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Gali, the Tinder police.

Gali, the Tinder police. 1354 437 Galia Brener

Dear cheaters, I’m sorry to have to do this, but you had enough of selfish dirty “fun” on the side. It’s time to bring the darkness out to face the light. Actually I’m not sorry at all for doing this. For those that know me well, know that I’m a warrior of love, and absolutely despise cheating. I think it’s the most cowardly thing to do when in a relationship. It’s egotistical, weak and extremely unkind! The act of cheating shows that a person has zero respect and compassion towards their partner and themselves. Thank you Tinder, for showing us who these people are.

During my few months on Tinder, I was astonished to see how many men are on there that are married or have wonderful girlfriends, which I know! I have discovered many men, from advertising agencies owners, to hotel, club and restaurant owners, to “kind” doctors, teachers and other “humanitarians” – all cheaters, without a soul or care about the pain they cause their partners. And it’s not only the men. There are exactly as many women cheaters on Tinder, trying to pull a few nasty orgasms on the side, while their husbands are away on business trips, working hard to bring home some money and give them a good life! What the hell is happening to this world? Are there no more morals, values and loyalty out there? I’ve always been old-fashioned, but have I missed the moment where fidelity became a thing of the past? Is it not cool anymore to be faithful to one partner, or has the world become so narcissistic that we need to have sex with 5 people at the same time, including our partner, just to prove to ourselves that we are still hot and wanted? I don’t get it, and I don’t even want to know, because I think it’s horrible and cruel. Ladies and gentlemen, we are moving further into the future, but it’s really time to bring back some solid old values. If you can’t be faithful, then don’t be in a relationship. Basta.

Another person I discovered on Tinder last week was the boyfriend of a very good friend of mine, Michelle. She’s a kind, wonderful, beautiful, intelligent and funny woman. Any guy should be happy and proud to have her by his side – except her asshole man, who I caught surfing Tinder shamelessly, looking to sleep around. I was there when Michelle met her guy some years ago, at a beautiful gala in Frankfurt. They laid eyes on each other, and she thought that he’s “The One”. They planned a wonderful future together, and she was waiting for the ring and proposal any day now. Last month they bought a flat in Westend together. It’s a flat to die for, but unfortunately those walls will not be hearing Michelle’s laughter. Instead of being the Wonderful-“One”-till-death-do-you-part, he turned out to be “The One” who bitterly hurt and humiliated her. Why buy a 1.7-Million Euro flat in Frankfurt for your happy life together, and then cheat on Tinder? The crazy thing is that two women sent me an email yesterday, saying that they have been “dating” this same greasy coward at the same time! What a mess!

This is how you can find out if your “loving” partner is cheating on you on Tinder (for both men and women). If you truly trust your partner, then don’t do it. If you feel something is fishy, then try it. I must warn you, be careful what you look for, because those who seek often find. The truth is not always nice.

1. Create a fake account on Facebook
2. Upload some beautiful photos (not of you of course) – make sure they look real and are not model/campaign photos.
3. Download Tinder, and create a profile.
4. Swipe, swipe, swipe, until you either find your partner or not. It’s a game of Russian roulette. You might be one of the lucky ones that have a good love on your side, who still has morals and is faithful.
5. If you do find your partner, click the match heart.
6. If s/he doesn’t click the match heart back, at least you now know that they are on Tinder.
7. If you get a “match” with your partner, then make a date with them, and give them a surprise from hell – where they are from.
8. This is a rough test, but it’s better to find out sooner than later. Always know that you deserve the best, and should have someone in your life that truly loves you, and wants to be only with you!

Even if these people are not meeting anyone on Tinder for sex, and are just “testing the waters”, this is actually the beginning of the end. If you think there’s something better out there for you, don’t waste your partner’s time and drag them along, while you’re “window shopping” for someone else! This is cruel and shameful. Let me remind the cheaters once again that Lady Karma is out there, and likes to get her revengeful claws deep into the flesh, digging out the heart and guts, full of dirty blood and tears. Cruelty will not go unpunished. If one causes pain to others, then it will come back to them – but much worse. So be aware. Karma doesn’t miss anyone. Sometimes it takes days or years, but she always manages to get her job done! So, liar liar pants on fire – get your ass off of Tinder, build up some courage, and do the decent human thing – talk to your partner and straighten things out! Either you are faithful or breakup, but don’t destroy a good person just because of your disgusting selfish need for cheap fast sex.

Know your worth!

Know your worth! 514 193 Galia Brener

Everyone wants true love, even though many are too proud or embarrassed to admit it. They think that saying they need love might sound desperate, but it doesn’t. Love is the magic ingredient that makes life so much better, shinier and brighter. The only problem these days is that since sex is so easy to get, love has become harder to find! Some girls make themselves easily available for men to take and use as they wish. Then these men believe that this is possible with all girls, and so the vicious circle begins! The question is ladies, how much are you willing to sacrifice of yourself to get love and attention from a man? Even if he treats you badly, and you know you deserve better?

My friend Claudia learned this the hard way. Some months ago she met an extremely attractive man whom she quickly fell for. They only saw each other once a week, but she wanted to spend more time with him. As his nickname suggests, he played it very cool and had no time for her. He would take a day or two to answer her text messages, and almost never called her. He would wait last minute to make plans with her, and kept her waiting on hold quite often. However, when they did meet, it was quite nice. He would usually come to her place after their date, and they would have intense passionate sex. Strangely though, as cold and distant as he was, he would take her in his arms and cuddle after sex, and they would sleep the entire night in each other’s arms. Sometimes they also watched a movie and cuddled all evening. The next day he would leave, and as usual Claudia wouldn’t hear from him for a week. Some of his actions showed that he “might” want more, but deep down Claudia knew that he was just playing her, yet she continued to be in denial.

One evening they went to a party, and everyone was having a great time. Claudia had a glass of Prosecco too much, and felt the liquid courage to talk to Mr. Cold about how she felt. She told him straight up that she didn’t want to have a fling, affair or anything meaningless with him. She was on the market for true love, and nothing less than that! Mr. Cold was quite drunk himself and said he didn’t know what he wants, but really liked spending time with her! And so this “thing” whatever it was that they were having, continued. A few months passed and the situation was not getting better. He barely gave her once a week of his time, and he always disappeared on the weekends. It became worse. He would call during late hours and ring her doorbell at 4am, waking her and the entire building up! He would stand underneath her windows at night, convincing her that he must come upstairs, or begging her to come down for “just” a kiss.

It was obvious that he wanted her body, but not her heart. Claudia felt disgustingly used, like a whore who he came to fuck at night and leave in the morning. Every time he left her place she would hate herself a bit more. Mr. Cold was excruciatingly good looking, like Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray. She loved to look at him underneath her, while she was riding him in bed. But his beauty was not enough for such a sacrifice of her honor! She wanted to have a family, and give herself to a man who actually made the effort to commit to a real future with her. I was so angry, and told her to throw this “Cold-Garbage” away, and get some self-respect! Never ever allow a man to use you like this!

A warning to you good women out there: unfortunately Mr. Cold is a common type these days. These kind of men are simply out there to use good women, get what they want in bed, and run away. Do not compromise yourself for such a man, because you will get hurt! If you want something real and long-term, keep that as a target in your life. Men like Mr. Cold will only set you back, and make you feel worthless and used. You are not a doormat or a hotel for a quick layover! The most important thing to realize is that it is impossible to change someone like Mr. Cold, and make him think that he wants a relationship. Even if you manage to “trap” him into this, he will end up cheating and/or leaving. It’s not worth it. If you want something more meaningful than just cheap-sex, make sure you know your worth and not side-track yourself with a parasite like Mr. Cold. Save your love and kindness for a man who will actually appreciate and deserve it. If a man wants you for something serious, then he will show this to you! A good man will not waste your time for months without a commitment. Men are not stupid, and know exactly what they want, and whom they want it with – so know your worth and don’t sell yourself for less!

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