Beauty Village – Day Spa

Beauty Village – Day Spa 1200 400 Galia Brener

Last week, I was delighted to find out that finally there is a proper day spa around the Frankfurt area. This concept, which is quite popular back home in North America, has been missing here, but finally the time has arrived! My friend Ioana Andrei informed me of this fabulous place, and being the curious cat that I am, we set out together to have a look at this beautiful creation by Ljudmila Spomer.


The idyllic drive to the Beauty Village was already the beginning of the relaxation process. The greenery all around us represented leaving the city and stress behind. When we arrived at the Beauty Village, we were greeted by the beautiful Ljudmila Spomer with a bright warm smile. She gave us delicious healthy smoothies and tapas to start the tour of her lovely 600 square meter day spa. What I noticed right away was the wall display of her amazing products in the reception area. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the wall full of Peter Thomas Roth products. I love their CC cream, and usually order it online from the states, which includes a very pricy overseas shipment fee. But now I finally have a place to buy my PTR CC cream here. Thank you Beauty Village!


Just by looking at Ljudmila’s skin and body, I could tell that this lady definitely knew what she was doing. She looked flawless! She started off by showing us the top floor. Each guests receives a welcome smoothie drink and that’s where the face magic begins! After a facial, one can get the Meso Laser Premium therapy, which injects hyaluronic, vitamins and nutrients into the skin with a laser. Or the new JetPeel therapy, which works 4,5mm underneath the skin with special ingredients such as salt, vitamin B, vitamin A+E, hyaluronic and more. They also have a new style of Botox injections that gives you the natural look and allows movement and mimic to stay on the face. No more plastic-doll face, welcome to Botox 2.0 my dears! Ljudmila said that her therapies are the perfect preparation before and after plastic surgeries, to allow the skin to be fresh and clean for a proper start and healing treatment after. The treatments are cosmetic, esthetic and medicinal. The manicure and pedicure areas are also located on the top floor. There are peelings and masks, even for very dry feet. Along with gel nails, vinylux, lash extensions, lash lifts, permanent make-up, waxing and more.


Next, Ljudmila took us to the downstairs area. Here is where the deeper relaxation takes place. Along with a state of the art bio dry sauna (up to 100 degrees), bar and lounge area, one can eat, drink – Champagne as well, and shop as long as the heart desires. There is no entrance fee like at other spas. At the Village, you can book packages such as the “Business Lady Time”, “Gala”, and even for the guys: “Mann-O-Mann”, “Detox” – including spa time, facials, manicure, pedicure, Meso and JetPeel treatments, hair, makeup, face and body peeling, hyaluronic, laser therapy, Botox and more. Wellness snacks, smoothies and drinks are free on the house and are served anytime you are hungry – now that’s what I call amazing service! A bride can also book her beauty preparations here, which start one month before the wedding. Beauty Village also offers permanent hair removal sessions with the newest state of the art machine Alma Laser. Summer is coming, so why not start getting rid of that annoying hair once and for all. The day spa also offers rentals for large seminar rooms and includes a cheerful, colorful child-care area. I really loved the boutique inside as well, where you can buy clothing, shoes and accessories from beloved brands such as Michael Kors, Love Moschino, Roccobarocco, Anna Ritan and more. Also a hand picked collection by Ljudmila herself from up and coming designers such as Alexander Pavlov. (The photo of me in the red dress is a beautiful Pavlov creation.)


Ljudmila Spomer is very proud to call her Beauty Village – Day Spa a sanctuary for relaxation. In order to fully relax, enjoy and let go of the stress, one must be alone in a quiet surrounding or with the ones they love. The day spa allows you to book for yourself alone in complete privacy or with a partner, quality mother-daughter time, birthday party, bat mitzvah, bridal shower, bachelorette party or any other special occasion. It is a place of peace and relaxation to come enjoy, unwind and let yourself be free of worries. The best part is that you can see immediate results after just one treatment.


The opening event is on Saturday May 30th between 12-4pm. You are invited to join the event and experience a free test treatment, delicious Sekt drinks and delicacies for your taste buds, a day spa tour, skin diagnostics and consultation from the experts. I will be there as well, along with Ioana Andrei of Minemedia International, who is in charge of this glamorous event and opening. Ms. Andrei is the mastermind behind many chic events in Frankfurt, and when it comes to PR, she knows best what people like and want, so I am sure that it will be one hell of an opening, never to be forgotten! I am already very excited about next week!


See you there dear friends and readers!





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Men get Botox too?!

Men get Botox too?! 640 250 Galia Brener
Since we are pretty much in the process of reversing roles, with women growing balls and men getting in touch with their feminine side, the concept of Botox for men fits perfectly into this chaotic world. However, what I do find excellent is that women these days are looking younger and younger. If you compare a 50-year-old woman today to the ones in the 1950s, it’s like day and night. Since we have started looking at least 10 years younger, and have excellent jobs and salaries, we can allow ourselves to have handsome younger men on our sides as well!

Gone are the days when women have to have an older man to support and take care of them. So what does that mean for the older men? It means that they have to keep up with a younger appearance and make more effort to stay in the game. The wallet and cars don’t get us women anymore. Today, even most of the younger girls date men their own age and not run to the older daddy-type for money. Women are taking younger lovers, and men are using Botox to catch up. Wow, we have come a long way. Bravo.

My friend Heather stared dating a new guy a few weeks ago. I have to admit that he looked good for his 45 years. The problem is that he is a show off. He prances around in his Jag, drops names of important people to impress her, and shows off about his food and wine knowledge in front of the waiter in the expensive restaurants. This annoys her to death. A week ago she wanted to eat a normal burger and fries, and he was appalled by the idea. Everything always has to be over the top with him. Last weekend we all went out together and I met him for the first time. I was shocked because Buddy didn’t move his forehead all night, even while trying to laugh at some jokes! I told Heather later that I think he gets Botox, but she laughed it off and ignored my observation. A few days ago, she met a plastic surgeon friend of hers for lunch – one of the most famous ones in Frankfurt actually – and he confirmed that her new guy has indeed been coming to him for Botox for years now. As a matter of fact, he’s a Botox junkie and gets injected more often than I take vitamins!

Of course he can do whatever he wants to with his life, but Heather confronted him anyways, and he admitted it. He said that he needs it to look younger and feel better about himself. He also admitted that he couldn’t go longer than half a year without Botox because otherwise he can’t look at himself and his old face in the mirror! His extreme desperation to look younger shocked heather, and it turned her off completely. She came crying to me, saying that he is not normal. I explained to her that we live in a time where there is no more “normal.”

What is normal today? To this guy, getting Botox was normal. I told her to accept him as he is or move on. Forcing a person to adapt to your morals and way of living is not normal or healthy either. She decided to stop dating him because she found his behavior to not be masculine enough. I told her that I collect robots and love old timers, and that’s not ultra feminine either. We cracked up on the floor and had a laughing attack about the confusion of this world and her Botox monster.

I think that unfortunately it’s a new trend and many more men will be getting Botox soon, but never admitting it. It started with the manicure and pedicure for men some years ago, and now there is no stopping the wheel of terror. Dear men, please save yourselves before it’s too late! You don’t need Botox. We like you looking wrinkly and manly. Instead of investing in plastic surgery, please buy a horse, some heavy cowboy gear and go riding. Come back to us after spending a few dirty days in the desert with a 3-day beard on your face and get your old masculine grin back. And please, step away from the needle.

Men that use Botox and women that earn an incredible amount of money, looking younger and better than them with the same age, wearing pants and collecting robots! I wonder if Aldous Huxley ever imagined in 1932 that it would actually come to this. Forget his brave new world and welcome to our crazy parallel universe. He would be so proud now.



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