Destroy the shit before 2015 – Part 1

Destroy the shit before 2015 – Part 1 1354 437 Galia Brener


It’s that time again when the year is winding down and we are confronted with our demons. Some call this the “Holiday Blues”, thinking they might be depressed, sad or lonely, but it’s much deeper and more important than just that. It’s a crucial time that will determine how you step into the next year and which direction your life will go. This is a tough love article, so I might seem somewhat harsh, but it’s for our own good.

Like it or not, a new year is a “reset”. Even if you don’t believe in this, your brain is subconsciously influenced by the thought of a “new start”. If you are honest with yourself, there are some things that you can change and improve about your life. In order to do so, you must first destroy the existing defective base before you build a new structure. No one builds a new luxury building on a rotten old foundation. Never! First everything is destroyed, cleaned out, and then rebuilt.

This week I deal with the points of elimination and destruction of the bad things in your life that drain your happiness. (Next week I will address how to rebuilt a new foundation).

1. Get rid of the toxic people in your life. Cut off anyone that hurts and drains you. They won’t help you grow and will only deplete your goodness with their needy problems and dramas. Be tough even if it seems merciless. You are not their emotional garbage bin so don’t let them dump their shit in your life. Enough!

2. Forgive. This is a tough point, especially if someone has hurt you badly. Regardless if the were friends, exes or colleagues, forgive all these idiots that hurt you. You are doing this for yourself and not for them! You don’t have to speak to them or see them again – but forgiveness allows you to burn away “your” pain and anger, which is blocking you from the good new things.

3. Say NO. We do too many things to be “good” for others, and sometimes even do what we don’t want to. Stop it immediately and don’t hesitate to say NO! Stop going against yourself. By the way, the others will respect you actually more for standing your ground.

4. Nothing is personal. Remember; when people do or say something mean to you, it’s their issue and not yours! Destroy the ability to let others make you feel bad and guilty for no justifiable reason. Don’t take shit from no one, especially when they are trying to deliberately offend or hurt you.

5. Learn to be selfish. We give and give and give so much, but forget ourselves in the process. The love you gave your ex or so-called friend, give that to yourself now. Love yourself truly, because you deserve it. It’s your life so do what’s good for you.

6. Let go. How willing you are to let go of stinky old garbage depends on how much you truly love yourself. Not letting go brings emotional, physical and mental pain and illness. If you really want to be happy and healthy, then you have no choice but to let go of the past and make place for the good things and people in your life.

7. Destroy all bad habits. Easier said than done? No. If you truly want to be healthy and not die, then you can do it. It’s all about willpower, making that “1 decision” and sticking to it! Stop smoking. Stop taking drugs. Stop drinking alcohol excessively (only in moderation). Stop eating damaging food. If you can’t do it alone, then get external help and stop hurting yourself.

8. Throw away all the junk you don’t need. Like the bad people that collect dust in your life, so do the things that you don’t need. I hate going into homes that are cluttered with “stuff” because I can’t breathe there. Your home reflects your inner self, so why block yourself with useless things? Take a big garbage bag on the weekend, go from room to room, throw away the small crap and destroy the clutter. Keep it simple. Give the clothing and things you don’t need to charity.

Like my Papa always tells me, “Make a solid firm decision and stick to it. Going back and forth will only bring more pain and insecurity.” Some of these 8 points may sound tough, but are necessary in order to move into a better life and a happier new year. We must never stop to work on ourselves and develop for the better. We have this one life, so why deprive ourselves of complete happiness?

Next week comes part 2 about rebuilding the good after the destruction of the bad.

To be continued …

12 things happy single girls do

12 things happy single girls do 1354 437 Galia Brener

I will be direct and not spare any feelings in this article. Life is short and you should live, enjoy and be happy while you can (single or not). Last night sitting on my couch, I realized that absolutely everything in life is pretty much temporary – either longer or shorter periods of time, but never forever. That’s why it’s time for us to wake the hell up and start living a happy live NOW.

1. Sports. Happy girls are balanced girls. I do yoga because it gives me peace at heart, and keeps me sane, especially when I have stressful and difficult situations to deal with. I enter the yoga school with thoughts about everything, and exit with an empty mind. It’s worth gold to just breathe and not think about your crap for a while. Sports help us stay healthy, beautiful, and allow our brain to rest from the constant mind fuck that we put it through.

2. Take care of themselves. Single does not mean dead. Happy single girls continue to shave their sweet parts, and take the best care of their hair, nails and skin. They take vitamins to boost their immune system, never miss a teeth cleaning at the dentist, and make sure they go to the gynecologist to get everything checked up. Happy single girls love and make themselves their own top priority. To be brutally honest, and what I’ve heard from people’s situations, is that nobody needs a sick partner.

3. Spend time with friends and family. Life is not only about romantic love, and having a partner. Single happy girls are grateful for every opportunity to spend time with the ones dear to them. They appreciate the true gifts in life – of having a best friend, and family that love them like no one else does. Remember my words: everything is temporary – and parents will not be here forever. Spend as much time with them as you can… before it’s too late.

4. Shopping. No boyfriend? No problem! Being single leaves you with more money to spend on yourself. Spoiling yourself is a privilege that you should get used to. However, also saving a bit every month is very important because it gives you financial freedom, which is a bloody amazing feeling!

5. Spend time alone. Spending time alone is very peaceful for me. I sometimes lock myself in for the entire weekend, and watch DVDs, write my articles, pig out on Russian pilmeni, sort out my closet, do some facial masks, sleep, rest, read, draw, and the list goes on. A single happy girl must be able to spend time on her own. Life is not over if you have no boyfriend, quite the opposite actually, it gives you time to relax and do the stuff you love – whenever and how long you want to.

6. Let go. Single happy girls let go of expectations and pressure to meet a guy. They know and have faith that the right man will come when the time is right, and not stress themselves and their friends about it. Single happy girls are confident, know their own worth, and are never desperate. They don’t take any shit from a man, and would rather be single than together with a schmuck.

7. Live in the present. Happy girls are not stuck in the past with thoughts of how amazing the time with their ex-boyfriend was, while shedding painful tears. They also don’t dwell too much in the future thinking how happy they will be when they finally find their true love. Happy girls live in the present, because they know that life can pass by in a blink of an eye. Living in the past in a crazy illusion – it’s not real, and a ridiculous waste of time.

8. Get enough sleep. A well-rested girl is a happy girl. Never underestimate the power of sleep! The body regenerates itself during sleep, which means better skin, rested calm nerves, no dark circles under the eyes and more energy. This all contributes to a daily happy-feeling. The great thing about being single is having the bed all to yourself. Plus there is nobody snoring beside you, keeping you awake and irritated all night.

9. Optimism. Happy single girls stay optimistic. No matter what hardship they have been through in life, they keep their strength and don’t let anything break them or kill their spirit. Nobody on this planet is worth your damaged nerves and health. The happy girl will see all bad occurrences as an opportunity to better herself, learn a life lesson and grow. Winners are able to create their own happiness – it’s your own choice!

10. Commit to goals. Happy single girls don’t have time to complain about how lonely they are, because they actually have goals to achieve in their life. Instead of wallowing in miserable self-pity, happy women get off their ass and achieve something! They complain less, and accomplish more.

11. Surround themselves with happy people. Happiness attracts happiness. Likewise negativity attracts misery. Get rid of all the energy vampires in your life. You know those people that always have dramas and complain about everything? They are toxic. No matter how much you try to motivate and help them, they never learn. Happy single girls stay away from these people, and have friends that are positive, successful and well-balanced.

12. Happy single girls know how to masturbate well! They have perfect knowledge how to pleasure themselves and are not afraid to explore their own body. They know exactly where to touch themselves, how to do it, and what they need to reach an Earth-shattering orgasm. Happy girls have a great collection of vibrators, and are not afraid to use them!

So it’s really up to you… do you want to be happy or not?

Ho Ho Oh so SINGLE, and HAPPY for the holidays!

Ho Ho Oh so SINGLE, and HAPPY for the holidays! 1354 437 Galia Brener

The lights are hung in the city, and the festive holiday mood is spreading around like hungry mosquitos. Friends call to meet you at the Christmas market, which is already in full swing at the Römerberg in the middle of Frankfurt. When you arrive, you see the beautiful 28-meter tall Christmas tree decorated with magnificent bright lights, glittering in the evening sky. After a few minutes, you notice the many couples walking around you, holding hands, giving each other loving kisses, laughing, hugging – and all of a sudden, those tree lights turn into harsh blinking-blue reminders – making a mockery of your single holiday blues. The tree is not your friend anymore, and you escape to the next stall, in order to drown your sad thoughts with a few Glühweins.

Must the holidays be a constant reminder of how single you are? Does hearing ‘jingle bells’ every time you enter a store make you feel even lonelier? Let me shock you here for a minute… it doesn’t have to be that way! To be quite honest, being single during the holidays actually opens up a huge amount of possibilities to you. You are your own captain! You can accept or decline whichever holiday party invitations you wish, you can do whatever the hell you want to with your spare time, you can pamper yourself in a spa, you don’t need to buy your partner or their family any presents – think of all that extra cash you can now spend on yourself! Buy that sexy dress you saw in the store window, be the goddess that you are! You have more time to spend with your friends, or those you haven’t seen in ages, hang around more with your family, have extra time for your fun hobbies, take an exotic vacation during the holidays… basically, you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want to, and how you want to! That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Actually, it sounds quite fabulous!

Dave, a friend of mine, was telling me that last year he organized the most amazing Christmas party for his big love, Julie, and her family. He showered her with beautiful gifts, and made sure that everyone felt welcomed and comfortable in their home during the holidays. Instead of showing a tiny bit of gratitude, Julie was complaining that everything is going wrong, how he is not good or respectful enough to her family, that she is under too much stress due to trying to be perfect and accepted by his family. The holiday season was a devastating disaster for both of them, even though Dave tried his very best. (The single people reading this are now thinking…oh, thank God I do not have to deal with this crap!) Am I right? The way that I see it is that there are both positive and negative aspects for being single or attached during the holidays. Being in a relationship can be wonderful, but there are also times of stress, fights, emotional overflows, attempts at pleasing each other and the families, and more chaos. Do not concentrate and fixate on the thought of how amazing it would be to have a partner now. This will only cause more emotional pain, which is not really needed right now – frowning causes wrinkles, and is not a good accessory to your New Year’s Eve outfit! So what, you’re single? Believe me, you’re not the only one out there. It’s not the end of the world, (Actually it might be, but we shall see in 2 weeks ;-) it’s just another year that some more holidays go by. So you see dear single boys and girls, being solo during the holidays is not so bad… instead of being sad, go and enjoy yourself, flirt, bake, dance, sing, work out, continue that stamp collection from childhood, learn Mandarin… there is so much to do!

The flirt-factor in December is quite high! The snowflakes are falling, and people want to have fun at the Christmas parties. So instead of wasting time and feeing down and depressed about being solo, take your fabulous self to a salon. Get a stunning new hairstyle, buy a seductive new outfit, and make plans with your dear friends for the next few weeks, including New Year’s Eve. You are fantastic and have no time for pitying yourself! You are a warrior of love, and deep down you know that the “right” person will come when the time is right! So why wait? Go out there, have fun and enjoy your life… good things shall come!


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