Swinger’s Dark Paradise (Part I)

Swinger’s Dark Paradise (Part I)

Swinger’s Dark Paradise (Part I) 640 250 Galia Brener

Two weeks ago I was sitting with my girlfriends, enjoying a nice bottle of Crémant, laughing, and taking about life. It was one of those priceless evenings that make you feel so privileged to have such wonderful friends in your life. We started off the evening with career talk, then fashion, cooking and ended up discussing men and relationships. Surprise surprise. Out of nowhere, Claudia opened her mouth and said, “Girls, Vin and I went to a swingers club last weekend.” Needless to say, the one bottle of Crémant turned into five!

Vin, Claudia’s boyfriend of two years, has been asking her quite a few times to go to a swingers club with him. She refused him over and over again, hoping that eventually he will simply forget, or finally give up. Two weeks ago the topic came up again, and after getting completely annoyed, Claudia decided to go with him and see for herself what the hype was all about. She prepared her favorite black silk lingerie, and killer high heels. If she was going to Sodom and Gomorrah, she wanted to go down to hell in style!

Claudia felt nervous, scared and surprisingly excited, all the way to the club. When they arrived, in front of them was an old oversized door, decorated with black leather and metal studs. They knocked and waited. After what seemed like forever, the door slowly opened up. There was nobody on the other side of the door! They stepped inside into the darkness, and the door closed silently behind them. Claudia felt like she has just plunged into a deep, strange dream, with no way back. On the other side was a dark, peculiar, sexual Wonderland, which she was about to explore.

A small light came on in the entrance, and a very beautiful woman appeared. She had thick, long, golden hair, and full luscious lips. She had a slim, yet quite curvy figure. Her breasts were perky, and her nipples were visible through the lacey black bra. Vin paid the incredibly expensive entrance fee for the both of them, and the mysterious lady escorted them into their private changing room. After explaining the procedure and rules, the lady told them to get undressed. Instead of giving them their privacy, she stayed and watched them take off their clothing. Claudia’s heart was beating so hard that she thought it would burst out of her voluptuous chest! The lady approved of Claudia’s beautiful lingerie and winked at Vin, as he took his pants off. His package was quite large, and from the looks of it, was ready to go for a ride.

The blonde vamp lady led them down a dark corridor. The walls were pulsating with a sensual bass, which was similar to the pulsation you get before a mind-shattering orgasm. There was a spicy smell in the air, and she felt a cold breeze from an open door somewhere, drift between her legs. She felt a shiver go up her spine. She squeezed Vin’s hand as they made their way through the winding darkness. The lady took Claudia’s hand, and said that women enter the room first. It was their tradition. Vin responded with a mischievous smile – as if he’s already been there many times before.

They walked into a large square-shaped room with very high elegant ceilings. On the right hand was a long bar, fully lined with leather and expensive vodka bottles on glass shelves. Many black lacquered stools were carefully lined in front of the bar. In the center of the room was a dance floor, with a few couples dancing seductively in the middle. On the left hand were oversized black leather couches, large luxurious armchairs, and mirror-topped tables in between. The floor was an old wood colored in black. The lights were dim. A DJ was spinning in the very back of the room, naked above, and maybe even bellow, but the turntables were covering his best part. Hypnotic deep house was coming out of the speakers. This place was surreal. Claudia felt like she was spinning down down down into a hole in the floor. She wanted the earth to open up and swallow her. What this a dream, or reality?

All of a sudden, she felt a soft hand grab her tiny wrist, and pull her away. She turned around and saw a naked, beautiful, dark-haired, women with bright green eyes, and luscious lips. The woman smiled at her and took her towards a wide antique staircase. Vin, the dirty boyfriend, followed both ladies with fantasies already playing in his mind. Claudia slowly walked up the staircase, not knowing what she would expect to find upstairs. There were voices up there, many of them actually! She heard moaning and kissing. From the top of the stairs, she heard a women scream, “Slap me, you wild bastard!” As they made it to the top, she saw something that she would never even imagine in her wildest dreams. She was absolutely shocked!


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