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Vlog #9: Galia Brener, Claudia and Thomas Anders with Raffaele and Martina De Filippo

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I had a really cool adventure with my friend Claudia Anders in Koblenz. We went to the De Filippo boutique, where we both had our measurements taken and got really amazing custom-made blazers. The unique part is that we chose every single detail and element of the blazer. It was like a mix-and-match your own adventure outfit... a truly awesome experience!

Thomas Anders “Modern Cooking” book launch party

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What an amazing evening at Thomas Anders “Modern Cooking” book launch party. Thank you my dear Claudia for the invitation. The food was absolutely delicious! Buy the book and try the recipes, you will love them!  Published by Tre Torri Verlag.

VIP Lounge opening at Frankfurt airport

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As my doorbell rang, I flew downstairs and was escorted by a handsome young man into the stylish Bentley. A strong feeling of serenity and bliss washed over me, while the sun rays kissed my face, as we made our way towards my favorite airport. The destination was: the VIP lounge opening at the Frankfurt airport!