Vlog #12: Galia Brener x Mydays in Munich – Peyman Amin, Michael Rauscher, Papis Loveday

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Vlog #12: Galia Brener x in Munich - Peyman Amin, Michael Rauscher, Papis Loveday, Sonja Kiefer We had lots of fun with you guys! I still cannot believe that you are sending us to Lapland to see the Northern Lights! We are so excited! 🤩

Vlog #11: Galia Brener x Actum Cosmetics in the Dominican Republic

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I am testing the new Age Attack Day and Night creams along with the Eyelash and Brow serum from Actum Cosmetics. I am extremely impressed with the results! AGE ATTACK DAY: Regenerates, reconstructs and activates the cell renewal. AGE ATTACK NIGHT: plumps, smoothens and protects the skin. With 2 magic ingredients: Snake and Edelweiss!

Sportpresseball 2018: Galia Brener with Andreas Rexroth

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Lots of fun at the Sportpresseball last Saturday 😍Thank you Martin Black and Sabine Brauer Photos for the lovely photos with my big love - Andreas Rexroth. Thank you Metropress Agency for this wonderful event!

Galia Brener – Fragebogen – RTL TV

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Thank you dear Jens Prewo and RTL for this funny and lovely interview ❤️ Watch the full interview here:        

Vlog #9: Galia Brener, Claudia and Thomas Anders with Raffaele and Martina De Filippo

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I had a really cool adventure with my friend Claudia Anders in Koblenz. We went to the De Filippo boutique, where we both had our measurements taken and got really amazing custom-made blazers. The unique part is that we chose every single detail and element of the blazer. It was like a mix-and-match your own adventure outfit... a truly awesome experience!

TV Show: „3 Boxen Dein Style” on RTL2 with Galia Brener

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This was such a fun shoot for the TV show “3 Boxen Dein Style” on RTL2 ❣️ watch the preview on my instagram:

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