Don’t forget your girlfriends!

Don’t forget your girlfriends!

Don’t forget your girlfriends! 1354 437 Galia Brener

It’s so exciting, you met a really great guy, and things are going so well! After work, you can hardly wait to rush into his arms, hug him and spend a romantic evening together. You have butterflies in your stomach, and secretly jump up and down for joy, when no one’s watching. Everything is perfect! Having a new boyfriend is exhilarating, because everything is so new and fresh. You enjoy getting to know each other, spending hours kissing and having sex. It’s the love drug, and the high is fantastic! As the months go by, you spend more time together, until eventually you spend every evening together, and usually the weekends as well. The problem is that in this situation, many girls forget something very important in their lives – their girlfriends! The love of true girlfriends is unconditional, and most of the time, it outlasts romantic love.

Half a year ago, my friend Ambrosia met the love of her life, Antonio. It was an instantaneous connection! A few days after they met, they were already spending every evening together. They did everything together, and were literally inseparable! Weeks, turned into months, and our friend was nowhere to be found. I was aware that she had her dream man, and wanted to spend every waking moment with him, but of course we all missed her very much. We talked on the phone once in a while, but it was simply not the same. One of our friends got quite upset with Ambrosia, because she did not think it’s correct that she abandoned her friends as soon as she meet a man. I could understand them both, especially Ambrosia, because I am myself guilty of doing this in the past. Suddenly one day, we received a call from Ambrosia in tears of agony that they spilt up. Of course we went to her as soon as possible. We comforted and took care of her, and she felt very sorry that she abandoned us. Eventually, she got back together with Antonio, but she realized that during such a tough time when Antonio left her all alone, she had her dear friends to love and take care of her. She never made such a terrible mistake ever again.

¬The most wonderful thing about your girlfriends, especially the closest ones, is that they offer you unconditional love. This is something that should be appreciated and cherished. I know that with my girls, no matter how silly I get, or if I do something embarrassing or wrong, they are always there for me. I am very lucky and grateful that I have such wonderful women by my side! Your best girlfriends will accept you as you are, even when you are down at your worst state. This is not something that every man is willing to do. Unconditional love is a precious gift that is not given too often. Many men are willing to love you upon their own terms and conditions, but your girls will love you as you are. Who was there to hear you cry and complain about your ex over and over again? Or listen about the backstabbing bitch at work? They will always be the first ones to bring you a warm chicken soup when you’re sick, help you out with financial troubles, or hold your hand through a hard time in your life. Don’t neglect your friends, because it could be emotionally dangerous if you are left all alone.

My advice is that Girls’ nights are a must! These moments are incredibly fun, heart-warming, and allow you to spend some quality time with the people who care deeply for you – your loving girls. This is healthy for a romantic relationship as well. It allows your partner to have some “me time” and also miss you. You had your own life before he came, and you should continue being independent during the relationship as well. Men need to feel that they are still the hunters, so let him hunt for you, even if you are together for a while. Show him that you stand on your own two feet, and have other people that love you as well.

In my opinion, the worse thing that can happen is: you meet a guy, fall madly in love, drift way from your friends, and if your partner decides to breakup, you end up completely alone. No one will be by your side, and hold you when you cry, because you neglected everyone when you were with your guy. How horrible would that be? Sure your family may also be there for you, but it is not exactly the same. You connect with your girls in a different way than with relatives. You share more secrets, and experience special moments together that you couldn’t do with your mom or dad. Your closest girls are very precious, and must be reminded of how important they are for you. So please after reading this column, call or write one of your best girlfriends, and tell them how much you appreciate your friendship, and are happy to have them in your life. Besides, men die younger than us, and who is left there after all these years to move as slow as snails together, with dentures, walking sticks and purple hair? Your loving girlfriends!

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