Germany’s Next Top Model 2019

Germany’s Next Top Model 2019 1518 2048 Galia Brener

A huge thanks to Daniel Kramer and Facebook for this awesome invitation. We had such an amazing day and evening at Germany’s Next Top Model 2019! 😍❤️

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WIth the Jonas Brothers
Thank you Daniel Kramer and Facebook!
The gBag meets Facebook.

Frankfurter Neue Presse – Silvester 2016/17- Galia Brener

Frankfurter Neue Presse – Silvester 2016/17- Galia Brener 1280 1280 Galia Brener

FNP – Frankfurter Neue Presse: Behind the scenes video – Silvester 2016/17 photoshooting. Article and photo coming out on the 31st of December in the #fnp. Thank you dear Jutta Failing, Bernd Kammerer, Enrico Sauda and the Sofitel for the super fun day! ❤️ #nofilter #noediting #noretouching #raw #reality

I wish you a great 2017 dear friends! A good year full of health, love, prosperity, joy and fun! May all your dreams and wishes comes true in 2017. This is your year!

Many hugs, Your Gali

Check out the behind the scenes video:


Galia Brener at the Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna premiere

Galia Brener at the Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna premiere 1600 1600 Galia Brener

What a wonderful and glamorous evening! A huge thanks to my dear friend and designer Albrecht Ollendiek for my wild circus outfit! ❤ Thanks to Jörg Ortmann and BILD for the lovely interview :-)

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Karl Lagerfeld Opening Event in Frankfurt

Karl Lagerfeld Opening Event in Frankfurt 1080 530 Galia Brener

Wednesday night was the long awaited opening event of the Karl Lagerfeld store in Frankfurt. I spoke to a few friends this week and everyone was very excited to come out and play. Not only was the new collection on display, but also original sketches drawn by Mr. Lagerfeld himself, decorated the walls of the store. It was a mixture of his famous fashion sketches along with drawings of himself, portraits and other models. It was very interesting to be so up close and person with his private works of art!

As we made our way into the store, we were greeted by Daniel Tobias Etzel of the WAOH agency, who did another fabulous job at bringing all of Frankfurt’s Who’s Who together and organizing such a glamorous event! I was excited to see some friends and acquaintances, which I haven’t seen in a while, and catch up about life, hanging out in the midst of the exciting flair. There were camera flashes going off in every corner of the store. The crowd was excited, enjoying the high of the bubbly champagne, beautiful handbags and crazy outfits!

I was pondering what to wear already weeks in advance. At the moment I’m having my blue period, like my wonderful idol Picasso. Blue is not my mood, but rather the shades of my current outfits. From blue bags to blue nail polish and blue dresses. Therefore naturally, I had to wear blue for the opening!

Knowing that Lagerfeld’s beloved color is black, going a completely different shade was not such a bad idea. Since I’m a cartoon nerd, I had to wear my new Japanese manga skirt. The extravagant blue silk design has various gold ancient God images all around the skirt. I fell in love with this unique piece as soon as I saw it in the store. What’s good enough for a leading manga character is good enough for me! To get the desired full puffy effect, I wore my largest petticoat underneath the skirt. I topped it off with a ribbed tank top of the same blue shade and a blue velvet bolero, to give the outfit a bit of a baroque touch. I needed a bit more “Bam”, so I work my little black rose hat and my vintage 50s gold purse. My feet were clad in my beloved platforms. Karl Lagerfeld has many cartoon characters on his accessories, so even thought the outfit was blue and not black, it still fit very well into the concept of the evening.

As we walked into the back of the room, we were handed a cold glass of champagne and macaroons, with Karl’s profile printed on top. What a chic and glamorous idea! The beautiful redhead Janet Maier and Ria were spinning their awesome house beats, adding some bass and funky sound to the fashion party. The attention was on them, as they spread the love. I must admit that the guests really made a great effort with their cool outfits, funky accessories and big statements! Many celebs were there, including my girl Sabrina Setlur, looking stylish and fabulous in her black sleek Lagerfeld dress.

I was walking around the store and taking photos, admiring the people around me, having fun and listening to the happy chatter. Many people were impressed by the event, saying that the Lagerfeld store is definitely an enrichment for Frankfurt and the Goethestrasse. I have to agree with them! I was also very impressed by the prices, making it affordable for everyone to find something that they love in the store.

Even thought Mercury Retrograde has started this week, I couldn’t help but notice the electric energy and smiles thrown around the bright store. I am happy to share with you my dears that yet again, another glamorous event was gloriously celebrated in my beloved Frankfurt. As the last glass of champagne was drunk, it was time to move on and indulge in a nice calorie-rich dinner. The girls were all hungry and calling my name. As I left the store, I turned around and glanced behind me, knowing that I will come back very soon indeed. Dear Karl, you are definitely more than welcomed to our little city with a big attitude!
































Outfit of the Day Special Feature: Burberry

Outfit of the Day Special Feature: Burberry 1080 530 Galia Brener

Heritage and Tradition.

When I think of Burberry, these are two words that come to mind. In my opinion, Burberry is one of those few brands that will always hold its high place in the fashion world, representing this strong connection to the past, present and future. In other words, Burberry is so classy that it will never go out of style!

It all began in 1856. Founded by 21 year-old Thomas Burberry in Basingstoke, England, the brand was beloved for its waterproof outdoor specialty. Mr. Burberry invented the gabardine – which is the water-resistant fabric that his Internationally beloved trench coats are made out of.

I’m obsessed with it – not only is Burberry the king of the tartan pattern, but it’s also a super versatile brand that can be combined and worn in an endless variation of styles.

I decided to walk a bit on the wild side this lovely spring afternoon – by wearing the chosen Burberry pieces with my favorite punk-influenced ripped jeans shorts and 12cm high-heeled boots. I’m a big fan of combining the wild rock black, slightly gothic look with a conservative chic flair. A strange combination, I know, but unique and very edgy. Aren’t we all born to be a bit wild?

Summer 2016 is almost here and with it comes the overwhelming urge to wear a splash of color. I personally love pattern clashing, like I did with the two different Burberry tartan colors – red and beige. Who says what is wrong or right? My advice is never to follow trends and simply invent your own individual look that makes you feel special.

We all have our own vixen, princess, queen, rock star, shy girl, dare devil, intellectual woman, femme fatale, girl-next-door, mother, child and angel living inside of us. My favorite thing to do is wear a completely different look as often as I can, which satisfies each individual facet of my character. Changing your look like a chameleon is not a bad thing at all – it allows you to discover yourself and see what feels right on the inside and outside.

Another super cool look for the Burberry blouse would be with tight black leather leggings, a blue jeans or black a-line skirt with a belt at the waist, or the classical beige riding pants. This look can be worn with pumps or flat biker / riding boots. Topped off with a proper hat and thin skin-tight gloves.

For me, fashion is a statement about how I feel at that very moment when I put my outfit on. Thomas Burberry started a legend back then that gave us a chance to scream our feelings out loud – in style and elegance.

Have fun with your clothing and self-expression.

Be free. Be wild. Be brave. Be yourself.






My Burberry pieces for this shooting are: yellow rain coat, bright blue short wool duffle jacket, men’s XXL shirt – which I wore with a thin black belt, a vintage bag and matching scarf.














Galia’s weekly favorite outfit picks – 21.03.2016

Galia’s weekly favorite outfit picks – 21.03.2016 1080 530 Galia Brener

Dear readers, 

I would like to share my favorite outfits of the week with you. Since it’s the official beginning of spring, I think that we can happily bring out the pastels and colors! This spring, I would like you to try wearing something bold… maybe something that you did not feel you can pull off the years before? Life is short and precious, so why waste another day blending into the background? This is our time now. Our time to live and enjoy!

Please share with us which one is your favorite piece?

Feel free to browse and enjoy!


Gali ♥ 

Kaufrausch bei TK Maxx!

Kaufrausch bei TK Maxx! 1080 530 Galia Brener

Endlich war es Donnerstag – der mit Spannung erwartete Tag der großen Designer-Shopping-Lieferung bei TK Maxx. Ich wusste zwar nicht genau was uns erwartet, aber als wir heute früh im Frankfurter TK Maxx ankamen war klar, dass das ein super Tag wird.

Eigentlich bräuchte ich gar nicht erwähnen, dass unsere Erwartungen mehr als nur übertroffen wurden.

An den Regalen hingen endlose Reihen mit Designer-Konfektionen, die darauf warteten abgehängt, anprobiert, nach Hause genommen und geliebt zu werden! Wir Mädels stürzten sofort auf verschiedenen Wegen los und häuften die erbeuteten Schätze in unsere Einkaufswägelchen.

Da wir bereits eine Stunde vor der offiziellen Ladenöffnung eingeladen wurden war zunächst außer uns niemand jemand da. Das reichte aber schon völlig aus um sofort ein lautes, begeistertes, glückliches Shopping-Chaos auszulösen. Schnäppchenjagd hat irgendetwas an sich, das den Blutdruck hochjagt und Adrenalinschübe auslöst!

Die außergewöhnliche Freundlichkeit des TK Maxx Personals hat mich sehr angenehm beeindruckt. Alle waren gerne bereit uns mit Größen, Farben, verschiedenen Modellen und allgemeinen Fragen weiter zu helfen. Obwohl wir schon so früh da waren begrüßten sie uns mit einem freundlichen Lächeln und waren voller Begeisterung in jeder Art und Weise behilflich. Applaus für ein so großartiges Team!

Wir brauchten volle zwei Stunden um die erste Etage komplett nach Klamotten zu durchkämmen und dabei hatten wir es noch nicht einmal zu den Schuhen im Obergeschoss geschafft! Da ich kleine Füße habe war dann doch noch einiges in Größe 37s für mich übrig. Eine Freundin überraschte mich in einem Moment als ich gerade unter all den Schuhen mitten im Durchgang begraben war. Sie musste derart heftig lachen, dass sie auf mich und den Schuhstapel fiel! Klarer Fall: unser Shopping-Tag war spaßig und voller Abwechslung. Ein herrlich fröhliches Erlebnis unter guten Freunden!

Es gab viele Designer- und Top-Markenartikel zur Auswahl. Dazu viele großartige Dinge für die Bereiche Home, Haustiere und Kinder. Ich war so wunschlos glücklich, alle diese verschiedenen Outfits vom ultra Roter-Teppich-Chic bis hin zum lässigen Casual-City-Style anprobieren zu können. Es gibt wirklich für jeden etwas bei TK Maxx! Dabei ist die Qualität der Stücke sehr gut und die Kollektionen sind up to date.

Bis die neue Saison beginnt werden noch jede weitere Woche neue Designer-Lieferungen eintreffen. Also, schnappe dir eine Freundin und gehe hin bevor alles weg ist!

Hier sind einige Schnappschüsse von schönen Outfits, die ich für mich herausgesucht habe. Ich bin gespannt auf eure Meinung!

Viel Spaß beim Einkaufen!


Herzliche Grüße,

eure Gali

(English version below the photos)



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Photos by: Polina Brener 












Shopping Excitement at the TK Maxx in Frankfurt!


Thursday has finally arrived and with it came the TK Maxx shopping excitement as well! I was not sure what to expect, but when we arrived in the morning, we knew that this would be a fun and happy day.

Needless to say that it was everything that we expected and more! There were rows after rows of designer clothing hanging on the racks – waiting to be picked up, tried on and adopted to take home and love! Us girls ran our separate ways to start filling our shopping carts with treasures. Since we were invited one hour earlier than the official store opening hours, there were only a few of us in the store, but it was enough to create a loud excited, happy, shopping chaos. There is something about bargain hunting that makes the blood boil and the adrenalin run wild!

I was very pleased to see that the TK Maxx staff is extremely friendly. They were very willing to help out with sizes, colors, models and any general questions. Even though we arrived so early, they greeted us with a warm smile and a happy enthusiasm, always willing to help. The staff was very well informed about all of the items available in the store, and were happy to assist in any way needed. Bravo to such a great team!

It took us 2 hours to completely go through all of the clothing on the first floor, and that was even without the shoes, which were upstairs! I have small feet, so there were many size 37s leftover for me. At one point, one of my friends came over and found me buried underneath all of the shoes in the middle of the isle! She was laughing to hard that she fell on top of me and the pile of shoes! Needless to say, our shopping day was very funny and enjoyable! A really fun and lovely experience to have with good friends!

There were many designer and top brand items to choose from. Many great things for the house, pets and children as well. I was happy to try on many different outfits ranging from ultra red carpet chic, to casual hanging out in the city style. There is really something for everyone at TK Maxx! I was also pleased to see that the quality of the clothing is very good, and the collections are up to date.

There are more designer deliveries coming in every week now before the new season starts. So grab a friend and get there before everything is gone!

Here are some behind-the-scene photos of nice outfits that I picked out for myself. Let me know what you think.

Have fun shopping!

Sending you a big hug,


Your Gali



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