Vlog #13: Galia Brener x Stena Line in Göteborg

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A few weeks ago I boarded the Stena Line ship to go on a mini trip to Göteborg, Sweden. I was truly astonished at how many beautiful experiences we had in this short time! I would highly recommend this short trip for anyone who wants to have fun and discover new things.

Vlog #12: Galia Brener x Mydays in Munich – Peyman Amin, Michael Rauscher, Papis Loveday

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Vlog #12: Galia Brener x in Munich - Peyman Amin, Michael Rauscher, Papis Loveday, Sonja Kiefer We had lots of fun with you guys! I still cannot believe that you are sending us to Lapland to see the Northern Lights! We are so excited! 🤩

Vlog #11: Galia Brener x Actum Cosmetics in the Dominican Republic

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I am testing the new Age Attack Day and Night creams along with the Eyelash and Brow serum from Actum Cosmetics. I am extremely impressed with the results! AGE ATTACK DAY: Regenerates, reconstructs and activates the cell renewal. AGE ATTACK NIGHT: plumps, smoothens and protects the skin. With 2 magic ingredients: Snake and Edelweiss!

Vlog #10: Galia Brener and Alexander Palacios – Exhibition @Sofitel Frankfurt Opera

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Alexander Palacios is having his exhibition "SICHTWEISEN" at the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera, starting from October 18th until January 31st. If you are curious to see his amazing art, come and take a look!

Sportpresseball 2018: Galia Brener with Andreas Rexroth

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Lots of fun at the Sportpresseball last Saturday 😍Thank you Martin Black and Sabine Brauer Photos for the lovely photos with my big love - Andreas Rexroth. Thank you Metropress Agency for this wonderful event!

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