Front Row Society – Concept store opening in Frankfurt

Front Row Society – Concept store opening in Frankfurt 1600 875 Galia Brener

Frankfurt is becoming cooler and more chic each day! I’m extremely happy to see that the fashion industry is making its way to us, wanting to grace our city with beautiful creations. Last week I was invited to the opening of the Front Row Society concept store, and let me tell you, it was fabulous!

The amazing event was organized by Manuel Gies, owner of the STRATEGIES agency. He’s known in our lovely city for his other projects with Hugos Frankfurt, Jaguar Land Rover, Maserati and now, Front Row Society. He told me that he loves what he does because it’s his passion since 2009.

My friends picked me up at 7pm and we walked to the opening. I wore my favorite transparent Llobycats skull maxi dress and topped it off with a black peace necklace and my highest heels. As we approached the red carpet, we were greeted by Florian Ellsaesser, founder of the Front Row Society. Mr. Ellsaesser was quite charming and gave me a personal tour of his lovely concept store. He explained why his vision was so important to him, and I agreed about the uniqueness of his idea – merging fashion and art into one entity!

Front Row Society was founded in Berlin in 2011. It is a fashion brand with a contemporary aesthetic that combines sophisticated designs with subtle details. Each collection is developed in collaboration with a community of artists from all over the world. Each Front Row Society piece is a sophisticated translation of an artwork or technique into a beautiful, wearable garment made of high quality materials. Simplicity is paramount in Front Row Society’s collections; inspiring stories come to life in minimal designs that create a unique yet effortless style.

I think that this is a brilliant idea, because for example, with the limited edition Santiago Taccetti collection, nothing looks the same! Mr. Taccetti works his art masterpieces into the leather itself, making it a true one-of-a-kind piece. It’s great having something in your closet that nobody else has. Even if your best friend buys the same bag as you, yours will be different because it contains a different element of the artist’s work. This mirrors the theory of nature, where nothing is ever exactly identical. What a super cool concept!

Since I’m in a major backpack phase now, I had to get my hands on the beautiful black Laura bag – big enough for my daily carrying needs and also for traveling. I especially love the gold metal handle at the top, the small geometric-shaped slits on the leather and fine metallic elements throughout the bag!

Of course Frankfurters expect nothing less than a glamorous red carpet event, and that is exactly what we got at the opening last week. Arriving fashionably late at the Neue Rothofstraße, I was very pleased to see the “who’s who” of our city – celebs, fashion divas, famous singers, politicians, actors and producers, finance moguls, designers, and the list goes on and on. At the entrance, we were greeted by a lovely lady who placed a white satin ribbon around our wrist and ushered us into the large and very beautiful concept store. Everything, from top to bottom, was ultra modern. This is what I call chic-minimalism at its finest! Being the accessories lover that I am, I ran straight for the bags and scarves and loved what I saw!

The people were walking around the store, curious to touch this and that, enticed by the fine works of art and unique fashion pieces. I noticed how happy Mr. Ellsaesser was with the turnout of the opening event, and that made me happy as well, seeing how the Berliners were appreciating our fashion sense.

My friends and I were delighted to be there together, sipping sparkling wine, talking fashion and enjoying this fabulous evening. After a few hours, I noticed that it was getting late and I had to run to the next party, because in a few hours I was celebrating into my birthday. I bid the lovely concept store and it’s brilliant creators farewell. My heart skipped a beat, knowing how glamorous our city was becoming. This gave me a feeling of honor and pride, knowing that I was a part of the Frankfurt fashion revolution! Thank you Front Row Society for enriching us with your presence here. We welcome you with open arms – to our small cosmopolitan city with a big attitude.

Photos by: Nikita Kulikov


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Karl Lagerfeld Opening Event in Frankfurt

Karl Lagerfeld Opening Event in Frankfurt 1080 530 Galia Brener

Wednesday night was the long awaited opening event of the Karl Lagerfeld store in Frankfurt. I spoke to a few friends this week and everyone was very excited to come out and play. Not only was the new collection on display, but also original sketches drawn by Mr. Lagerfeld himself, decorated the walls of the store. It was a mixture of his famous fashion sketches along with drawings of himself, portraits and other models. It was very interesting to be so up close and person with his private works of art!

As we made our way into the store, we were greeted by Daniel Tobias Etzel of the WAOH agency, who did another fabulous job at bringing all of Frankfurt’s Who’s Who together and organizing such a glamorous event! I was excited to see some friends and acquaintances, which I haven’t seen in a while, and catch up about life, hanging out in the midst of the exciting flair. There were camera flashes going off in every corner of the store. The crowd was excited, enjoying the high of the bubbly champagne, beautiful handbags and crazy outfits!

I was pondering what to wear already weeks in advance. At the moment I’m having my blue period, like my wonderful idol Picasso. Blue is not my mood, but rather the shades of my current outfits. From blue bags to blue nail polish and blue dresses. Therefore naturally, I had to wear blue for the opening!

Knowing that Lagerfeld’s beloved color is black, going a completely different shade was not such a bad idea. Since I’m a cartoon nerd, I had to wear my new Japanese manga skirt. The extravagant blue silk design has various gold ancient God images all around the skirt. I fell in love with this unique piece as soon as I saw it in the store. What’s good enough for a leading manga character is good enough for me! To get the desired full puffy effect, I wore my largest petticoat underneath the skirt. I topped it off with a ribbed tank top of the same blue shade and a blue velvet bolero, to give the outfit a bit of a baroque touch. I needed a bit more “Bam”, so I work my little black rose hat and my vintage 50s gold purse. My feet were clad in my beloved platforms. Karl Lagerfeld has many cartoon characters on his accessories, so even thought the outfit was blue and not black, it still fit very well into the concept of the evening.

As we walked into the back of the room, we were handed a cold glass of champagne and macaroons, with Karl’s profile printed on top. What a chic and glamorous idea! The beautiful redhead Janet Maier and Ria were spinning their awesome house beats, adding some bass and funky sound to the fashion party. The attention was on them, as they spread the love. I must admit that the guests really made a great effort with their cool outfits, funky accessories and big statements! Many celebs were there, including my girl Sabrina Setlur, looking stylish and fabulous in her black sleek Lagerfeld dress.

I was walking around the store and taking photos, admiring the people around me, having fun and listening to the happy chatter. Many people were impressed by the event, saying that the Lagerfeld store is definitely an enrichment for Frankfurt and the Goethestrasse. I have to agree with them! I was also very impressed by the prices, making it affordable for everyone to find something that they love in the store.

Even thought Mercury Retrograde has started this week, I couldn’t help but notice the electric energy and smiles thrown around the bright store. I am happy to share with you my dears that yet again, another glamorous event was gloriously celebrated in my beloved Frankfurt. As the last glass of champagne was drunk, it was time to move on and indulge in a nice calorie-rich dinner. The girls were all hungry and calling my name. As I left the store, I turned around and glanced behind me, knowing that I will come back very soon indeed. Dear Karl, you are definitely more than welcomed to our little city with a big attitude!































Outfit of the Day Special Feature: Burberry

Outfit of the Day Special Feature: Burberry 1080 530 Galia Brener

Heritage and Tradition.

When I think of Burberry, these are two words that come to mind. In my opinion, Burberry is one of those few brands that will always hold its high place in the fashion world, representing this strong connection to the past, present and future. In other words, Burberry is so classy that it will never go out of style!

It all began in 1856. Founded by 21 year-old Thomas Burberry in Basingstoke, England, the brand was beloved for its waterproof outdoor specialty. Mr. Burberry invented the gabardine – which is the water-resistant fabric that his Internationally beloved trench coats are made out of.

I’m obsessed with it – not only is Burberry the king of the tartan pattern, but it’s also a super versatile brand that can be combined and worn in an endless variation of styles.

I decided to walk a bit on the wild side this lovely spring afternoon – by wearing the chosen Burberry pieces with my favorite punk-influenced ripped jeans shorts and 12cm high-heeled boots. I’m a big fan of combining the wild rock black, slightly gothic look with a conservative chic flair. A strange combination, I know, but unique and very edgy. Aren’t we all born to be a bit wild?

Summer 2016 is almost here and with it comes the overwhelming urge to wear a splash of color. I personally love pattern clashing, like I did with the two different Burberry tartan colors – red and beige. Who says what is wrong or right? My advice is never to follow trends and simply invent your own individual look that makes you feel special.

We all have our own vixen, princess, queen, rock star, shy girl, dare devil, intellectual woman, femme fatale, girl-next-door, mother, child and angel living inside of us. My favorite thing to do is wear a completely different look as often as I can, which satisfies each individual facet of my character. Changing your look like a chameleon is not a bad thing at all – it allows you to discover yourself and see what feels right on the inside and outside.

Another super cool look for the Burberry blouse would be with tight black leather leggings, a blue jeans or black a-line skirt with a belt at the waist, or the classical beige riding pants. This look can be worn with pumps or flat biker / riding boots. Topped off with a proper hat and thin skin-tight gloves.

For me, fashion is a statement about how I feel at that very moment when I put my outfit on. Thomas Burberry started a legend back then that gave us a chance to scream our feelings out loud – in style and elegance.

Have fun with your clothing and self-expression.

Be free. Be wild. Be brave. Be yourself.





My Burberry pieces for this shooting are: yellow rain coat, bright blue short wool duffle jacket, men’s XXL shirt – which I wore with a thin black belt, a vintage bag and matching scarf.













Shoe love spring 2016! ♥

Shoe love spring 2016! ♥ 1080 530 Galia Brener

Spring is just around the corner :-) and I’m totally in love with my new collection PETER KAISER Adelheid pumps! My perfect companions to many outfits this season ♥

#shoes #pumps #peterkaiser #chic #accessories #moda #fashionkilla #fashionblog #galiabrener #galiainaction



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Outfit of the Day special feature: MCM

Outfit of the Day special feature: MCM 803 1200 Galia Brener

As the days grow shorter and the sun doesn’t come out to play as often anymore, I feel that I need a little bit of extra color and spice in my outfits. Ever since I was a wild teenager, I always had the same yearly clothing routine. During the winters I wore only black and during the summers I wore mostly bright colors. This was my way of expressing myself and my emotional association with the seasons.


Yet as I grow older, I find myself liking the winter more and more. I think of the cozy nights in front of the fireplace, the romantic Christmas markets of Europe, the warm sweet red wines and the fresh walks outside in the cold crisp air. With this new found love for the cold, I slowly realize that it doesn’t have to be all about the black colors for me anymore. This year I will introduce more bright colors and funky cuts to my wardrobe. Gone are the drabby wide cut blacks and browns, and hello to my bright tight winter silhouettes.


I am happy to feature two of my favorite outfits from MCM this week. I visited the stylish Alesja Zuber of MCM for this occasion. For those who know my love for leather jackets, I absolutely had to have the classic tight black leather. I really like the silver hardware elements on it – the 2 vertical zippers on the front and attached leather belt with buckle on the bottom. This jacket takes the term “biker chick” to a new level and even manages to throw in a 3rd word to the mix: Chic Biker Chick! In my opinion this classic MCM leather jacket has the perfect mix of posh and bad-ass. What’s amazing about the jacket is that the shoulders are slightly padded and since the belt buckle can be closed tightly, this makes every body type look very slim at the waistline.


I combined the leather jacket with the special edition backpack – with the art of my friend Stefan Strumbel on it. His famous cuckoo clock decorates the front of the bag. Even Karl Lagerfeld owns one of Stefan’s famous cuckoo clocks. This one says “Heimat Loves You!” in neon on the front. I love how the neon colors and art piece decorated the bag to make it look so edgy and unique. Perfect as a splash of wild color to clash the winter gray sky!


I was very pleased to find out that MCM now offers its customers a well-fitted, warm winter coat with luxurious fur trim on the shoulders. It’s a very unique coat – which almost reminds me of a city version of Snow White. I combined it with a new arrival gray fur bag with an elegant chain to wear on one shoulder. The bag has beautiful details of pearls on it. It can also be worn across the front for the casual-chic look. And staying true to my winter color attack, I topped the look off with a bright purple MCM scarf mixed of wool and silk. I love the way this scarf looks and feel – it shimmers slightly in the light. I would wear the MCM scarf with jeans like I did on the photo, with a little black dress or even a long evening gown. It comes in many lovely colors. My favorite is definitely this purple one.


Today was a really fun and special day. I got to play dress up at MCM and swim in an ocean full of beautiful accessories. I have to admit that the MCM brand has really come a long way. They managed to stay on top of the trends offering their clients their famous heritage bags, yet also constantly coming up with new and exciting designs to freshen up their look – like the sought after backpacks, sneakers, scarves, etc. I can truly say: MCM, I am a fan now!


Photos by: Alesja Zuber







DSC_0474 DSC_0472


Dominicana Moda – Fashion Week – Day 4 with Jean Paul Gaultier!

Dominicana Moda – Fashion Week – Day 4 with Jean Paul Gaultier! 1170 762 Galia Brener



Today was the first day that I woke up full of energy and élan. Either the jet lag was finally fading away, or my body subconsciously knew that tonight was the big night! Jean Paul Gaultier – my idol – was showing his collection. I have been waiting for this day for over half a year now. I even woke up one hour before my alarm, which is very untypical for me, because I love to get my sleep whenever I can. But today was a very special day. I jumped out of the warm and cozy bed, tried my new Colgate whitening tooth paste to upkeep my bleached teeth, ate some fat-killing passion fruit and started my day.


I could tell that there were already many people at the hotel because the wifi became excruciatingly nonexistent. But being the high-tech survivor nerd that I am, I discovered one little secret place in the hotel, where the wifi works as fast as the speed of light. I went to hide in my little wifi time machine and uploaded some photos and articles for you. Then I met the team at the restaurant – of course they chose the table directly beside Jean Paul Gaultier’s male models! In order to calm down and not freak out with excitement the entire day, I had to jump into the huge pool and swim many laps. I spotted a man peculiarly similar looking to Richard Branson on a lounge chair beside me. Could it have been him? It might have been in a different lifetime, if he wasn’t loaded with a double belly! I laughed to myself and continued writing with frenzy on my laptop. I realized that working at the pool in the Caribbean weather was not such a bad way to get some work done.


The tick tock of the clock reminded me that the time was pushing closer to the event. We were very lucky because we were allowed to be at the Garden Tent with Jean Paul Gaultier, while he was rehearsing with the models. We knew what the show and music would be like before everyone else did. I ran up from the pool, took a nice long relaxing shower, made my wavy hair straight, put on my favorite makeup (Peter Thomas Roth CC cream and Mac highlighter for that flawless glowing look, light smokey eyes and pink juicy lips), threw on my favorite black and white dress with my Byblos pumps, grabbed my front row ticket and made my way out. I met Jens and Nina and we went inside the tent, where Mr. Gaultier was already in full swing – chatting, laughing, dancing, organizing and guiding the models. He’s a man of visions and action, and hence likes to do many of the duties by himself. There was one funny moment where Mr. Gaultier stopped the show and told the models to kiss. He said this is such a funny and cute way. (See the video on my YouTube channel).


I have to mention here how amazingly down to earth, warm, sincere, funny and kind Mr. Gaultier is! Usually designers like to keep their show a mystery and are not happy with many people hanging around before the show and especially not directly around the runway during rehearsals. He waned to have us around him, and didn’t mind at all when we asked a hundred questions and made a thousand photos. He was very patient with everyone. I respect that so much about him. He was so cool, calm and collected – and this an hour before the highly anticipated show! Bravo Mr. Gaultier, another great reason why you are my fashion idol! Jens got a chance to have a nice interview with him, and I ran around being the curious monkey that I am – gathering information, images and memories of this wonderful experience. The press people made a circle around JPG and everyone wanted to have a piece of him. I sat at the front row, admiring the atmosphere. I was in fashion heaven! It was funny because I kept running Jens’s videos with my loud excited comments beside him. Thankfully my chatter is not to be heard on the video they showed on the VOX Prominent show – a famous German TV show about celebrities. Needless to say, I look like a cartoon CIA agent, hanging beside Mr. Gaultier on the video. Don’t ask! ;-) (Video on my YouTube Channel).


Out of fun for my love and relationship column, I asked Mr. Gaultier if he believes in true love. His exact answer was, “I believe only in love. Even real, or not real, or not true and true, I don’t care. Love is the most important thing!” He was laughing while answering my question and that me laugh back. I was very happy to know that the magnetic and bright man still believes in love! (See this video also on my YouTube channel). The time was running and it was dangerously close to the beginning of the show. Mr. Gaultier gave me a wink and quickly left backstage. I took my fabulous seat at the front row and waited for the guests to arrive. It was great to see what everyone was wearing in Santo Domingo to such a glamorous event. Miss France was one of the models at the show and even the Dominican Republic president’s wife was there – sitting a few seats away from me. The women were all dolled up and chic to the bone! The men were proud to accompany them. It was like a scene from a Gatsby party. Then suddenly the lights went out and a traditional Scottish bagpipe sound mixed with an electronic beat shook the tent. I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as the first model came out, I was ecstatic to see that it was the famous JPG wild style that I love so much! The only way for me to describe the collection is: “A classy and posh French underground fashion gang meeting up in a dark corridor and making their way to the Mad Hatter’s New Year’s Eve Tea with Absinthe Party!” If you have no clue what I mean by this sentence, please take a look at the photos of the collection below. I loved every single piece! My favorite one was the stripped long dress at the very end of the show, with a large black rounded apron in the front, and a huge black bow in the back. I would even wear that wild dress to my wedding – so creative, unusual, sexy, feminine and unforgettable! Once again, Jean Paul Gaultier managed to lift me off my feet and fly me away to his imaginary land of couture magic. At the end of the show, he came out dancing onto the runway and got a standing ovation. Everyone in the room was standing for him and he rightfully deserved every single clap!


After the show, we went backstage to congratulate Mr. Gaultier. We chatted a bit and then allowed him to take a breath of fresh air after his exciting day. We went to the after-party, where the VIP guests couldn’t stop talking about the incredible show. Everyone had the same opinion: this collection was a brilliant masterpiece. I agreed! The music was hypnotizing and the champagne was flowing. I felt like a little girl high on too much sugar. It was such a huge honor for me to be a part of this exciting event. I didn’t know what, where, when or why, but all I knew is that I haven’t been this happy in years! It was a big jump forward for me and my blog. I felt that this was the wonderful next step in the ladder of my career. The Dominicana Moda was over with a big bang! This was definitely my favorite show of the entire fashion week. JPG knows how to entertain the people and keep everyone on their toes. I made my way back to the room, prepared my tired self for bed and jumped in between the crisp sheets. With a satisfied and joyous feeling, I closed my eyes, let my mind drift back to the thrilling events of the day and fell asleep with a soft smile on my lips.





















The Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Show






























































Dominicana Moda 2015 Fashion Week – Day 3

Dominicana Moda 2015 Fashion Week – Day 3 1200 400 Galia Brener

As I opened up my eyes, the sunbeams were dancing on my face. I couldn’t help but smile, knowing where I am and my couture mission for this amazing event. I jumped up, knowing that I have some spare time this morning to enjoy the fabulous Occidental Hotel pool and wellness area. I ate my healthy breakfast – carb free again – only scrambled eggs, a local delicious sausage and some fresh fruit. I remember coming to Puerto Plata with my parents in the 90s, and the trend back then was to eat a fresh passion fruit directly after a meal. This was supposed to turbo-charge the digestion. I laughed at this silly little blast from the past memory, ate my passion fruit like a good girl, and made my way to the chic pool area.


The first thing I saw was the super cool Jean Paul Gaultier, walking back from the Garden Tent, fully clad in black and followed by 5 men – all eager to fulfill his every wish and command. I thanked him again for the wonderful drawing that he made on my phone cover. Mr. Gaultier smiles and asked if I will make it to his show tomorrow evening. I gave him the brightest and biggest grin that I have and told him that I wouldn’t miss it for the world! I was in 7th Heaven – imagine, Mr. Fashion himself asking me if I will attend his show! That’s an honor beyond believe for me! With a small skip to my step, I took off my Blumarine summer dress and jumped into the pool, refreshing myself with a cold shiver of excitement!


After swimming a few laps in a mini attempt to do some sports, it was time to change and make ourselves look sexy for the fashion shows. Again I didn’t know what will be presented, so each individual show was like unpacking a surprise suitcase that was replaced with yours at the airport! I found the Istituto Marangoni – Warrior Show to be quite interesting. It was a show displaying the works of their best fashion students from Shanghai, Milano, Paris and London. If this was a small glance into our future designers, then I can say that we have something unique and wild to look forward to! True to its name, the warrior show started off with a collection that one would imagine a futuristic army on Mars wearing. Next came some feminine cuts, ethno styles and a wicked warrior meets ballerina look! Most of these designs were probably too crazy for the mass public to wear, but I would definitely sport a few in good old-school Europe, to shock people and see their reactions! Provocation can be a really fun and exciting thing.


We worked up a nice appetite after the show and had a lovely long dinner. The Dominican people definitely like their meat, so we joined in on their festivities and savored their delicacies. People were moving around from place to place and one could hear the deep house beats from the different after party locations. What a rush! There was lots of energy and dancing around us.


Next up were Guerrero and Budet, who threw bright colors directly into our thirsty eyes. Now I understand even better what Jean Paul Gaultier was saying about the colors here. Not only is the nature so colorful and beautiful here, but people also design and wear really bright colors too! It’s like a breath of fresh air to me, because I have gotten so used to the black, natural and gray shades of Europe. I enjoyed looking at the extravagantly colorful and flowing ball gowns. It would be definitely fun wearing something like that to the Sport Press Ball or La Scala – believe me, nobody would ever forget you! Now that we were definitely awake, the male models started coming out in funky-printed swim shorts. Who can complain about tall, handsome, exotic and muscular men walking around in tight shorts? Now that’s what I call the sweet advantages of sitting in the front row – up close and personal!


Last but not least was the Moisés Quesada show. It was an interesting concept because the entire length of the runway was filled with glass tables, vases, flowers, cutlery, dishes, flutes and other interesting home accessories. The setup allowed the models to walk around the entire runway. The collection was small but tight. Less is more – I always say rather a smaller collection but with killer pieces! And that’s what Quesada did. He played a lot with black, white and red this season. The designs were form fitting, very feminine and some fully see-through. The models looked like live man-eaters, and it felt like being in the middle of a secret vampire meeting. His Pièce de résistance was a long white wedding dress that came out at the very end. What a fitting and innocent ending to a dark and intriguing tale! The vampires left the room, the lights came on and the show was over. My jet lag was not loosening its tight grip on me. In fact, it was possessing me from the inside out. While everyone made their way to the loud and lavish after-show party, I only had dirty thoughts of my skin caressing the cold crisp bed sheets. Besides, tomorrow was the big day! The last day of the Dominicana Moda, and the evening of Jean Paul Gaultier’s long-awaited fashion show! I wanted to look well rested and fabulous for his amazing event! I bid my team farewell and disappeared into the gold-mirrored elevator.










Istituto Marangoni – Warrior Show




















Guerrero and Budet show

























Moisés Quesada show




















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