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Glamour in our City – The Sportpresseball is coming soon!

Glamour in our City – The Sportpresseball is coming soon! 960 720 Galia Brener
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Frankfurt is a very special city. I am not just saying that because I gave my heart away to this little cosmopolitan gem long ago. I have always compared Frankfurt to a diamond in the rough. It might look a bit tough from the outside, but once you have penetrated the hard layers, there is a bright and unmistakable shine, which no other city has. A unique glow that is distinctive only to our little treasure.

Our city is highlighted with skyscrapers, which look like a string of glowing pearls hypnotizing the night sky. My absolute favorite part of the city is our very own Alte Oper, where the magic happens. This grandiose building has seen many cultural happenings in its time and therefore is the perfect location for the glamorous Sportpresseball. The excitement begins already in the summer, when the ladies start looking for breathtaking ball dresses. There is an unspoken feeling of thrill – a rush – of who will be the fairest one of all? There are many mirrors, mirrors on the wall – at this enchanting ball of all!

The Sportpresseball takes place in November of each year, always bringing new surprises. This year the prestigious Pegasos award is given to Reinhold Messner, for being the “Legend of Sport” with his unparalleled mountain climbing achievements. Germany’s beloved dancer, Motsi Mabuse will grace the dance floor with her magnificent skills and open the show with a special performance with her husband. The long awaited surprise has been finally revealed! When the clock strikes midnight, the famous Anastacia will rock the stage with her top hits – bringing us the magical “Cinderella-at-the-Ball” effect – at its finest.

Being the true Frankfurt patriot that I am, I have attended the Sportpresseball every year since I moved from Toronto to Germany. Over the years, my dresses have ranged from a low cut turquoise Cavalli creation, to Frankfurt’s Ollendiek – evil queen design, and even an extravagant Asian dragon concoction. As a true fashion victim, I start planning my dress choices already at the beginning of the year. Yes I know, this sounds very dramatic, but you have to be at the Sportpresseball to understand why! There is so much glamour that evening: the elegant red carpet, many celebrities, VIPs, sport stars, politicians, fans, press and more – and everyone looks so damn fabulous. There is a hype as to who will wear what – and we Frankfurters always welcome a friendly fashion competition.

A few years ago we sat beside Lothar Matthäus, who explained the football game process to us ladies. I pretended I didn’t know much about the “game”, to see which juicy stories might be told throughout the evening. At the end I admitted to him that I am a die-hard Eintracht Frankfurt fan and you can imagine what his reaction was like. Absolutely priceless! I am very happy that Eintracht is the premium partner of the Sportpresseball this year, because all the guests will receive limited edition scarves with the ball and team logo. I will wear mine the entire year! #nurdiesge

What I also love about this ball are the fun entertainment activities. Selected companies display their brands and people have a chance to win many goodies. A few years ago, I went home with two bags filled with prizes. Somehow I got really lucky that year. We will see if “Lady Luck” will be at my side this year as well.

The metropress agency confirmed that there will be a tombola with prizes ranging from 1.000€ to 40.000€ – which is a fast Golf GTE. I don’t mind going home at the end of the night with this handsome VW. Have I already mentioned that all the drinks are included in the ticket price – champagne as well! There will also be a club lounge set up for the after party by Hugo’s at the top floor. I will bring my highest and lowest heels, because it will be a long and fun evening. I am really excited because in my opinion, this is among the finest that our city has to offer and this event attracts people from all over the world. This is our chance as Frankfurters to show the world what we are about – not only a top financial hub and cool creatives, but also glamour at its best!

If you are curious and want to see what’s happening live at the Sportpresseball on November 4th, take a look at my Instagram channel. I will be posting many live stories from the pre-ball VIP cocktail event at Sofitel, behind-the-scenes, red carpet, dinner, the presenters and winners, the amazing entertainment and shows, the after party and much more!

My live Instagram feed:

You can buy Sportpresseball tickets here:

The anticipation grows… I’m looking forward to see you on November 4th my dears and let’s rock the city together!



Your Gali


The amazingly WILD Frühlingsball 2017 at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt

The amazingly WILD Frühlingsball 2017 at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt 1200 1499 Galia Brener

A truly unforgettable, fun, charity, glamorous and cool evening at the Frühlingsball 2017 at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt! Thank you 029 Agency and Tyrown – you guys did an amazing job! My dress is by Albrecht Ollendiek, bracelet by Stacy Boll and the G-Bag from my new collection “Secret Pocket Society”




Frankfurter Neue Presse – 05.11.2016 – Sportpresseball

Frankfurter Neue Presse – 05.11.2016 – Sportpresseball 1280 1280 Galia Brener

Sportpresseball 2016: Thank you dear Jutta Failing, Heike Lyding, Enrico Sauda and the Frankfurter Neue Presse for this lovely story and photo! ❤️ Dress by Albrecht Ollendiek.


fnp_sportpresseball_2016_lowres text_lowres gali_photo_lowres img_9134_lowres

Frankfurt Style Award 2016

Frankfurt Style Award 2016 1650 875 Galia Brener

I was very excited and flattered to get a call from the PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS a few months ago. They invited me to be part of the jury for the Frankfurt Style Award and that was a huge honor for me! It took months and months of preparation and finally the big day had arrived. On Friday September 23rd, the Gala took place at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt. I woke up this day like a child on Christmas, eager to unpack my presents!

My day started at 10am, when all the jury members gathered together to pick out the 11 winners for the final FRANK award. My dear friend Albrecht Ollendiek, also the genius couturier who designed my gown, picked me up from home and we made our way to the old opera building in the heart of Frankfurt. As we arrived, the preparations were in full swing and we were shown to our seats. A few places to our left, sat the wonderful Dominique Deroche, representative of the Foundation Pierre Bergé Yves Saint Laurent, the stonewashed jeans master himself, Mr. François Girbaud, along with René Lang and others! I was very thrilled to be a part of this elite fashion jury, knowing all of their amazing achievements.

We were lucky to get a glimpse of the top 60 designs before the big show. We took our sweet and necessary time to choose the 11 winners. After all, there were so many beautiful designs, therefore it was really tough to chose the Crème de la crème. After the selection process, I got a chance to meet Mr. Girbaud and tell him about my jeans obsession in the 90s. I remember my friends spending their last pennies on François Girbaud’s cool creations. They are everlasting and will always be in style. We chatted a bit, took some photos and ate a lovely lunch together.

The elegant Mrs. Sevgi Schäfer, owner of the Famous Face Academy was also part of the jury. She took me backstage and told her team take care of me and give me dramatic and unforgettable makeup, and so they did! I got a beautiful composition of smoky-blue eyes and nude lips, with an elegant vintage hairstyle. The excitement was building up and there were only a few hours left before the gala event that evening! After the fabulous and fun afternoon at the Alte Oper, I made my way home to rest for a few hours before the action started! I closed my eyes for a bit, drifting off to a land far away. I actually dreamt of the gala before it even started.

As the doorbell rang, I opened my eyes and Albrecht was there. He dressed me in his amazing baroque creation and we were ready to walk on the red carpet. When we arrived, the press was already there. Many cameras were flashing all around the Alte Oper, eager to capture the celebs and models arriving. We made our way into the building and were greeted with a cold glass of champagne. The lovely team from the PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS was already there, making the guests feel welcomed and happy. It was lovely to see so many new and familiar faces. There were guests from all over the world at this fabulous event.

The show bell rang and we were ushered into the large hall. Albrecht and I sat directly beside the stage, together with the other jury members. We were all anticipating the show. The lights dimmed and the presentation began, moderated by Anke Seeling. The partner country for this year was China, so we got a chance to experience some amazing Chinese performers and the new collection of the famous designer Duncan Liu.

The time came to announce the winners! All the models walked out for each of the three categories, so that the audience could see the entire selection and fashion shows, directed by Tyrown Vincent. Each winner was announced and called onto the stage. They received many presents, such as a scholarship to the Haute Future Fashion Academy Milano, trips to Paris, Dubai, Shanghai, exclusive bags by Coco Bont, cash prizes and more! However, the most important prize was reserved for the first place winners of each category, who received the exclusive FRANK®-THE TROPHY! I was very excited to present the Public Choice Award this year. (The complete list of winners is included at the bottom of the article).

After the fashion shows were over, we met with the press again for photos and had a lovely dinner in the glamorous opera building. Antenne Frankfurt build a cool DJ Stage on the second floor and people were starting to hit the dance floor. The champagne was flowing and the mood was perfect for a big night out. I was still very excited from the eventful and happy day. It was a very lovely and successful evening for the Frankfurt Style Award this year. We stayed and danced the night away. Many people were talking about this event for days after!

Thank you dear PUBLIC RELATIONS PARTNERS and especially Hannemie Stitz-Krämer, Gloria Kretzer and Gabriele Wehle and the rest of the team for having me on your jury this year. It was a real honor for me!

More photos can be seen here:


The winners are:

Outstanding Talent:

Alexander Tverdovski, “Mikro-Kosmos” (FAHMODA Akademie für Mode und Design, Hannover/Germany

Kim K. vs. Frida K.:

1st place: Karina Reiner, “Take Frida out of Kim” (Modeschule Brigitte Kehrer, Mannheim/Germany)

2nd place: Daniel Nawi, “My Pink Room” (Shenkar College, Ramat Gan/Israel)

3rd place: Regina Lukito, “Silent Mask” (Raffles Design Institute, Singapur)

Bronx vs. Boulevard:

1st place: Raili Auraskari, “Brod N Rude” (Kymenlaakso University, Kuovola/Finland)

2nd place: Simone La Bella, “Invite” (NABA, Mailand/Italien)

3rd place: Martha Hieronymi, “Consume” (FAHMODA Akademie für Mode und Design, Hannover/Deutschland)

Orient vs. Occident: 

1st place: Mona Homm, “Metanoia – Changing one`s Mind” (FAHMODA Akademie für Mode und Design, Hanover/Germany)

2nd place: Anna Schmid, “Geographical Harmony” (Modeschule Brigitte Kehrer, Stuttgart/Deutschland)

3rd place: Leoni Dittert, “Striped Revolution” (Frankfurter Schule für Bekleidung und Mode, Frankfurt/Deutschland)

Public Choice Award:

Daniel Nawi, “My Pink Room” (Shenkar College, Ramat Gan/Israel)


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FRANKfurt Style Award 2016: We are proud to be members of the jury!

FRANKfurt Style Award 2016: We are proud to be members of the jury! 1800 1358 Galia Brener

Fashion is finally squeezing itself into our little city with a big attitude and we are very happy and proud to be a part of it. It’s coming to us in the form of an award and the name is FRANK! My favorite designer and friend, Albrecht Ollendiek and I will be members of the jury, selecting the finalists that will be announced at the gala event on September 23rd, 2016.

What, or better, who the hell is FRANK? This is the new name given to the Frankfurt Style Award, which takes place every year in our city. This talent contest encourages fashion design students from all over the world to send in their spectacular creations, in order to win the best FRANK award. This year, we had applications from Germany, China, Italy, Ireland, Singapore, Israel, Poland, USA, India, France, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Indonesia, Russia and many more countries! Over the last few years, the Frankfurt Style Award has gained a large popularity, and this year the gala will take place at the beautiful Alte Oper building, in the heart of Frankfurt.

I cannot express how excited I am to be part of the jury for FRANK! I’m always happy when young designers get a chance to show their visions to the world and make a difference in the fashion scene, not to mention get a great opportunity to produce their first collection!

Last week I met with Albrecht Ollendiek and asked him a few questions:


Gali: What was your first fashion inspiration?

Albrecht: Old Vogue Magazines when I was 8

Gali: What do you love about fashion?

Albrecht: Being completely free and independent

Gali: What inspires you now?

Albrecht: The old spirit of the Trans-Siberian Railway and the drag Make Up of Make Up Artist Miss Fame

Gali: What are your future goals?

Albrecht: Keeping on working for and with great people

Gali: How do you feel about being a jury member of FRANK?

Albrecht: Proud


In my opinion, Albrecht is one of the finest couturiers in Germany. His exclusive visions and creations are some of the most unique that I have seen and are definitely an inspiration for me. Albrecht says that his style is characterized by a quiet, deliberately unspectacular luxury. No “In” or “Out”, but rather a continuous and perpetual metamorphosis of his special handwriting. His fashion philosophy is, “It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.”

Aside from Albrecht Ollendiek and myself, there are a few more renowned members of the jury, such as Duncan Liu, fashion designer and expert from China, René Lang, Angelica Kaminsky, CEO und Founder of The Haute Future Fashion Academy in Milan. Last but not least, a guest of honor from France, Dominique Deroche, who served as right hand to Yves Saint Laurent for over 40 years and currently acts as representative of the Foundation Pierre Bergé Yves Saint Laurent.

When asked about the Frankfurt Style Award, Dominique Deroche answered, “Frankfurt Style Award is a fantastic opportunity for international talents at the beginning of their ambitious career path. Having worked closely together with Yves Saint Laurent for more than 40 years, I know that he would appreciate my engagement in this International Talent Contest for Fashion & Design.”

I, as well as the other jury members, am beyond thrilled for this exciting upcoming event. I will wear a fabulous gown designed by Albrecht Ollendiek, and will blog live videos and photos from the event gala for you on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Keep an eye out for my posts at: &

Have a lovely weekend,

Your Gali

I am wearing all Albrecht Ollendiek designs in the photos.

Albrecht+Galia_lowResDSC05831 DSC05844 DSC05867DSC05788DSC05870 DSC05917 DSC05944

Photoshooting with the Carl & Friends agency – 30.05.2016

Photoshooting with the Carl & Friends agency – 30.05.2016 1200 899 Galia Brener

Thank you to the great photographer Uwe M. Carl and the wonderful team of Carl and Friends: Marketing für Mode und Lifestyle for the lovely photos. It was a pleasure working with you! ❤️

Thank you to the talented Stacy Boll of Llobycats and to my dear friend Albrecht Ollendiek for the beautiful clothing and accessories.








Galia Brener at the Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna premiere

Galia Brener at the Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna premiere 1600 1600 Galia Brener

What a wonderful and glamorous evening! A huge thanks to my dear friend and designer Albrecht Ollendiek for my wild circus outfit! ❤ Thanks to Jörg Ortmann and BILD for the lovely interview :-)

‪#‎AMALUNA‬ ‪#‎cirquedusoleil‬ ‪#‎galiabrener‬ ‪#‎BILD‬ ‪#‎BildZeitung‬ ‪#‎GaliaInAction‬

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