Haarwerk’s 25th Anniversary

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Celebrating Haarwerk's 25th anniversary last night. What a amazing evening  Thank you Hatice, Ayse and Ioana. Thank you dear Sabine Brauer Photos for this lovely photo! With the very lovely and charming @patricia.riekel. A true inspiration to all women!

VLOG Episode 2: “La Parisienne” Galia Brener, Ambassador of Sofitel Frankfurt Opera

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NEW VLOG - Episode 2  "Galia's Digital Diary". What a wonderful event at the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera! It’s an honor for me to be the ambassador for Sofitel. “La Parisienne” - the photo exhibition will be at the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera until the 29th of March. Go check it out!

VLOG Episode 1: Galia Brener @Fraport Skyliners pokal game and Dylus in Frankfurt

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Dear Friends, this is the 1st episode of my new Vlog called "Galia's Digital Diary". I will be taking you with me around the world to cool events, behind-the-scenes, moments of my life, travels, excitement and more!

Social-Ink-Night Charity Event at the Moxy Frankfurt East

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Charity, wild tattoos, Porsche taxi, stylish hotel, music, drinks, fun, adventures, beautiful people and more! Read about my unforgettable weekend at the Moxy here.

Moxy Frankfurt East – Charity event “Social Ink Night” – Galia Brener getting a tattoo

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Getting my tattoo renewed at the Moxy Frankfurt East - Charity event “Social Ink Night.” All donations go to the Kinder PalliativTeam Südhessen. Thank you dear Moxy Frankfurt East team for having me over at your stylish hotel this weekend!

MyCity – December 2017

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Thank you to the amazing MyCity and beautiful Olga Wilms for putting me on your cover! ❤️ Thanks for the lovely article - it's a big honor to be a part of your magazine with my gBags! Photo by: Uwe M. Carl.

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