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Premiere of the 33rd Brüder Grimm Musical – A Night Full of Politics, Fashion and Entertainment!

Premiere of the 33rd Brüder Grimm Musical – A Night Full of Politics, Fashion and Entertainment! 1699 2048 Galia Brener

An evening full of entertainment, politics and culture! 🎭🎪 Mr. Volker Bouffier, Mr. Tarek Al-Wazir, Guns N’ Roses and the G-Bag  At the premiere of the 33rd Brüder Grimm musical “Vom Fischer und Seiner Frau” in Hanau. Thank you dear Frank Kuhlmann, Jörg Müller and the Metropress Agency for the lovely invitation! ❤️ #premiere #brüdergrimm #hessen#gbag #fashiondesigner #galiainaction #galiabrener #secretpocketsociety



VIP Lounge opening at Frankfurt airport

VIP Lounge opening at Frankfurt airport 1280 720 Galia Brener

My day started off with a big bang of bright sunshine, as I opened my curtains to the wonderful view. The VIP shuttle was coming to pick me up at 9:30 am to drive me to the event. I’m a rather spontaneous lady, and didn’t have a single clue what I should wear that day. I knew that this is a very important and fabulous event, so I decided to go all out! Something wild and unforgettable. Luckily I received my psychedelic turquoise tutu a few weeks before and felt that this would be perfect for the occasion. I always trust my gut feeling and instincts, because they never deceive me.

As my doorbell rang, I flew downstairs and was escorted by a handsome young man into the stylish Bentley. A strong feeling of serenity and bliss washed over me, while the sun rays kissed my face, as we made our way towards my favorite airport. Instagramming and Snapchatting myself to oblivion, I haven’t realized that we finally arrived! My door was opened and I stepped onto the glamorous red carpet. There were many photographers and media people there, anticipating the celebrities to arrive. Smiling warmly at the cameras, I walked inside, curious beyond belief as to how the 1300m² lounge looks.

Upon entering the main area, I understood right away why the media and people speak so fondly about it! It’s basically everything one needs to relax in luxury and take a quiet time out while waiting for the plane to arrive. There are separate suites where the guests can escape to and spend their time as their hearts desire. There are different themes to each suite, making each new visit a unique experience. I was impressed by the bar and dining area and also the perfect gym and cigar lounge. Everything was designed to perfection by Bergit Gräfin Douglas, owner of MM Design in Frankfurt. What really caught my attention was the love to details. The juicy and happy colors on the walls, the sensual paintings, the remarkable books everywhere and much more! This is definitely a lounge that must be seen and experienced.

While making my behind the scenes video, I bumped into Kai Böcking, the beloved moderator. We talked about life and business ideas, while sipping on fresh orange juice. Later on, the glamorous Harald Glööckner and I had a nice chat in the oriental style suite downstairs. We talked about life, love and business. Harald told me how he came to his success. I have to say that he is a very warm, kind and sincere man, who left a very lovely impression on me. He has a very magnetic and inspiring presence. Harald was sweet and predicted my love future for this year and I was very happy to hear this prophecy! (See the funny video on my blog).

This chic VIP event brought many lovely people together. Thomas Anders of Modern Talking was there, who is a famous German singer, composer, and record producer. He was accompanied by his stylish wife Claudia Weidung-Anders. I have been gazing at Claudia’s outfit the entire day. It was a mixture between Coco Chanel herself and Karl Lagerfeld. We got a chance to chat in a quiet suite and make a nice mini photoshooting together. I was highly impressed by this ambitious, strong, chic, warm and lovely businesswoman. My dad is right, he says if the man is the head of the family, then the woman is the neck, which turns and leads! Smart man my Papa.

I was curious about Claudia’s business and she told me about her concept “HOME & DOGS”, which stands for understatement luxury. It includes everything from healthy, nutritious and gluten-free premium food to the chic dog bed & home accessories. Basically everything a dog and owner’s heart desires. She is inspired by the style of the Hamptons and Sylt, and one can definitely see her good taste!

After signing the VIP guest book and making a last round in the lounge, it was time to get into the Bentley shuttle and make my way back to the small city center with a big attitude. I have to admit that this was a very glam event. Everything was organized to perfection and all of the guests looked like they were enjoying themselves tremendously. I had a really great time as well and met many cool, new and interesting people. True to the lounge’s name, we were given the full VIP treatment and had all of our desires met. I will definitely come back to the lounge on my next trip!

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Front Row Society – Concept store opening in Frankfurt

Front Row Society – Concept store opening in Frankfurt 1600 875 Galia Brener

Frankfurt is becoming cooler and more chic each day! I’m extremely happy to see that the fashion industry is making its way to us, wanting to grace our city with beautiful creations. Last week I was invited to the opening of the Front Row Society concept store, and let me tell you, it was fabulous!

The amazing event was organized by Manuel Gies, owner of the STRATEGIES agency. He’s known in our lovely city for his other projects with Hugos Frankfurt, Jaguar Land Rover, Maserati and now, Front Row Society. He told me that he loves what he does because it’s his passion since 2009.

My friends picked me up at 7pm and we walked to the opening. I wore my favorite transparent Llobycats skull maxi dress and topped it off with a black peace necklace and my highest heels. As we approached the red carpet, we were greeted by Florian Ellsaesser, founder of the Front Row Society. Mr. Ellsaesser was quite charming and gave me a personal tour of his lovely concept store. He explained why his vision was so important to him, and I agreed about the uniqueness of his idea – merging fashion and art into one entity!

Front Row Society was founded in Berlin in 2011. It is a fashion brand with a contemporary aesthetic that combines sophisticated designs with subtle details. Each collection is developed in collaboration with a community of artists from all over the world. Each Front Row Society piece is a sophisticated translation of an artwork or technique into a beautiful, wearable garment made of high quality materials. Simplicity is paramount in Front Row Society’s collections; inspiring stories come to life in minimal designs that create a unique yet effortless style.

I think that this is a brilliant idea, because for example, with the limited edition Santiago Taccetti collection, nothing looks the same! Mr. Taccetti works his art masterpieces into the leather itself, making it a true one-of-a-kind piece. It’s great having something in your closet that nobody else has. Even if your best friend buys the same bag as you, yours will be different because it contains a different element of the artist’s work. This mirrors the theory of nature, where nothing is ever exactly identical. What a super cool concept!

Since I’m in a major backpack phase now, I had to get my hands on the beautiful black Laura bag – big enough for my daily carrying needs and also for traveling. I especially love the gold metal handle at the top, the small geometric-shaped slits on the leather and fine metallic elements throughout the bag!

Of course Frankfurters expect nothing less than a glamorous red carpet event, and that is exactly what we got at the opening last week. Arriving fashionably late at the Neue Rothofstraße, I was very pleased to see the “who’s who” of our city – celebs, fashion divas, famous singers, politicians, actors and producers, finance moguls, designers, and the list goes on and on. At the entrance, we were greeted by a lovely lady who placed a white satin ribbon around our wrist and ushered us into the large and very beautiful concept store. Everything, from top to bottom, was ultra modern. This is what I call chic-minimalism at its finest! Being the accessories lover that I am, I ran straight for the bags and scarves and loved what I saw!

The people were walking around the store, curious to touch this and that, enticed by the fine works of art and unique fashion pieces. I noticed how happy Mr. Ellsaesser was with the turnout of the opening event, and that made me happy as well, seeing how the Berliners were appreciating our fashion sense.

My friends and I were delighted to be there together, sipping sparkling wine, talking fashion and enjoying this fabulous evening. After a few hours, I noticed that it was getting late and I had to run to the next party, because in a few hours I was celebrating into my birthday. I bid the lovely concept store and it’s brilliant creators farewell. My heart skipped a beat, knowing how glamorous our city was becoming. This gave me a feeling of honor and pride, knowing that I was a part of the Frankfurt fashion revolution! Thank you Front Row Society for enriching us with your presence here. We welcome you with open arms – to our small cosmopolitan city with a big attitude.

Photos by: Nikita Kulikov


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