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gBag Charity Sale on RTL

gBag Charity Sale on RTL 2560 1445 Galia Brener

Vielen Dank lieber Jens Prewo und RTL ❤️ Es geht weiter: Charity Sale diesen Samstag – alle Handtaschen sind 50% reduziert! Kommt vorbei am 14.12 im Sullivan Bar Frankfurt von 12-17 Uhr. 😍

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Watch the charity video here:

Galia Brener – RTL – Promi Countdown

Galia Brener – RTL – Promi Countdown 1746 982 Galia Brener

Thank you dear Jens Prewo for the celebrity Countdown on RTL 😍🤩 #instagram#nolikes

See video here:

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Galia Brener – Fragebogen – RTL TV

Galia Brener – Fragebogen – RTL TV 1865 1865 Galia Brener

Thank you dear Jens Prewo and RTL for this funny and lovely interview ❤️

Watch the full interview here:





Journal Frankfurt – December 2016 – Charity Event

Journal Frankfurt – December 2016 – Charity Event 1280 1707 Galia Brener

Thank you dear Jens Prewo for supporting our charity with this wonderful article! Thanks Bernd Kammerer for the awesome photo and of course Journal Frankfurt! It was a wonderful evening for a great cause! Zwei Dörfer, ein Ziel  My dress is by Albrecht Ollendiek and accessories by Stacy Boll for Llobycats


Journal Frankfurt Summer Fest 2016 on the MS Catwalk

Journal Frankfurt Summer Fest 2016 on the MS Catwalk 1600 875 Galia Brener

This year the traditional and beloved Journal Frankfurt Summer Fest was taking place “on” a very special location. I haven’t been there since summer 2012 and was definitely thrilled to be back there again!

My good friend Jens Prewo picked me up from home, smiling as I came down in my extravagant long red dress. My motto has always been the same, “Better overdressed than underdressed.” The sun was shining and I was in very good spirits. I was happy to see colleagues that I have I haven’t seen in a while and meet new people from our city.

As we arrived at the Nizza restaurant, we saw the MS Catwalk boat docked directly at the main riverside, floating gracefully in her grandeur. Looking at the boat from ashore, a few memories rushed into my mind. Memories that are very special to me, and ones that I will never forget. Many guests have already arrived and the upper deck was filled with excited people and loud music. The party was in full swing.

Jens and I made our way onto the boat, our happiness rising with every step towards the top. The upper deck was filled with delights. A handsome young man offered us a sparkling wine, and the Journal crew was wearing sailor hats, which created the perfect mood for a perfect party! I was not the only one that made an effort with my outfit. Many people were dressed beautifully – men in sharp suits and ladies in elegant dressed.

As the boat started to sail, the energy was multiplying like electricity on the deck. The talk and laughter of the guests became louder and the music was beating harder. I looked up at our beautiful skyline and knew that I was home. This thought made me very happy.

I saw many people I knew and also met some new ones, such as the Journal business partners, some local celebrities, politicians, and the list goes on and on. It seemed like everyone had a shiny glass in their hand and a big smile on their face – definitely the sign of a very successful event!

After a while, we walked down to a deck below us and were welcomed by a delicious smell. Of course we followed the tantalizing aroma were greeted by a lovely chef, eager and happy to tell us about his delectable creations. I tried all the different dishes and was very impressed. From exotic fish, to various meats, fresh vegetables, artistic looking desserts and more! It was a fest for the taste buds and a very lovely experience for a gourmet like myself. Jens and I shared our table with new people that we just met, and were happy to talk about Italy, wines, pasta, cheese and… someone’s rice balls.

When the dinner was over, we made a little tour around the beautiful MS Catwalk, which is designed by Porsche. The lowest deck has an LED bar, with a big dance floor and a DJ area set up across. This is a perfect place to dance and have fun, even if it gets a bit chilly outside.

Back at the upper deck, the music was making the boat vibrate, and the feeling of floating smoothly on the main was unforgettable. Many photos were taken, which I am sure will be seen in the Journal Frankfurt magazine very soon. After the hours melted away, the boat was docked again. Nobody wanted to leave because the evening was so fabulous!

Eventually I left the sophisticated MS Catwalk, smiling to myself about how much has changed in my life since I was last on it. I walked towards the Nizza steps, and looked back at the water and the happy people dancing on the upper deck. Instantly I knew that everything is ok. Everything is happening as it should. Life has a way of working out for the best and fate always does her work – what’s meant to be will always happen. I walked up the stairs with an easy and light heart.

Thank you Journal Frankfurt for this wonderful evening!


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Jean Paul Gaultier & Galia Brener on RTL

Jean Paul Gaultier & Galia Brener on RTL 1200 1200 Galia Brener


Thank you dear Jens Prewo of RTL for this lovely interview and making me your number 1 in the countdown!  

#fashion #style #JeanPaulGaultier #LotharMatthäus #Galiabrener #YesNoMaybe #Galiainaction


Does Jean Paul Gaultier believe in true love? ♥








Beauty Village – Day Spa Opening Event

Beauty Village – Day Spa Opening Event 1200 400 Galia Brener

Last Saturday was the long-awaited opening event of the Beauty Village. My friends and I met at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, where a black Mercedes shuttle was awaiting our arrival. We were driven to Nidderau, by a dark-haired petite woman, who entertained us on the way with music and her singing skills. We were happy and excited to see the fabulous spa and meet the other guests that have been invited to attend as well.


The black car dropped us off directly at the front of the red carpet and the lovely lady ushered us out of the car. Nikita Kulikov, Frankfurt’s beloved Russian photographer, was waiting with his camera ready for us at the press wall. He looked charming as always in his stylish suit. After the photos were taken, two strong men greeted us with clipboards on each side of the red carpet. The beautiful Ljudmila Spomer, owner of the spa, stood at the entrance and welcomed us warmly to her event. After we checked in, the hostess ladies at the foyer placed a delicious drink in our hands, and led us into the party. I could already hear the house beats on the way down the stairs, with a live voice singing over the melody. I stopped at the stairs where I could take a nice photo of Jimmie Wilson singing live to DJ Alen Salik’s awesome hypnotizing sound. The evening was starting off quite well!


I was pleased to see what an amazing turnout the party had! So many people made their way to attend this glamorous opening. At the lounge area, I could see some well-known faces and celebs, such as the gorgeous Almira Brkic of Catch the Millionaire, Ilona Storch from the Bachelor, Sybille Nicolai the ZDF moderator and actress, Jens Prewo our beloved Frankfurt author, Mirko Reeh the TV cook on Sat1, Natalia Osada of Promi Big Brother, Mick Knauff the stock guru of ntv, Ghanem Ghezal from the show Mieten Kaufen Wohnen on Vox, designer Stephan Goerner, signer Jimmie Wilson, Michael Wanhoff  head of PR and Spokesperson, Ayfer Arslan, Natalie Rosini, amongst many others. Everyone was mixing and matching, and simply having a good time! I really liked that they were serving healthy food, due to the fact that I don’t eat much carbs, so I took the pleasure in trying all the tasty dishes being served – delicious cold meats, exotic salads, spicy fish and other delicacies.


All the guests were very curious about each room in the Beauty Village and you could see them exploring the entire premises. Ljudmila was in her perfect element, explaining the treatments and arousing even more curiosity in her future clients. Everyone was especially fascinated by the skin diagnostic device, which maps out the entire face and skin, and shows exactly what has to be treated and improved. At one point of the evening, Ioana came rushing to find me and brought us back into the lounge area for the evening highlight. Jimmie Wilson and Ghanem Ghezal were about to sing a duet, which nobody wanted to miss. The two men brought passion onto the dance floor and people started to move. The champagne was flowing and the music was mesmerizing!


The opening was organized by Ioana Andrei of Minemedia International. What can I say, another perfect event organized by the PR queen herself. Super guests, amazing music, delicious food, drinks and an atmosphere to remember! I overheard many women taking about all the treatments they will try in the next weeks, so obviously it was a big success! The Beauty Village offers so many unique and amazing procedures such as the Meso and JetPeel treatments, face and body peeling, hyaluronic and laser therapy, botox, hair removal, lash extensions and more! So it’s definitely worth a visit. I will go there as well in two weeks to get Ljudmila’s famous facial, which rejuvenates and makes the face look younger. I know this because I saw 5 clients whom she treated the weeks before and they looked amazing at the event!


The clock almost struck midnight and Cinderella had to go home before the black Mercedes turned into an orange pumpkin. As I was leaving, the downstairs area was still full of people parting and having fun. Even though the event started at 7pm, it was 5 hours later and nobody wanted to go home! That was definitely a sign of a good opening party. I bid the lovely Ljudmila and her husband farewell and made my way back to my small cosmo city with a big attitude.



Beethovenallee 16
D-61130 Nidderau

Telefon: +49-(0)6187-99 44 5 33
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