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Social-Ink-Night Charity Event at the Moxy Frankfurt East

Social-Ink-Night Charity Event at the Moxy Frankfurt East 1080 1080 Galia Brener
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My personal diary #atthemoxy:

The weekend had finally arrived and so did the big day! I have been looking forward to this Saturday for weeks already. Both excited and a bit nervous, I closed my eyes and imagined how it will look and what it will feel like. What is the big surprise? Last Saturday, after many years, the time came that I finally renewed my old eye tattoo – and all for a charity and good cause at the stylish Moxy Frankfurt East.

Let the adventure begin!

I packed my weekender the night before, curious about this playful hotel that everyone is taking about. I have driven past it a few weeks ago, admiring the golden facade of the bold and edgy building design. As I prepared hours before, it took me a while to decide which was the perfect outfit to wear on such a fabulous occasion. I knew that Moxy has a lot of pink elements in their hotel, therefore I decided on a chic pink cocktail dress with black over-knee boots. I topped off the look with my black feather fascinator, which I acquired on a wild Berlin trip and signature eye gloves.

When I woke up on Saturday, I felt like a naughty excited child on Christmas morning! I really love sleeping in nice hotels, even more so when it’s in my own city. Why not take a little break and make a mini holiday in the city you live in? What a novel concept! Therefore I decided to check in earlier and enjoy my day in bed at the Moxy Frankfurt East before the excitement and event started. After all my months of hard work, this was relaxation at its best.

I ordered a taxi and I couldn’t believe what arrived to pick me up. It was like being in a movie, because I have never seen a taxi like this before! A Porsche Panamera taxi was standing in front of my door. Now this is what I call driving in style. If the day has started out like this, then I knew right away that it would be one hell of an amazing weekend! I felt like a rock star being driven to my castle – simply awesome.

This was my first time inside the Moxy Frankfurt East, so I didn’t know what to expect. As I walked in, I was in awe of the space. I love this industrial, raw style with very high ceilings. It reminded me of the lofts studios I so adore in my hometown Toronto. The layout is great because the check-in is integrated into the bar area, giving it a very social, free-spirited and youthful feeling. The ground floor is really big, with many sitting and cozy lounging areas, along with a creative hub working space and dining area.

I could feel the buzz and excitement all around me. The staff was very friendly and checked me into my room within minutes. No waiting and no stress. I was welcomed with a delectable custom made cocktail and a crispy delicious diavola pizza – what more can I want on a Saturday afternoon? The Moxy Frankfurt East matches my requirements not only due to their superb service and efficiency, but also the dynamic and bold style. I know that this hotel will have a huge success because the rooms are perfectly priced with a good size. This gives everyone the chance to sleep in a designer boutique-feel hotel and afford it as well – the perfect concept!

I took the elevator to the 7th floor and had to laugh out loud when I saw the crazy surprise. The entire door of my room was covered with a “Crime Scene – Do Not Cross!” tape, like that of a real crime scene. What a wildly creative approach. Of course that made me want to open the door even faster! Stepping inside was like entering an unpredictable Fairytale. The wall was covered with a huge photo of a sensual woman covered in pink paint. The bed was decorated with feathers, a pink sequence party hat and the craziest of all – pink furry handcuffs with the keys beside them! There were bold slogans written all over the walls and many eclectic records around a pink record player. I have never seen anything like this before! What I adore is attention to details – and this Moxy hotel is definitely an expert in that.

The evening was approaching and my excitement was escalating! I got ready in my amazing room and was pleasantly surprised by the good quality hair products and the large shower. My hair needs a lot of care and thankfully the conditioner and dryer were top standard. I put on my sexy pink dress, left my crime scene room and joined the big party downstairs.

The DJ was in full swing with his mesmerizing sound and people were enjoying their creative cocktails by the sleek bar. Christian Henzler, captain of the Moxy Frankfurt East greeted me warmly and the Inktastic tattoo team was ready to go with their setup in the lobby. The people were lining up to get their artwork done live at the party. What I love about this event is that it’s all for charity. All of the proceedings go to the Kinder PalliativTeam Südhessen – therefore this was such an important event for me to attend and the perfect place and time to get my tattoo renewed. My photographer arrived in perfect time because it was my turn. I won’t lie, I was super nervous. The tattoo artist Zon reassured me that everything will be good and he was right. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would and the end results were absolutely stunning! I was so impressed with the precision and definition of his fine work – nothing compared to the dull thing I had on my shoulder when I arrived in the afternoon. I haven’t felt this happy in ages! What a fantastic feeling that everything worked out perfectly, even beyond my expectations.

If you’re curious, see my live tattoo video on my YouTube channel here:

I don’t know if it was the adrenaline after the tattoo, the delicious tequila drinks mixed with the dynamic Moxy atmosphere, but this was one of the best Saturdays I had in 2017! The cocktails were made to perfection with many unique and fresh ingredients. I had my dancing boots on and couldn’t stop dancing the entire evening. We took many photos and the queue for the tattoos was getting longer and longer. It seems like everyone in the city was there to get a wicked new tattoo that night – incredible!

I’m so thrilled that we raised a good amount for the Kinder PalliativTeam Südhessen. This is a very important cause. Feel free to donate as well:

All around the bar area were sweets and delicious candies that one could pack in a bag and take to go. So of course I was hanging around the candy area most of the night. I think that no matter how old we become, that part will never leave our heart and soul. It was getting very late but nobody wanted to leave. The event was going strong and everyone was having the time of their lives. I simply adore Frankfurt – my small cosmopolitan city with a big attitude – and once again I saw how the Frankfurters love to party. The bar area at the Moxy Frankfurt East is an ideal place to have after-works drinks, even if one is not sleeping at the hotel. It’s located on the Hanauer Landstraße, which is the creative and artistic part of the city, perfect for having some after work fun.

As I came back into my room and looked around, I saw how perfectly everything matched. This is what I call style, class, state-of-the-art design with confidence – exactly how I like it. I jumped into the comfortable bed and felt like sleeping on a cloud. I smiled at how perfect this weekend was. I can definitely say that this is one Saturday that I shall never forget. I will always have my magical eye tattoo on my back reminding me of how much fun we had.

Thank you dear Moxy Frankfurt East and Inktastic for having me there. I enjoyed every moment with you and will be back for more!

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