Over-the-knee boots: Yes, no or maybe?

Over-the-knee boots: Yes, no or maybe? 1200 1600 Galia Brener

If you asked me some years back what I thought about this edgy type of boot, I would answer you with a quick and definite “No way!”


I always identified over-the-knee boots with the Pretty Woman movie – Julia Robert’s infamous working the street outfit, and pulling Richard Gere into her sensual spider web. In other words, I never thought that I could wear such a boot on the streets of old school and classy Europe. Over time I watched carefully as the trend grew and realized that more and more women are jumping onto the over-the-knee boot bandwagon. Slowly these boots were coming out of their red light district image, and making their way into posh offices around the world.


An interesting fact according to Wikipedia is that, “Over-the-knee boots first became popular as riding boots for men in the 15th century, when extra protection was required for the legs when on horseback.” So ladies, these boots are almost as old as the oldest profession in the world.


Pierre Cardin brought the boots into fashion again in 1968, featuring them in his futuristic couture collection. They also made a reappearance every decade after that!


Finally in 2010, Auntie Gali thought to herself, “If it’s good enough for the riders of the 15th century, then it’s good enough for us too!” So I went to try on my first over-the-knee boots. I remember buying my first pair in a small family-owned shop in Florence. I tried them on with a pair of tight skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. I was surprised at how cool they looked and bought them.


Upon my arrival at home a few weeks later, I couldn’t bring myself to wear them. I thought that perhaps I’m too old fashioned after all to wear these screaming boots. And so these sad Italian stallions were locked away in the closet for 6 years! Some might consider that shoe-abuse. And for some like myself, clothing and accessories never get thrown away. I lock them up and they wait patiently for their big day to make a comeback. To be able to see the light again. Such good and devoted shoes – never complained, not even once!


A few months ago, when cleaning the skeletons out of my closet, I found these boots again. I dusted them off tried them on. They fit like a glove. I decided that it was finally time to do the knees. The time has arrived for our relationship to begin. I was then given a lovely pair of Gucci boots as a gift, and added them to my over-the-knee collection.


I must admit that I can only wear this type of boot with a block or thick heel. I could never wear the stiletto version. I would feel like I’m auditioning for the main role in the second part of Pretty Woman. This is not my cup of Earl Gray tea. However, the block heels look pretty damn cool!


So if asked again, would I ever wear over-the-knee boots? My answer after 6 years would be: “Absolutely!” Yes I’m a turtle grandma sometimes and it took me “only” 6 years to jump onto the over-the-knee boot bandwagon. But I’m finally there and enjoying every minute of it!


Outfit ideas:


  1. Lampshading: Means wearing over-the-knee boots with an oversized sweater / dress.
  2. Classy: Little black dress with over-the-knee boots and a cropped tuxedo blazer.
  3. Casual: Skinny jeans with over-the-knee boots and your favorite rock t-shirt.
  4. Gali Style: Chanel-look tweed shorts, over-the-knee boots, turtleneck sweater and fringe scarf.


Have fun wearing your boots my darlings!!




My outfit: Boots: Gucci, Chanel-look tweed shorts: Dress Affairs Boutique Frankfurt, sweater: Zara, fringe scarf: Spratters and Jayne


Photos by: Polina Brener of Who Would Think?












Outfit of the Day: Color Splash on a Gray Day

Outfit of the Day: Color Splash on a Gray Day 900 1200 Galia Brener

Outfit: sweater: Zara, leggings: Topshop, boots: Bullboxer, vest: Furry, hat: Accessorize, bag: Burberry, gloves: vintage, necklace: Deloa


As I woke up today, I looked out the window and was not sure if it is still night or already morning! I jumped out of the bed and ran to my colors treasure chest and started to dig for a rainbow to brighten up my day! We have arrived at the gray season. Since there is quite a lack of snow this winter, we are only left with various shades of grays. However, do not let that stop you from bringing out your internal sunshine and happiness with bright colors!


A few weeks ago I was asked by the BILD newspaper what I think Frankfurt should improve on, and one of my answers were: That people should wear more colors here. So staying true to my own advice, I have decided to delve into my wardrobe to spice up a dark winter day.


Do not be afraid to mismatch colors! We do not live in a perfect world in a time where everything has to precisely match. We have arrived in a time to explore outside of the edges. Mix and match. Let your creativity and imagination run wild! I even go to the extent of wearing clashing patterns. I believe that 2016 is a perfect time to live boldly and explore your tastes and uniqueness!


Fashion goes in circles. It tends to repeat itself, just like the natural cycles of life. Therefore, bring out the vintage, like I did with the gloves, and combine it with something completely crazy and out of the ordinary. Have no fear to go the extra mile and wear something different. I would suggest to never try to conform and always have your unique touch in everything that you do and wear. Dare to show your passion, desire and make yourself happy!







Star Wars Outfit – Shop the Look

Star Wars Outfit – Shop the Look 1200 400 Galia Brener

Hello dear friends and readers,

Being a child of the 80s, I was really excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out. When I went to the premiere, I decided to go the extra mile and dress up in a Star Wars outfit. I made sure that this outfit can also be worn during the day in a normal atmosphere as well. I did not want to walk around the city looking like a carnival or Halloween victim, so I came up with this simple, yet creative outfit.

I made a shop the look layout for you to recreate this outfit in a nice and affordable way! :-) Enjoy the look my dears!

Please send me photos of you wearing this look. I am very curious what it looks like on you!









Boucle jacket meets sneakers ❤️

Boucle jacket meets sneakers ❤️ 1200 400 Galia Brener

Boucle jacket meets sneakers ❤ boucle:@chanelofficial, sneakers: @prada, scarf: @louisvuitton, sunglasses: @emiliopucci, handbag: @galiabrener#Galiainaction #Galiaoutfits #Fashion #style #chic#couture

#ootd #Instafashion #picoftheday #colorful







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