My entire daily beauty ritual with SkinCeuticals

My entire daily beauty ritual with SkinCeuticals 1280 865 Galia Brener

Good morning my Dears,

After many lovely requests and questions, I decided to write a complete and in-depth article explaining my daily beauty ritual. I always say that it’s very important to take care of your skin. You want to look good? So put in the time and effort! I’m astonished at how many people don’t wash their face in the evening. I’ve heard all the excuses from: “I’m too tied” or “But I didn’t wear any makeup that day, there is nothing to wash off” Or simply, “I don’t feel like it.” Terrible. Yes it’s true, I’m not making this up. If you belong to this group of people, then don’t feel bad about it, because you can start a healthy skin routine anytime – starting even today! I will let you in on my daily secrets and what I do to look the way I do. And no unfortunately I don’t have a magical fountain of youth in my toilet.


Re rewind selecta, back to a year ago

About a year ago, I went to a fancy opening event at a plastic surgeon’s new clinic. There were many beautiful people there and I was very fascinated by what they do to look this amazing! Yes, some honestly admitted that they had work done, while others told me that they started using a new brand for preventative measures. What was this mysterious new brand?

A very nice lady shared her secret with me. The brand was called SkinCeuticals. I was fascinated. I needed to hear more! I quickly grabbed the doctor and asked him about it. He showed me the products and gave me a small introduction package to take home and try. He told me that he uses SkinCeuticals on his clients after their beauty surgeries and also on clients that need preventive products, so that they won’t need surgery at all later.

I was shocked that I did not know about this brand before! Why was it hiding from me? I took my starter kit home – hungry to try it like Gargamel would want to eat a Smurf – opened it like a little kid on Christmas, sitting on the carpet with sparkles in my eyes.

I suffer from acne since I was a teenager. Having people call me “Salami Pizza Face” in high school didn’t help either. So far most of the products that I tried always made me break out in the nastiest way. Come on, pimples in my 30s?! Why dear Lord, why? Therefore I’m always careful what goo I slather on my face. My Russian Canadian roots never deceive me, making skepticism my best friend with devil horns. I rarely believe anything straight from the very beginning. I have to see and experience it for myself with my own eyes. I opened the first bottle, smeared a small amount on my face and went to sleep, hoping that a second nose didn’t grow there by the next morning! When I woke up, the surprising results were already visible. Clear, clean and glowing skin.


Fast forward to the future: 2017

Today, not even a day goes by that I don’t use SkinCeuticals in my beauty routine. I found my perfect set of products for day and night use. A few weeks ago, I have added the magic purple H.A. Intensifier serum to the family. This my dears, is the secret to my glowing skin:


Morning – but only after my first cup of coffee!



This serum is the first SkinCeuticals product that I ever tried. I fell in love with it right away and have been using it ever since. This is a daytime vitamin C serum that protects and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and brightens your skin’s complexion. Since I’m actually a vampire and love the pale Goth look, this brightening product is perfect for me. It neutralizes free radicals on the upper layer of the skin to help prevent the impact of ozone damage. My skin simply eats up the Vitamin C and needs it, just like I need pizza once a week.


I wont leave the house without sunscreen on my face. Basta. Even in the winter! The sun is very damaging to our face and we all want to avoid those nasty hyperpigmentation spots. (If you do suffer from sunspots, try the Advanced Pigment Corrector, because it gets rid of them). The only way out is using sunscreen lotion daily with UV 30+. I really like this product because it maintains a matte finish even in hot and humid conditions. I’m a sweat monster and need my face to stay dry and fresh, especially in the summer. This sunscreen is super cool and innovative because it’s a weightless mousse that dries to a powder finish, optimizing make-up application.



This is by far the best cream ever invented for lips. I have tried over 50 different products for my sad chapped lips and nothing helped, until this baby came along. Not only does it heal dry damaged lips, but it also helps to fight against those mean-looking wrinkles above and around the lips. I noticed that the fine lines became almost non-existent with the help of this lip repair. It’s strong and what I like a lot about it is the tingly sensation I get when I rub it on my lips. I feel right away that it’s working its magic on my lips, making them look and feel luscious, full and sexy. This lip miracle helps attract and retain water to rejuvenate, reshape and replenish lip tissue and is also ideal to use after laser and filler work. However I find that after using this product for many months, one does not need any fillers at all.



I have been using this eye cream for over a year and will not use anything else. The little ugly crow’s feet under my eyes are disappearing into themselves: see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya! Ciao and goodbye. Nobody needs these terrible annoying reminders that we are getting older. The Eye Balm is a rich, hydrating cream that helps to reduce puffiness and improves visible signs of aging around the eye area. It also restores essential lipids to help nourish dry and delicate skin. I have very thin and extremely dry skin around my eyes, therefore this product is perfect for me for anytime of the day.


Evening – after the last Bloody Mary



This is the first thing I use when I come home to get rid of all the garbage off my face. I like the Simply Clean facial cleanser because I have combination skin. This is made of five hydroxy acids, which gently exfoliate dead skin cells and smooth out rough skin patches. This product also has botanical extracts of chamomile and aloe to help soothe and heal skin – perfect to calm down my excited nerdy pimples!



My new and loving baby addition to my SkinCeuticals family! The most astonishing thing about this serum is that it amplifies the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels by 30% just within 12 weeks! This unique product contains a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid, proxylane™, and botanical extracts of licorice root and purple rice to support the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels. As we get older, our skin cannot hold onto the moisture so well, therefore it needs this type of acid for the anti-aging effects to stay supple, hydrated, plump and wrinkle-free. For those who know me, I am a very tough critic and usually not many skin products survive my judging eye. I was very surprised that my snobby and arrogant skin loved this product and didn’t breakout in a thousand hideous pimples. If you are a fan of dermal fillers, then this hyaluronic acid serum also works very well as part of a home skincare regimen after you get the fillers done.

* Read my last week’s article about this amazing serum! Click here



This is a powerful daily emulsion with vitamin B3 that is used to improve the appearance of early signs of aging. Being in my scary thirties, I need this product to fight against those evil lines that force themselves to live on my face without even paying rent! What this does is promotes the skin renewal by increasing cell turnover, meaning quicker and more healthy cells, which leads to younger looking skin. The Metacell strengthens skin’s moisture barrier and reduces the appearance of discoloration and blotchiness – evening out my color and complexion. It’s perfect even for pimple-geeks like me, because it’s a very lightweight product.


My conclusion – probably the same thing Grandma always said

There is absolutely no place for laziness when it comes to healthy skin. You have to imagine all the dust particles, bacteria, pollution and free radicals that land on your face during the day. Even if you’re at home sitting on the couch all day, stuff gets into your pores and manifests itself there, not allowing the skin to breathe properly at night. That’s also how pimples form. Washing the face is the first basic must. It releases all that garbage and lets your skin breathe and heal properly. Happy pores, happy face.

If my routine sounds like Wonder Woman’s daily ritual, and intimidates you, then start off with something basic. I would suggest trying the Eye Balm against wrinkles and any SkinCeuticals serum of your choice that fits your skin type. This covers the face, neck and eyes. Try these two products and see how you feel. If you like it and feel daring, add the sunscreen to protect your face from the sun. Start to experiment slowly until you find your perfect ritual. The cool thing about SkinCeuticals is that they have a huge variety of products for all the various skin types. There is literally something for everyone to choose from.

Don’t forget, your face won’t take care of itself, even if you are sexy Mrs. Robot, you have to put in the time. Just like your teeth won’t clean themselves, you also brush them twice a day. Love you face and it will glow gratefully back at you after many healthy years to come! ♥

Questions, comments? Don’t hesitate to write me and I will gladly answer all questions.

Have fun experimenting with SkinCeuticals my beauties!

Many Hugs

Your Gali

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How I got in good shape

How I got in good shape 1354 437 Galia Brener
This one is for the ladies and gentlemen who have asked me how I managed to drop 10 kg and succeeded at looking better, healthier and fitter. This article marks the 2-year Anniversary of writing my column, so I will open up to you today, and tell you how I personally managed my big transformation this year.

It all started on January 1st 2014, when I didn’t fit into my favorite jeans anymore. It was the day after New Year’s Eve, and I looked around the flat, disgusted by the fast food boxes from the nights before. I wasn’t happy with my body, excess fat and cellulite anymore. It always annoyed me to hear people talking about doing sports, getting fit and working out. Even worse were the people talking about eating healthy food, salads, less carbs, blah blah blah. I thought, “How pathetic, what kind of life is that?” I only had pizza and burgers on my mind. I liked to show off that I could eat whatever and whenever I want to. One day, my best friend showed me a bikini photo of us from the previous summer in Ibiza. I was shocked. My stomach was hanging over the bikini bottoms and the cellulite was all over my thighs. My upper arms were flabby and my bum was much more than what I bargained for. I know that happiness comes from the inside, and we should love ourselves no matter what we look like, but I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror. I wanted to be fit and toned!

The very first thing I changed was not to eat after 6pm. I don’t mean no carbs after 6pm, but rather nothing at all! Of course I drink water and tea, but no food at all after this hour. I go to sleep around midnight, so that leaves me with 6 hours to digest the food I ate in the early evening. What I noticed right away was how amazingly flat my stomach was when waking up in he morning! I feel light, and sleep better – since the body is not working on digesting the food that I would usually eat at 9pm or later. I do have to warn you though: it was a living hell at the beginning. The first two weeks were horrendous torture. I would walk around my flat hungry and angry like a monster. What worked was to go to sleep earlier in order to avoid this feeling. After a few weeks, my stomach and body got used to not eating after 6pm, and it was completely normal for me. The nice thing is that I don’t have the energy ups and downs anymore, but rather a constant energy flow throughout the day. I make the rare exception and eat later if I’m out for dinner with friends, but try not to break this rule very often.

I start my day at 8am with a cup of coffee and a big glass of water. I have breakfast around 10am, and eat something light, like cereal, eggs or a small sandwich. I’m not a believer in the Atkins or low-carb diet. I’ve done them and the Ketogenic diet as well, but it’s not for me. Carbs make me super happy, and I can’t deny myself of eating them. Life is short and we have to enjoy! I eat my lunch around 2pm. For me, lunch is the most important meal, and not breakfast. For lunch I usually eat a large salad with chicken or turkey inside. I like Caesar salad, and I’m not afraid to eat the dressing that goes with it, and some bread too. Fish is also good, stuffed peppers, or roasted chicken with vegetable – even with baked, boiled or mashed potatoes. I also like steaks, and once in a while eat it with French fries. I don’t deprive myself of anything! I eat what I love, but all in healthy doses. I still eat burgers, but only 1 or 2 times a month. I eat Thai food, with rice, chicken and vegetables. What I really love is sushi. Soups, vegetable sticks and fruit are great snacks for in between. I don’t eat pizza or pasta – personally for me, it’s too heavy. I usually make a nice sandwich around 5 – 6 pm with fresh vegetables on the side. I don’t eat big things for dinner, mostly a soup, wrap, salad or sandwich. I don’t usually eat desserts, cakes or pastries, because I never liked the heavy sweet taste. However, I’m not afraid to eat a few small pieces of dark chocolate during the day, because it makes me happy.

Around February, I decided to add some fun physical activity again. I tried yoga years before and thought it to be horribly boring and hippie-infested. This year I decided to try it again, and chose a dynamic course. I loved it! It melts the daily stress away, leaving me relaxed and happy. I noticed my muscles slowly developing. It looked sexy, so I started doing yoga twice a week. In April I watched a movie from the 80’s and saw a woman doing some funny Jane Fonda moves at home. A silly thought came into my head, “Why don’t I do this at home?” So I started with sit-ups, push-ups, bum busters, squats and the side plank hip lifts. I started with a small amount of 20 times on each side, and 3 sets. Now I progressed to 50 times and 3 sets. Take your own time and start slowly. Getting in shape takes time and patience! I now also use 2kg weights, and do 30 curls on each side for my biceps and triceps, and also in 3 sets. Depending on my muscle pain the next day, I either skip a day or do these exercises everyday at home. It takes a total of 1 hour for me. I wake up earlier to do them, or in the evening after work. This with yoga 2-3 times a week does the trick for me! I’m not a jogger, and never liked it. It’s boring for me and tough on the knees. But if you like it, then it’s a great cardio workout. I walk around the entire city from appointment to appointment, which is my cardio each day. Sports really help to get rid of cellulite. I see a huge difference, and am so happy with the results!

Last but not least, my most important achievement this year was to quit smoking. Gone are the stinky, horrible, expensive and nasty cancer sticks! It’s been 136 days now, and I don’t plan to touch them ever again. I can’t believe how much more energy I have without smoking. Walking fast and climbing stairs is so much easier now. I gained 3kg as soon as I quit, but I compensated with more sports, and thankfully lost those bloody kilos again. Stopping to smoke slowed my metabolism down, but I noticed that my body is getting back to normal, and is digesting quicker without the nicotine again. It takes time. For those that say I look better now, it’s definitely the non-smoking. The skin heals and renews itself. Also the healthier food and sports help to regenerate the body. What also helps me is 8 hours of sleep, and not drinking much alcohol. I drink wine about 3 times a month, but only a few glasses, and no alcohol at home. Of course don’t forget the usual: drink lots and lots of water, blah blah. No seriously, it really helps. I also take multi vitamins everyday. I won’t lie to you, getting into shape is hard at the beginning. However once you start and see results, you won’t be able to stop. You will feel so happy and proud of yourself! You will be healthier and your clothes will fit you better, and of course this increases the self-confidence a lot. Now I’m one of those annoying people bothering my friends about health and sports, and guess what? I will never go back to the way I was before. New life, new Gali. Come and join my “New-Me-Revolution!”


Want to be happy?

Want to be happy? 1354 437 Galia Brener

Do you fantasize of the future, when you will have success in your career, a nice house, a wonderful partner to share your life with, that fast car that will get you all the fun and attention you desire, or the day you go on a warm holiday to Bali? Do you think to yourself, “When I will have this, then I will be happy and enjoy life.”? While you a dreaming of these things, life is passing you by. If you are relying on other people or things to make you happy, then you are making a big mistake.

My friend Gloria was in a relationship with a guy for three years. She told me many times how happy he made her, and how much better life was with him. To make a long story short, after the three years went by, he did not want to make a permanent commitment to her. He said he didn’t know when or if he wants to get married, or have kids at all. They broke up because there was no future for them. Needless to say, her world was shattered. She was depressed, horrified and overfilled with tears and pain for an entire year. She said, “Gali, he’s gone, and I will never be happy again. There is no one here to make me happy anymore.” This was a big statement that scared me very much. I tried to show her that this happiness must now come from inside of her, that’s the only way to survive this emotional pain. But she didn’t listen, and kept sinking lower into her depression. Last month she met a new man, and she is happy again, running around and singing. Can’t she see how dangerous it is that she can only be happy when having a man in her life? What happens if this one leaves as well? Then life is over again? Putting your own happiness in someone else’s hands is very volatile and risky. Happiness should be controlled by you, and not another person or new thing that you buy.

If you want to find yourself at a state of constant equilibrium, you cannot place your happiness in the hands of anyone else. You cannot control what someone will do to you, yet your reaction to it is your karma! Buying new things and going on holiday is nice, but if this is the only way for one to be happy, then there is a big problem. Sometimes there are situations when money is not always around, or the big love has disappeared – and then what? Life is over? So how do you generate happiness from the inside? I went through some harsh experiences with my private and career life the last few years, and I can understand what it feels like to be at the bottom. We have two choices. We either let ourselves fall lower into misery and become victims, or fight out of the black hole and create happiness for ourselves. Here is a list that helps me to keep my happiness and positivity:

1. I wake up in the morning healthy and alive, and that’s already a huge reason to be happy. I get out of bed, and say thank you out loud with a smile everyday.

2. Even if you feel sad, force yourself to smile, because this action releases dopamine – the feel-good chemical. If you think it looks stupid, go to a place where no one sees you, and smile – in the bathroom at the office or on your couch in the evening. It’s a really amazing trick that actually works!

3. Sport relives stress, and makes you feel amazing that you did something good for you! You don’t even need the gym, and can do it at home like I do. After working out, I feel a rush of happiness and gratification that I’m treating my body well.

4. When eating, take the time to enjoy your food. Taste it, and try to eat slower than usual. Don’t forget how fortunate you are to have a healthy stomach that can digest the food, and a healthy mouth and teeth that can chew. I had a cold two weeks ago and couldn’t taste my food. When it was gone, I realized how something small like tasting food could be so wonderful!

5. Spend as much time with family and friends as you can. These are the people that love you unconditionally. Get rid of all toxic people in your life that harm you.

6. During the day take a small moment, look up at the sky and say thank you for being here, healthy and alive. And smile.

7. If you’re healthy – even more or less – be grateful because that’s really something that cannot be bought or earned. Health is something that you are blessed with, so try to do all you can to keep it strong and with you.

8. If you have a weak or sad moment, start counting your blessings and think of all the positive things that are in your life now. This tricks the brain to think of the positive rather than negative things.

9. No love in your life now? My grandfather always said that what one year doesn’t do, one minute can change! So you never know what’s around the corner, and coming towards you. Feel the strong faith inside that your special one will come – it might happen sooner than you think!

10. Find something that you like and enjoy. If it’s reading, writing, watching your favorite series, painting, masturbating, cooking or eating, do something once a day that you truly enjoy. Find a hobby that occupies your time, and which you really enjoy. This brings pleasure and joy.

11. If your brain sends you negative thoughts, counteract them right away with positive happy thoughts. Trick the brain to replace negative with positive as soon as they appear.

12. I like to play house music from the 90s in the evening or morning when doing my sports or housework. It makes me happy to dance around my flat and act silly. I don’t care who sees me from my windows. I’m happy in that moment, and I smile to myself as well.

13. Action and not inertia. If you have something to deal with, do it now! Don’t keep important things that must be done for another day. You will see that you will have a tremendous feeling of relief and happiness when you get your shit done now, and not procrastinate. You will sleep better.

14. In one ear and out the other. Be Teflon. If someone hurts you or gossips about you, let it roll off of you life Teflon. Who cares? It’s usually jealousy anyways. Smile and move on. Let them gossip, it means you’re important enough for them to think about you. Leave revenge to Lady Karma – don’t get your hands dirty. (Same applies for bad loves and jobs, exes, colleagues, etc)

15. Money, nice things, good sex and food, holidays, etc are all bonuses in life. Be satisfied with the bare minimum, and enjoy when these bonuses come, because they are not the true meaning of life. The good bonuses will be graced upon you, if you know how to be happy with the minimum.

If you are at a balanced and happy state, no matter what hard things life throws at you, you will always be able to deal with it, and not allow it to destroy you! Also if you truly love yourself, then you can properly love someone else. Being in a relationship with a happy person is the best thing that you can give or have. I’ve learned the hard way that true happiness is not an external factor, and can only come from within. Depend on yourself for the happiness, because only you can truly love and give yourself, what you expect others to give you. And if they do, see it as a bonus in life and don’t take it for granted. Do you want to be truly happy? So what’s stopping you? Start now, it’s your own decision and choice!

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