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Tbilisi Fashion Week 2015 – Part 1

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Last month, I was delighted to get an email from a beautiful friend of mine, Keti Bochorishvili, who is the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. She told me that Tbilisi was having a fashion week and wanted me to be part of it. I was very honored to get such a lovely invitation and of course I agreed without hesitation! I was really excited because I heard so many positive things about the Georgian culture, food and traditions. What I was also really looking forward to was seeing the fashion style designed and worn there.

Last day of Tbilisi Fashion Week

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The last day of the Tbilisi Fashion Week has arrived. I wish it would last all month! ❤️ My outfit for today is: dress - a gift from my bff Jasmin, bag "Ladies First" - Chanel, boots - Jimmy Choo, bracelets - Hermès, key necklace - Tiffany and Co. Photo by Azizayes. #Galiainaction #Galiaoutfits #Galiaevents

Taking a short break between the fashion shows ❤️

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Small break between the fashion shows ❤️ Today's outfit: bag - Chanel, shoes - Jimmy Choo, bracelet - Hermès, dress - H&M. Happy at the Tbilisi Fashion Week! So many new impressions and experiences for me here! #galiainaction #galiaoutfits #Galiaevents

Tbilisi Fashion Week 2015 – here I come!

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Good news! I was invited to Georgia next week for the Tbilisi Fashion Week 2015! I will do live blogging for you dear readers and update you with photos, videos and a nice article from Tbilisi. It's so exciting for me to discover the Georgian fashion and culture! HappyGali ♥