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Galia Brener


As a child, Galia Brener spent most of her life searching for snow angels in Canada. She moved to Europe at the age of 22 to complete her Master’s Degree in communication design.

In 2010 she founded her fashion startup Secret Pocket Society® – luxury handbags in the shape of feminine curves. The “G Bag” is shaped like a woman’s most intimate part, with a secret pocket hidden inside! During the 10 years of being a successful entrepreneur, Galia started writing her own blog.

After the rapid success of the blog, Galia has earned her name in the celebrity world as a designer, blogger and influencer. Galia speaks 5 languages and is constantly traveling the world in search of new ideas and experiences to share with her fans and followers.

Galia Brener collaborates today with the major brands and appears at various events, television shows, in magazines and newspapers.


2 0 0 3  –  2 0 0 6

Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Degree: Master in Design. Field of study: Communication Design


1 9 9 9  –  2 0 0 2

York University in Toronto

Degree: International Bachelor of Business Administration. Field of study: International Business


2 0 0 9  –  P r e s e n t

Secret Pocket Society®: Founder and Fashion Designer


2 0 0 9  –  P r e s e n t

Blogger and Influencer


2 0 0 5  –  2 0 0 9

Galiart Design: Founder and Designer

Special Project

2 0 1 5

Worked together with Jean Paul Gaultier at the Dominicana Moda fashion week.

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