2raumwohnung in Frankfurt – 16.09.2017

2raumwohnung in Frankfurt – 16.09.2017 1400 1750 Galia Brener
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Having fun with my beautiful Inga Humpe of 2raumwohnung backstage and my gBag.

What an amazing concert – full of energy, happiness and excitement. I love Inga’s voice! 

My jewelry is by Degussa

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Frankfurt, I ❤ You! (Part II)

Frankfurt, I ❤ You! (Part II) 1354 437 Galia Brener

Last week, Frankfurt fell in love. The air was filled with that type of buzzing mystery that made you feel giddy from head to toe. The evening light seemed much brighter, as if the sky was anticipating a galactic battle of the Gods, complete with a light show and a band, singing down from Heaven. People were running around, couples hand-in-hand, the birds were still chirping, and even the drug thugs were floating around with a smile on their beaten up faces. Yes, Frankfurt was definitely madly in love last week, and it wasn’t just due to the city’s action heroes: Mr. Apple Wine and Sir Mispelchen – no, it was so much more! There was a wave of action happening in our glamorous city.

It was a rather warm Saturday on the evening of October the 26th. Clad in a colorful silk dress, and black biker boots, I made my way to the Gibson club. I was so excited in anticipation of my friends, Inga Humpe and Tommi Eckart a.k.a 2raumwohnung to takeover the stage and rock the show! I was really looking forward to hear their new songs live. Considering that love was the theme for the week, these two sweethearts embody the meaning of it. The way they looked at each other while performing made my heart skip a beat. Inga has so much passion and sensual energy, that it made the people in the club feel the heat inside of their bodies. Suddenly it became dark, and the music changed into the rhythmic beat and seduction of 2raumwohnung. Finally she was on stage, more glorious than ever! She looked around, smiled in her mischievous way, and started to sing. With the voice of an angel, she came to mesmerize Frankfurt, and show us what love really is. The crowd went wild, letting go of their inhibitions, and dancing to Inga’s magical words. She had us all under her spell, and we loved every second of it! Nobody wanted them to leave the stage, and the crowd kept begging for more. It was one of the best concerts that I have been to in a while. Backstage, we were greeted with a cold glass of wine, and both Inga and Tommi were glowing with happiness. The electric atmosphere was felt inside the room, along with the warmth and passion of authentic musicians that truly love and cherish what they do! We toasted to a very successful start of their tour, and continued chatting the night hours away. There was lots of laughter, smiles and good old-fashion fun in the mysterious room behind the Gibson stage. I’m truly lucky to have such wonderful people in my life, and especially my good friend Rose that introduced us in Berlin a few years ago. Inga is a true inspiration for me because she’s a woman that has achieved so much. She knows what she wants, and makes it happen. No ifs, ands or buts. No excuses. Veni Vidi Vici, and the warrior princess that goes by the name of Inga Humpe conquered all.

There is no love without a little bit of Halloween terror. While everyone was celebrating a scary hair-raising evening, mine was surrounded by delicious food, my best friend, and a very warm and inviting atmosphere at the opening of Laube, Liebe, Hoffnung. We arrived in the evening, when the stars lit up the sky in their full glory, and the crisp air was filled with the delicious aroma of a hearty soup being cooked outside. We headed straight to the bar, and were greeted with a bubbly drink to unwind from our long day. I looked around and felt like I was on a set of a movie about a cozy, romantic fairytale house, when the times were innocent, and the people came there and fell magically in love. The shape of the building is what gave me this feeling, because it is very unusual and unique! It really looks and feels like it came straight out of a fantasy book where Alice should have lived, and this would definitely be her Wonderland. The coolest part is the Steeple-like construction in the front, which is actually an observatory deck. After admiring the façade, we stepped inside and our ears filled with beautiful music, drawing in all of the cupids, and preparing them for the love mission of the Laube. Little glass cups glittered in the distance, filled with exquisite cream and fruits. The beautiful staff were walking around, attentive and eager to fill glasses with their fizzy love-potions. It was a truly lovely and delicious evening at the Laube. Now gentlemen, here is a special tip for you – I was told that it is possible to reserve a table alone for 2 at the top of the steeple! You can enchant your woman, watch the beautiful glittery Frankfurt skyline hand in hand, while sipping some wine and kissing secretly on the top of the Love + Hope deck!

The next mission took me to the BelEtage opening at the Palais. Upon arrival, we saw a seductive pink light at the most noble floor, shinning through the windows of the magnificent structure. I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined what it was like to attend a private ball here in the 18th century. I vividly saw the grandes dames wearing their multi layered silk skirts, delicate gloves and extravagant hairpieces. I suddenly snapped out of my fantasy when two men in dark suits greeted us at the entrance. If felt like we were standing at an invisible doorway to the past. What would happen if I took one step forward? Would I be transported back to a time when romance was celebrated with hand-written love letters, elaborate flowers, and carriage rides through the city accompanied by courtships, good manners and respectful gentlemen? However, I quickly realized that they all lived up to about 40 years of age, so receiving a love email and pasta instead was not sounding so bad after all! We walked in, and were stunned by the location. The ceilings are quite tall, and the windows smiled, holding onto their secrets of parties that happened there some hundred years ago. The bar was quite large and very inviting, boasting nice bottles from all over the world. The atmosphere was that of an exciting night out in the city, and the DJ was playing funky music that moved us right onto the dance floor. I was having tons of fun, and it appeared that everyone else around me was as well. I have to admit that Frankfurt is full of very attractive people. The ladies wore dresses for a good night out, with their sexy high heels, chic dresses, and beautifully done hair. The men were in their element as well, enjoying the surroundings, and awaiting their princess to bestow her presence upon them. Love, of course, was also invited to the fabulous BelEtage in Frankfurt, and she was making her rounds, with a mission to mesmerize and inspire as many people as possible!

Every year this city expands its “fabulousness” – like huge bird wings spreading across from Hibbdebach to Dribbdebach. Frankfurt circulates its love in the most unexpected ways. Whether with a beautiful voice vibrating through club walls, history-awakening openings, or simply sipping pink apple wine at the Main, this city is packed from top to bottom with pure love. There is something very special about this Frankfurt. It cannot be seen or touched, it’s rather something that you feel in your heart. It’s a strong feeling of belonging, and it’s a part of you. I have traveled quite a lot in the last 10 years, and no matter where I have been around the world, I was always looking forward to come back to my small city with a big attitude. Last week my city fell in love, and in return, I feel even deeper in love with it.


Galia Brener with Inga Humpe of 2raumwohnung.


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