The Alfa Romeo “Red Night”

The Alfa Romeo “Red Night” 1800 1350 Galia Brener

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The night that I have been waiting for a few weeks has finally arrived. “Red Night” in Frankfurt was all about cars, speed, party, innovation, Frankfurt, Italy, food, drinks, VIPs, music and fun! I have been looking for a proper red dress for over a month, but being the underground rebel that I am, I settled for an all black number, designed by my good friend Marina Reimann. The Red-Thursday arrived and I made my way to the modern Alfa Romeo showroom, located on the cool industrial Hanauer Landstrasse.

For those that know me, know my insane love for cars, especially sports cars. Therefore one huge question that came to my mind was: How can a “SUV-Alfa Romeo-Sports-Car” possibly look like? This was the same question that I am sure many had asked – quite intriguing and very mysterious. Therefore I packed all my gadgets and latest technology, threw on my wild black dress and set off on my adventure!

Upon my arrival, I noticed the chic red carpet laid out in the front entrance, leading inside and awaiting the fabulous guests to arrive. There were large spotlights hanging around the carpet, giving the perfect glam effect. The Stelvio was hiding underneath a black magic cape, waiting to be revealed and admired. Inside, the tables were adorned with delicious food to be savored and enjoyed. The bar boasted a nice variety of drinks and the beautiful hostesses were running around in enticing red dresses. Everything was set to perfection and the “Red Night” was quickly filling up with a cool crowd. Within a half hour, over 250 guests had arrived, and the DJ was spinning a nice house beat, making it quite easy to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Staying true to their roots, the Italians were at the event as well, representing their love for design and heritage. I met the Alfa Romeo CEO and his lovely wife and both were quite impressed by the great turnout in our awesome city. I could see it in his eyes, he was very proud of their new Stelvio, especially when the car was unveiled and everyone was clapping loudly.

I got a chance to speak to Michael Bergmann, the branch manager, and he told me a few very cool things about the Stelvio. The thing that intrigued me the most was the fact that this SUV actually behaves like a sports car. Meaning that it feels, drives, is built and reacts like a sport car and not a typical SUV. The interior gave me the same impression as well.

The International media described it as: “launched under the name Stelvio, it is the brand’s first SUV in over a century of history. Set to become the benchmark for the segment, the new model encapsulates the authentic Alfa Romeo spirit, incorporating the five ingredients that make it one of the world’s most desirable brands on the automotive stage: distinctly Italian styling; innovative, state-of-the-art engines; impeccable weight distribution; unique technical solutions; and an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.“

After my rendezvous inside the car, I made my way downstairs, and I noticed that the entire showroom was packed with curious, happy, laughing and dancing people, which is always a sign of a good event. I also loved the fact that everyone wore one red element in their outfits, perfectly matching the Red Night theme. Frankfurt is stylish and we Frankfurters love to have fun!

After revving up the engine a few times, trying out all the different dishes – at least 5 times around – and having some champagne sips, I looked at my watch and noticed that it was way past midnight, yet many of the guests were still there. Nobody wanted to leave because they were having a great time. As I went outside to film the goodbye part in my video, I looked up and saw the beautiful bright yellow Commerzbank Tower shining brightly at me, beckoning me to it. I really enjoyed my Red-Night-Dressed-In-Black evening! It was fun to see the cool Stelvio, meet new people and enjoy a lovely evening in my favorite city. All in all, another awesome Thursday evening in our small cosmopolitan city with a big attitude!

Check out my video of the Red Night event below – brought to you by Secret Pocket Society TV.

Many Hugs,

Your Gali



Tobias Grau Showroom Opening – 13.04.2015

Tobias Grau Showroom Opening – 13.04.2015 1200 400 Galia Brener

Yet another fabulous opening party took place last night in Frankfurt, at the Tobias Grau showroom, located at the Katzenpforte/Bleichstraße. Architects, designers, actors, bloggers, media and advertising people gathered yesterday to welcome the new era of futuristic posh lighting into our trendy little cosmopolitan city. The brains behind the progressive concept are Hamburg natives, Tobias Grau and his wife Franziska Grau.


They both welcomed their guests into their brand new 2-floor showroom, with a warm smile on their faces. One could see the pride and honor in their wonderful accomplishment. I’m a big fan of futuristic light design, but what caught my eye right away was Franziska’s beautiful red dress! No wonder Mr. Grau creates amazing pieces, with such a bright and wonderful wife by his side! It was the first time that I met the Grau-power-couple, and I have to say that I was positively impressed by their friendliness, warmth and creativity.


One could not help but notice the incredible light pieces hanging allover the showroom. Some were minimalistic and some extravagant, yet all were unforgettable. What’s even more fascinating is that the Bill table lamp was used in the James Bond 007 Skyfall movie. It’s definitely nice to know that such an International talent and creative brand like Tobias Grau can be found directly in the city center of Frankfurt!


As we continued our light tour, we were greeted by Daniel Tobias Etzel of the WAOH agency, who helped with the event and did a wonderful job once again with the invitations and organization. The catering for the opening was impeccable, and their lovely team was walking around, offering the guests delicacies to enjoy with a glass of cold wine.


I was quite lucky that evening because my outfit was given to me by my good friend Yulia Mettier, owner of the Dress Affairs boutique on the Berger Strasse. Therefore, I had the chance to make my appearance in an individual and edgy style, chosen personally by Yulia.


The beautiful lounge and house beats that evening were flowing from the creative hands of DJ Jondal, who is a producer, global music collector and corporate sound designer, with a very unique voice. I looked around and saw people swaying to his rhythm, and it was nice to run into a few designers and architects that I have not seen in a while. Everyone were saying how chic and fun the event is! Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, and smiles could be seen everywhere. The people were also saying how impressed they are with Mr. Grau’s amazing designs, and I couldn’t agree more! I am definitely getting a lamp for my office. All in all, it was a wonderful, fun, entertaining, delicious, chic and cool event in Frankfurt.


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