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Galia Brener INFLUENCER | FASHION DESIGNER | ENTREPRENEUR As a child, Galia Brener spent most of her life searching for snow angels in Canada. She moved to Europe at the age of 22 to complete her Master’s Degree in communication design. Galia lived on 4 different continents and fluently speaks 5 languages. She founded her fashion startup Secret Pocket Society® in 2010 and created the world’s first feminist handbag – the gBag. As a public figure, Galia appears on television shows, in newspapers, magazines, testimonial for products and collaborates with major brands from all over the world. Galia Brener stands for luxury, honesty and "Bodenständigkeit". She is the ambassador of happiness and likes traveling the world in search of new ideas and experiences to share with her fans and followers.

Galia Brener – Fragebogen – RTL TV

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Thank you dear Jens Prewo and RTL for this funny and lovely interview ❤️ Watch the full interview here:        

Vlog #9: Galia Brener, Claudia and Thomas Anders with Raffaele and Martina De Filippo

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I had a really cool adventure with my friend Claudia Anders in Koblenz. We went to the De Filippo boutique, where we both had our measurements taken and got really amazing custom-made blazers. The unique part is that we chose every single detail and element of the blazer. It was like a mix-and-match your own adventure outfit... a truly awesome experience!

TV Show: „3 Boxen Dein Style” on RTL2 with Galia Brener

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This was such a fun shoot for the TV show “3 Boxen Dein Style” on RTL2 ❣️ watch the preview on my instagram:

BINDING Festbier tasting for the Oktobberfest

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Thank you dear Claudia Geisler and Binding for the wonderful Festbier tasting last night. We are really looking forward to the Frankfurter Oktoberfest on September 12th! 🍺❤️

Vlog Episode 8: Claudia Weidung-Anders and Galia Brener at Home & Dogs

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Claudia Weidung-Anders at her shop "Home & Dogs" in Koblens. We did a vlog episode together and had so much fun! If you have a dog who needs good, healthy food and well as travel and home accessories for your pet, then I would suggest you to visit her shop.

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