Bar bOx Opening in Berlin

Bar bOx Opening in Berlin 1125 1125 Galia Brener

• Werbung • Congratulations dear Jimi Blue on your amazing opening of Bar bOx last night! I wish you lots of success with it 😍

Happy to see and pamy girls Simina Grigoriu Kalkbrenner and Natascha Ochsenknecht.

Photo by Oliver Walterscheid for Sabine Brauer Photos.


Instagram Takeover – Galia Brener x TKMaxx in Berlin

Instagram Takeover – Galia Brener x TKMaxx in Berlin 494 700 Galia Brener

It was a huge pleasure for me to takeover the Instagram channel for TK Maxx in Berlin last night. What a party 😍❤️ I got to see my two lovely girls – Natascha Ochsenknecht and Jenny Elvers 💋 /// Photos by Juri Jan Reetz for Sabine Brauer Photos

See the original photos here:

#tkmaxxen #tkmaxx • Werbung •

Jenny Elvers, Galia Brener, Natascha Ochsenknecht
Natascha Ochsenknecht and Galia Brener
Natascha Ochsenknecht and Galia Brener

Front Row Society – Concept store opening in Frankfurt

Front Row Society – Concept store opening in Frankfurt 1600 875 Galia Brener

Frankfurt is becoming cooler and more chic each day! I’m extremely happy to see that the fashion industry is making its way to us, wanting to grace our city with beautiful creations. Last week I was invited to the opening of the Front Row Society concept store, and let me tell you, it was fabulous!

The amazing event was organized by Manuel Gies, owner of the STRATEGIES agency. He’s known in our lovely city for his other projects with Hugos Frankfurt, Jaguar Land Rover, Maserati and now, Front Row Society. He told me that he loves what he does because it’s his passion since 2009.

My friends picked me up at 7pm and we walked to the opening. I wore my favorite transparent Llobycats skull maxi dress and topped it off with a black peace necklace and my highest heels. As we approached the red carpet, we were greeted by Florian Ellsaesser, founder of the Front Row Society. Mr. Ellsaesser was quite charming and gave me a personal tour of his lovely concept store. He explained why his vision was so important to him, and I agreed about the uniqueness of his idea – merging fashion and art into one entity!

Front Row Society was founded in Berlin in 2011. It is a fashion brand with a contemporary aesthetic that combines sophisticated designs with subtle details. Each collection is developed in collaboration with a community of artists from all over the world. Each Front Row Society piece is a sophisticated translation of an artwork or technique into a beautiful, wearable garment made of high quality materials. Simplicity is paramount in Front Row Society’s collections; inspiring stories come to life in minimal designs that create a unique yet effortless style.

I think that this is a brilliant idea, because for example, with the limited edition Santiago Taccetti collection, nothing looks the same! Mr. Taccetti works his art masterpieces into the leather itself, making it a true one-of-a-kind piece. It’s great having something in your closet that nobody else has. Even if your best friend buys the same bag as you, yours will be different because it contains a different element of the artist’s work. This mirrors the theory of nature, where nothing is ever exactly identical. What a super cool concept!

Since I’m in a major backpack phase now, I had to get my hands on the beautiful black Laura bag – big enough for my daily carrying needs and also for traveling. I especially love the gold metal handle at the top, the small geometric-shaped slits on the leather and fine metallic elements throughout the bag!

Of course Frankfurters expect nothing less than a glamorous red carpet event, and that is exactly what we got at the opening last week. Arriving fashionably late at the Neue Rothofstraße, I was very pleased to see the “who’s who” of our city – celebs, fashion divas, famous singers, politicians, actors and producers, finance moguls, designers, and the list goes on and on. At the entrance, we were greeted by a lovely lady who placed a white satin ribbon around our wrist and ushered us into the large and very beautiful concept store. Everything, from top to bottom, was ultra modern. This is what I call chic-minimalism at its finest! Being the accessories lover that I am, I ran straight for the bags and scarves and loved what I saw!

The people were walking around the store, curious to touch this and that, enticed by the fine works of art and unique fashion pieces. I noticed how happy Mr. Ellsaesser was with the turnout of the opening event, and that made me happy as well, seeing how the Berliners were appreciating our fashion sense.

My friends and I were delighted to be there together, sipping sparkling wine, talking fashion and enjoying this fabulous evening. After a few hours, I noticed that it was getting late and I had to run to the next party, because in a few hours I was celebrating into my birthday. I bid the lovely concept store and it’s brilliant creators farewell. My heart skipped a beat, knowing how glamorous our city was becoming. This gave me a feeling of honor and pride, knowing that I was a part of the Frankfurt fashion revolution! Thank you Front Row Society for enriching us with your presence here. We welcome you with open arms – to our small cosmopolitan city with a big attitude.

Photos by: Nikita Kulikov


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Dominican Republic: the exclusive destination of Mercedes-Benz fashion week Berlin

Dominican Republic: the exclusive destination of Mercedes-Benz fashion week Berlin 1099 601 Galia Brener

Dominican Republic: “Has It All and Is In Fashion”.

Last Friday closed with a flourish Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, the most important fashion event in Germany and one of its social and media most prestigious events; the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Germany, His Excellency Rafael Calventi, with his wife Madame Maybe de Calventi, and the Minister Counselor of the Embassy, Mr. Cesar Herrera, made an official visit to the Fashion Week.

Mrs. Petra Cruz Deyerling, Director in Europe of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic and promoter of this initiative, received the delegation and showed them the event during the visit, which toured the venue to see firsthand how it has carried out the tourism promotion campaign of the Dominican Republic at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.  The official visit attracted a high interest from the accredited media at the event, and finished with the attendance to the front row of the Cushnie Et Ochs fashion show.

Dominican Republic has positioned its image with almost 100 of prominent guests who have prescribed the island as the destination that “Has It All and Is In Fashion”. Including artists such as the singers Victoria Swarovski, Marla Blumenblatt, Kriemhild Siegel or Keye Katcher, actors Heino Ferch, Lilli Hollunder, Christine Neubauer, Gerit Kling, Katja Burkard, Ursula Karven, Mirja Du Mont or Anne-Sophie Briest, TV moderators Alexandra Maurer, Annabelle Mandeng, Jana Ina Zarella, Cathy Hummels, Tanja Bülter or Anastasia Zampounidis, the former player of the German National Team of football Arne Friedrich, the footaball player Andis Shala, basketball player Lucca Staiger, Thomas Hayo, art director, or designers Ewa Herzog, Wataru Tominaga, Eva Lutz, Sportalm, Laurèl, Odeur or Johny Dar, promoter of the project Jeans for Refugees, along with other recognized faces of the German social scene.

During the celebration of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, the Dominican Republic has set a promotional space, the Dominican Republic Lounge, where took place several activities.

To celebrate its participation in the event, the Dominican Republic has launched on social networks a contest to win a luxury trip for two to the tropical paradise member of Leading Hotels of The World, CASA de CAMPO Resort & Villas in the Dominican Republic, recognized as one of the best resorts in the world. The contest received the participation of around 1,000 guests, and the prize includes accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as unlimited drinks for a week at the resort.

During the event, Ms. Petra Cruz has explained how Dominican Republic has used fashion and trends as thread of this campaign, noting that in addition to beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, has a wide range of activities to propose to its visitors, many of them linked to the world of fashion; one of them is the catwalk “Dominicana Moda”, launched in 2006 by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic. He also reminded that Oscar de la Renta, a native of the Dominican Republic, is one of its ambassadors recognized worldwide, and the landscapes of the Dominican Republic usually serve as natural set for photo shoots for international fashion publications.

This promotional campaign has communicated to the event visitors the values of the Dominican Republic, such as the warmth of its climate and the hospitality of its people, their extraordinary nature, fascinating history and rich culture.

We are proud of the success of the Dominican Republic as the exclusive destination of Mercedes-Benz fashion week Berlin 2016!

#DominicanRepatMBFWB16 #MBFWB #DominikanischeRepublik


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Drama at the Fashion Week in Berlin!

Drama at the Fashion Week in Berlin! 1354 437 Galia Brener

My love for Frankfurt will never fade, but even the die-hard fans like myself, have to leave their cozy Äppelsche-Nest once in a while. So I packed my Cheburashka with me, and headed East towards the sunrise.

The first stop for my adventure was the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. I have a love/hate relationship with this city. Some good career moves happened for me there, but also a few bad things – including a horrible heartbreak that took a while to recover from. As we arrived and checked into our beautiful suite by the river, the excitement was mounting inside of my stomach. I put on my custom-sewn silk oriental dress, the highest heels I had with me, large round gold-framed glasses, and made my way to the black Mercedes shuttle that was waiting for us in front of the hotel.

We were invited by Nespresso, and the rep greeted us with VIP passes and guided us to the lounge. There were beautiful people everywhere, and I felt like Gali in Wonderland, cushioned by the cold warmth of champagne. We were given our tickets and ushered into the first show. There were cameras everywhere with flashes going off like deranged alien eyes. As the lights dimmed, we saw who the camera-magnet was. It was Tommy Hilfiger in his snazzy red pant, supporting the Designer For Tomorrow show that we were about to see. Klaus Wowereit, the mayor of Berlin was sitting not far away from us. He was pleased to hear that I am a Canadian enjoying Berlin, and so we chatted about Toronto, writing and fashion. My gay friend Dan started flirting heavily, his eyes glazed over by the fantasy of being “Berlin’s First Lady”. Mr. Wowereit was not responding to him, so Dan got angry in his sassy bitchy way, got up and loudly said, “UH! Don’t pay attention to me, whatever! I’m going to flirt with Tommy. By the time you finish your airport, we will all be already dead anyways!” and stormed away. Oh my Lord. I love my friends. The word drama doesn’t do it justice. A man behind us almost fell on the floor due to laughing hysterics, and I wanted to crawl under my seat. Thankfully the show has started, and all politics were quickly forgotten.

Luckily we managed to go back quickly to the Mercedes Lounge for a refill of the cold champagne before the backstage tour and the Guido Maria Kretschmer show, because the drama there outdid the previous one! We arrived at the front row, and a lady seated us in the center with the best view for the show. There was a Kretschmer Barbie on each seat for the guests to take, and a naughty man beside me said that the doll had no panties on. Dan and his friend Stan were excited too soon about the hot seats we got, because a moment after, a square-built man came up to them and said they had to leave because the seats were reserved for his client. Dan and Stan did not move anywhere. A few minutes later the client arrived, who happened to be Verona Pooth, and said they have her seats. Stan waved his hand in front of his face in an exaggerated “No” gesture. I could see that Ms. Pooth was about to express her own gesture, and before the cameras would rush in front of our Frankfurt faces, I pulled Dan and Stan up from the seats, and she shot me an appreciative friendly glance. Another accident avoided! Of course both took the Barbies with them, waving the naked plastic oysters in that direction as they were leaving! The funny thing was that our original seats were almost right across, also in the front row. The Kretschmer show was full of energy and elegance. I especially liked the last few dresses that had a glamorous rock feeling to them, which I would definitely wear for a special occasion like a Guns n’ Roses reunion concert and backstage party. Thank you Mr. Kretschmer for a wonderful collection and show!

After the show ended on that warm summer Wednesday evening, we later made our way to the Borchardt restaurant for the legendary VOGUE & Mercedes Benz event, where the who’s who of the fashion world were to be seen. It was exceptionally chic there, and felt like a scene out of the Chanel movie. The ladies were sashaying across Borchardts in their exquisite black and nude outfits, and I felt like an exotic parrot in my coral-toned silk dress. But never mind the color shock, I had Dan and Stan on each arm, and the guests loved them! The night was setting, and I felt like Frankfurt’s Cinderella, who had to hurry to her carriage, before the clock struck midnight, and my Gucci shoes would turn into two Bembels on my feet! The DanStan Team stayed at the party, with the hopes of catching a rich sugar daddy, and finally having a chance to become a trophy “wife”. As a matter of fact, Dan did meet a very influential man, but he swore me to secrecy not to mention the name. If that ever comes out, it would be the talk of Europe for months! I came back to my castle, spread my dress on the velvet couch, and slipped underneath the crisp cold sheets. In the morning, I realized that I was completely alone in the suite! Where were my friends? I had to find my sweet little troublemakers, who were hopefully not hung over in a dungeon somewhere, because we had to leave Berlin and continue on our adventure. The MotoGP race was definitely not going to wait for us to start. I called Dan, and he picked up with a lazy seductive voice, whispering something that had me grinning from ear to ear…

… The adventure is continued here


















Just arrived at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

Just arrived at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! 1354 437 Galia Brener

We just arrived at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and going to our first show. The weather in Berlin is spectacular today – warm sunny blue skies to die for. The people are chirping louder than birds with happiness. The Champagne is flowing in the Mercedes Lounge, and the beautiful models are running around excited as little children on Christmas. The atmosphere is magical! ❤️

I will report later with updates about the show and parties!

Your Gali



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