Emancipation? You don’t need a man?

Emancipation? You don’t need a man?

Emancipation? You don’t need a man? 2000 2336 Galia Brener
Girls, you ask yourself, “Why can’t I find the right man?” you wish that you can have the perfect partner. But what do you really want? Easy communication, sex, cooking that exotic meal, hours spent together talking about life?The problem is that you are too strong! You ask why? And the answer is, we can do everything ourselves. In today’s day, we are like a man. We can do everything on our own. We are strong, we earn enough money, we have large flats, and we don’t need anyone’s help. Or do we?I often see my girlfriends asking the same old question, where are the good guys? Why don’t we meet them? Can is be that you are pushing them away? Subconscously, you don’t want to admit this, but you are. Men feel this. They have a sixth sense. They know when a woman needs them or not. And honestly, today we do push them away.What can we do? One suggestion, you can be more feminine. Simple as that. Be more sweet, be more understanding. Listen to him. Even though you don’t have the energy and desire to hear what he is saying, make the effort to hear what he wants to share with you. You are his best friend. Be there for him. When was the last time you made yourself pretty for him? Really to catch his attention? Our habits are to get used to someone and after not make the same effort as in the beginning. You are not the only one, This is a normal human reaction. So don’t feel bad.

Plan number one: Try to show him that you need him… even if you don’t. You have the heavy load at home, and you can’t pick it up, show him that he has to help you. We all know that you can pick it up yourself. Honestly, you can do everything yourself… but then the question arises if you can do everything yourself, then why do you need him? You know what I mean? Its ok to tell a white lie. No one will get hurt. You save your back muscles and your man feels that you need him.

Ladies, lets be honest, the important reason you need a man by your side is to keep you warm at night. Waking up on Sunday morning in your bed can be nice, but with a warm man beside you it’s nicer. We were all single and we know how these bloody Sundays are. We don’t like to admit it, but its true. But you can change that…

Show him that you are not always the boss. Sure we have the emancipation time, but we don’t have to turn into a man. We must keep our femininity. What the men need there days, is a little bit of warmth. It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a huge company or an assistant, you can still keep feminine aspect. Wear that lovely dress next time… the one that you bought for special reason. Every day is a special reason. The best reason is that you don’t need to dress yourself up to impress a man, you do this for yourself. Self confidence is the sexiest element of a woman. But at the same time, the man will appreciate this. You killed two birds with one stone.

At the end of the day, you don’t need to impress him, do it for yourself, and you will be happy as well. And be sure that you will turn a few heads in the process! Girls we are our own worst enemies. We wished to have freedom, success and power. Now you have this, but are you happy? Can it be that we push them away because of our behavior? If we do, then we can change that now.

I always say that we can have it all. We can be super successful and we can have our true love. What we need is to bring that sensual feminine appeal back! Why not? We can fulfill our wishes and still be very successful at what we dream of! My mom always says to behave like a nice cat. Show that you are paying attention, but still show your independence! You can have it all, but you must be smart. I say that woman are more clever than men. Do you agree? We all just want to be loved. You deserve the very best!

Stick around with your friends that are happy and that can teach you how you can have everything in life. Stay away from the miserable girls. You don’t want to adept their emotions. You have one life and you were given a chance to live it to the fullest, so go ahead. I had a friend of mine always tell me that whatever mood she has when she goes out, is whatever she has to attract people to herself. If you show positivity and happiness, than you will attract the same people to you, and hopefully your true love.

To be honest, all that men seek is a woman that supports him, and shows herself as a female to him. She cares about him, and makes sure that he is happy. And of course, in the process she is happy as well, because he wants to make her happy in return! And I guarantee you that when he is happy, he will try to do everything to make you happy as well. It’s a chain reaction. So, would you like to try it? I would suggest it…


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