Beauty Village – Day Spa Opening Event

Beauty Village – Day Spa Opening Event 1200 400 Galia Brener

Last Saturday was the long-awaited opening event of the Beauty Village. My friends and I met at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, where a black Mercedes shuttle was awaiting our arrival. We were driven to Nidderau, by a dark-haired petite woman, who entertained us on the way with music and her singing skills. We were happy and excited to see the fabulous spa and meet the other guests that have been invited to attend as well.


The black car dropped us off directly at the front of the red carpet and the lovely lady ushered us out of the car. Nikita Kulikov, Frankfurt’s beloved Russian photographer, was waiting with his camera ready for us at the press wall. He looked charming as always in his stylish suit. After the photos were taken, two strong men greeted us with clipboards on each side of the red carpet. The beautiful Ljudmila Spomer, owner of the spa, stood at the entrance and welcomed us warmly to her event. After we checked in, the hostess ladies at the foyer placed a delicious drink in our hands, and led us into the party. I could already hear the house beats on the way down the stairs, with a live voice singing over the melody. I stopped at the stairs where I could take a nice photo of Jimmie Wilson singing live to DJ Alen Salik’s awesome hypnotizing sound. The evening was starting off quite well!


I was pleased to see what an amazing turnout the party had! So many people made their way to attend this glamorous opening. At the lounge area, I could see some well-known faces and celebs, such as the gorgeous Almira Brkic of Catch the Millionaire, Ilona Storch from the Bachelor, Sybille Nicolai the ZDF moderator and actress, Jens Prewo our beloved Frankfurt author, Mirko Reeh the TV cook on Sat1, Natalia Osada of Promi Big Brother, Mick Knauff the stock guru of ntv, Ghanem Ghezal from the show Mieten Kaufen Wohnen on Vox, designer Stephan Goerner, signer Jimmie Wilson, Michael Wanhoff  head of PR and Spokesperson, Ayfer Arslan, Natalie Rosini, amongst many others. Everyone was mixing and matching, and simply having a good time! I really liked that they were serving healthy food, due to the fact that I don’t eat much carbs, so I took the pleasure in trying all the tasty dishes being served – delicious cold meats, exotic salads, spicy fish and other delicacies.


All the guests were very curious about each room in the Beauty Village and you could see them exploring the entire premises. Ljudmila was in her perfect element, explaining the treatments and arousing even more curiosity in her future clients. Everyone was especially fascinated by the skin diagnostic device, which maps out the entire face and skin, and shows exactly what has to be treated and improved. At one point of the evening, Ioana came rushing to find me and brought us back into the lounge area for the evening highlight. Jimmie Wilson and Ghanem Ghezal were about to sing a duet, which nobody wanted to miss. The two men brought passion onto the dance floor and people started to move. The champagne was flowing and the music was mesmerizing!


The opening was organized by Ioana Andrei of Minemedia International. What can I say, another perfect event organized by the PR queen herself. Super guests, amazing music, delicious food, drinks and an atmosphere to remember! I overheard many women taking about all the treatments they will try in the next weeks, so obviously it was a big success! The Beauty Village offers so many unique and amazing procedures such as the Meso and JetPeel treatments, face and body peeling, hyaluronic and laser therapy, botox, hair removal, lash extensions and more! So it’s definitely worth a visit. I will go there as well in two weeks to get Ljudmila’s famous facial, which rejuvenates and makes the face look younger. I know this because I saw 5 clients whom she treated the weeks before and they looked amazing at the event!


The clock almost struck midnight and Cinderella had to go home before the black Mercedes turned into an orange pumpkin. As I was leaving, the downstairs area was still full of people parting and having fun. Even though the event started at 7pm, it was 5 hours later and nobody wanted to go home! That was definitely a sign of a good opening party. I bid the lovely Ljudmila and her husband farewell and made my way back to my small cosmo city with a big attitude.



Beethovenallee 16
D-61130 Nidderau

Telefon: +49-(0)6187-99 44 5 33
Telefax: +49-(0)6187-99 44 5 35
















































Beauty Village – Day Spa

Beauty Village – Day Spa 1200 400 Galia Brener

Last week, I was delighted to find out that finally there is a proper day spa around the Frankfurt area. This concept, which is quite popular back home in North America, has been missing here, but finally the time has arrived! My friend Ioana Andrei informed me of this fabulous place, and being the curious cat that I am, we set out together to have a look at this beautiful creation by Ljudmila Spomer.


The idyllic drive to the Beauty Village was already the beginning of the relaxation process. The greenery all around us represented leaving the city and stress behind. When we arrived at the Beauty Village, we were greeted by the beautiful Ljudmila Spomer with a bright warm smile. She gave us delicious healthy smoothies and tapas to start the tour of her lovely 600 square meter day spa. What I noticed right away was the wall display of her amazing products in the reception area. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the wall full of Peter Thomas Roth products. I love their CC cream, and usually order it online from the states, which includes a very pricy overseas shipment fee. But now I finally have a place to buy my PTR CC cream here. Thank you Beauty Village!


Just by looking at Ljudmila’s skin and body, I could tell that this lady definitely knew what she was doing. She looked flawless! She started off by showing us the top floor. Each guests receives a welcome smoothie drink and that’s where the face magic begins! After a facial, one can get the Meso Laser Premium therapy, which injects hyaluronic, vitamins and nutrients into the skin with a laser. Or the new JetPeel therapy, which works 4,5mm underneath the skin with special ingredients such as salt, vitamin B, vitamin A+E, hyaluronic and more. They also have a new style of Botox injections that gives you the natural look and allows movement and mimic to stay on the face. No more plastic-doll face, welcome to Botox 2.0 my dears! Ljudmila said that her therapies are the perfect preparation before and after plastic surgeries, to allow the skin to be fresh and clean for a proper start and healing treatment after. The treatments are cosmetic, esthetic and medicinal. The manicure and pedicure areas are also located on the top floor. There are peelings and masks, even for very dry feet. Along with gel nails, vinylux, lash extensions, lash lifts, permanent make-up, waxing and more.


Next, Ljudmila took us to the downstairs area. Here is where the deeper relaxation takes place. Along with a state of the art bio dry sauna (up to 100 degrees), bar and lounge area, one can eat, drink – Champagne as well, and shop as long as the heart desires. There is no entrance fee like at other spas. At the Village, you can book packages such as the “Business Lady Time”, “Gala”, and even for the guys: “Mann-O-Mann”, “Detox” – including spa time, facials, manicure, pedicure, Meso and JetPeel treatments, hair, makeup, face and body peeling, hyaluronic, laser therapy, Botox and more. Wellness snacks, smoothies and drinks are free on the house and are served anytime you are hungry – now that’s what I call amazing service! A bride can also book her beauty preparations here, which start one month before the wedding. Beauty Village also offers permanent hair removal sessions with the newest state of the art machine Alma Laser. Summer is coming, so why not start getting rid of that annoying hair once and for all. The day spa also offers rentals for large seminar rooms and includes a cheerful, colorful child-care area. I really loved the boutique inside as well, where you can buy clothing, shoes and accessories from beloved brands such as Michael Kors, Love Moschino, Roccobarocco, Anna Ritan and more. Also a hand picked collection by Ljudmila herself from up and coming designers such as Alexander Pavlov. (The photo of me in the red dress is a beautiful Pavlov creation.)


Ljudmila Spomer is very proud to call her Beauty Village – Day Spa a sanctuary for relaxation. In order to fully relax, enjoy and let go of the stress, one must be alone in a quiet surrounding or with the ones they love. The day spa allows you to book for yourself alone in complete privacy or with a partner, quality mother-daughter time, birthday party, bat mitzvah, bridal shower, bachelorette party or any other special occasion. It is a place of peace and relaxation to come enjoy, unwind and let yourself be free of worries. The best part is that you can see immediate results after just one treatment.


The opening event is on Saturday May 30th between 12-4pm. You are invited to join the event and experience a free test treatment, delicious Sekt drinks and delicacies for your taste buds, a day spa tour, skin diagnostics and consultation from the experts. I will be there as well, along with Ioana Andrei of Minemedia International, who is in charge of this glamorous event and opening. Ms. Andrei is the mastermind behind many chic events in Frankfurt, and when it comes to PR, she knows best what people like and want, so I am sure that it will be one hell of an opening, never to be forgotten! I am already very excited about next week!


See you there dear friends and readers!





Beethovenallee 16
D-61130 Nidderau

Telefon: +49-(0)6187-99 44 5 33
Telefax: +49-(0)6187-99 44 5 35





























































Tobias Grau Showroom Opening – 13.04.2015

Tobias Grau Showroom Opening – 13.04.2015 1200 400 Galia Brener

Yet another fabulous opening party took place last night in Frankfurt, at the Tobias Grau showroom, located at the Katzenpforte/Bleichstraße. Architects, designers, actors, bloggers, media and advertising people gathered yesterday to welcome the new era of futuristic posh lighting into our trendy little cosmopolitan city. The brains behind the progressive concept are Hamburg natives, Tobias Grau and his wife Franziska Grau.


They both welcomed their guests into their brand new 2-floor showroom, with a warm smile on their faces. One could see the pride and honor in their wonderful accomplishment. I’m a big fan of futuristic light design, but what caught my eye right away was Franziska’s beautiful red dress! No wonder Mr. Grau creates amazing pieces, with such a bright and wonderful wife by his side! It was the first time that I met the Grau-power-couple, and I have to say that I was positively impressed by their friendliness, warmth and creativity.


One could not help but notice the incredible light pieces hanging allover the showroom. Some were minimalistic and some extravagant, yet all were unforgettable. What’s even more fascinating is that the Bill table lamp was used in the James Bond 007 Skyfall movie. It’s definitely nice to know that such an International talent and creative brand like Tobias Grau can be found directly in the city center of Frankfurt!


As we continued our light tour, we were greeted by Daniel Tobias Etzel of the WAOH agency, who helped with the event and did a wonderful job once again with the invitations and organization. The catering for the opening was impeccable, and their lovely team was walking around, offering the guests delicacies to enjoy with a glass of cold wine.


I was quite lucky that evening because my outfit was given to me by my good friend Yulia Mettier, owner of the Dress Affairs boutique on the Berger Strasse. Therefore, I had the chance to make my appearance in an individual and edgy style, chosen personally by Yulia.


The beautiful lounge and house beats that evening were flowing from the creative hands of DJ Jondal, who is a producer, global music collector and corporate sound designer, with a very unique voice. I looked around and saw people swaying to his rhythm, and it was nice to run into a few designers and architects that I have not seen in a while. Everyone were saying how chic and fun the event is! Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, and smiles could be seen everywhere. The people were also saying how impressed they are with Mr. Grau’s amazing designs, and I couldn’t agree more! I am definitely getting a lamp for my office. All in all, it was a wonderful, fun, entertaining, delicious, chic and cool event in Frankfurt.


FullSizeRender copy




















Prada Men store opening in Frankfurt

Prada Men store opening in Frankfurt 1600 1600 Galia Brener
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Slowly but surely, our little Frankfurt is catching up with International glamour and flair. And guess what? We now have our very own Men’s Prada store, directly in the heart of the city at the Goetheplatz beside his stylish French brother, Louis Vuitton.

The opening event was incredible, an affair that I have never seen in Frankfurt before. Upon arrival, a beautiful model checked our name on the guest list, and waved us onto the red carpet. Photos were taken, and camera flashes illuminated the sky with bright stars. My best male friend Juan García was with me, and we were quite excited to go inside. Two champagne flutes were placed in our hands, and so the evening began.

We quickly realized how huge the store was. Over 1000 square meters spread out on two floors, filled with Prada clothing and accessories for men. Some of the women were jealous because the men have a bigger store and selection than the women do now. Juan of course thought that was fabulous! We were greeted by Daniel Tobias Etzel of the WAOH agency, who helped with the event and did a wonderful job! Celebrities were to be seen everywhere. Actors such as Benjamin Sadler, Florian Bartholomäi and Lavinia Wilson, film producer Oliver Berben and his lovely wife Katrin were also there, along with the handsome Kevin Trapp, the goalkeeper of the Eintracht Frankfurt soccer team.

The journey continued to the back of the store. We saw people gathered around a table, and of course us two curious cats could not resist. When we got there, we could not believe our eyes! A huge seafood buffet offering the tastiest delicacies that the ocean has to offer. Oysters bigger than my hand, lobster tails, giant crabs and shrimps. We filled up our plates, and proceeded upstairs to dance, eat and party at Prada!

The top floor was darker than downstairs and accentuated with red lights all around. It felt like being in a chic new club, with couture clothing everywhere – what a refreshing new concept! The hypnotizing beats came from the French DJ team The Penelopes, who did an excellent job of getting the people to dance and have fun. There were two additional bars upstairs, with service from my favorite Schumann’s bar in Munich. Juan and I danced non-stop for an hour. We saw people flirting all around us, and I am sure that a few new romances began that evening. Needless to say, not many people left the store before midnight.

Dearest Prada, you have really outdone yourself this time. Never have I been to such a fabulous store opening before! So much fun, glamour, excitement and couture packed into one event. Bravo!

The surprises didn’t stop at midnight. The following week, Mr. Etzel personally came to my home and brought me a beautiful gift. An elegant leather Prada wallet – a thank you for attending this unforgettable event. What can I say: Prada, you were and will always stay on top of my favorite fashion list!


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