Frankfurt, I ❤ You!

Frankfurt, I ❤ You! 640 250 Galia Brener

Glamour, fashion, exotic cuisine, movie stars, cameras, famous DJs, top models, and the fastest cars in the world! No, I’m not describing New York City, I’m talking about this thrilling week in Frankfurt! The last few days have been some of the most exciting that I have ever experienced here. This city is not only about banking and Apfelwein; it’s also about life, culture and a magical flair! I must say that September brought a chilly breeze with it, and everything seemed to quiet down a bit, until something loud and electrifying burst into the city. I could hear the roaring engines from miles away. Who is it that enters my city with noise and chaos? He is bold, proud and very well known. He is an International hero for millions of people. “He” is the one and only, our very own IAA – The International Motor Show! To our Prince Charming “IAA”, thank you. Frankfurt loves you, and I can see that you love Frankfurt too.

My exciting week started off last weekend, at the opening of Pret A Diner. My girlfriend and I set out in our flowy silk dresses to enjoy the last warm night in the city. As we arrived, we were greeted by two matte Land Rovers, and a beautiful woman that sent us very high up into the Tree House. The elevator door opened, and we walked into a completely different world. This is a mysterious world existing in the sky, amongst the staggering building of our stunning skyline. A handsome English gentleman with dark long hair showed us the way to the restaurant. The interior is very unique, with many inviting corners to kiss and whisper secrets to each other. Some wine, and delicious exotic Michelin-starred dishes set us in the right mood for a very fun evening. During dinner, I kept hearing a serious bassline. Being the curious monkey that I am, I had to follow the sound and explore this fabulous playground. It led us onto the terrace, where hypnotic tech house was floating onto the Frankfurt rooftops. Maxology rocked the decks – with their music and love. The husband and wife DJ duo were vibrating the people’s body with their deep sound. It was infectious, and we couldn’t stop dancing! Everyone looked so glamorous and sophisticated, like a scene out of a movie. The evening at the Tree House turned out to be a chic and adventurous experience, with many wonderful surprises, and lots of fun!

After three nights of rest, the next adventure was calling my name. The destination was Zenzakan, where the Infiniti Gate greeted us with a long purple carpet, and a cool white FX, Vettel edition. Inside the dark glam restaurant, many stars and beautiful people were to be seen. Celebs that attended were: Marcus Schenkenberg, Christian Ulmen, Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, Wayne Carpendale, Annemarie Warnkross, Frauke Ludowig, Janin Reinhardt, Rebecca Mir and Barbara Meier, and all were enjoying their evening. I came with my very own star, my man, who happened to be the most handsome one at the event. I was on cloud nine this evening. Mouth-watering sushi and exotic wines were being served all around us, while camera flashes were going off every few seconds. A real 2.4 m Titan the Robot was walking and dancing around the crowd. He came up to me, and at first I was scared of him, so I backed away. The thing was huge! Then he came towards me, tilted his head to the side, and started singing, “Don’t you want me baby…” This melted my heart, and I burst into laughter. What a surreal and super cool experience! Now I can boast that I was romanced by a robot ;-) There was a certain buzzing energy gathering in the room, the lights got dimmer, and out of nowhere, neon glowing iLuminate aliens appeared on the stage! They danced for us, and like magic, disappeared back onto their spaceship! Then, with a loud thunder, we saw someone walk onto the stage. The bass started, and I thought that the speakers would explode from the ceiling. What a sound system! I felt the vibration within my entire body, and it was definitely hitting the right places. A purple light came on, and Paul van Dyk was standing behind the decks, doing what he does best – sending people on a wild journey. It was a night that I shall never forget!

The following evening was Italian night in the city. The fresh breeze brought out a sexy combination of fashion, sport cars and sophisticated Frankfurters. Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna joined forces to entice us with their style and elegance. The black carpet and flashing cameras were dominating the Goethestrasse, along with the futuristic 450 horse-powered cars. I felt so proud of my Frankfurt. Who knew how glamorous this little city could actually be! As we entered the store, sounds of excited talking and laughter filled my ears. Gildo Zegna and Harald Wester, the CEO of each company, were also there, the pride shown on their faces. The handsome Marcus Schenkenberg made another appearance this evening, along with other well known people. I took my time tasting the different wines, and trying on every single pair of sunglasses in the store. I have to admit that shopping after a few glasses of wine is quite pleasurable – somehow everything seems to magically fit well. Only the next morning did it dawn on me that the sunglasses are actually for men! But never mind, it was a shopping experience that I shall never forget! ;-) I met some lovely people, and had a great time catching up with old friends. This was a truly fabulous event!

Frankfurt only opens up and shows its true beauty to specific people. The thing about Frankfurt is that you will either love it, or hate it. If you love it, that means that the city has chosen to open up to you and show you its beauty. If you hate it, then tough luck, the city will not open up to you. Frankfurt is chic. Frankfurt is real. Frankfurt has charm, beauty and charisma. Frankfurt is unique, and has everything to offer that you can dream of, and more! Frankfurt has love to give, and I can say that I am lucky to live here. Frankfurt, I ❤ You!

Text_Gali+Paul_van_Dyk Text_Gali+Marcus_Schenkenberg

Christmas 2011 bowling photo shooting

Christmas 2011 bowling photo shooting 1852 2416 Galia Brener

Journal Frankfurt did a special about what to do during the Christmas holidays, and what Frankfurt celebrities are doing during this time.






MyCity magazine interview – May 2013

MyCity magazine interview – May 2013 980 1034 Galia Brener

Here is my interview with the Russian German luxury lifestyle magazine called “MyCity”. They chose a local hero to talk about the luxury life in Frankfurt, Germany.











“In bed with Galia” – My video column is coming soon!

“In bed with Galia” – My video column is coming soon! 1716 1596 Galia Brener

Journal Frankfurt  – 12.04.2013

Press for my upcoming video column ”In bed with Galia”. We will shoot the videos in the ROOMERS Hotel in Frankfurt. It is a beautiful, trendy and chic 5 star hotel, with mysterious hideaways and luxurious large beds. The perfect place to talk about love and sex! ;-)


GB Flirt School 2012

GB Flirt School 2012 800 1158 Galia Brener

Journal Frankfurt – 21.12.2012

The first GB Flirt School event at the Frankfurt Christmas market in December 2012.

5 chosen winners accompanied me to the Christmas Market last winter. I gave them hands-on live lessons about flirting, making eye-contact, starting conversations, avoiding shyness, etc. 4 lucky ladies went  home that evening with a phone number, and had lovely dates the following week. All in all, it was lots of fun, and a huge success! :-)








My column is coming out! :-)

My column is coming out! :-) 1354 437 Galia Brener

The announcement of my column “Yes, No, Maybe” in Journal Frankfurt! I’m so excited to share my thoughts with you dear friends and readers! :-)

Journal_Frankfurt 09.11.2012_Yes, No, Maybe? promo_3 Journal_Frankfurt 09.11.2012_Yes, No, Maybe? promo_1

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