My Shopping Tour at the Frankfurt Airport

My Shopping Tour at the Frankfurt Airport 1316 2048 Galia Brener

A few weeks ago, I received an email regarding the shopping tour at my favorite Airport, of course the Frankfurt one! You cannot imagine how ecstatic I was. I had a chance to combine two of the things I love most – shopping and travel. For those who know me, know my addiction to shopping and discovering new and wild trends. Since I travel quite often, I know exactly which stores are located in this International and chic airport. Last week, I had a chance to visit 5 really cool brands and present them to you.

I arrived with my team of 3 – my photographer and assistant. We started the tour off by eating a delicious salami sandwich, because I need my coffee, carbs and meat to jumpstart the day. I know, not the typical nutrition of a yoga girl, but who wants to be typical anyways, right? A few minutes later, the cool Frankfurt Airport marketing crew came to greet us and the shopping tour was about to begin! I was very excited. What will I discover? Which new trends are awaiting me? As I set out on my journey, I felt happy and at peace, surrounded by good and warm people.






The first stop on the shopping adventure was one of my favorite Frankfurt Airport stores, Pinko. Just a few weeks ago, I bought a really cool pair of shoes there before my flight to Ibiza. The lovely store manager greeted me with open arms as we had a little trend chat, and soon the photo shooting began. The first thing my eyes landed upon was a long silk maxi dress with a cool graffiti image and tropical prints decorating the entries dress. I will never grow tired of the maxi. The great thing about this dress is that one can wear in on a nice summer day, and also a fancier evening affair with a tight fitted short jacket and high heels. That’s my typical “Gali-Look” – a long silk maxi dress and a tight leather jacket. Delicious. I cannot get enough of this combination!

The next thing that caught my attention was a short black denim skirt, which I happily combined with a tropical silk shirt and patent leather pumps. I must admit that I really enjoyed strutting around the store, ecstatic and energetic in my element! We made very cute Instagram stories and a few cool photos – as seen below. The Frankfurt Airport team was in good spirits, happily waiting to see what I would throw on next! Thankfully at Pinko, the possibilities are always endless. Since I prefer the rather crazier style, I had many wild choices to go with.

Next up was a gorgeous “red meets orange” micro-crêpe dress, which surprise surprise, I put on backwards! I adore breaking and crashing trends. Why wear everything how it’s supposed to be worn? Hell no! Life is precious and not super long, so break some rules and dare to stand out. The elegant dress was supposed to be worn with the long part in the back and the short in the front. However, I really liked the bow tie effect in the front, and wore it backwards. I think it turned out to be quite chic. I combined it with the red Pinko Love bag. What do you think?

I really had fun with this dress and pretended to be one of the mannequins at the store display! The store manager and crew were laughing hard and we had a blast. What many people do not know is that Pinko is an Italian brand that was founded in the early 1980s. Today, it is still operated by the founding family, giving it a strong heritage feel. I always love a brand that is still run by the original family owner. This show true dedication and passion. Bravo!

As I was about to go, the store manager handed me a fancy package. I was very flattered when I unpacked it and inside was the Pinko Love bag in black. I will cherish and combine it with endless outfits. Thanks Pinko for a chic and exciting day!


** Get a free present at the PINKO store at the Frankfurt Airport. Say the code: GALIA17PINKO and the gift is yours! Offer expires on June 30th, 2017.







Next stop on the shopping tour was a fabulous makeover at Kiko Milano! I can describe this experience like being a kid in a candy shop. As I stepped into the store, there was a beautiful color wave as far as the eyes could see! Everything from funky eye shadow, to luscious lipsticks, tantalizing rouges, sparkling glosses, foundation, skin care and various serums, fluffy brushes, colorful makeup bags and more! A true sight for any artist’s eyes. You have to be there to believe it. Hey Milano, your Kiko definitely know how to attract amazing attention!

Since I always prefer the same natural pink shades, I decided to let the professional makeup artist do her work, and give me a total makeover. I was very impressed by the final result. My face was glowing and shimmering with happiness. I had a nice rich earthy-tone smoky eyes effect combined with a lovely bronzer, making me look like I was basking under the warm Mediterranean sun for a few weeks. My lips were topped of with a transparent golden gloss, giving me the Italian-Goddess-of-Lips allure. All in all, the perfect dewy summer look!

Of course being the mischievous monkey that I am, I couldn’t help but run around the store, trying on all the different colors and shades for both the summer and fall 2017 seasons! I was very happy to see that my beloved pink was staying strong this year. I love the almost naked pink plump look for my lips. I think that it makes me look young and cute. While the darker reds and browns me look older, strict and too serious. In general, I prefer the lighter “fresh out of bed” makeup look, and Kiko definitely has everything one needs to achieve this look.

As I was saying my goodbyes to the lovely and sweet store manager and her crew, I received a fabulous gift bag full of lovely products for you my dear readers!

** I will be posting a photo of this goodie bag tomorrow on my Facebook fan page. Please take a look at:

Post a comment underneath the photo, for your chance to win this awesome kiko gift set! This includes the same eyes shadow palette that the makeup artist used on me. Good luck my dears and enjoy.







The next party of the thrill was another one of my favorite shops at the Frankfurt airport, which has celebrated its grand opening not too long ago, the one and only, Victoria’s Secret. The Frankfurters have been waiting a long time for this sensual lingerie store to open up, therefore I was very happy to find out that this is one of the shops on my shopping tour. As a small coincidence, this was also one of my stops before I boarded my flight to Ibiza a few weeks ago, therefore you could see how much I truly love shopping at my favorite airport.

The Victoria’s Secret store at the airport it’s quite cool because it has a nice variety of things to get, not only as a gift for someone else but also for last-minute purchases before your fabulous vacation. Or simply the essentials, like my favorite panties that I wear every day, or a special new perfume to tantalize the men. The coolest part is the feeling of walking into the dim, alluring and mysterious shop.

What caught my attention immediately was the really cute pink and white stripped trolley that also happens to be Victoria’s Secret corporate identity colors. Of course I had to get one for my next trip and combine it with a really funky bright blue VS passport cover. Since I’m traveling a lot and have to change suitcase quite often, this one definitely seemed like it will be a good companion for the next years to come. As they say, bloggers live out of their suitcases, therefore it’s like adding a new member to the influencer family.

I also happen to adore Victoria’s Secret Extreme Lip Plumper, which makes your lips appears three times fuller with its mysterious pepper effect. It has a very interesting tingling sensation, which cannot be described – one has to try it out to see the miracle that it creates!

The lovely store manager gave me an in-depth tour of the shop, showing me all of the new creams and fragrances, sexy new lingerie designs and also told me about the great sales and deals that are on offer right now. (See the photos below). I was happy to grab my suitcase, the psychedelic passport cover, a few seductive panties and make my way to the next part of the shopping tour. Thank you dear Victoria, your secret really is a girl’s best friend!


** Mention the secret code: GALIA17VS and get 10% discount on all purchases over 50€! (Cannot be combined with other discounts) Offer expires on June 30th, 2017.







After having a refreshing green smoothie and a healthy lunch, my team and I made our way to the brilliant silver treasures store known as Thomas Sabo. This store holds a special significance for me as well, because Mr. Sabo and I go way back. I will never forget my first bracelet that I received as a present, made of round smooth rose quartz crystals bound together by a fancy sterling silver chain.

Natural stones are very important and each one holds a different power within itself. For example, when the rose quartz is worn, it attracts love to the person who wears it. That’s why my Thomas Sabo bracelet was very dear to me, because by wearing it, I believe that I attracted my first love into my life. The rose quartz also has the ability to boost your self-confident and love yourself more. Each stone corresponds to a different significance in life, therefore you see how important these semi-precious stones are. The Thomas Sabo designers loves to work with natural stones combined with beautiful silver pieces, therefore I was excited to see which pieces they had in their new collection.

Being a spiritual person and big lover of yoga, I was very pleased to see the new karma beads collection. I especially liked the bracelet with the karma beads combined with lava rocks. When I was in Ibiza, I realize that the lava rock is a very special element used in jewelry – and also has strength and energy of its own. I decided that I definitely have to have the lava stone karma beads bracelet. The store manager helped me to try many different variations until I found the perfect one. I was very impressed by how helpful and lovely she was.

I have to admit that being at the Sabo store was a little bit like playing dress up with Barbie when I was a little girl. I got a chance to run around the store and try on my favorite pieces of jewelry. I have never seen their truly wild rings before, for example the eagle and skeleton ones. Both rings are quite large and look really massive and cool on my small fingers, definitely a rock ‘n’ roll feature for me.

The manager gave me a little “Tree of Hope” bracelet as a present. She told me to make a wish while she was tying the bracelet on my wrist. I am not allowed to take it off until it falls off on its own and that is when my wish will come true. I’m very curious what will happen in the next months and will definitely keep you updated. So my dears, if you also have a wish that you want to come true, now you know where to go to make it happen!







Last but not least on the shopping tour, was what many consider as “Handbag Heaven”. This season is definitely Pastel-Paradise at Coccinelle. I was attracted from miles away, as I saw bags in many forms, shapes and delicious pastel colors looking at me, winking and luring me to walk inside. This is definitely a store that one cannot miss while enjoying the airport shopping experience.

The funny thing is that my first Coccinelle bag was a small black squared one, which I bought about 10 years ago at an airport as well! Therefore this brought back many fond memories, allowing me to have the same experience here in my favorite Frankfurt airport.

What I like most about Coccinelle is their statements and designs. All of their bags can be worn during the day but also perfectly chic in the evening and on glamorous events – making them very versatile and quite useful to have in the closet. The quality is superb and is excellent for the price segment.

I had a lot of fun in the store because I had a wild idea to put about 20 bags on myself, while turning around in a Boomerang nirvana! I posted this funny video on my Instagram story, while having the photo shooting live that day. Of course at the end, I couldn’t quite decide which bag I loved the most – a typically difficult decision at Coccinelle, due to the large and breathtaking variety! I spent another hour on deciding which bag gets to come home with me and sleep together with the rest of my treasures.

The store manager was laughing hard as we both had a lot of fun trying on the bags and matching them with every single scarf, accessory, jewelry piece and even key chains! Nobody said that this is a super easy job, but someone has to do it properly à la Brener-Style-Police mission to report to you my dear readers! After choosing a baby pink Bandelier beauty, I bid farewell to the lovely manager and met the Frankfurt Airport team outside.


** Use the code: GALIA17COCCINELLE to get a 10% discount on your purchase at the Frankfurt Airport! (Cannot be combined with other discounts) Offer expires on June 30th, 2017.



After about 9 hours of shopping madness at the Frankfurt Airport, the fun was just beginning for me while the others looked like they ran a 100 km marathon! At about 1.5 / 2 hours per store, including photo shootings and video sessions, the passion adds up and one really feels like after a full week of doing sports. Yes my dears, shopping can sometimes be painful but extremely satisfying… and I love it!

I’m used to the blogger’s shopping chaos tiredness, although I definitely make it appear much easier than it is. I saw on their faces that it was time to call it a night, and I was super happy to walk out of the airport holding many cool shopping bags with elegant, glamorous, delicious and sexy goodies inside.

Thank you to the dear Frankfurt Airport team, my amazing supportive team and all of the store managers and assistants for making my shopping tour as exciting, fun, stylish and unforgettable as it was. I enjoyed myself very much and am definitely looking forward to come back for more!


Sending you many hugs,

Your Gali



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TV Commercial – Kaffeefahrt auf Italienisch ❤️

TV Commercial – Kaffeefahrt auf Italienisch ❤️ 2048 837 Galia Brener

Happy Valentine’s Day from Vincenzo and I ❤ Kaffeefahrt auf Italienisch ❤ Our commercial for Vincenzo Mancuso Cafe in beautiful Frankfurt. Direction and Production by Ömer Sabry of Framestorm Media. This delicious coffee can be purchased online at: #vincenzomancuso #galiabrener #framestormmedia #frankfurt #coffee



Versace Spring Summer 2015 Collection

Versace Spring Summer 2015 Collection 1200 894 Galia Brener

Whoever says that Frankfurt is not chic, has obviously never been to the Goethestrasse, which boasts store after store of the best couture brands in the world. Last Friday the highlight was the Versace store, presenting its spring summer 2015 collection.


It has been a week filled with glamour and Champagne for me, and my visit to Versace did not change that. I was greeted at the door by the elegant Emanuela Canto, the store manager of Versace. I could see that she was preparing for a while for this dazzling event, running around with a sparkle in her eyes and mesmerizing the guests with her melodic Italian voice.


I wanted to capture all of my favorite outfits for your dear readers, so I didn’t take a seat at the show. Instead, I stood at the end of the runway, waiting for each model to strut seductively towards me so that I can photograph each look directly from the front. I absolutely adore to make my own photos and show you personally what my eyes see. As usual, the Versace models were as gorgeous as ever – tall, young, sexy and straight from Milano – to show us how these beautiful outfits can be worn and shown off.


The main colors for the season were pastels, black, white and some splashes of color, used to accent the details. There were many geometrical patterns to be seen, as well as some glittering material that flicked like diamonds when the models walked underneath the spotlight. Some pieces had long skirts on the front and back, yet revealing the entire left leg, all the way up to the thigh. Versace is definitely making sure that it will be a very hot summer this year – including lots of bare stomachs for the ladies. Talk about sensuality in the form of clothing! What I loved were the many a-line short dresses, which took me back to the 60s, yet had a sharp modern touch.


As the show ended, many of the women were already running up to Manuela, waiting to secure their favorite outfit in their size. I made my way to a soft black leather jacket, hanging seductively in the front area of the store and quietly calling my name. Those who know me, know about my passion for tight leather jackets. This particular one is a beauty that must live in my closet.


I had a very nice chat with the models and they told me that this collection was one of their favorites in the past years. I definitely agreed. The time was running like speed of light and Cinderella had to leave the Versace Ball, thankfully with both shoes on, plus a nice little present for later. Thank you dear Emanuela Canto for a wonderfully organized event and brining the Italian flair to our mini cosmopolitan city with a big attitude!


































































Prada Men store opening in Frankfurt

Prada Men store opening in Frankfurt 1600 1600 Galia Brener
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Slowly but surely, our little Frankfurt is catching up with International glamour and flair. And guess what? We now have our very own Men’s Prada store, directly in the heart of the city at the Goetheplatz beside his stylish French brother, Louis Vuitton.

The opening event was incredible, an affair that I have never seen in Frankfurt before. Upon arrival, a beautiful model checked our name on the guest list, and waved us onto the red carpet. Photos were taken, and camera flashes illuminated the sky with bright stars. My best male friend Juan García was with me, and we were quite excited to go inside. Two champagne flutes were placed in our hands, and so the evening began.

We quickly realized how huge the store was. Over 1000 square meters spread out on two floors, filled with Prada clothing and accessories for men. Some of the women were jealous because the men have a bigger store and selection than the women do now. Juan of course thought that was fabulous! We were greeted by Daniel Tobias Etzel of the WAOH agency, who helped with the event and did a wonderful job! Celebrities were to be seen everywhere. Actors such as Benjamin Sadler, Florian Bartholomäi and Lavinia Wilson, film producer Oliver Berben and his lovely wife Katrin were also there, along with the handsome Kevin Trapp, the goalkeeper of the Eintracht Frankfurt soccer team.

The journey continued to the back of the store. We saw people gathered around a table, and of course us two curious cats could not resist. When we got there, we could not believe our eyes! A huge seafood buffet offering the tastiest delicacies that the ocean has to offer. Oysters bigger than my hand, lobster tails, giant crabs and shrimps. We filled up our plates, and proceeded upstairs to dance, eat and party at Prada!

The top floor was darker than downstairs and accentuated with red lights all around. It felt like being in a chic new club, with couture clothing everywhere – what a refreshing new concept! The hypnotizing beats came from the French DJ team The Penelopes, who did an excellent job of getting the people to dance and have fun. There were two additional bars upstairs, with service from my favorite Schumann’s bar in Munich. Juan and I danced non-stop for an hour. We saw people flirting all around us, and I am sure that a few new romances began that evening. Needless to say, not many people left the store before midnight.

Dearest Prada, you have really outdone yourself this time. Never have I been to such a fabulous store opening before! So much fun, glamour, excitement and couture packed into one event. Bravo!

The surprises didn’t stop at midnight. The following week, Mr. Etzel personally came to my home and brought me a beautiful gift. An elegant leather Prada wallet – a thank you for attending this unforgettable event. What can I say: Prada, you were and will always stay on top of my favorite fashion list!


FullSizeRender copy

























Clooney-Hochzeit: GBJPs Style & Klatsch

Clooney-Hochzeit: GBJPs Style & Klatsch 1354 437 Galia Brener

Our first video is now online! Jens Prewo and Galia Brener about the Clooney wedding. GBJPs Style & Klatsch!  More videos about love and relationships coming soon!

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