BILD am Sonntag – Gali & Roger – 02.04.2017 ❤️

BILD am Sonntag – Gali & Roger – 02.04.2017 ❤️ 1800 1170 Galia Brener

Cute article in the BILD am Sonntag today, 02.04.2017, about my relaxation habits and Roger :-) Thanks Papa for building this amazing robot for me. I still love him like on the first day I saw him! 




Beauty Village – Day Spa

Beauty Village – Day Spa 1200 400 Galia Brener

Last week, I was delighted to find out that finally there is a proper day spa around the Frankfurt area. This concept, which is quite popular back home in North America, has been missing here, but finally the time has arrived! My friend Ioana Andrei informed me of this fabulous place, and being the curious cat that I am, we set out together to have a look at this beautiful creation by Ljudmila Spomer.


The idyllic drive to the Beauty Village was already the beginning of the relaxation process. The greenery all around us represented leaving the city and stress behind. When we arrived at the Beauty Village, we were greeted by the beautiful Ljudmila Spomer with a bright warm smile. She gave us delicious healthy smoothies and tapas to start the tour of her lovely 600 square meter day spa. What I noticed right away was the wall display of her amazing products in the reception area. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the wall full of Peter Thomas Roth products. I love their CC cream, and usually order it online from the states, which includes a very pricy overseas shipment fee. But now I finally have a place to buy my PTR CC cream here. Thank you Beauty Village!


Just by looking at Ljudmila’s skin and body, I could tell that this lady definitely knew what she was doing. She looked flawless! She started off by showing us the top floor. Each guests receives a welcome smoothie drink and that’s where the face magic begins! After a facial, one can get the Meso Laser Premium therapy, which injects hyaluronic, vitamins and nutrients into the skin with a laser. Or the new JetPeel therapy, which works 4,5mm underneath the skin with special ingredients such as salt, vitamin B, vitamin A+E, hyaluronic and more. They also have a new style of Botox injections that gives you the natural look and allows movement and mimic to stay on the face. No more plastic-doll face, welcome to Botox 2.0 my dears! Ljudmila said that her therapies are the perfect preparation before and after plastic surgeries, to allow the skin to be fresh and clean for a proper start and healing treatment after. The treatments are cosmetic, esthetic and medicinal. The manicure and pedicure areas are also located on the top floor. There are peelings and masks, even for very dry feet. Along with gel nails, vinylux, lash extensions, lash lifts, permanent make-up, waxing and more.


Next, Ljudmila took us to the downstairs area. Here is where the deeper relaxation takes place. Along with a state of the art bio dry sauna (up to 100 degrees), bar and lounge area, one can eat, drink – Champagne as well, and shop as long as the heart desires. There is no entrance fee like at other spas. At the Village, you can book packages such as the “Business Lady Time”, “Gala”, and even for the guys: “Mann-O-Mann”, “Detox” – including spa time, facials, manicure, pedicure, Meso and JetPeel treatments, hair, makeup, face and body peeling, hyaluronic, laser therapy, Botox and more. Wellness snacks, smoothies and drinks are free on the house and are served anytime you are hungry – now that’s what I call amazing service! A bride can also book her beauty preparations here, which start one month before the wedding. Beauty Village also offers permanent hair removal sessions with the newest state of the art machine Alma Laser. Summer is coming, so why not start getting rid of that annoying hair once and for all. The day spa also offers rentals for large seminar rooms and includes a cheerful, colorful child-care area. I really loved the boutique inside as well, where you can buy clothing, shoes and accessories from beloved brands such as Michael Kors, Love Moschino, Roccobarocco, Anna Ritan and more. Also a hand picked collection by Ljudmila herself from up and coming designers such as Alexander Pavlov. (The photo of me in the red dress is a beautiful Pavlov creation.)


Ljudmila Spomer is very proud to call her Beauty Village – Day Spa a sanctuary for relaxation. In order to fully relax, enjoy and let go of the stress, one must be alone in a quiet surrounding or with the ones they love. The day spa allows you to book for yourself alone in complete privacy or with a partner, quality mother-daughter time, birthday party, bat mitzvah, bridal shower, bachelorette party or any other special occasion. It is a place of peace and relaxation to come enjoy, unwind and let yourself be free of worries. The best part is that you can see immediate results after just one treatment.


The opening event is on Saturday May 30th between 12-4pm. You are invited to join the event and experience a free test treatment, delicious Sekt drinks and delicacies for your taste buds, a day spa tour, skin diagnostics and consultation from the experts. I will be there as well, along with Ioana Andrei of Minemedia International, who is in charge of this glamorous event and opening. Ms. Andrei is the mastermind behind many chic events in Frankfurt, and when it comes to PR, she knows best what people like and want, so I am sure that it will be one hell of an opening, never to be forgotten! I am already very excited about next week!


See you there dear friends and readers!





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D-61130 Nidderau

Telefon: +49-(0)6187-99 44 5 33
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Yoga 4 inner peace in a crazy world

Yoga 4 inner peace in a crazy world 1354 437 Galia Brener
I must admit that for many years I thought of yoga as a very cheesy new age thing that must be avoided at all cost. I come from a martial arts background – I did Karate and Kung Fu for a while. I evaded yoga for as long as I could, backing out of every chance and offer to try it. I thought I would fall asleep during a class while the hippies were chanting their OMs, and imagined everyone naked in a big orgy in the changing rooms. Needless to say, yoga was as far away from my world, as meat is for vegans. Until one day, a cute guy I was dating back then convinced me to join him in a class, and I met my beautiful teacher, and now friend, Saskia D. Little did I expect this funny thing called yoga to change my life so much.

My close friend Gloria went through a tough bitter breakup with her boyfriend this year. I remember when they met it was like a scene from a movie. We were at a bar opening and she went to the bathroom. When she came out to wash her hands, she looked at herself in the mirror, and looked into her eyes. Yet somehow her eyes looked slightly different. She was confused for a split second, but then she realized there was no mirror hanging on the wall. It was connected to the men’s bathroom with shared sinks. She was actually staring into a handsome man’s eyes and not her own! Matt was washing his hands right across from her, and they had the same eye color. Needless to say, it was love at first sight!

Two years passed by, and Gloria decided to continue her education. She wanted to get an MBA and have a good job. Matt didn’t like this idea. He wanted her always by his side and didn’t want her to spread her wings. They had horrendous fights about this, and he said she either starts a family immediately with him or they break up. Gloria had to actually beg him to study! Instead of being supportive of her, he tried to manipulate her to do as he wants. Fight after fight, the relationship got weaker and harder for Gloria to deal with. She longed for her dream job and an education to be proud of! Matt wouldn’t have it her way. It was either his way or the highway! He broke up with her, and Gloria felt her world shatter into many pieces. Matt married the next thing that came along, but his dreams for a family still didn’t come true. Maybe karma, maybe not, but the fact that he kicked Gloria out of his life simply because she wanted to better herself, was respect less and actually a sin.

Gloria didn’t know what to do. She loved him so much, and the pain was so strong that she was simply lost. She tried therapy and even medication, but nothing worked. She was dead inside and couldn’t feel anything anymore. One day her mother gave her a gift certificate to Balance Yoga in Frankfurt. She started going there, and over the months saw a dramatic improvement. Not only did she loose the “extra relationship kilos”, but she also started losing the pain. Gloria said that while doing yoga, she didn’t think of her ex at all, and her mind could finally rest for those 90 minutes during the class. Yoga was the only thing that gave her release from her intense anxiety and sadness after the breakup. Gloria still can’t explain why and how, but yoga helped her to let go of the hurt in her body and heart. Doing intense yoga would exhaust her to the point where she came home, dropped into bed, and slept without disturbance. She said that yoga “balanced” her emotions – and she didn’t need the anti depressives anymore that her doctor prescribed after the breakup. Piece by piece, her heart was healing, and pain was melting away. Yoga allowed her to start “feeling” again.

Being a Kung Fu panda myself, I believe in using energies to heal what’s damaged in the body. I have also experienced some hardships this year, and have to agree with Gloria. Yoga has some magical power, which helps to disengage from your problems and allow inner peace to enter your body and heart again. I can’t tell you how the magic works, but it does. As much as I doubted yoga before, it also helped me to work on my problems and helped heal my sorrows. I can highly recommend it to you all, and we also have men in our group as well. If you are going through some problems, yoga can definitely help to bring peace of mind and balance back into your life again. It also helps to warm up and stretch your muscles, so you leave the class feeling 10 feet tall, and stronger than before! Helping your flexibility, yoga affects the way you walk and move your body. It adds sex appeal, boosts the self-confidence, not to mention make your body look smoking hot! So instead of crying your guts out after losing a job, or a breakup, go to a yoga studio and do something good for yourself. Life is short, so why get stuck on a man that didn’t even appreciate you?

Start loving yourself more, and this will attract good people into your life that will love you too – maybe even your true love ❤

Give each other space

Give each other space 1354 437 Galia Brener

You know that feeling when you’ve been single for a long while and finally meet a really wonderful person? You start seeing each other once a week, and then spending more and more time together. You go out and have fun, watch shows, movies, dancing, theater, restaurants, galleries, events, sports, meet up with friends, sleep over at each other’s place, and and and. You fall in love, and want to spend every waking moment together. But before you start dominating each other’s time, think again! Love can be quickly suffocated if no space is given.

My friend Gloria met a man whom she assumed was her soulmate and the love of her life. The attraction and connection was instantaneous. This was what most people would call “love at first sight.” They met and were already holding hands and caressing each other after the first hour! It felt just perfect. Gloria and Tony started spending a lot of time together. Actually, they did everything together. They understood each other so well, and sometimes even had moments when one knew what the other was thinking about. Indeed it was magic. They never got tired of each other, and could talk about different things for hours and hours each day without getting bored. When they were not home together, they chatted on the phone or wrote each other. They quickly became best friends as well and lovers.

After a few months Tony moved in with Gloria, and they had their little paradise in the city. But the flat was rather small for two people, and slowly the problems started to appear. I didn’t see Gloria for months at a time. She disappeared into the “Lover’s Black Hole” where she stayed in her pink cocoon with Tony. Those two were attached at the hip, and didn’t spend much time with any of their friends, only relying on each other for company. At the beginning it was ok, but after a while it became a real strain on their relationship. Tony wanted to stay at home a lot and didn’t like to go out. Gloria used to go out with us for dinner, movies, events, etc. but ever since meeting him, she didn’t spend much time with her friends. This went on for one and a half years. Eventually they were fighting more, and had no place to escape to, in order to get a bit of calmness and space, because their flat was small. So they would flee to their parent’s house in order to avoid the other. This was a big mistake, because it drove them even further apart. The fights increased, and the atmosphere at home was sharp like a knife. Eventually one day the relationship snapped and broke down. There was too much tension and pressure. Had they given each other more space in the first place, none of this would have happened. They took each other very much for granted due to their ego and false pride. This shows that even the most precious love can wither and die if not given any room to breathe and flourish.

This is not only the case with fresh new love, but also long relationships. In order for the bond to stay strong, each partner needs time and space for themselves. To meet friends, work on their hobbies and get a chance to have a life outside of the home and relationship. Ladies it’s a big mistake to forget your friends as soon as you have a new boyfriend. They were there for you during good and bad times, and they will always be there for you. So please don’t exclude them out of your life as soon as you have a new man! I would also suggest for you to have a regular girl’s night out evenings to stay in touch and close to your friends. You had a life before the man, so make sure to keep it while he’s in your life. Your partner will also find you more appealing knowing that you have your own things to do, and not just simply hang onto him all the time. No man likes that. The more you show him your independence, the more drawn he will be to you! I don’t know why, but the busier I am, and the more I have going for me, the more I feel the man is drawn to me. Strange but it always happens that way. I also had to learn this the hard way in a similar situation to Gloria.

It’s also important that the man has regular nights with his guys. Never ever try to separate a man from his guys. He will grow to resent you for this. Always give him space to do his things and see his friends and family. You can meet family and friends together as well, but please give each other the option and space to do this on your own too. My friend’s boyfriend once said, “It’s ok not to see each other for a few days. It gives you both a chance to miss each other.” Back then I thought that was a stupid thing say, but now I think it’s brilliant! The more space you give each other, the more you miss your partner, and can’t wait to be in each other’s arms again. It’s also nice to gather experiences and nice things that happened to you while apart, and share them with your partner. Like coming back from a mission while collecting secret data to share with your loved one! After all, you want a man, and not a pet, right? The strange and funny thing is that it’s a reversed psychology trick really – give them space, and they will come running to you!

Bild newspaper 16.08.2014

Bild newspaper 16.08.2014 1354 437 Galia Brener

Just found this in the Bild newspaper on Saturday. It’s true – I love Ibiza! My special Island full of magic, inspiration and love. Thank you Jörg Ortmann and Bild newspaper for this lovely photo and article about me ♥



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