Dominicana Moda 2015 Fashion Week – Day 2

Dominicana Moda 2015 Fashion Week – Day 2

Dominicana Moda 2015 Fashion Week – Day 2 1200 400 Galia Brener

After having a delicious and carb-free breakfast, I put on my bright red dress, favorites bbi Ibiza espadrilles, lucky Chanel bag and made my way to meet the team at reception. On my way out, I noted how beautiful and elegant the swimming pool area looks at the Occidental Hotel, so I made a note to myself to spend a bit of time there before the fashion shows tomorrow. A little swimming and wellness time is necessary for the mind, body, soul and creativity. Taking care of my health is important especially during long international trips and events.


We jumped into our tour car and set off to see the beautiful Santo Domingo. Our guide told us that the population here is 3 million people and it’s quite a cosmopolitan city. The driver indulged us with a nice drive along the open sea. Not only was it mesmerizing, but it was also like vitamin C to my brain and eyes. Right across the water was a promenade lined with 5-star hotels hosting casinos and merengue bars.


We stopped at Santo Domingo’s old town, build around 1502. We were shown the beautiful Alcazar – which was Columbus’s family palace. We also saw the Plaza De Espana, Calle Las Damas, restaurant boulevard, various cathedrals and churches. A group of school children walked by, smiled and waved at us. Our guide told us that the best thing about his country are the people! They are warm, friendly and caring. He said that they live by a very important rule: when they leave the house, they leave their problems at home. When going out, life is fabulous, fun and easy. This way they live longer and have more peace at heart. I really like this philosophy of life and will try to do the same. After visiting tradition Dominican fashion stores and the biggest cigar humidor I have ever seen, it was time to eat something delicious at the Travesias by Chef Tita – and then get ready for the press conference with Jean Paul Gaultier. But what does one wear to meet the master of fashion himself?!


We arrived at the hotel 5 minutes before the press conference, so you can imagine how stressful it was. I just had enough time to run upstairs, change into my jungle silk Lavant dress, throw on my gold/brown Jimmy Choos and fasten my vintage Moschino key belt around my waist. There was no time to wash my face or even apply makeup. Oh well, I’d have to meet the master au naturel. I rushed to the hotel ballroom and took the place directly in front of the stage. As soon as I heard people screaming and talking loud with excitement, I knew that he had arrived! Jean Paul Gaultier made an extremely good and down-to-Earth impression on me. He was honest and answered all of the questions in a funny and sincere way. It was amazing to see my fashion idol live in person directly in front of me!


I asked him what he finds special about this event and he said the beautiful Dominican people and the amazing vibe. Everyone is so happy here. He said that the vibrant colors here are very inspirational to him. He also spoke of his charity work with the hospitals and helping fight racism. We chatted a bit and made a few cute photos. Then my absolute highlife of the day happened. I asked Mr. Gaultier to autograph my phone cover and he said, “With pleasure, but I have a better idea Galia!” Then in the middle of the stage with all of the people swarming around us, he took the time and drew a nice sketch for me directly on my phone cover! I was so overwhelmed by his gesture and patience. He saw in my eyes that it made me so happy, and to top it off, he gave me a hug and said, “Enchanté Galia!”, I felt like a star-struck teenager. Jens Prewo was interviewing Mr. Gaultier for RTL Exklusiv – a popular German celebrity TV show – and after that he interviewed me as well about my opinion of the event, JPG and the entire atmosphere. I haven’t been this excited in years!


Again we had a few minutes to run upstairs and change – new show, new outfit! Next up was the long-awaited Camila show. I have heard a lot of good things about her. And true to everything that I’ve been told, the collection was very feminine, with lots of silk and flowing long designs. The main inspiration was the Samurai-like kimono cut. I was highly impressed by Camila’s ability to make this look incredibly soft and feminine, yet at the same time, strong and expressive! It felt like being in the middle of a girl-only martial arts movie-dream, with the actresses walking down the runway, exposing their inner femme fatale strength to the world. Next up was the Jusef Sánchez show. This was unique because the show started with a DJ scratching live directly on the runway – so you can imagine the sheet energy and vibe in the Garden Tent! Sánchez’s creations were rock-chic-inspired with bright color pieces mixed up with my favorite black and white look. We saw long designs made of feather-light silk material, flowing so lightly that would make any ocean wave green with envy! My absolute favorite thing was his mix of a pant leg, short leg and half skirt all in one piece of clothing! I know, sounds crazy, but look at the photos below. This is definitely something I would wear to the Ibiza openings next spring 2016 – especially the white outfit! It’s unlike anything that I have seen before and definitely not something anyone would forget seeing you in. I wouldn’t wear it to the Vienna Opera Ball, but definitely on a special occasion where I would want to make a stylish, unique and unforgettable impression… dare to be bold!


The clock struck midnight and like magic, my biological rhythm was reminding me that I have a very intimate date with my pillow upstairs. Today was probably one of the coolest days of my life. So many unforgettable and happy emotions! Now it was time disappear into the night and reappear again tomorrow – fresh and ready for the next adventurous day on our Dominican escapade!


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Jean Paul Gaultier









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