Swinger’s Dark Paradise (Part II)

Swinger’s Dark Paradise (Part II)

Swinger’s Dark Paradise (Part II) 640 250 Galia Brener

Claudia walked into a dark velvet covered room, and saw a couple having wild sex live in front of her eyes! Suddenly a beautiful women leaned over, and kissed her. Was this heaven or hell?

Claudia got to the top of the beautiful antique staircase, and froze like an erotic marble statue at the sight that was in front of her. She was in complete and utter shock. There was an open room on her right hand side. This room was covered from top to bottom in rich, thick dark burgundy velvet. The same color as a fine aged red wine. In the middle of the room was a low glass table and around it were four half-round lounge chairs, covered in thin black nappa leather. Claudia noticed two large round metal hooks behind each chair, and one of them had a thin rope interlaced into the hooks.Sitting on one of the chairs was a muscular dark-haired man, with deep blue eyes. He was about 45 years of age, and the lines on his face told stories about his adventures. Riding naked on top of him was a curvy brunette beauty, with voluptuous breasts and small pink nipples, resembling delicious juicy pink yogurt candies. Her back was arched against his chest, and Claudia could see his best part disappear inside of the wild woman. Her face was painted with pain and ecstasy. “Slap me harder!” she shouted at him. The guy wrapped his large hands around her ass. Slowly he took the rope from behind the chair, and tied it around her wrists. Claudia noticed that he put many knots into the rope, so that it stays very tight. He had full dominance over his lover.This was the first time that Claudia saw people having sex live, in front of her eyes! She realized that she has been holding her breath ever since she walked into the room. This was not because of the musky smell of sex in the air, but because she was nervous as hell! Claudia looked away, because she was so damn shy! But strangely enough, she felt a tingling between her legs. Her body was starting to respond, even though her brain was still in shock. Behind this wild couple, was a young man sitting on a wide couch. He was tall with light hair and dark black eyes. He looked like a photograph. He just sat there, not moving. Claudia realized that he must have been observing her the entire time that she was in the room. He was incredibly handsome. She saw him wink, and right away the beautiful woman, who was still holding her hand, introduced herself as Valoria. She led Claudia and Vin towards that man, who turned out to be her husband, Constantin. They sat down, and Vin felt completely comfortable, engaging in small talk with Valoria. Claudia didn’t utter a single word, but glanced at Constantin and noticed that something was growing by the second!

The four of them were all sitting across each other. She noticed that Valoria was slowly raising her feet, and saw her ultra high patent YSL heels reaching towards Constantin’s package. Valoria grabbed it, and placed it tightly between her shiny shoes. She started moving her heels up and down, tightly with each move. The freaky part was that while this was happening, Constantin was looking constantly at Claudia, not taking his glance away from her.

Valoria made Constantin hot, and stopped just as he was about to have an orgasm. She gave him a vicious little smile, and turned to Claudia. She leaned over to her, and kissed her on the mouth. Claudia has never kissed a girl before. Her lips and tongue were so delicate. It was completely different than kissing a man. It was sensual, softer and more emotional. Claudia was surprised at how much she enjoyed kissing this beauty. She closed her eyes and drifted away into the dark paradise. Suddenly, she was jolted back to reality, because she felt a heavy large hand on her breast, squeezing her nipples with strong force. She looked up and saw that Constantin was the one who was drooling all over her perky breasts. She didn’t like being touched by him. His touch was hard, cold and quite painful. She pulled away, and excused herself from Valoria, but she had to leave this room at once. Vin was talking to an older naked woman at that moment, and saw Claudia walk away, so he quickly got up and followed her.

They left the room and went back to the corridor, where they found a quiet corner bar in a small room, and had a few glasses of champagne. The walls were covered in white silk, and there was a large minimalistic mirror in front of a couch. Vin comforted Claudia by kissing her gently, and caressing her back and thighs. Slowly Claudia was starting to relax and let go of her inhibitions. The Champagne was also helping quite a bit. She smoked a thin cigarette, blowing the smoke seductively into the air. She allowed Vin to kiss her mouth harder this time. He continued down to her breasts, stroking her nipples at the same time. His other hand was slipping lower, until he reached her warm paradise, which was ready to be discovered. This sent hot shivers down her spine.

After a while, he offered Claudia to continue exploring the second floor. He was told that there were many mysterious and seductive rooms in the club. Vin wanted to explore them all. Claudia was actually enjoying the quiet time alone with him in the white room, because it was like a small bit of heaven inside of a dark erotic hell. However, she got up and walked out of the room, with Vin holding her by her small waist. After a few meters they saw another door. It was slightly, yet invitingly open. She heard voices and something that sounded like a loud and hard whipping sound. What was going on inside of that room? With courage fueled by alcohol, she quietly peeked into the room, and let out a loud gasp! One of the women inside saw her, and told her to enter the room. Claudia stood there with an open mouth, too afraid to walk inside, yet too curious to stay outside. She felt the familiar wetness, and slowly walked into the room.

To be continued…
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