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Dating Wonderland

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You are standing in front of your closet full of clothes, and of course find nothing to wear. You have a date in 30 minutes! You tried everything on already, and nothing seems to fit right. The little black dress is suddenly too “little”, your favorite jeans are not giving you the long-leg effect anymore. What is going on? You are nervous because of your hopes and expectations. Let your hair down and relax. Mystery-Man didn’t deserve your worries just yet.

From my personal experiences, I noticed that my best dates were when I didn’t care too much to impress the guy, and was just super relaxed. My horror dates were when I was really nervous, and tried to appear perfect to the guy. Another mistake I made in the past was to agree with opinions my date had, even though I did not share the same point of view as him. I thought that would make me lovelier, and it would seem that we have more things in common. Wrong. This would eventually catch up with us, and fights would occur. Ladies, please voice your opinions, especially if you really like the guy. Don’t be afraid that he thinks you are stupid or silly because of what you say. Do not agree with everything he says, unless of course you actually really “do” agree with everything that he says! Yeah right. Besides, most men actually enjoy an intellectual challenge. So let him fight for it girls!

Order whatever you feel like eating. Do not worry that you must look cute in front of him by ordering something small that you can eat in single tiny bites. Who cares?! Order a huge pizza if you feel like it. Another funny thing I noticed, the bigger and messier meal you order, the cuter it looks to the guy. Men like women that are not afraid of eating a huge burger or bloody steak. It makes you look real and nonchalant in a positive way. I call this soul food. Eating what makes you happy to satisfy your soul. Everything is good in good measures. Keep a good balance in life.

Try not to drink too much alcohol. Getting drunk on a date can cloud your judgment and make you do things you can later regret. I don’t want to sound old-fashioned, but its better if you wait a bit before you have sex for the first time with him. Unless you are just looking for a sexy fun time, that’s ok. If you want more from this guy, then waiting a bit is really better. What worked best for me was to get to know the guy, spend some time with him, and let the chemistry and tension rise. Taking your time will show you if this man is really for you or not, and also make the first time even more exciting! Men are lovely creatures, yet quite simple in their thinking. “If she jumped so fast into bed with me, she has done the same with the men before me.” Of course there have been marriages after one-night stands, but quite rarely.

Ladies, use your most charming and erotic weapon… your smile! There is nothing more enchanting than an honest, warm and sincere smile. Always works like a charm! During a conversation: look directly into his eyes, give him a seductive smile, drop your gaze down for a second, then look back up at him, and tilt your head to the side. This move kills them!

Please do not mention how cool and fabulous you are. Do not show off about all of your achievements on the first date. Avoid the feeling that you must impress him or else he wont like you. It’s not true. If you truly are fabulous, he will see this within the first 10 minutes of your conversation. Let him sweat a bit by trying to impress you! After all, you are a goddess, and he has to feel lucky and priveledged that he has such a wonderful woman by his side. Men like a healthy challenge, and want to know that they have the best woman of all, so let him work at charming you into being by his side.

Try to keep a relaxed and positive atmosphere. Life is not always a walk in the park, but he doesn’t have to hear about all of your illnesses, debts and tragedies directly on the first date. If you will get closer, you can open up your heart to him in the future. At the beginning, keep it light and pleasant. Complications are a huge turn off to both men and women. Everyone has enough baggage already, so they don’t want to adopt an even heavier load on the first date. Believe me, he will run away, and so would you. The other way around ladies, avoid being an emotional garbage can for these “troubled lost-soul” men. The broken ones are extremely hard to fix, so unless you want a life-long project instead of being happy, then go for it. Good luck Miss Doctor. Don’t forget, it’s your life, and it’s your decision. Choose well, or regret later!

If he bores your panties to death, and you need to escape, talk about your ex boyfriend, repeatedly check your mobile phone, write text messages while he is talking to you, and profusely yawn in your seat while slouching. This should do the trick. If you like him, please try to refrain from the above. Especially mentioning how large your ex’s, um, water gun was.

But to be quite honest, it doesn’t really matter what you do or not do on a date, because if its meant to be, it will be, and you will be happy together forever… even if you squeezed the ketchup from the bottle all over his face instead of on your burger! ;-)

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