Independence Day celebration with the Consul General of the United States of America, Mr. James W. Herman

Independence Day celebration with the Consul General of the United States of America, Mr. James W. Herman 1054 1280 Galia Brener

The big day had arrived and the Breners set out on a delicious barbeque adventure! I have been waiting for the special Independence Day celebration for a while now and was happy to throw on my island clothing topped off with my favorite pink cowboy boots. Upon our arrival, the Consul General of the United States of America, Mr. James W. Herman and his beautiful wife Leilani Herman, greeted us warmly into their residence. Mr. Herman gave a wonderful speech, making all his guests feel at home.

My first impression was a true feast for the eyes! There were many well-dressed people, as the theme of the party was island casual. Women were mingling in pretty dresses and the men proudly wore their Hawaiian shirts and American-colored leis. However the best-dressed woman of the evening was definitely Mrs. Leilani Herman. She had an elegant long white dress on, decorated tastefully with traditional Hawaiian celebratory lei and magnificent jewelry.

As I walked inside the garden, I saw my friend Stephan Reeg, who is the private chef of the consul general. He had a cool pink chef jacket on and the buttons had little black crowns printed on them. Now this is what I call amazing attention to detail! I’m a big lover of good food, and the foodie within me was excited beyond belief. As far at the eyes can see, there was food in every part of the garden. From delicious juicy burgers to, seafood salad, crispy wings, desserts and meats in every shape, size and variation! The bar was stocked with delectable drinks from all over the world. I was very happy to discover my favorite rosé wine there, the Whispering Angel.

It was the perfect occasion to meet new people and speak English the entire evening. I have been living in Europe since 2003 and really miss using my native language on a daily basis. So the Canadian inside me was jumping up and down like a mischievous little girl, eh.

As the guests were enjoying their beef burgers and International wine, all of a sudden, I heard an alluring live voice behind me, singing one of my favorite songs. I turned around and saw a group of handsome young men singing at the top of the garden stairs. What a splendid surprise! Their voices mesmerized us and the gentle harmonious sound mixed beautifully with the warm summer breeze.

The garden was immaculate and every tree and bush was trimmed to perfection. There was a big white tent set up in the middle and around were many lovely sitting areas, perfect for mingling and eating. As I walked inside the tent, I saw Mr. Herman and his wife, cutting the delicious Independence Day cake and handing out colorful pieces for their guests to enjoy. Another sweet attention to detail were the cream-filled donuts, with the American flag painted in savory glaze on top. Such a creative and tasty idea!

Another band started to play, and the singer’s voice was deep and soulful. As I stepped outside, I saw my parents dancing together, with a loving and happy look upon their faces. At that very second I thought how lucky I am and what a beautiful life we have. A wave of love and warmth passed through my body, and with a huge smile, I joined my parents on the dance floor. Mr. Herman was also dancing with his lovely wife, and one could see and feel their joy. The guests were chatting, eating, singing and all were having an incredible time! I was pleased to see some good acquaintances, which I haven’t seen in a while. It was so nice to catch up and talk about life.

As the hours were melting away into the romantic night, this Canadian had to leave in time to write the article for you my dear readers. I said goodbye to my friends and thanked Mr. James and Leilani Herman for the truly magical and unforgettable celebration. This was an Independence Day that I will never forget. It felt so good to be close to my people and celebrate our cultural traditions. As I got to the top of the garden steps, I turned around, and had a last look at the elegant guests enjoying themselves. I realized yet again that this was a very special holiday. For me, it is not just about independence, but rather about uniting the people together, brining hope and happiness to all, in Germany, Europe, Canada, The United States of America and actually… the entire world.



Ghezal Immobilien 15-Year Anniversary Party

Ghezal Immobilien 15-Year Anniversary Party 1280 853 Galia Brener

Frankfurt came alive again last Thursday night to celebrate Ghezal Immobilien’s 15 years of success in the real estate industry. The glamorous event took place at the Westhafen Pier 1, a modern glass building situated directly at the river Main.


Upon our arrival, we were greeted by two strong men, who ushered us onto the red carpet and into the venue. The first thing that caught our eye was the massive collection of Moët & Chandon magnum bottles aligned teasingly at the bar, waiting to be enjoyed. I heard a lady behind me say with excitement, “Wow, this will be a really good party.” And yes indeed, this was quite the wonderful event – only the best for Ghezal’s 15 years of triumph.


With a nice rosé champagne in our hand, we entered the party in anticipation of a lovely evening. We were definitely not disappointed! There were severs walking around with delicious little dishes of various tastes. Of course being the curious ladies that we are, we tried everything that was offered and loved it. We ate everything from a philly cheese steak sandwich, to gnocchi in fresh cream, an exotic mango salad and more. The best part were the Dunkin’ Donuts with Ghezal’s logo on them – a very cool and delicious idea.


We rocked the dance floor with the help of the amazing band, “Laura Martin & Spanish Music Mafia” who played hit after hit, and did not allow us to leave the dance floor without properly using our dancing shoes and a nice full body workout. Laura Martin, the lead singer, has a beautiful voice and is a very talented young lady. Later on there was a live violin player, accompanying the DJ with his cool track selection.


We couldn’t help but notice that all the women were dressed very well, and some even had ball gowns on. Hey Frankfurt, you can really show off your glamorous and posh side when you want to! The men were dressed in fine suits and the Frankfurt celebrities had fun mingling with the rest of the guests.


Ghanem Ghezal is known nationally for his TV career on VOX with the show “Mieten, Kaufen, Wohnen” He is the first real estate sales man on the TV show and has been doing it for 8 years now.

He accomplished a lot since the young age of 18, and is currently the leader of 3 real estate offices. The wonderful thing about Mr. Ghezal is that even due to his successful career, he stayed very authentic and down to earth.


The mastermind behind this fabulous event was Ioana Andrei of Minemedia International. What can I say Ms. Andrei, you have really outdone yourself. It was perfectly organized, with a lot of attention to details and everything went quite smoothly. The guests were very happy, the Ghezal Gentlemen were breakdancing on the dance floor and having the time of their life, the celebs were genuinely smiling and I had fun taking it all in. Thank you Ghezal Immobilien for a perfect Thursday evening in my favorite city.





























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