Azar Y Alvarez

Dominicana Moda 2015 Fashion Week – Day 1

Dominicana Moda 2015 Fashion Week – Day 1 1200 400 Galia Brener

Finally the day had arrived and it was time to make our way to the airport. I was that my very good friend Jens Prewo was coming to this fashion week as well. He’s a celebrity and lifestyle reporter for RTL, which is a popular TV channel in Germany. At the airport, we meet up with the glamorous Petra Cruz, who is the European Director of the Dominican Republic Tourism Board, along with the other bloggers.


Due to my crazy work schedule the weeks before, I have accumulated enough fatigue to knock me out for most of the flight to Santo Domingo. Of course only to wake up punctually in between for meals and drinks. How does my body and subconscious mind always know when food will be served? The flight seemed to be quite short, considering that we flew across the Atlantic Ocean. The landing was one of the smoothest that I’ve had so far on a long-distance flight!


As we stepped out of the airport, the hot air punched me in the face like a heavyweight-boxing champion. It was a fabulous high-on-heat feeling, which makes you giddy with joy, knowing that you got to chase summer for one last week this year! The 30 degrees wrapped me in their warm and comforting arms, cuddling me with the soothing sensation on my face and in my lungs. I’m a person that enjoys both summer and winter very much, however at this very second, I was overjoyed to have the summer sticking to my skin. I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply, felt a little shudder running through my entire body and stepped into the VIP shuttle that was taking us to our chic hotel.


As we arrived, we couldn’t help by notice how many people were running around the lobby, excited to be part of the posh Dominicana Moda. I checked in and went up for a quick make up fix and a change into my favorite gold Alaïa skirt. I met the rest of my group at the restaurant and we had a quick dinner before the first show.


The people were lining up and gathering around from all directions in front of the infamous Garden Tent – or otherwise known as the “Salón de Desfiles – Oscar de la Renta”. The women were dressed in tight, short dresses and high heels. I was pleased to see how incredible feminine they all looked. The difference to the European fashion and women was very obvious. The commotion was slowly starting and some women were pushing everyone from behind, desperately wanting to get in. I stayed cool, holding tightly onto my front row ticket. Finally the doors opened and everyone was excited to see the Azar Y Alvarez show! I didn’t know what to expect. I purposely did not search the designers online ahead of time, so that I can be pleasantly surprised or shocked with what I see on the runway! The house beat started to vibrate the entire tent and the first model came out.


I was blown away by the sheer color and vibrancy of the collection! The man sitting beside me told me that these colors and fabrics were the style of the traditional Dominican Republic clothing. It reminded me of my favorite hippie store in Ibiza that sells bags and dresses in such similar fabrics. Now I know where it comes from! I fell in love with a lavish white outfit that was made up of a long white maxi skirt and cropped top to match. I could definitely see myself wearing it. This white sensation made me think of a happy-hippie-bride, running away with her Fiancé to a place where they can be alone and make love.


The colors came pouring out from the backstage and some pieces were quite extravagant, receiving applause from the guests. It was a very large collection and a perfect way to start off the Dominicana Moda fashion week for me. Loud and colorful! The show ended and I realized that I have been awake for exactly 24 hours now. It was time to go back to my room with a large bed in the middle, made to fit a queen. I closed my eyes and smiled… looking forward to our next day in this hot paradise.
























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