Galia on the Flying Trapeze @Club Med Mauritius

Galia on the Flying Trapeze @Club Med Mauritius 1890 1890 Galia Brener

The experience of a lifetime at Club Med Albion in Mauritius. Galia did the flying trapeze at 10 meters high!

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Galia Brener doing the flying trapeze at Club Med Mauritius.

VLOG Episode 3: Galia Brener in Växjö Sweden – funny adventure!

VLOG Episode 3: Galia Brener in Växjö Sweden – funny adventure! 2048 1153 Galia Brener

Thank you dear Destination Småland and EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation GmbH for this unforgettable journey! This was my first time in Sweden and I am so impressed with this country and its warm and lovely people! I definitely recommend to visit Småland!

Many warm hugs,

Galia Brener

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A night to remember at the Oktoberfest in Munich!

A night to remember at the Oktoberfest in Munich! 1354 437 Galia Brener

Every year comes a special time around the end of September, when the air gets a bit chillier, the leaves dry up and fall down from the trees, the summer is noticeably over, yet there is still a lot of fun ahead. This is a time when we pack our bags and take the next ICE train to the one and only – the Wiesn in Munich! The dirndls are dry-cleaned, the high heels are polished, and the anticipation rises!

Upon arrival at the Munich train station in the afternoon, the energy was not to be mistaken with any other time of the year! People were running around everywhere, the men wearing their sexy Lederhosen and the woman in their luxurious, colorful and very feminine Dirndls. There is something very special about seeing everyone in the traditional Trachten outfits. It feels like being transported back into time, when the men courted the women with flowers, chocolates and carriage rides with horses around the beautiful parks. The first stop was at my dear friend’s house, where we dropped off our bags, and got ready to go to what would turn out to be a very special Wiesn night!

The adventure started at the Nymphemburg Sekt Bar inside of the wine tent. This was a great place to get into the Oktoberfest mood, because that’s where the band plays the loudest, craziest music, the people like to party and the wine flows by the gallons! We were 10 girls, and took up the entire left bar area. The first sip of cold Riesling after the long journey was fantastic, because I’m not a beer drinker. Everyone was in an amazing mood, people were singing along with the band, eating the Bavarian delicacies, drinking their beer by the Maas, and kissing their partners – and also other people’s partners at any given opportunity. I couldn’t help but notice how many attractive people were in Munich that weekend! Every other man was incredibly handsome, had a charming smile, and looked simply delicious in his Lederhosen – which helps to show off their bums and calves to a perfection! I was definitely doing many neck exercises, turning my head left and right to get a glimpse of it all. The women were glamorous and very seductive, with their hair done in braids, and their cleavage screaming out for freedom. There was a lot of sexual tension in the air. The next stop was the Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke, where we had a table upstairs. As we got there, I couldn’t help but notice that beside us was a table with a very famous footballer from the FC Bayern team. My one-and-only Jilli sat beside me, and he saw her right away. Needless to say, it would be a very interesting night.

Jilli, blonde and green-eyed, arrived in Munich the day before, because she had a date with a handsome man who invited her to the theater to see Faust. We ordered platters with all of the delicious goodies that Käfer’s had to offer, along with a bottle of rose champagne. When the waiter arrived, the bottle was 5 times larger than what we originally ordered, saying it was compliments from an admirer. The mystery was building up! In fact, the funny Bavarian waiter insisted that we drink the champagne from Maas mugs, which are 1-liter beer mugs! After dinner and a few friendship toasts and stories, I took Jilli and another friend for a little walk around Käfer’s. On the way we met another footballer from the past National German team. Again I can’t mention his name, but he brought some “bad luck” to the games. He saw Jilli, and reached for her hand as we were passing by. He invited us to come to a party with him, but he seemed very pushy, loud and aggressive. We didn’t like his behavior, thinking that he can get any girl there. But he couldn’t get Jilli! We moved on and saw a few more celebrities, including 2 actors and a well-known entrepreneur.

We came back to our table, where the party was already in full swing. The girls were standing on the benches, and the guys from the table beside us were flirting heavily with them. Jilli sat on top of the bench, looking around in her usual nonchalant easygoing way. She didn’t notice, but the star footballer was starring at her the entire time! I told her, and she looked at him, sending him her sweetest smile, and her famous mysterious locking-eye-trick. The game was on, and he couldn’t get his eyes off her! He came closer and talked to her, and invited us all to go with them to the Heart’s new private club. In the black shuttle, they looked at each other, and smiled the whole time. We could all feel the electric tension between them. As we arrived upstairs at the private club, Jilli seemed a bit nervous yet very happy. She liked him. As the night went on, many girls were running up to him and trying to catch his attention with their breasts and everything else they can think of. He was always very polite, but had eyes only for Jilli. The strange part is that he knew a few very intimate details about Jilli, like her full name and what she did for a living! He wanted to give her a kiss, but both didn’t want to do it in public. She told me that she was going to his place, where they will continue to talk and enjoy the evening. My crazy and amazing friend Jilli, what would I do without her!

The next day Jilli came back looking very happy, wearing his black t-shirt under her Dirndl! She told us that she had a night to remember. I was sure that we will hear some wild dirty stories, but it was quite the opposite. She said it was so amazing and romantic with him. They talked about life, kissed and cuddled, and slept hugging the entire night. He wasn’t pushy to have sex, and acted like a real gentleman. Jilli likes to take her time and get to know the man before having sex, considering the fact that she had an extremely painful breakup at the end of last year. He had her hooked, the star footballer who turned out to be an amazing, warm and passionate man. I always did say that FC Bayern is the best team in the world. The next days Jilli was walking around with love-glazed eyes, thinking of him the entire time. We went to Käfer’s again the following two evenings, and had the time of our lives! If done the right way, the Wiesn can be a truly amazing and unforgettable experience! Sure there are the drunk people throwing up or having sex on the street, but there are also the unique people that you will never forget. I highly recommend jumping on the next train and head to the Oktoberfest. It’s still happening for another weekend, and you never know whom you might meet there! Like in Jilli’s case, a wonderful man, or maybe even your next big love! I have 3 friends that met their husbands at the Wiesn. So pack your Dirndl, a good push-up bra, take your best friends, and set out on an extraordinary journey. For me, Wiesn 2014 was the best one yet, one that I will never forget for my entire life …

Oktoberfest Bild Newspaper – 21.09.2014

Oktoberfest Bild Newspaper – 21.09.2014 1354 437 Galia Brener

What a fabulous Oktoberfest this year! We had a lovely time, and enjoyed it very much! Thank you Bild newspaper, Jörg OrtmannKitti Pohl and Fotograf Vincenzo Mancuso for the Oktoberfest party today. And a special thanks to Shanty Sutadji of Shanty Dirndl Couture for making this lovely Dirndl for me!










Frankfurt goes to Valencia for Firestone

Frankfurt goes to Valencia for Firestone 1354 437 Galia Brener

Last week, I packed my favorite mini cosmopolitan city with me in my suitcase and made my way to Valencia for the launch of the Firestone Destination HP tire. I was really surprised to see how many women were there, thinking that it would be mostly a male-dominated event. We were greeted at the elegant 4-star hotel by a group of gorgeous Spanish ladies, who took us to the outside bar area for a welcome drink. Huge tapas plates and cold glasses of crisp cava were awaiting us, along with the hot summer air. I was delighted to hear that the women were louder than the men, making naughty car and guy jokes. I couldn’t stop laughing at how open and uninhibited they were – Firestone women on fire! Our representative Chris gave us a mischievous wink, and announced, “Let the challenge begin!”

We started with a bike tour around Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences, and drove into the old town. It was very beautiful with many remarkable old buildings and streets. A few people damaged their bikes on the way, so it was really like a survival of the fittest biker tour! We got back to the hotel, changed faster than the speed of light, and were chauffeured to the secret location of the opening ceremony. As we arrived in front of the futuristic cube building, a huge two-floor level “F” of the Firestone logo greeted us as a bright beacon in the night. We stepped into a dimly-lit area, and the first thing I saw was the celebrated Destination HP tire, standing under a pink spot light in the middle of the room in all its glory… quite mysterious indeed. The DJ was playing a hypnotic house set, and more pretty ladies in red Firestone polo shirts were floating around with a tray of various cold drinks. The catering gentlemen in black were circulating their delicious creations, including my favorite mini burgers, langoustine on sticks, and other exotic dishes. Here we met Stefano Modena, the Italian Formula One racing star of the late 80s. He is such an open, friendly and cool character. He explained the racing and tire business to me a bit, and we all had a great evening.

The next day, the real adventure began! We got a black Firestone polo shirt, and were sent off to the next mysterious location, where we teamed up in twos and were given our own SUV to have crazy fun and burn some rubber! We had to collect points, and the team with the highest score would win. I got a really cool racing partner Nicole, who goes by the name of Auto Diva. I was given my very first roadbook, which I learned to read on the spot, and so the challenge was on! We made our way through the city of Valencia with this roadbook, and then drove off the main roads, onto a rough terrain. Half the time I wasn’t sure if we were on the right path because it was mainly an abandoned strenuous off road with many ups and down, and huge rocks everywhere. But we put the pedal to the medal, created dust and dirt hurricanes behind us, and arrived at the destination point, which was a racetrack, where Stefano Modena was waiting for us. There we got to drive like devil-possessed teenagers on the wet track, and also another off road track, where some drops were almost completely vertical! The tires had a really strong grip, and performed excellently on wet and dry land. What a wild ride! My heart was thumping with adrenaline and excitement. And guess what? Surprise, surprise, the winning car was driven by two women.

We got back to the hotel, had some relaxing spa hours, and then escorted to the dinner and party at the picturesque harbor. We went on a catamaran ride that took us into the ocean to watch the gold sunset. After some bottles of cava, we proceeded to a restaurant where we ate more delicacies, and were ready to shake it on the dance floor. Our cool and cheerful rep Chris took us to the VIP section of the open-air club, where a table and bottles were waiting for us with open arms. We danced into the early morning hours, where the Valencia sky was turning a glowing purple, and everyone was in an ecstatic mood. It was like being in a wonderland for adults. What a phenomenal day!

As the weekend came to an end, and all of the action-packed events played through my head, I was very happy to see how the times have changed. So many more women are involved in this industry. Firestone is really ahead in the tire game because they know how to appeal to both genders, and their trendy lifestyle-factor is very prominent. Also ladies, I’ve seen once again that if you want to meet fun and interesting men, go to more car events. You never know if your future partner is somewhere amongst the crazy adrenaline junkies or tire lovers. All in all, Firestone positively surprised me: an incredible weekend, a very exciting launch, an adventure never to be forgotten, and a competitive, good-priced product! At the end, Frankfurt loved Valencia, but still nothing beats coming back home to my favorite Mainhattan.


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