Antenne Frankfurt Radio Show: Galia Brener and Axel Kahn

Antenne Frankfurt Radio Show: Galia Brener and Axel Kahn 960 960 Galia Brener

Thank you dear Axel Kahn for a lovely interview with me today 😍 You can hear it this Sunday 08.12 on Antenne Frankfurt 95.1 from 11-12 Uhr.

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Eine gute Performance abzuliefern sollte immer das Ziel sein. Aber manchmal gibt es Tage, an denen es nicht immer gleich gut oder perfekt funktioniert. So ein Tag war heute und ich brauchte einige Anläufe bis wir alles „im Kasten“ hatten. Wer mich kennt weiß ,dass gut nicht gut genug ist und auch ich mich ab und an motivieren lassen muss. Das geht bei mir sehr einfach, sodass wir auch heute wieder bei der Produktion für den hellen KAHNSINN, Axel KAHN trifft, mit Galia Brener zufrieden sind und ein tolles Ergebnis erzielen konnten.
Ohne Motivation keine Performance.

Galia Brener
Antenne Frankfurt

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Vlog Episode 8: Claudia Weidung-Anders and Galia Brener at Home & Dogs

Vlog Episode 8: Claudia Weidung-Anders and Galia Brener at Home & Dogs 1667 941 Galia Brener

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Claudia Weidung-Anders at her shop “Home & Dogs” in Koblens. We did a vlog episode together and had so much fun!

If you have a dog who needs good, healthy food and well as travel and home accessories for your pet, then I would suggest you to visit her shop.

HOME & DOGS: Klostergut Besselich Haus 2 56182 Urbar (Germany)

Have fun watching!

Hugs, Galia


Vlog Episode 6: Galia Brener in Gotland, Sweden

Vlog Episode 6: Galia Brener in Gotland, Sweden 2048 1364 Galia Brener

Gotland, Sweden is such an amazing destination! This was my first time there and I was extremely impressed. The nature is very pure and untouched. This gives a wonderful sense of relaxation, yet offering many possibilities for wild adventures.

The food and drinks are made to the highest standards and taste! Everything we ate was exquisite.

I will definitely be back for more! I highly recommend Gotland to people who love surfing, as this is really the surfer’s paradise and hidden gem.

Thank you dear Destination Gotland, EHRENBERG SØRENSEN, Surflogiet, Lisa Strannesten, Caisa Gyllgarde, Hästens and Kommunikation GmbH for having us!

My accessories are by Chopard.

Many warm hugs,

Galia Brener

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Cirque du Soleil: Amaluna premiere in Frankfurt – 11.05.2016

Cirque du Soleil: Amaluna premiere in Frankfurt – 11.05.2016 1080 530 Galia Brener

I have to start by saying that I am so proud to be Canadian! As I walked closer to the enormous tent and saw the beautifully familiar Cirque du Soleil logo, my heart swelled with pride and joy! I have already seen quite a few different Cirque du Soleil shows, therefore I was very curious what Amaluna will be like, compared to the others.

It was a very warm day in Frankfurt. The evening sun was still out, throwing dancing shadows onto the large parking lot. We walked towards the entrance and I couldn’t help but notice people stare at me. There was a reason for that. I was clad from head to toe in my favorite Frankfurt designer’s wild collection. His name is Albrecht Ollendiek, and he’s a genius. I was wearing a mini skirt made out of feathers. This was supposed to bring me in touch with my Amazonian female self, and it did. The look was about sensuality, nature and power. It was a perfect fit for the circus atmosphere! My skirt was accompanied by a bag made out of feathers and my favorite cork high heels. I was very excited to walk around in my risqué Ollendiek concoction. 

A lovely young lady gave us our VIP passes, and we walked inside the tent’s foyer. I was greeted by Jörg Ortmann of the Bild newspaper, always friendly with a warm smile on his face. Of course in the interview, I had to mention my proud Canadian heritage. Jörg asked what my favorite Cirque du Soleil show has been so far, and I said the O Show in Vegas, which played around the water element and theme. There were a few celebs in the tent as well. Just as I was finishing up my interview, Verona Pooth walked beside us and seemed to be in a hurry to get inside. A few more photos were made in front of the press wall and it was time to go inside the large tent. On our way in, we were given a cold glass of champagne with duck, oysters and other exotic delicacies. Suddenly a sexy female voice was heard on all the speakers, urging us to take our seats because the show was about to begin. There was a loud excited buzz of people talking and laughing in the tent. 

Suddenly the lights went out, and a drum started beating, matching the rhythm of my heart. The sound was so thrilling and hypnotizing at the same time! The lights burst into the tent and the artist came out. What can I say… the next 2 hours were one of the most exciting for me this year. Amaluna was about a fantasy world. A world where all problems were left behind, replaced with magic, energy and enchantment! Each of the artists and shows were so different from one another that I cannot even say which one was better. Every single element of the show was so unique and special, that it contributed to the magical awe feeling of the evening. As you can imagine when thinking of Cirque du Soleil, it was all of the magic you can expect along with many more mysterious surprises! I don’t want to describe any details and ruin the fantastic experience for you, but what I can definitely say is that Amaluna is a must see! It will be in Frankfurt until June12th, and I would suggest ordering tickets as soon as possible. I was blown away by the sheer beauty, love and energy of the show

Loosely inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Amaluna takes circus to the next dimension. Even the feathers on my skirt were shivering with excitement. The story revolves around Goddesses, men, love, passion and desire. The talented Diane Paulus, created and directed the piece to perfection.

After the show, so many people were hanging around backstage and the VIP area, because nobody wanted to leave. Everyone was excited to meet the artists and pay them their respect. More champagne and gin tonics were flowing, accompanied by colorful macaroons and the creamiest coffee I have ever tasted. It was exciting to feel the circus atmosphere around us. Cameras were flashing and the music vibrated throughout the entire tent. The press was running around, capturing the excitement of the premiere.

Eventually I felt my feet complaining about the 13 cm heels and decided to slowly make my way back home to my little sanctuary in the city center. The tall and proud skyscrapers greeted me warmly. Another glamorous event in my favorite little city with a big attitude. Thank you Frankfurt for being so good to me. Thank you Canada for bringing your magic to me, even though I’m so far away from you. Thank you Cirque du Soleil for bringing the fantasy into my life on that warm and magical evening.











Moon_Goddess_Waterbowl Peacock_Dance4




Bäppi La Belle in: ‘ne Dame werd’ ich nie

Bäppi La Belle in: ‘ne Dame werd’ ich nie 1200 400 Galia Brener

A week ago I had the pleasure to see Frankfurt’s very own Super-Funny-Man Bäppi La Belle in his show: ‘ne Dame werd’ ich nie. I was excited because every single one of his shows are always different and very funny, and this one didn’t fail to fulfill my expectations! We were greeted by the tall actor himself, in his legendary green in-between-the-show robe, and his sweet energetic dog Ramses, who has his own Facebook page.


We were the last ones to arrive and quickly made our way to the seats, observing how happy and excited everyone was for the show to start. Bäppi is quite unique because not only is he an actor, but he’s also a singer, comedian, entertainer, choreographer and dance teacher as well. He even has his own dance academy – talk about a talented guy! The lights dimmed, the mood was set, the curtains opened and the piano player came out. After some minutes, Bäppi La Belle made his way onto the stage and everyone was screaming and cheering for him. He is clearly very beloved by his fans. This show was different because it was only Bäppi and the very skilled pianist – Gregori Dörr – on stage. So the pressure was on both gentlemen to entertain and conduct the entire show by themselves. However, knowing Bäppi and the magic that he can do, it was no surprise that it was a big success! They kept the audience on their toes, making them laugh and sing. There was even a lady two rows behind me that was laughing so hard and loud that she had tears spraying out of her eyes.


The hilarious show ‘ne Dame werd’ ich nie took place at Bäppi’s own Theatrallalla, located at the Friedberger Landstraße 296 in Frankfurt. As usual, the show was filled with amusing Frankfurterisch and Hessisch word jokes, mostly aimed at the not-so-dearly-beloved neighbor town Offenbach. Even myself as a Canadian, I understood every single joke and almost fell of the chair a few times due to laugh attacks. Many other jokes were made and worked their way into songs from artists such as Hildegard Knef, Zarah Leander and Helene Fischer. His rendition of the “Atmenlos Durch die Nacht” song was hysterical and I couldn’t stop laughing until my stomach muscles hurt so much! Also musical hits from Abba and co. were used in live versions as part of his funny act. I don’t want to give away too much from the show, so the best thing is to go and see it live for yourself. You are guaranteed a good laugh for over 3 hours!


As the show was coming to an end, nobody wanted to leave. It was well over 11pm, and the entire audience was cheering for a long encore. Bäppi was of course delighted and entertained us with a few more enchanting songs. At the end, the audience made its way to the foyer of the theater to have a glass of Ebbelwoi. What I really like about our Bäppi is that even though he’s well known, he is still very down-to-earth and humble. After the show, he took his time to personally thank his guests and talk to them individually as well. He answered everyone’s curious questions and had a glass of Sekt with us. Ramses the little star Maltese was jumping up and down and doing tricks for us. I fell in love with the little dog and wanted to take him secretly home without Bäppi noticing. It was time to bid our farewell and ride off into the dark Frankfurt night. We were there with a motorcycle and I was singing his songs underneath my helmet as we rode off. What a funny and entertaining evening at the Theatrallalla!


Show info: ‘ne Dame werd’ ich nie will be shown until the 31st of December 2015, so make sure to plan some special nights there with family and friends. Other shows that are coming up this year are: Die kleine Geisha, Sissi, The Fat Pack, The Fat Pack Goes Christmas and Verliebt – Verlobt – Verheiratet. I will definitely be attending all shows because each one is always unique and different, and knowing the wild and funny Bäppi, you never know what to expect!

Friedberger Landstraße 296

60389 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon 069 – 593701













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