IAA Diary: Tuesday 15.09 – Maserati/Zegna party and the pre opening of the Matrix!

IAA Diary: Tuesday 15.09 – Maserati/Zegna party and the pre opening of the Matrix! 1200 400 Galia Brener

Frankfurt was wild on Tuesday night. It seemed like the entire city was on edge and nobody wanted to sleep at all! The weather was getting a little colder, but the amazing events in the city made everyone hot with excitement. I was happy to have my best friend join me for an unforgettable evening in our favorite city! We planned this crazy little adventure from the first day the invitations arrived.


Our first stop was the chic Ermenegildo Zegna store located on the Goethestrasse. This fabulous Italian designer – who creates timeless pieces for men – joined forces with Maserati to bring us the glamorous Italian flavor on this chilly evening. As we arrived the store was already full and popping at the seam with Frankfurt VIPs, celebs and stylish cool people. The location was lined up with beautiful new Maseratis outside and men with chic black Zegna suits protecting them. Knowing my love for cars and choppers, I got stuck in front of the cars, observing every little detail and gadget – I was very impressed! Inside the mingling was already strong in action. As we stepped in, we were given a glass of cold rosé champagne and delicious bites of Venchi Italian chocolates. Not to be missed in action were both CEOs – Gildo Zegna and Harald J. Wester of Maserati. The guests were enjoying themselves – drinking and shopping simultaneously, smiling and having a good time. The event was organized by Frank Kuhlmann, who did a great job of bringing the interesting people together. I enjoyed looking at the new collections that Zegna had on display. I fell in love with a particular dark gray wool suit – fit for a king, or at least James Bond! I was happy to see many of my acquaintances, which I have not seen in a while, chat with them about life and also meet new interesting people.


As the hours passed, we had to rush to the next event, which was the pre opening of the Matrix Pop Up Club. I didn’t know what to expect but was very excited to see the venue, because Madjid Djamegari was posting little teaser bits on Facebook during the week and the photos looked fantastic! The Matrix concept was brought into life by the Gibson Club and Audi – two brands that are definitely in the lead with trends and innovation. When our car dropped us off at the pop up location at Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage, we couldn’t help but get excited about the view. The entire building facade was glowing a bright crimson red! The front lawn was decorated with a hot red Audi R8 to match. It looked like we arrived at Dracula’s winter palace. As we walked down the red carpet, we were greeted with open arms by a smiling and very happy Madjid, along with Markus and other men in black. We had a nice chat outside and the gentlemen welcomed us into their special event.


The beautiful new Audi A4 Quattro was presented on the ground level in the middle of a bright white spherical area. The contrast of the red car in the white dream-like sphere was amazing! The surreal journey was starting. We were handed a white Audi bracelet, told that this shall be our close companion and guide throughout the night. The elevator doors had white laser lights and a bright red interior, which took us to the top level of the adventure. As we got out of the lift and stepped into the room, it was indeed like stepping into the Matrix! My breath was taken away for a few seconds. We found ourselves inside of a large dark round room, with an intrinsic dome roof. It was made of many squares that got smaller towards the peak. On these squares were numbers and digits running down, like a code being generated in the Matrix! It felt like being in an ancient building in Rome, but directly in the heart of Frankfurt! DJ duo Andhim were situated in the middle, surrounded by a large bar area. The floor had computer motherboard-like marks, which were glowing with interchanging white and red lights. On the outer edges of the room, there were futurist virtual reality stations, waiting to take the VIP guests on an Audi tour in another galaxy. On our way to the bathroom we stumbled into a secret room with black light activated art on the walls. There was a bar with a huge variety of gins and tonics. Apparently this was the infamous gin room offering its many different delights.


We met many friends there and everyone was excited about this amazing pop up club and opening event. I haven’t seen Frankfurt this excited in a while. There was even a cool area, which offered fresh pulled meat burgers and other tasty delicacies. The DJ team did an excellent job of playing a nice deep house set, sensual and rhythmic, just the way I like it! All of a sudden, everything went pitch black, our bracelets started flashing a wild sequence of white and red colors and the dome roof came to life! It was glowing, flickering and changing with intense colors – a light show to remember! Everyone was cheering. Wow what a rush! I couldn’t get my eyes away form the dome, I was hypnotized! The drinks were flowing, the beautiful people were happy, chatting, networking, flirting and dancing. I would highly recommend for you to visit the Matrix Pop Up Club before it’s gone – it will surely be an evening you won’t forget!


The party was still going strong, as I was getting ready to go. I didn’t want to leave the matrix yet – I wanted to stay in this magical wonderland forever. But the clock struck 12 and Cinderella had to run home. Dear Frankfurt, you never cease to amaze me with your dark delights, your bright surprises and your ability to metamorphose like a radical chameleon. I love you, my favorite small cosmopolitan city with a big attitude.






Ermenegildo Zegna & Maserati event:













Matrix Pop Up Club pre opening event:























Photos from the Matrix Pop Up Club Facebook page:




Opernplatzfest Frankfurt 2014

Opernplatzfest Frankfurt 2014 1354 437 Galia Brener

The summer is here, and as usual, Frankfurt comes alive with many exciting festivals and things to do. Last week the city celebrated its infamous Opernplatzfest, which takes place every year around the beautiful historical building, the Alte Oper. This is always an exciting event because there are International stands selling a variety of food, drinks, and other amusing surprises. In the middle of the festival one can find the marvelous fountain, which serves as a perfect place to sit, dance around, and flirt your heart out! There is a DJ spinning nice melodic tunes on the weekend, and during the week you can hear various ethnical bands playing to beat of the wind.

I like this festival because it has a special ambience that gives me a chance to catch up with my loved ones over a delicious glass of German Riesling wine, while enjoying a fun night out in the city. As with many other Frankfurt events, the Opernplatzfest is definitely a place to see and be seen. Not to mention that it is also a perfect place to come after work, and enjoy a nice flirt at the wine stand. You never know who you will rub elbows with here, so come and take a look!

Here are some photos of my friends and I enjoying a warm summer night at the Opernplatzfest.

Photos by the talented Berlin photographer, Nico Zeißig. He could be found on facebook here. 











Audi Sport Night

Audi Sport Night 1354 437 Galia Brener

Frankfurt has shown it’s fabulous side once again this week, and the highlight was focused on cars, a concept store and literature. What I really love about our city is that there is always something fun and exciting happening just around the corner. Not only do we have a gorgeous skyline, but we also have sophisticated events that are accompanied by lights, camera and action! However, the trick is that Frankfurt does not open up its beauty and warmth to everyone, so for those that truly love our city – congratulations! That means that the city has opened up to you, and loves you in return.

My exciting week started off with the classy Audi Sport Night. The event was held at the Charlot and Operncafé, two lovely restaurants alongside the grand Alte Oper building. As we arrived, two pretty ladies dressed in black wrapped an Audi bracelet around our wrists, and welcomed us inside. The music was floating around the relaxed spring night, and the service team was handing out drinks, while showering the ladies with charming Italian compliments. The beauty that I saw in front of the restaurants immediately possessed my attention, and I walked away from the crowd. On display was a beautiful black Audi R8 Spyder! Being the notorious car lover that I am, I could not step away from the car. I walked around it a few times, admiring it in all its glory. I approved the 10-Spoke-Y-Design rims, and passionately touched the smooth shiny black lacquer with my palm. I probably looked funny, caressing the car over and over again, but I didn’t care. The R8 Spyder is there to make love – preferably going over 250 km/h on the Autobahn!

The girls came back outside and dragged me away from my beloved, telling me to behave and stop caressing the car! A nice cold prosecco was placed in my hand, and so the glamorous evening had begun. I looked around, and everyone was dressed in their finest suits and stylish dresses. The who’s who of Frankfurt was of course in attendance, along with a soccer world champion and the 2014 Olympic moderator. The people were all in very good spirits, with lots of happy chatter and laughter to be heard in the air. The restaurants served delicious food the entire night, and my favorite was the jumbo shrimp in a succulent sauce on a large spoon. I met some very interesting people this evening, and had great conversations. I also noticed the men flirting with the women, and the seductive smiles reflected by the warm lights of the Alte Oper. All in all, I have to say that it was a very fun and successful event organized by OCK GmbH.

A few days later we made our way to the Münchener Straße 9, to the PIP STUDIO by Ayfer Arslan. It was the pre-opening event to her lovely concept store. The first thing I noticed upon our arrival was the beautiful bright and pastel colors of the store and the food that matched the interior colors! The catering was done by InterContinental, and the bright colors even matched the drinks. Beautiful pink macarons matched the pink champagne, purple pastries matches the exotic purple cocktails – and everything was served with love and a perfect attention to detail. The store hosts a cool bar, an exclusive selection of wines and champagne, a glamorous collection of dresses and unique colorful dinnerware sets – that would look stunning in a garden party on a warm summer night. The guests were greeted not only with luxury sweets, but also with a very special surprise for the evening.

The surprise was the only and only, Jens Prewo – author of the bestseller book “111 GRÜNDE, FRANKFURT ZU LIEBEN” – and a very good friend of mine. In his book, Jens mentioned the 111 reasons to love Frankfurt, and he came up with an extraordinary list. The book covers everything from the glamorous and chic Frankfurt, to the traditional and cultural apple wine and green sauce scene, to the underground red light district, full of dark and curious mysteries. I highly recommend buying this book because Jens has a wonderful way of writing with intelligent irony and humor, which really leaves you with a smile after you finish reading the book. He definitely captures the magic of this city! After listening to the soothing voice of our Jens Prewo – reading the highlights out of his book – we ended the week with colorful macarons, a glance at Ayfer’s stunning dresses, and a sunset to remember… in our wonderful city that has 111 reasons to be loved.











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