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Outfit of the Day special feature: Belstaff

Outfit of the Day special feature: Belstaff 800 1200 Galia Brener

It seems like 2016 has started off faster than the speed of light! It’s already February, which means that spring is coming in only one month! Just thinking about the cherry blossoms coming out in Japan in a few months brings a flash of happiness to my heart. So my dear fashionistas, spring is almost here and with spring we have a new wave of style and inspiring colors and fabrics.


This new and exciting monkey year has already inspired me to reach deep into my closet and bring out the fabulous maxi dresses! Ever since I was at the Tbilisi Fashion Week last year and saw the amazing Asian-inspired creations, I have been in love with the long and flowing cuts. It’s the ageless face of the super feminine look!


Yet since we are actually in February, the question that comes to mind is, what do we wear on top of these long and flowing maxi dresses? It’s still bloody cold outside, yet we want to look and feel like a spring blossom! I have always had a passion for rock chic, so for me, what I love most is combining the ultra feminine with a bold leather statement! And that means, topping off the dresses with beautiful tight leather jacket that fits the body like a second skin! And who is better at leather jackets than Belstaff?


As I was trying on the jackets for our photo shoot, the lovely Belstaff store manager informed me that they are having a #LOVEBELSTAFF special offer from the 8 – 14th of February. This offer is for lovers and especially Belstaff lovers! There are sweet presents and gifts for your lover during this special week. So of course I had to share this sweet information with you dear readers! This special offer is available this week in Frankfurt, Munich and Milan.


The cool thing about Belstaff is that their products are very versatile. Not only can you wear your favorite jacket when riding your bike, but you can also combine it with your glamorous maxi dresses – for that Laissez-faire kind of look! In the photos below, you can see how I combined my favorite Religion dress with two different Belstaff jackets. The Sidney jacket gives the dress a more sleek and sophisticated look, while the Bellamy jacket with the integrated belt buckle gives it a more “Hippy-chic-Ibiza-on-a-motorcycle” kind of feeling! Both looks are adaptable enough to wear for a nice lunch during a spring day, as a cocktail party look or even to a fancy evening event.


In the photo shooting, you see how I combined both looks with the Belstaff Avaline bag, which is big enough to carry our thousand things inside, which we women love to carry so much!


I always enjoy going into the Belstaff store and looking around at everything they have, especially the nice accessories that they offer in their collection. Let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day is coming soon – which happens to be one of my favorite times of the year. The perfect way to say I love you with a nice Belstaff cashmere scarf, wallet, handbag or a sexy leather jacket!


So my dears, feel bold and daring to combine your beautiful flowing dresses with tight leather jackets to make that unforgettable appearance!


I wish you all a happy, loving and healthy Valentine’s Day!







My outfit: Belstaff jackets: Sidney jacket and Bellamy jacket, Belstaff bag: Avaline, Dress: Religion, Shoes: Byblos, peace necklace: Al&Mine

Photos by: Bruno Steinert







Outfit of the Day special feature: MCM

Outfit of the Day special feature: MCM 803 1200 Galia Brener

As the days grow shorter and the sun doesn’t come out to play as often anymore, I feel that I need a little bit of extra color and spice in my outfits. Ever since I was a wild teenager, I always had the same yearly clothing routine. During the winters I wore only black and during the summers I wore mostly bright colors. This was my way of expressing myself and my emotional association with the seasons.


Yet as I grow older, I find myself liking the winter more and more. I think of the cozy nights in front of the fireplace, the romantic Christmas markets of Europe, the warm sweet red wines and the fresh walks outside in the cold crisp air. With this new found love for the cold, I slowly realize that it doesn’t have to be all about the black colors for me anymore. This year I will introduce more bright colors and funky cuts to my wardrobe. Gone are the drabby wide cut blacks and browns, and hello to my bright tight winter silhouettes.


I am happy to feature two of my favorite outfits from MCM this week. I visited the stylish Alesja Zuber of MCM for this occasion. For those who know my love for leather jackets, I absolutely had to have the classic tight black leather. I really like the silver hardware elements on it – the 2 vertical zippers on the front and attached leather belt with buckle on the bottom. This jacket takes the term “biker chick” to a new level and even manages to throw in a 3rd word to the mix: Chic Biker Chick! In my opinion this classic MCM leather jacket has the perfect mix of posh and bad-ass. What’s amazing about the jacket is that the shoulders are slightly padded and since the belt buckle can be closed tightly, this makes every body type look very slim at the waistline.


I combined the leather jacket with the special edition backpack – with the art of my friend Stefan Strumbel on it. His famous cuckoo clock decorates the front of the bag. Even Karl Lagerfeld owns one of Stefan’s famous cuckoo clocks. This one says “Heimat Loves You!” in neon on the front. I love how the neon colors and art piece decorated the bag to make it look so edgy and unique. Perfect as a splash of wild color to clash the winter gray sky!


I was very pleased to find out that MCM now offers its customers a well-fitted, warm winter coat with luxurious fur trim on the shoulders. It’s a very unique coat – which almost reminds me of a city version of Snow White. I combined it with a new arrival gray fur bag with an elegant chain to wear on one shoulder. The bag has beautiful details of pearls on it. It can also be worn across the front for the casual-chic look. And staying true to my winter color attack, I topped the look off with a bright purple MCM scarf mixed of wool and silk. I love the way this scarf looks and feel – it shimmers slightly in the light. I would wear the MCM scarf with jeans like I did on the photo, with a little black dress or even a long evening gown. It comes in many lovely colors. My favorite is definitely this purple one.


Today was a really fun and special day. I got to play dress up at MCM and swim in an ocean full of beautiful accessories. I have to admit that the MCM brand has really come a long way. They managed to stay on top of the trends offering their clients their famous heritage bags, yet also constantly coming up with new and exciting designs to freshen up their look – like the sought after backpacks, sneakers, scarves, etc. I can truly say: MCM, I am a fan now!


Photos by: Alesja Zuber







DSC_0474 DSC_0472


Belstaff Pop Up Store Opening in Frankfurt

Belstaff Pop Up Store Opening in Frankfurt 1200 400 Galia Brener

Finally! One of my very favorite brands has made its way to our little city with a big attitude. What I love most about the Belstaff brand is that not only does it have history that goes back to 1924, but its timeless classic jacket can be worn in the next 100 years as well! I cannot imagine going on a Harley wearing anything else than my favorite black leather Belstaff jacket. I got mine many years ago, and it looks better and better with age. That’s the thing about timeless classics; they are always there to remind you that some things can never be replaced!


As I walked down the glamorous Goethestrasse, I was dazzled by the lights shining in my eyes. For the first time in a long while, I decided to wear my prescription Ray Bans to contradict my bright red Paris-inspired outfit. I was happy to see my two friends Jens and Olli waiting for me at the front of the store. Life is always better with smiling friend that are happy to see you. I hugged them both, and suddenly my attention was ripped away! The entire front of the store was lined with amazing bikes! Everything from BMW to Triumph and Harley Davidson. Goethestrasse has been graced by our handsome biker men, who came to admire the new Belstaff collection. Knowing my intense addiction to choppers, I couldn’t take my eyes off the machines. One was better than the other! After drooling over the bikes for a good 20 minutes, it was time to enter the cool pop up store.


The first sight that my eyes landed upon were two beautiful ladies that offered the guests a tray full of goodies – including Balvenie Whisky single barrel, Old Perth blended malt, Craft Beer, fine chocolates and other delights! I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the guests were in attendance wearing their own Belstaff jackets, proud to show that they have good fashion sense. As we moved further into the store, I was warmly greeted by Daniel Tobias Etzel of WAOH, who is the man of Frankfurt when it comes to fashion and lifestyle events and opening parties. Once again, he did a fantastic job at organizing this Belstaff opening event and made sure that the brand got the real welcome that is deserves in Frankfurt! I’m pleased to say that we are the second city in Germany who is privileged to have this iconic British brand. Continuing with our tour of the store, I saw a huge glowing sign saying “Outlaws” with David Beckham’s handsome face starring back at me. He is Belstaff’s proud testimonial of 2 years, with his own capsule collection.


Daniel introduced me to Julia, the pretty store supervisor, and her right-hand man in charge, Harald. I couldn’t get the thoughts of the bikes outside out of my mind, and knew that they have to be on the feature photo. Harald picked out two attractive men for me and dressed us all up in his favorite Belstaff jackets. He assigned a bike to each of us, and the mini photo shooting on the Goethestrasse began! Stefan Höning, the professional photographer was about to take the photos, but as soon as I got my bum on the bike, the alarm went off and the siren blared throughout the entire street. It was exactly like in an embarrassing scene of a movie, all heads turned, everyone started laughing, people came outside to see what the chaos was all about and red-faced Gali was sitting on the bike and wishing that the earth would open up and swallow me together with the bike and the fabulous Belstaff jacket that I was wearing. But of course the only way to react was to laugh with everybody else. Then the tall, dark-haired owner of the bike came outside, gave me a flirty wink and the embarrassment rapidly washed away.


After an hour the people gathered at the front to listen to the magical voice of Sam King, who filled the entire store with a melody that had everyone mesmerized. I was highly impressed by his performance! That’s definitely a man with soul, rhythm and spirit. The people were enjoying themselves tremendously, the whiskey was flowing and the jackets were selling like hot cakes. I don’t know what Belstaff does to their jackets, but I noticed that any man who puts one on turns into a handsome-strong-warrior-biker-man! There is no better way to describe it, but their leather jackets make all men look hot. Or maybe I just have a thing for biker guys. I stood in front of the women’s leather jackets and tried each one on. Slowly, one by one – like a sugar addict locked inside of a Patisserie and cannot escape!


Another wonderful night was coming to an end. I enjoyed myself very much because it was a very warm and intimate opening event. Everyone seemed to know each other. One could see that the people were having a wonderful time and were savoring their evening. Slowly I had to step away from the bikes, say goodbye to my friends and make my way back home to my cozy little city flat, take off my 13 cm heels and get some beauty sleep.


If you’re also curious to see the collection for yourself, the Belstaff Pop Up Store shall be with us on the Goethestr. 3, until March 2016.


Have fun shopping,


Your Gali


Feature photo by: Stefan Höning

homepage: www.stefanhoening.de

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StefanHoningPhotography


My Jacket: Belstaff Sidney Moto – black leather – 1.695,00 €

































A perfect day for hanging out in the city!

A perfect day for hanging out in the city! 1200 400 Galia Brener

A perfect day for hanging out in the city! #outfitoftheday: hat @maisonvalentino, jacket and belt@Versace, long shirt @vanlaackofficial, scarf @burberry, shoes @jimmychoo, sunglasses @dsquared2. Photo by the artist @markbernart #Fashion #fashionista #style#outfit #ootd #photography #Instafashion #instagood#instago #red #Galiainaction #Galiaoutfits #streetstyle#streetlook #hat #Britain #UK

In ❤️ with my new #Wayfarer glasses! Thanks @rayban!

Photo 28.04.15 19 11 54

Photo 28.04.15 20 36 51

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