WCD Cruise 2019: Barcelona, Ibiza & Sète

WCD Cruise 2019: Barcelona, Ibiza & Sète 1538 2048 Galia Brener

What an awesome WCD Cruise adventure in Barcelona, Ibiza and Sète! 😍A big thanks to the owners of World Club Dome: Thanks Bernd Breiter and Carina Breiter ❤️

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Social-Ink-Night Charity Event at the Moxy Frankfurt East

Social-Ink-Night Charity Event at the Moxy Frankfurt East 1080 1080 Galia Brener
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My personal diary #atthemoxy:

The weekend had finally arrived and so did the big day! I have been looking forward to this Saturday for weeks already. Both excited and a bit nervous, I closed my eyes and imagined how it will look and what it will feel like. What is the big surprise? Last Saturday, after many years, the time came that I finally renewed my old eye tattoo – and all for a charity and good cause at the stylish Moxy Frankfurt East.

Let the adventure begin!

I packed my weekender the night before, curious about this playful hotel that everyone is taking about. I have driven past it a few weeks ago, admiring the golden facade of the bold and edgy building design. As I prepared hours before, it took me a while to decide which was the perfect outfit to wear on such a fabulous occasion. I knew that Moxy has a lot of pink elements in their hotel, therefore I decided on a chic pink cocktail dress with black over-knee boots. I topped off the look with my black feather fascinator, which I acquired on a wild Berlin trip and signature eye gloves.

When I woke up on Saturday, I felt like a naughty excited child on Christmas morning! I really love sleeping in nice hotels, even more so when it’s in my own city. Why not take a little break and make a mini holiday in the city you live in? What a novel concept! Therefore I decided to check in earlier and enjoy my day in bed at the Moxy Frankfurt East before the excitement and event started. After all my months of hard work, this was relaxation at its best.

I ordered a taxi and I couldn’t believe what arrived to pick me up. It was like being in a movie, because I have never seen a taxi like this before! A Porsche Panamera taxi was standing in front of my door. Now this is what I call driving in style. If the day has started out like this, then I knew right away that it would be one hell of an amazing weekend! I felt like a rock star being driven to my castle – simply awesome.

This was my first time inside the Moxy Frankfurt East, so I didn’t know what to expect. As I walked in, I was in awe of the space. I love this industrial, raw style with very high ceilings. It reminded me of the lofts studios I so adore in my hometown Toronto. The layout is great because the check-in is integrated into the bar area, giving it a very social, free-spirited and youthful feeling. The ground floor is really big, with many sitting and cozy lounging areas, along with a creative hub working space and dining area.

I could feel the buzz and excitement all around me. The staff was very friendly and checked me into my room within minutes. No waiting and no stress. I was welcomed with a delectable custom made cocktail and a crispy delicious diavola pizza – what more can I want on a Saturday afternoon? The Moxy Frankfurt East matches my requirements not only due to their superb service and efficiency, but also the dynamic and bold style. I know that this hotel will have a huge success because the rooms are perfectly priced with a good size. This gives everyone the chance to sleep in a designer boutique-feel hotel and afford it as well – the perfect concept!

I took the elevator to the 7th floor and had to laugh out loud when I saw the crazy surprise. The entire door of my room was covered with a “Crime Scene – Do Not Cross!” tape, like that of a real crime scene. What a wildly creative approach. Of course that made me want to open the door even faster! Stepping inside was like entering an unpredictable Fairytale. The wall was covered with a huge photo of a sensual woman covered in pink paint. The bed was decorated with feathers, a pink sequence party hat and the craziest of all – pink furry handcuffs with the keys beside them! There were bold slogans written all over the walls and many eclectic records around a pink record player. I have never seen anything like this before! What I adore is attention to details – and this Moxy hotel is definitely an expert in that.

The evening was approaching and my excitement was escalating! I got ready in my amazing room and was pleasantly surprised by the good quality hair products and the large shower. My hair needs a lot of care and thankfully the conditioner and dryer were top standard. I put on my sexy pink dress, left my crime scene room and joined the big party downstairs.

The DJ was in full swing with his mesmerizing sound and people were enjoying their creative cocktails by the sleek bar. Christian Henzler, captain of the Moxy Frankfurt East greeted me warmly and the Inktastic tattoo team was ready to go with their setup in the lobby. The people were lining up to get their artwork done live at the party. What I love about this event is that it’s all for charity. All of the proceedings go to the Kinder PalliativTeam Südhessen – therefore this was such an important event for me to attend and the perfect place and time to get my tattoo renewed. My photographer arrived in perfect time because it was my turn. I won’t lie, I was super nervous. The tattoo artist Zon reassured me that everything will be good and he was right. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would and the end results were absolutely stunning! I was so impressed with the precision and definition of his fine work – nothing compared to the dull thing I had on my shoulder when I arrived in the afternoon. I haven’t felt this happy in ages! What a fantastic feeling that everything worked out perfectly, even beyond my expectations.

If you’re curious, see my live tattoo video on my YouTube channel here:

I don’t know if it was the adrenaline after the tattoo, the delicious tequila drinks mixed with the dynamic Moxy atmosphere, but this was one of the best Saturdays I had in 2017! The cocktails were made to perfection with many unique and fresh ingredients. I had my dancing boots on and couldn’t stop dancing the entire evening. We took many photos and the queue for the tattoos was getting longer and longer. It seems like everyone in the city was there to get a wicked new tattoo that night – incredible!

I’m so thrilled that we raised a good amount for the Kinder PalliativTeam Südhessen. This is a very important cause. Feel free to donate as well:

All around the bar area were sweets and delicious candies that one could pack in a bag and take to go. So of course I was hanging around the candy area most of the night. I think that no matter how old we become, that part will never leave our heart and soul. It was getting very late but nobody wanted to leave. The event was going strong and everyone was having the time of their lives. I simply adore Frankfurt – my small cosmopolitan city with a big attitude – and once again I saw how the Frankfurters love to party. The bar area at the Moxy Frankfurt East is an ideal place to have after-works drinks, even if one is not sleeping at the hotel. It’s located on the Hanauer Landstraße, which is the creative and artistic part of the city, perfect for having some after work fun.

As I came back into my room and looked around, I saw how perfectly everything matched. This is what I call style, class, state-of-the-art design with confidence – exactly how I like it. I jumped into the comfortable bed and felt like sleeping on a cloud. I smiled at how perfect this weekend was. I can definitely say that this is one Saturday that I shall never forget. I will always have my magical eye tattoo on my back reminding me of how much fun we had.

Thank you dear Moxy Frankfurt East and Inktastic for having me there. I enjoyed every moment with you and will be back for more!

3rd Gourmetsalon at the Schlosshotel Kronberg

3rd Gourmetsalon at the Schlosshotel Kronberg 1536 2048 Galia Brener

Last week was a very delicious one indeed! Being a foodie since I could chew as a child, I have always looked forward to any and all meals of the day. I used to run around the kitchen, annoying my Mama with thousand questions about what we will eat, what is she cooking, how is she cooking and when will the food be finally ready. Unlike many other children who simply wanted to eat quickly and go outside to play, I rather stayed at home to eat slowly, taking my time to taste and savor my food.

Needless to say, when my invitation arrived for the 3rd Gourmetsalon at the Schlosshotel, I was ecstatic! Not only is this one of the most beautiful hotels in this region, it is full of heritage, history, elegance and style. Keeping this in mind, I immediately started sorting out my dresses and preparing the ones that are not too tight around the waist – looking for the perfect one that I can eat in all night, in large quantities and nobody would notice! The magic dress that allows me to eat and eat and eat and not explode at the seam. Otherwise known as: a dream come true.

As we arrived at the Schlosshotel in Kronberg, there was a beautiful red carpet laid out for the guests and the excitement could be felt from miles away. Franz Zimmermann, the hotel director, greeted everyone personally at the entrance and gave us a warm welcome. Upon entering the lobby, we were given two cold flutes of champagne to enjoy. Across the lobby is a romantic Romeo and Juliet style balcony, where a band was playing and entertaining the curious guests. After most of the gusts had arrived, Mr. Zimmermann gave a speech and presented all of the Michelin starred chefs. I was incredibly impressed by the names that I heard. This evening we had a privilege to enjoy the creation of Philipp Stein, Marcello Fabbri, Alexander Hohlwein, Hans Horberth, Satoshi Fuji, Jörg Lawerenz, Cedric Schwitzer, Ronny Siewert, Christian Weber and Gerhard Wieser.

After the wonderful presentation of the chefs, it was finally time to eat! I could see how excited and hungry everyone was, and almost immediately the guests were gone and spread out into the various areas of the hotel. The cool thing about this event is that it takes place in all of the lovely areas and rooms of the Schlosshotel, including the large kitchen itself. I’m a huge fan of their kitchen, because it’s one of the nicest ones I’ve seen in a hotel so far. It boasts high traditional European ceilings and state of the art equipment. Of course being the little carnivore that I am, I directly made my way to the juicy steak and spent a while there, appreciating the perfectly prepared meat.

While in the kitchen, I met Gerhard Wieser, a two started Michelin chef, and had an interesting chat with him. Mr. Wieser told me that he is inspired by nature. He comes from Südtirol and grew up with the Italian, farming and Mediterranean culture. His mother was a cook and he learned the magic of perfect food from her. We had a lot to talk about, considering that we both love food so much! Gerhard Wieser is also a best selling author, having sold over 1.5 million books called, “So kocht Südtirol”. For tonight, Mr. Wieser prepared delicious tortellini with chicken, Parmesan and black truffle. Having an amazing Michelin chef, a famous author and lots of steak in front of me, I was compelled to ask him a curious question: what his opinion about the vegan lifestyle is. Mr. Wieser said that being vegan is like a fashion trend: it comes and it will go.

After eating all the steak and seafood that I can fill into half of my dress, it was time to fill the other half with the tasty delights in the other rooms. On my way out of the kitchen, I discovered the hidden Laurent-Perrier champagne bar perfectly balanced with fresh oysters. I was very happy to stay in this area for a while longer, enjoying the amazing Maldon oysters, delicious champagne, meeting new foodies and sharing our funny food stories.

Next stop for me was the red salon, which is my favorite room in the Schlosshotel. It’s warm, sensual, cozy and very romantic! There was a band playing all my favorite songs, which made the delectable goose liver cube in combination with rhubarb, salted caramel and Prinz von Hessen wine taste even better. What a spectacular explosion for the taste buds! I was very impressed by the depth of the various flavors intertwining into each other. I was curious to see more. Next were the restaurant, green and blue salon, which displayed more incredible temptations, including sushi, sashimi, fish, amazing dried meats, Norwegian scallops, pork belly, seafood, red shrimp, more steaks, desserts, pastries, pralines, fresh breads, delicious and rare wines, cheeses, chocolates and everything else that the heart, soul and body desire!

Slowly the second half of my dress was starting to become a bit tight. With a huge and satisfied smile on my face, I bid farewell to everyone, congratulated Mr. Zimmermann on a very successful event, looked back at the steak longingly, wishing I had more place in my stomach. It was time to leave the beautiful Schlosshotel Kronberg and make my way back to my favorite little cosmopolitan city with a big attitude. It was a wonderful evening full of Michelin stars, culture, wine, delicacies, exotic flavours, handsome chefs, music, champagne, surprises and delicious fun. I will definitely be back for more!



The Alfa Romeo “Red Night”

The Alfa Romeo “Red Night” 1800 1350 Galia Brener

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The night that I have been waiting for a few weeks has finally arrived. “Red Night” in Frankfurt was all about cars, speed, party, innovation, Frankfurt, Italy, food, drinks, VIPs, music and fun! I have been looking for a proper red dress for over a month, but being the underground rebel that I am, I settled for an all black number, designed by my good friend Marina Reimann. The Red-Thursday arrived and I made my way to the modern Alfa Romeo showroom, located on the cool industrial Hanauer Landstrasse.

For those that know me, know my insane love for cars, especially sports cars. Therefore one huge question that came to my mind was: How can a “SUV-Alfa Romeo-Sports-Car” possibly look like? This was the same question that I am sure many had asked – quite intriguing and very mysterious. Therefore I packed all my gadgets and latest technology, threw on my wild black dress and set off on my adventure!

Upon my arrival, I noticed the chic red carpet laid out in the front entrance, leading inside and awaiting the fabulous guests to arrive. There were large spotlights hanging around the carpet, giving the perfect glam effect. The Stelvio was hiding underneath a black magic cape, waiting to be revealed and admired. Inside, the tables were adorned with delicious food to be savored and enjoyed. The bar boasted a nice variety of drinks and the beautiful hostesses were running around in enticing red dresses. Everything was set to perfection and the “Red Night” was quickly filling up with a cool crowd. Within a half hour, over 250 guests had arrived, and the DJ was spinning a nice house beat, making it quite easy to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Staying true to their roots, the Italians were at the event as well, representing their love for design and heritage. I met the Alfa Romeo CEO and his lovely wife and both were quite impressed by the great turnout in our awesome city. I could see it in his eyes, he was very proud of their new Stelvio, especially when the car was unveiled and everyone was clapping loudly.

I got a chance to speak to Michael Bergmann, the branch manager, and he told me a few very cool things about the Stelvio. The thing that intrigued me the most was the fact that this SUV actually behaves like a sports car. Meaning that it feels, drives, is built and reacts like a sport car and not a typical SUV. The interior gave me the same impression as well.

The International media described it as: “launched under the name Stelvio, it is the brand’s first SUV in over a century of history. Set to become the benchmark for the segment, the new model encapsulates the authentic Alfa Romeo spirit, incorporating the five ingredients that make it one of the world’s most desirable brands on the automotive stage: distinctly Italian styling; innovative, state-of-the-art engines; impeccable weight distribution; unique technical solutions; and an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.“

After my rendezvous inside the car, I made my way downstairs, and I noticed that the entire showroom was packed with curious, happy, laughing and dancing people, which is always a sign of a good event. I also loved the fact that everyone wore one red element in their outfits, perfectly matching the Red Night theme. Frankfurt is stylish and we Frankfurters love to have fun!

After revving up the engine a few times, trying out all the different dishes – at least 5 times around – and having some champagne sips, I looked at my watch and noticed that it was way past midnight, yet many of the guests were still there. Nobody wanted to leave because they were having a great time. As I went outside to film the goodbye part in my video, I looked up and saw the beautiful bright yellow Commerzbank Tower shining brightly at me, beckoning me to it. I really enjoyed my Red-Night-Dressed-In-Black evening! It was fun to see the cool Stelvio, meet new people and enjoy a lovely evening in my favorite city. All in all, another awesome Thursday evening in our small cosmopolitan city with a big attitude!

Check out my video of the Red Night event below – brought to you by Secret Pocket Society TV.

Many Hugs,

Your Gali



Bäppi La Belle in: ‘ne Dame werd’ ich nie

Bäppi La Belle in: ‘ne Dame werd’ ich nie 1200 400 Galia Brener

A week ago I had the pleasure to see Frankfurt’s very own Super-Funny-Man Bäppi La Belle in his show: ‘ne Dame werd’ ich nie. I was excited because every single one of his shows are always different and very funny, and this one didn’t fail to fulfill my expectations! We were greeted by the tall actor himself, in his legendary green in-between-the-show robe, and his sweet energetic dog Ramses, who has his own Facebook page.


We were the last ones to arrive and quickly made our way to the seats, observing how happy and excited everyone was for the show to start. Bäppi is quite unique because not only is he an actor, but he’s also a singer, comedian, entertainer, choreographer and dance teacher as well. He even has his own dance academy – talk about a talented guy! The lights dimmed, the mood was set, the curtains opened and the piano player came out. After some minutes, Bäppi La Belle made his way onto the stage and everyone was screaming and cheering for him. He is clearly very beloved by his fans. This show was different because it was only Bäppi and the very skilled pianist – Gregori Dörr – on stage. So the pressure was on both gentlemen to entertain and conduct the entire show by themselves. However, knowing Bäppi and the magic that he can do, it was no surprise that it was a big success! They kept the audience on their toes, making them laugh and sing. There was even a lady two rows behind me that was laughing so hard and loud that she had tears spraying out of her eyes.


The hilarious show ‘ne Dame werd’ ich nie took place at Bäppi’s own Theatrallalla, located at the Friedberger Landstraße 296 in Frankfurt. As usual, the show was filled with amusing Frankfurterisch and Hessisch word jokes, mostly aimed at the not-so-dearly-beloved neighbor town Offenbach. Even myself as a Canadian, I understood every single joke and almost fell of the chair a few times due to laugh attacks. Many other jokes were made and worked their way into songs from artists such as Hildegard Knef, Zarah Leander and Helene Fischer. His rendition of the “Atmenlos Durch die Nacht” song was hysterical and I couldn’t stop laughing until my stomach muscles hurt so much! Also musical hits from Abba and co. were used in live versions as part of his funny act. I don’t want to give away too much from the show, so the best thing is to go and see it live for yourself. You are guaranteed a good laugh for over 3 hours!


As the show was coming to an end, nobody wanted to leave. It was well over 11pm, and the entire audience was cheering for a long encore. Bäppi was of course delighted and entertained us with a few more enchanting songs. At the end, the audience made its way to the foyer of the theater to have a glass of Ebbelwoi. What I really like about our Bäppi is that even though he’s well known, he is still very down-to-earth and humble. After the show, he took his time to personally thank his guests and talk to them individually as well. He answered everyone’s curious questions and had a glass of Sekt with us. Ramses the little star Maltese was jumping up and down and doing tricks for us. I fell in love with the little dog and wanted to take him secretly home without Bäppi noticing. It was time to bid our farewell and ride off into the dark Frankfurt night. We were there with a motorcycle and I was singing his songs underneath my helmet as we rode off. What a funny and entertaining evening at the Theatrallalla!


Show info: ‘ne Dame werd’ ich nie will be shown until the 31st of December 2015, so make sure to plan some special nights there with family and friends. Other shows that are coming up this year are: Die kleine Geisha, Sissi, The Fat Pack, The Fat Pack Goes Christmas and Verliebt – Verlobt – Verheiratet. I will definitely be attending all shows because each one is always unique and different, and knowing the wild and funny Bäppi, you never know what to expect!

Friedberger Landstraße 296

60389 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon 069 – 593701













Ghezal Immobilien 15-Year Anniversary Party

Ghezal Immobilien 15-Year Anniversary Party 1280 853 Galia Brener

Frankfurt came alive again last Thursday night to celebrate Ghezal Immobilien’s 15 years of success in the real estate industry. The glamorous event took place at the Westhafen Pier 1, a modern glass building situated directly at the river Main.


Upon our arrival, we were greeted by two strong men, who ushered us onto the red carpet and into the venue. The first thing that caught our eye was the massive collection of Moët & Chandon magnum bottles aligned teasingly at the bar, waiting to be enjoyed. I heard a lady behind me say with excitement, “Wow, this will be a really good party.” And yes indeed, this was quite the wonderful event – only the best for Ghezal’s 15 years of triumph.


With a nice rosé champagne in our hand, we entered the party in anticipation of a lovely evening. We were definitely not disappointed! There were severs walking around with delicious little dishes of various tastes. Of course being the curious ladies that we are, we tried everything that was offered and loved it. We ate everything from a philly cheese steak sandwich, to gnocchi in fresh cream, an exotic mango salad and more. The best part were the Dunkin’ Donuts with Ghezal’s logo on them – a very cool and delicious idea.


We rocked the dance floor with the help of the amazing band, “Laura Martin & Spanish Music Mafia” who played hit after hit, and did not allow us to leave the dance floor without properly using our dancing shoes and a nice full body workout. Laura Martin, the lead singer, has a beautiful voice and is a very talented young lady. Later on there was a live violin player, accompanying the DJ with his cool track selection.


We couldn’t help but notice that all the women were dressed very well, and some even had ball gowns on. Hey Frankfurt, you can really show off your glamorous and posh side when you want to! The men were dressed in fine suits and the Frankfurt celebrities had fun mingling with the rest of the guests.


Ghanem Ghezal is known nationally for his TV career on VOX with the show “Mieten, Kaufen, Wohnen” He is the first real estate sales man on the TV show and has been doing it for 8 years now.

He accomplished a lot since the young age of 18, and is currently the leader of 3 real estate offices. The wonderful thing about Mr. Ghezal is that even due to his successful career, he stayed very authentic and down to earth.


The mastermind behind this fabulous event was Ioana Andrei of Minemedia International. What can I say Ms. Andrei, you have really outdone yourself. It was perfectly organized, with a lot of attention to details and everything went quite smoothly. The guests were very happy, the Ghezal Gentlemen were breakdancing on the dance floor and having the time of their life, the celebs were genuinely smiling and I had fun taking it all in. Thank you Ghezal Immobilien for a perfect Thursday evening in my favorite city.





























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