The delicious 4-hour love affair (3 Michelin Stars + Brioni)

The delicious 4-hour love affair (3 Michelin Stars + Brioni)

The delicious 4-hour love affair (3 Michelin Stars + Brioni) 1354 437 Galia Brener

I never cease to be amazed at how much our little “big” city has to offer! Just when you think that you have seen it all here, another cool thing suddenly appears, and shocks you in the most positive way! Last week Frankfurt showed me that not only do the luxurious Italians love us, but also our very own stars have magic surprises to keep the suspense, mystery and love alive in this fabulous city.

Have you ever had a complete love affair within 4 hours? I am talking about the real deal starting from the meeting, getting to know each other, wild sex, a few dramas and then a separation – all within 4 hours?! I have never experienced this either until I stepped into the Restaurant Amador. When we arrived, we found ourselves in front of a heavy massive door with a large metal “A” cut out of metal, positioned as the door handle. There were lights on both sides, but the rest of the huge industrial building was pitch dark! If you are a David Lynch fan like myself, imagine the entrance to the Club Silencio in his movie Mulholland Drive, and you will get the mysterious feeling of Amador’s beautiful entrance.

Unlike the outside, everything inside was white with slight red accents. I like large bright white rooms, so I felt very comfortable there right away. We were greeted by a beautiful woman who showed us to our table. As the first glass of pink cava was served, I realized that sitting there felt like being in a room in outer space. It was as if time has slowed down! The fascinating thing was that the staff was walking so lightly and quietly on their feet – that they looked like angels floating around the room. Hence the feeling was as if gravity was removed from the room – a very fascinating experience!

Many would describe Amador’s food creations as art – but it is so much more than that. For me the food itself was a 4-hour love affair! The 14-course menu started off with delicate little tree sculptures. I thought it was a unique decoration at first, and then I realized that it was the first dish to eat! What an imagination one must have to make something so fine and beautiful that is also edible! With this “Tree of Hope” the affair had begun! Like with any love affair I got to know the object of my affection – in this case – the menu, dish by dish. The taste was like nothing I had tried before. There were many mixes of sweet and salty – which created the drama and spice needed for the passion to burn – like untamed sex on the kitchen floor! The height of the affair was the langoustine and goose liver, which was served in the shape of a Lego piece. Along with this delicacy came dishes that included morello cherry with joselito, scallops, morel with cecina de león, pork belly with pineapple, Lamb in an enclosed glass ball, cured cheese, and much more! The big bang came at the very end, in the form of a rock garden. Ever since I was a child, I was always asking my mom for salty cereal with salty milk. Strange, I know but I am a lover of salt. To my delight, the biggest piece of the rock garden was made out of pistachio ice cream… and guess what? It was a salty ice cream! A dream come true for me, which I have been wishing for over 20 years now! It was a wild experience ending with an oral orgasm, where the taste buds were stimulated with such unusual delicious flavors and sensations! The wine was flowing all night, and the laughter in the room and happy atmosphere were making this a truly remarkable experience.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was midnight, and so the 4-hour love affair was coming to an end. I didn’t want the evening to finish, but like Cinderella in her fairytale, it was time to bid our farewell and go. We left the Restaurant Amador in its entire splendor, and stepped into the warm night air. This love affair is one that I will not forget anytime soon! Juan Amador was awarded 3 Michelin stars for his exquisite creations, but if it were up to me, I would present him with all of the Michelin stars in the sky.

Like with any fantastic week, this one ended with an Italian fashion escapade to the opening of the Brioni store. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by two gorgeous ladies holding a clipboard, and welcoming us into the store. Delicious cold champagne has found its way to my hand, and so I was ready to check out what makes Brioni so special for men. I was pleasantly surprised at the fine materials and the color selection for this season. The suits and shirts had very stylish, tight-fitted cuts, yet at the same time quite masculine. Of course the Who’s Who of Frankfurt were there, with bright smiles, winks and hellos going around the store. Delicious Hors d’oeuvre were circulated, and the champagne kept making its way back to us. Brioni has clothing only for men, but that didn’t stop me from getting a large white shirt, and wearing a belt around the waist, turning the fancy shirt into a dress. All in all, it was a very exciting and fabulous week. Thank you Juan Amador, Brioni and my love Frankfurt for spoiling me with such delicious beauty, style and joy. I have to say that our little cosmopolitan city has a world of its own to offer, so all you need to do it go out there, explore and enjoy! Life is short boys and girls, so have fun and be happy ❤












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