Cooking with Matthias Schmidt at the Genussakademie

Cooking with Matthias Schmidt at the Genussakademie 1280 1263 Galia Brener

The long-awaited day has finally arrived, and I was very excited about this evening’s wonderful activities. This cooking class was a present, which I gave to my best friend for his birthday. We were both very happy at the thought of cooking with a Michelin starred chef!

We made our way into the cold night and arrived at the Genussakademie on Ludwigstraße 33-37 right on time. I was already familiar with this beautiful location because I have been to quite a few Christmas parties here before. It’s a cool, big, loft space, which is a perfect place to cook, laugh, dance, eat, drink and have fun! It was a chilly Sunday evening, but that didn’t bother anyone, because it seemed like everyone was wearing a big and warm smile. We were a small group of about 15 hungry people.

The guests were greeted with a cold glass of champagne. Our well-known and beloved chef, Matthias Schmidt, was walking around the kitchen, preparing everything for our big cooking-jam-session. Matthias worked in a few 1 and 2 starred restaurants in Germany. When he came back to Frankfurt, he worked at the Villa Merton and was the head chef there since 2008. At the beginning, they had 1 Michelin star. Within the next years, Matthias and his team created a kitchen, which was based on the culture and products of our region. They used as many organic ingredients as possible, and in 2012, they got the second Michelin star!

We waited until everyone had arrived and the introductions were made. The people were relaxed, in a good mood and eagerly awaiting the big cooking bash. This was my first time participating at such an elaborate cooking class. The only time I ever took a cooking course before was at junior high, but unfortunately our team burned the teacher’s hair off! Horror of all horrors – she walked around with a crew cut the entire school year! I tried to avoid public heating elements ever since. But finally the time has arrived to brave the public stove once again!

After the first glass of bubbly and Matthias’s extensive information about our 4-course meal, it was time to start! Our menu was: Gebeizter Saibling, Schwarzwurzel, Short Rip and Grüner Hafer Eiscreme. It appeared like they were all cooking pros, because everyone seemed to know the techniques, tools and ingredients. Only I was staring at the fish skin like an alien, and didn’t know what to do with it. Matthias walked by, laughed, gave me scissors and told me to cut the skin in strips. After obediently cutting the dried fish skin, I decided to walk around the room and see if there was any trouble that I can cause. Unfortunately there were no chance for trouble, so I had to behave and follow Matthias’s cooking orders. I ended up cutting some long vegetable thingy, which I swear I have never seen before in my life! It was long, thin and very strange. Ze Germans call it “Schwarzwurzel”. After putting the komisch thingy into the oven, it was time to try the delicious white wine, standing in mass amounts of bottles on the counter.

Of course there was one Schlaumeier in the group, who seemed to know everything better than everyone else. She even tried telling Matthias how to do things better a few times. I couldn’t help but clasp my glass of wine in the background and laugh at the silliness of it. Who the hell tells a star chef how to cook?! There is a Besserwisser in every group and it wouldn’t be the same without her. When the good wine flows, even the showoffs can be pathetically amusing.

Our menu was quite fancy and delicious. I could probably reproduce the appetizer myself, but the main course was too complicated for me to repeat at home. Therefore I just eased into “eating-mode” and stepped away from my “trying-to-remember-and-doing-this-at-home-good-girl-cooking-mode”. I was super entertained at how my fish skins puffed up into tasty crunchy fish chips in the frying pan. I found the crispy fish skin to be the best tasting element of the appetizer, and many agreed with this. I was also pleasantly surprised that the Schwarzwurzel tasted this good, after all, it looked like a tree log at the beginning. After the third glass of wine, nobody was really cooking anymore except for Matthias and his team. All I can say is that the short ribs tasted absolutely amazing! I don’t think that I have ever eaten anything so soft, tender and juicy before. This officially makes Matthias Schmidt the new Meat Master in my books!

The sweetest part of the evening had arrived. Since I’m not so big on desserts, I took more meat instead of the ice cream. The men loved it and the ladies thought I was crazy. All in all, everyone was laughing, having a good time and I was happy to see that my friend was enjoying his birthday present. There were interesting stories rotating the tables and many funny jokes. Matthias and his team seemed to be enjoying the evening as well. I looked down at my watch and realized that we were cooking and eating for over 5 hours already! How incredibly fast the time flies by when you’re having fun.

The cooking lessons offered by the Genussakademie are perfect to attend as a couple, with friends, parents, siblings or even single! You will meet many new people and have tons of fun. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many different food categories, styles and chefs were on offer. The classes vary in time, location and price, so there is something for everyone. There are lots of different foods and delicious dishes to try, and you might even leave at the end of the evening with a new recipe or two – that is if you still remember it after all the bottles of wine. Try it, enjoy it and bon appétit!










Frankfurt, I ❤ You! (Part 4)

Frankfurt, I ❤ You! (Part 4) 1354 437 Galia Brener

Little did I know that Frankfurt is obsessed with kitchens and shoes! Last week was the glamorous week of kitchen parties in Frankfurt. All the stars came out, including a 2-Michelin star cook to celebrate Frankfurt’s fabulous kitchens. Not only was there champagne and gourmet food taking over the chic counters, there was also a new stylish collection of shoes being presented in the kitchen. Last week was enough proof for me that the most intense love is made in the kitchen!

The week started off at the Genussakademie, where my big love – Journal Frankfurt – was hosting its annual kitchen party. I gathered the girls and we went on a mission to eat, flirt and enjoy the wonderful company of the best magazine in Germany. We were greeted at the entrance with a cold glass of delicious bubbly, and smiles all around the room. Of course the tallest and most handsome man at the party was my editor, Nils Bremer. He welcomed us to this glorious event, and so the fun began! The Genussakademie is a really great place because it has a setup of 4 different cooking stations. Each station had two chefs, who were given the mission to cook 3 of their favorite Frankfurt dishes. That made it a total of a 12-course dinner! Of course being the curious monkey that I am, I walked around and tried everything, multiple times. I was highly impressed by the taste and creativity of the chefs and the dishes! Many Frankfurt personalities were in attendance, and everyone was laughing and having a great time. Journal Frankfurt, you definitely have good style and exquisite taste!

Italy is cool, but last week Frankfurt was cooler, as the Italians came to us to show off their beautiful shoes. Scarosso – a super chic Italian shoe label came to present it’s pop up store in our stylish city. Perfectly blending in with the kitchen theme, the event was held in the artsy Freitagsküche. When we arrived, the inner court was decorated with a warm red light and a huge press wall for the glam photos. A beautiful lady at the door greeted us with a leather wristband for the entry, and a sexy smile to match the vibe. As we entered, sounds of a live saxophone penetrated our ears, and the drum matched my heartbeat. They mixed the sax with really nice vocal house, which gave the event a nice fashion-underground-party-feeling. The bar was set up with delicious drinks and handsome bartenders. There were beautiful models all around us, sipping sensuously on their drinks. The shoes were doing their magic, as the ladies and even gentlemen couldn’t walk by without taking one or the other in their hands. Delicious round little pizzas were being served fresh and hot from the kitchen, as a perfect companion to the Moscow Mules. Beautiful shoes and cocktails in the kitchen – who needs more than that?

Last but not least, and definitely the most glamorous kitchen event that I have been to, was the Kitchen party at the Villa Kennedy. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the beautiful Katharina Metternich, who looked like an Italian princess in her beautiful long silky dress. We were given a black apron from the Villa’s Gusto restaurant, and were guided to an area set up with champagne and exotic drinks. After chatting with the other prominent guests, we were guided to the one and only – the large kitchen of the Villa Kennedy. As we walked in, I was completely overtaken by the beautiful transformation of the kitchen! The lights were dimmed to perfection, and accentuated with pink spotlights, creating a very warm and romantic atmosphere. There were areas set up allover the kitchen with chefs creating their magical affairs. However the most eloquent chef of the evening was Fulvio Pierangelini – the grandmaster himself with 2 Michelin stars. Being true to his spicy Italian blood, Fulvio was very charming, and quite the ladies’ man. His creations were mouth-watering and simply delicious beyond words. There was a DJ set up in the corner of the room, igniting the kitchen on fire, with his melodic beats. The guests and celebrities were walking around in their cute Gusto aprons, enjoying the food and atmosphere of this unique event. It was like being in a kitchen-fairytale because everyone seemed to be so happy! The champagne was flowing, and the laughter was echoing in the room. There was even an old-fashioned candy jars area, where guests filled their takeaway bags with every imaginable candy they desired! This will be a kitchen party long to remember, bravo!

Frankfurt, I love you because you are authentic, cool and very glamorous. There is always something exciting going on in this small cosmopolitan city! Not only do we have the best kitchen parties, but we also have International stars coming to us, wanting to be a part of our magic!














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