Your highway to hell!

Your highway to hell!

Your highway to hell! 1354 437 Galia Brener

You are sitting in a cozy café with the girls, and yet again, another story is told about how some asshole hurt your friend in a disgusting way. Or perhaps you are fixing an old timer with your pals, and surprise, a story comes up about how some bitch tried to use him for all that he’s got! Is it just my impression, or has the world gone completely insane? It seems like it’s getting worse and worse. (Gay, straight, young or old) Since when was love banished by mankind and replaced with cruelty? I have a feeling that now is the crucial time to take a stand and change yourself for the better!

First of all: STOP. Relax, and sit down. Forget for a moment about your “important” life goals: being successful, rich, important, famous, more beautiful, having the best body, being skinny, looking young, being popular and adored, and and and…my head hurts from just thinking about that damn superficial crap we all worry about having, collecting, being and owning. And yes, I mean “ALL” of us. Every single one of us has some goal/idea/wish we strive to achieve, which we think is crucial to our existence – but is it really that important? No offense, but if you cannot be happy living in a 55 square meter flat, then a 200 square meter penthouse will not bring you that happiness you desperately seek for. Yes it will be spacious and perhaps more chic, but sorry, it will not bring you euphoria. Simple test of that fact: when you get something new, you enjoy it for a while, but after some time the magical appeal disappears, because you have seen something new that you must have! Well guess what? There will always be something “new”… this gruesome circle never stops.

The sick part is that people don’t just do this with “stuff”, but also with each other – treat human beings like objects. The classic sad example is of the “Forever-Bachelor” (plenty of them in our beautiful Frankfurt – we all know them!) who always finds the next girl to display themselves with at parties and events. They have fun with the girl, and then trade her in for another version, showing off to their sleazy buddies that they managed to stay bachelors for their entire life. They will not allow any woman to come into their life, control them, and steal their precious freedom away. Wake-up call: most of them will die single and lonely on their highway to hell. There will not be anyone to give them a Paracetamol when they have a fever, bring them love, joy and share the precious moments in their life. Wow, that sounds like an amazing life. Is that what you really want? Eventually you bachelors will also get old, and then the girls won’t be looking at you anymore. Tough luck buddy, what you give is what you get.

Ladies, we are also getting older. I would suggest you to fall in love with a proper “nice guy” who offers you his heart on a silver platter, instead of chasing these macho morons. We did it in our teens, but now it’s time to switch on the brain, and have a man who will be a good husband and father. Sure James Bond & Co. are handsome and rich, but what will he give you? Days and nights of tears because you can’t ever get to his heart? Is that the future you want? Ladies, it’s time to start making smart decisions. It’s your choice; don’t screw up your life. I am sure that many of you have that nice guy who likes you so much, but he is just “too nice” for you… right? Well take a second look, because those are the guys that will make your life beautiful and wonderful.

What about all of those that complain about having so much to do but so little time? So many people are running around, working like zombies, slaves to their careers, taking things for granted, and not being satisfied with what they have. More, more and more. Greed. They need to be more efficient and effective at work to earn more. Wake up call #2: Stop. Look around and realize how bloody lucky you are to be healthy and alive. Be thankful and stop complaining. Hug the ones you love. Reduce your stress. For time goes by quickly, and soon you will realize that you didn’t put time aside to simply “be” and enjoy the moments with yourself and the ones you love. Sorry but taking your money to the grave with you wont bring you much. Sure, you will bring tons of happiness to your friendly neighborhood grave robbers, but that’s pretty much it. Slow down people. Think your priorities through. Then decide how and what exactly to use your time “efficiently” for.

I don’t want to sound like a hippie in a democratic time, but whether you like it or not, karma is a very real concept, and if you live wrong, it will come and bite you in the ass. I have seen it happen positively and negatively with myself, and the ones that I love. What you do and how you live is what you will get back. Be good, and you will get goodness.

In a strange but sad way, we all have some cruelty within us. No matter how good you think you are, you can always become a better person. Learn how to treat each other with respect and dignity. Get rid of the cruelty and replace it with unconditional love. Oh, this is an extremely hard thing to do, but once you master it, you will see that you don’t even need that fast car you dreamed so much about – because your inner happiness will come from a completely different source. I am not saying that its wrong to have dreams and goals, but please do not make the mistake in thinking that getting a new Aston Martin or larger flat will complete your happiness, because you will be hugely disappointed. Sure, allow yourself some luxuries and treat yourself to nice things, but always remember that these are just “bonuses”, and not the main goal for living your life. It’s never too late to change your priorities and views of life. Do it now before its too late. Big hug to you my dear readers, Gali.

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