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Vlog #10: Galia Brener and Alexander Palacios – Exhibition @Sofitel Frankfurt Opera

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Alexander Palacios is having his exhibition "SICHTWEISEN" at the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera, starting from October 18th until January 31st. If you are curious to see his amazing art, come and take a look!

VLOG Episode 2: “La Parisienne” Galia Brener, Ambassador of Sofitel Frankfurt Opera

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NEW VLOG - Episode 2  "Galia's Digital Diary". What a wonderful event at the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera! It’s an honor for me to be the ambassador for Sofitel. “La Parisienne” - the photo exhibition will be at the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera until the 29th of March. Go check it out!

My Luxury Birthday Weekend at the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera

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Who would think that it’s possible to have such an amazing luxurious birthday holiday in your own city? Read here about my awesome Sofitel Frankfurt Opera adventure full of delicious food, exquisite drinks, wellness, party, relaxation and a chic photo shooting!