Karma – Return on Investment

Karma – Return on Investment

Karma – Return on Investment 1354 437 Galia Brener

You have all heard of her. She hides in the shadows and waits for “those people” to pass by. Then suddenly she leaps out and bites them in the ass, with her sharp metal teeth, ripping through their flesh and bones. She has no mercy, and she always locates her “targets”. Her name is Karma, and she never attacks innocent victims. She only hunts for those who deserve it, and she has a bloody long list with names on it.

You have probably asked yourself before, “Why is it that some people do really bad things in their lives, and not get punished for it? So many get away with almost murder, and nothing happens to them!” We have all heard of stories where he cheated on her with her best friend, someone stole money, or another simply came, used and left. Veni Vidi Vici. So what happens to those people? Do they simply continue to live their lives, enjoying their rotten behavior? Or does karma eventually catch up with them, and make them wish that they would rather be buried alive? Well, from all of the stories that I have heard in the past, most of these leeches eventually get what they deserve. One day, they are confronted by the devil and he says, “God is busy right now, but may I help you?” They say… yes.

The incredible thing about this Karma Lady is that she doesn’t miss anyone. She knows exactly when and where. So if those suckers that cause misery and pain to others think that they can get away with their actions, they have a big surprise waiting for them. If you’ve been hurt by someone, do not plan a revenge. Sit back and let karma do her work. She gets paid quite well for it! Besides, you don’t want to get your hands dirty in the process. If you strike back, then you are also doing something vicious, and you might be her next victim. So don’t go down to this dirty level. Stay clean, and be a child of light – and believe me, you will get rewarded for it.

My friend Jilli is the best example for this. Last year she was dating a man that she loved. She though that he could be the one! She invested much time and effort in the relationship. Everything was going well, or so she thought. From one day to the other, he simply became colder and distant to her. She didn’t know what she did to deserve this cold treatment from him. Everything was so amazing in the beginning, and of course like many women, she blamed herself for maybe doing something wrong to deserve this. The more she tried to communicate with him, and be sweeter to him, the more distant he became. Until one evening, she got the shock of her life. As her boyfriend was in the shower, he got a text message from a woman named Sandra. His phone was on the table right beside Jilli, and she saw the entire message without opening his phone. It said, “Darling, when are you coming over? I love you so much, and can’t wait until you move in!” Jilli felt like she was just shot in her chest. The life was sucked out of her body, and she couldn’t breathe, she felt like she was suffocating. The idiot came out of the shower, and saw Jilli fighting for air. He helped her, but his eyes and touch were those from a hating enemy. She did not recognize this stranger in front of her anymore. But she didn’t know that he hated himself for doing this, and not her.

It turned out that he has been cheating on her for quite a while now. He met Sandra on an evening night out with the boys at the Friedberger Markt. Jilli was broken into a million pieces. Her pain was deeper than flesh wounds. “Why me?” she asked herself. She is such a warm, loving, good-hearted person. Why did this happen to her? She said that karma and life is not fair, and only the good ones suffer. I calmed her down over and over again for months, and assured her that everything will be set right, and that karma will take care of what needs to be done! To make a very sad and long story short, her moron of an ex moved in with Sandra. After a few months, he did something terribly illegal, and lost his entire company. He went bankrupt, and lost everything. And the cherry on top of the Ice Cream was that Sandra left him a few weeks after he lost all of his money!

Half a year later, Jilli met her soul mate, Leo, and finally found her true love. He was the man that her ex could never have been. They moved in together, and are now happier than ever. A few weeks ago, her ex contacted her, and asked to meet her. She said that she had no interest in seeing him ever again. He said that he still loves her, and wants to get back together with her. She told him to go to hell, where he belongs. Last week Jilli and I were having dinner, and she reminded me about what I told her. Just as I said, Karma jumped in to do her work. Jilli was doing better than ever, and the rotten ex boyfriend was paying big time for his evil actions. He was broke, sick and looking worse than ever. Poor man, he sold his soul a long time ago.

Karma is a very fair player. She never cheats. Good deeds will bring good rewards. Evil deeds will bring misery, pain and suffering. If you make an investment, then of course you expect it to be a good one, and get the best return on it. This applies to stocks and real estate, but it’s also the rule of life. There is no action without reaction. That’s the law of the universe. At the end of the day, it is all up to you. You want to live a good, happy, fun and healthy life? Then treat yourself and others accordingly. Be fair, kind, caring and loving. Be good boys and girls, or else karma will come hunting for you next… and she will attack, and you don’t want that ;-)


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