Swinger’s Dark Paradise (Part III)

Swinger’s Dark Paradise (Part III)

Swinger’s Dark Paradise (Part III) 640 250 Galia Brener

As Claudia slowly opened the door, she hardly saw any light inside. It was a strange room, because all of the walls were made out of black stone. There were real fire torches on each wall, and the floor was laid out in dark wood. There was an enormous crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. To Claudia, this was the most beautiful room in the entire club. It could have been a room in a castle from the 18th century. It was mysterious, and very alluring.

In the middle of the room was a bed with a canopy. There were curtains around the bed, and three of the sides were closed. Claudia’s curiosity was killing her! As she got near the bed, she heard a whip, and a woman’s voice moaning with pleasure. Claudia opened the curtains, and inside she saw two women and a man. All were wearing leather masks, which hid their faces. The woman getting whipped, was lying down on her stomach. She had a beautiful red corset on, high heels, and nothing else. The woman whipping her had the exact same outfit on, and they appeared to be twins. Same hair and eye color, same lips, and the same mysterious, wild look in their eyes. The girls were on fire!

A young man was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching them with admiration, and stroking the bulge in his pants. After the many glasses of champagne that Claudia drank with Vin, she wasn’t sure if she was in a dream or reality. It seemed so dark, so foreign to her, yet so enticing! She was surprised at how strong and sensually her body was reacting to the twin ladies in front of her. The man didn’t turn her on in particular, but watching the one twin whipping the other, was very exciting! “Bad, dirty girl”, thought Claudia to herself. This was the first time that she was experiencing this side of herself, and she liked it. She didn’t feel like her usual conservative, well-behaving, sweet self. Tonight she was the wild, exotic and frisky Claudia. Who knew that she would find this here, in her beloved Frankfurt?

The whipping twin shot Claudia a glance and gave her a kinky smile. “Would you like to experience this exquisite pleasure?” She asked. You only live once, maybe twice if you’re a bad girl, thought Claudia. She opened her mouth, and said, “Yes!” as if someone else was speaking through her mouth. She couldn’t believe what she has just agreed to! All of a sudden everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The twin got off the bed, and gave her sister a forbidden kiss. The twins were reaching out for Claudia and helped her get onto the bed. They placed her on her stomach, and both started to caress her, in places where she has never been touched by a woman before.

After a while, the bad twin picked up the soft leather whip, and started to tease Claudia with it. She touched her in all of the right places, and Claudia squirmed with excitement and shivers. The woman slowly started whipping her curvy bottom. At first Claudia laughed, because she felt like a naughty school girl, and thought to herself how ridiculous this might seem from the outside. But eventually she gave in, and enjoyed the way her body responded to it. She looked around, but did not see Vin anywhere. She just lay there, allowing the twins to work her, and waited for Vin to come back. The whipping got a bit harder, and Claudia rolled back her eyes, enjoying every nerve ending on her body. The twin reached with her hand and whip into the most sensitive parts of Claudia’s body, and with every stroke, she felt herself coming closer to heaven. She let go of all inhibitions. The other twin tied a silk scarf on Claudia’s eyes, whispering into her ear to enjoy the moment, and let go.

Claudia heard Vin’s voice back in the room. He said how beautiful she looked, and that he is the luckiest man in the world to have such a wonderful woman by his side. Hearing this, Claudia melted into the bed, and felt so alive and sexy, like never before. She felt a male hand around her waist, hugging her, and pulling her closer to him. The twins were still touching her. He gently lowered Claudia onto him, and she felt the familiar heat and tightness inside of her. She felt so lucky to be with Vin. She kissed him on the lips and told him how much she loved him. Immediately, she realized that something was strange. He did not smell like Vin. His lips were not the same as Vin’s, and his hands felt somehow different. She knew that something was very wrong! She ripped off the blindfold, and saw that it was not Vin taking her. It was the other man in the room! Horror struck her! She looked up and saw Vin, one meter in front of her, having sex with Valoria, while looking at her the entire time! What the hell what happening? Vin saw that she was blindfolded and didn’t say anything to her! He was busy banging someone else! They made a pact tonight to just look, but he lied. The room started spinning very fast and Claudia did not know what to do. She started screaming, and ran out. She left her YSL shoes on the floor, but she didn’t care. She had to get as far away from this dirty, evil hellhole as possible. She ran down the corridor, down the stairs, and tripped at the bottom on broken glass. She cut her knee open, and there was blood everywhere. She did not even feel it! She continued running to the changing room, grabbed her clothing, bag, and ran outside onto the street. Her breasts were hanging out, but she did not even realize it. She wanted to escape from this nightmare, make it safely home, and take a shower to wash the filth off of her body.

Luckily there was one taxi standing outside. She jumped hysterically in, and the driver looked at her like she was a crazy person. She saw Vin run out of the club, and she screamed at the driver to go faster! The car took off, and Vin was running after them. Finally she got away. Claudia got dressed in the cab on the way home, paid the driver, and walked upstairs to her flat. She closed the door behind her, and dropped down onto her beautiful fishbone parquet floor. Blood was gushing all around her leg, but she felt no pain. Something died inside of her tonight. She knew that she will never be able to truly and innocently love again. It was over. As the sky grew brighter, she fell asleep on the cold floor, feeling nothing at all.


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