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Frankfurt, I ❤ You! (Part III)

Frankfurt, I ❤ You! (Part III) 1354 437 Galia Brener

Winter has arrived, and the cold air has swept up the sun and send her on holiday to the other end of the world. However, the disappearance of the sun does not mean that we have to run away as well. Quite the opposite actually, because we can stay right here in our beautiful Frankfurt and have the most fabulous winter ever. This city offers us many romantic hideaways, loud fun places, and warm cozy escapes where you can melt your worries away.

I surprised my boyfriend Tommy, and organizing a romantic weekend in our stunning Mainhattan. This was an exciting chance to see if one can really have a romantic getaway without getting away from the city – and to my surprise – it’s very possible! The T-Man came home and saw his small suitcase packed beside the door. At first the poor guy was very confused, but after I reassured him that no one is moving out, I asked him to dress up warm because we were about to go on a little adventure. The first stop was at the most beautiful Christmas market in the world, of course the one here in Frankfurt. We made our way straight to the cheese fondue stand and let the delicious warm cheese fill our stomachs with pure joy. The next mission: warm alcoholic drinks to jump-start the weekend. The older lady at the stand fell in love with Tommy, and kept topping off our drinks with large shots of rum. There is nothing wrong with prostituting your man for free drinks and front-row center places across the majestic Christmas tree. Of course the market would not be complete without the people beside us bitching about how shabby and lifeless the big tree looked. So like any other proud Frankfurter, I boldly defended the honor of our Christmas, and put those people back in their places. The Feuerzangenbowle-Lady, who happens to be a true Sachsenhausen’er, also fell in love with me for that, and gave us a drink on the house.

Laughing to the point of tears, we decided to leave before getting beaten up. Tommy lifted me up and carried me upside down on his back to the taxi stand. We drove quickly past the flat, picked up our bags and continued on our mission: Romance in FFM. He had no idea where the taxi was racing to, and with a nice illegal sharp turn, we drove into the driveway of the Villa Kennedy. As we walked in, the beauty of the old building took my breath away, and it was like stepping into a beautiful Italian Palazzo in the early 1900’s. I looked around, and felt as if the walls where whispering their romantic stories quietly in my ear. I knew right away that this would be a magical weekend. As we were guided to our suite, I couldn’t help but scream of happiness at the sight of a 1.5 meter real gingerbread cookie house! It was like being in a fairytale. The smell was absolutely phenomenal, and Tommy had to pull me away before I would start biting the roof.

We finally made our way to the huge suite, and started running around in circles, chasing each other through all of the rooms. Finally after the 7th round, we noticed the beautiful arrangement on the table, welcoming us to the Villa Kennedy. It looked like a work of art made of Murano glass, but actually it was beautifully arrayed chocolate and fresh fruit, which were placed there to sweeten up our stay. Next to the fruit, I found a handwritten card from the beautiful Katharina Metternich, welcoming us to the glorious Villa. Now that’s what I call a fabulous woman with style and class!

It was time to get dolled up and take my handsome man for a nice dinner. We went downstairs, and started the evening with proper Bloody Marys and worked our way to Rib Eye steaks with French Fries. I finished all 320 grams of my meat, which was one of the best steaks I have had in a while. The meat was perfectly prepared medium rare, just the way I like it. I must have been a man in my past life, because for me, love definitely goes through the stomach. As we heard the piano from the bar, I looked at my T-Man, then looked around at the heart-warming ambiance of the Gusto restaurant, and felt that the world was at peace on this wintery Saturday evening. On the way back up, we found some hidden stairs that connect the second and third floor, which gives one the perfect hiding place for secret kisses! As we walked into the suite with happily satisfied smiles upon our faces, I took the “Do not disturb” sign – which is the perfect sign for romantic weekends – and hung it on the door.

If the love and effort are there, even the sun comes back for a nice morning kiss. The last part of my surprise was about to take place. I booked us the Romantic Moments massage, which is a treatment for two in the partner room, decorated with rose petals. We were served champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and delicious pralines to go with our relaxing body massage. It was heaven on Earth, or rather heaven in Frankfurt. We left the Villa Kennedy happy, relaxed, and smiling at each other like two naughty teenagers. After coming home from such a romantic weekend, of course all balance had to be restored, and Tommy made me watch the Godfather movies with him. This was a very magical weekend for me, and actually even better than getting away! No far distance to fly or drive, and such fun and relaxation directly inside the city. My love for Frankfurt grows each day, because this city slowly opens up so many of its mysterious to me. There is something about Frankfurt that other cities can only dream of, and that’s authenticity. We can do apple wine. We can do rock. We can do cool. We can do chic… and we can definitely do romance! Frankfurt, you will always have my love.

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