela gave me a tour and I fell in love with the store right away. Downstairs one can find the beautiful bags, jewelry and accessories. Upstairs is where the clothing, shoes and ready-to-wear collections are displayed.


I was dressed up in the new “Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015 Collection” and fell in love with it because it has a tough-edge to it, yet also very feminine due to the body-contouring silhouettes. Knowing my leather jacket fetish, I fell in love with the cropped dark blue biker jacket. (Shown in the photo below). I am also a huge fan of the A-line dresses and skirts, and thankfully many are to be seen in this collection. It felt wonderful being clad from head to toe in Dior. I have to admit that it did have a slight warrior-princess-feeling to it. I felt at home in the store and enjoyed my evening there tremendously. I will definitely be coming back soon again.


Thank you Dior for finally coming to us, and thank you Emanuela Canto for making the store and experience so perfect!






A perfect day for hanging out in the city!

A perfect day for hanging out in the city! 1200 400 Galia Brener

A perfect day for hanging out in the city! #outfitoftheday: hat @maisonvalentino, jacket and belt@Versace, long shirt @vanlaackofficial, scarf @burberry, shoes @jimmychoo, sunglasses @dsquared2. Photo by the artist @markbernart #Fashion #fashionista #style#outfit #ootd #photography #Instafashion #instagood#instago #red #Galiainaction #Galiaoutfits #streetstyle#streetlook #hat #Britain #UK

In ❤️ with my new #Wayfarer glasses! Thanks @rayban!

Photo 28.04.15 19 11 54

Photo 28.04.15 20 36 51

Tobias Grau Showroom Opening – 13.04.2015

Tobias Grau Showroom Opening – 13.04.2015 1200 400 Galia Brener

Yet another fabulous opening party took place last night in Frankfurt, at the Tobias Grau showroom, located at the Katzenpforte/Bleichstraße. Architects, designers, actors, bloggers, media and advertising people gathered yesterday to welcome the new era of futuristic posh lighting into our trendy little cosmopolitan city. The brains behind the progressive concept are Hamburg natives, Tobias Grau and his wife Franziska Grau.


They both welcomed their guests into their brand new 2-floor showroom, with a warm smile on their faces. One could see the pride and honor in their wonderful accomplishment. I’m a big fan of futuristic light design, but what caught my eye right away was Franziska’s beautiful red dress! No wonder Mr. Grau creates amazing pieces, with such a bright and wonderful wife by his side! It was the first time that I met the Grau-power-couple, and I have to say that I was positively impressed by their friendliness, warmth and creativity.


One could not help but notice the incredible light pieces hanging allover the showroom. Some were minimalistic and some extravagant, yet all were unforgettable. What’s even more fascinating is that the Bill table lamp was used in the James Bond 007 Skyfall movie. It’s definitely nice to know that such an International talent and creative brand like Tobias Grau can be found directly in the city center of Frankfurt!


As we continued our light tour, we were greeted by Daniel Tobias Etzel of the WAOH agency, who helped with the event and did a wonderful job once again with the invitations and organization. The catering for the opening was impeccable, and their lovely team was walking around, offering the guests delicacies to enjoy with a glass of cold wine.


I was quite lucky that evening because my outfit was given to me by my good friend Yulia Mettier, owner of the Dress Affairs boutique on the Berger Strasse. Therefore, I had the chance to make my appearance in an individual and edgy style, chosen personally by Yulia.


The beautiful lounge and house beats that evening were flowing from the creative hands of DJ Jondal, who is a producer, global music collector and corporate sound designer, with a very unique voice. I looked around and saw people swaying to his rhythm, and it was nice to run into a few designers and architects that I have not seen in a while. Everyone were saying how chic and fun the event is! Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, and smiles could be seen everywhere. The people were also saying how impressed they are with Mr. Grau’s amazing designs, and I couldn’t agree more! I am definitely getting a lamp for my office. All in all, it was a wonderful, fun, entertaining, delicious, chic and cool event in Frankfurt.


FullSizeRender copy




















Boucle jacket meets sneakers ❤️

Boucle jacket meets sneakers ❤️ 1200 400 Galia Brener

Boucle jacket meets sneakers ❤ boucle:@chanelofficial, sneakers: @prada, scarf: @louisvuitton, sunglasses: @emiliopucci, handbag: @galiabrener#Galiainaction #Galiaoutfits #Fashion #style #chic#couture

#ootd #Instafashion #picoftheday #colorful







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