MyCity – December 2017

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Thank you to the amazing MyCity and beautiful Olga Wilms for putting me on your cover! ❤️ Thanks for the lovely article - it's a big honor to be a part of your magazine with my gBags! Photo by: Uwe M. Carl.

Christmas Sock Day 6.12. – Charity Project with TK Maxx ❤️

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Christmas Charity: I am giving away 4 amazing presents - take a look inside the article. You can also help: Every pair of Christmas socks you buy, TK Maxx donates 2 Euro. Also, you can post a Christmas photo of your socks with the hashtag  #socksie and the @tkmaxx on Instagram or the TK Maxx Facebook page. For every socks selfie, TK Maxx will donate an additional 1 Euro to the Children for a Better World charity.

“Auf ein Wort” TV Show with Edmund Stössel and Galia Brener

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Thank you dear rheinmaintv and Edmund Stössel for a lovely interview on your TV show Auf ein Wort. 😍 "Stark sein, mutig sein und glücklich werden stehen beim Talk im Mittelpunkt." Secret Pocket Society®: • NO MORE BODY SHAME! • WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT •

VIAKORO and Degussa in the Sun – Dominicana Moda 2017

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Finally the Dominicana Moda 2017 has arrived! I was thrilled because I knew that this journey will be the perfect place to photograph and show my beloved VIAKORO jewelry in 750 yellow gold and silver. Nothing beats the combination of the warm Caribbean sun, exploring exotic cultures, fashion week excitement and exclusive jewellry.

7 Dresses 7 Days – Dominicana Moda 2017

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Finally the big day has arrived! It was time to jet off to Santo Domingo for the long-awaited Dominicana Moda, the fashion week of the Dominican Republic. As I closed my eyes and thought about the palm trees swaying in the soft warm wind, it was clear to me that I will go for the ultra feminine look and wear only dresses all week long. Therefore my concept for this fashion week adventure was “7 Dresses 7 Days”.

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